tagLesbian SexPTA Volunteer Ch. 02

PTA Volunteer Ch. 02


I want to thank Sun_sea_sky for doing a great job at editing this story. It really helped to make it a much better story.


In the school PTA room, Christine reflected upon the last seven years of her daughter's time at her elementary school. It was getting close to the end of the school year and her involvement was almost at an end. She couldn't believe how much her daughter had changed from that little girl of five, to a twelve year old. This year in particular had been a challenge, as her budding beauty had started to be noticed by the boys in her class. There had been many long talks about it.

Her daughter, of course, knew that Christine was a lesbian. Although Christine kept it publicly low key, there were no secrets at home. Christine had always been open about the women she was dating, even as she followed the sensible guideline of keeping her girlfriends out of her home life, until it was quite clear that it was something serious. She didn't want her daughter to be hurt as relationships that were just casual faded away. Even then, there were only two lovers that had gotten past that point, to where Christine was comfortable in introducing her daughter to them. When those relationships ended, they just reinforced Christine's caution. It made it harder for the other women, for her daughter, and then of course her.

Just as this year had been different for her daughter, it had been unique for Christine. Her affair with Kara caught Christine by surprise. She hadn't been looking for a relationship, let alone one with a married woman. Once it began, however, there seemed to be no stopping it. Now it had been going on for eight months. She had never been one to juggle multiple relationships, so once it became clear that this wasn't just a passing fancy, she had completely stopped dating other women. That was a more dramatic change than what she expected. She only wanted to be with Kara, but without the ability to be truly together, it left her feeling more isolated than she had ever been before.

It hadn't taken that long for her daughter to figure out what was going on. Sierra was a bright girl who knew her mother's habits. She noticed when Christine's dating trailed off. At the same time, she was spending much more time with Kara. She could hear how they talked on the phone; saw them when they were together. There was a happiness about her mother that she had only seen those few times when Christine was starting to fall in love.

Christine finally realized that Sierra knew when they were having one of their talks about boys after the New Year. They were talking about the difference between liking someone and loving someone. Christine had been struggling to put it into words that her daughter understood.

"Love is much more. When you are in love, you do things to make it work even when they are hard. But when you are in love, you don't care or even notice."

Then Sierra looked at her and asked, "Like how you feel about Kara?"

There was a moment of silence. Then Christine sighed just a little. "Yes, Pumpkin," she said and then hugged her. "It's just like that. I know there aren't supposed to be any secrets between us but this is one that I keep secret from almost everyone. I've only told your Aunt. And you can't tell anyone. It would hurt Kara. But I'm glad I have you to talk to about it."

Christine hugged her daughter again.

"I am too, Mom," Sierra replied. "I don't really understand though. How can you love Kara when she is married?"

"Ah Pumpkin, that is the million dollar question. I've asked it myself a hundred times. Your Aunt thinks I am crazy. I didn't mean it to happen. You remember when we were talking about liking boys and how sometimes you think about wanting to kiss them?" Her daughter turned a little red as she nodded.

"Sometimes, especially when you get a little older, like turns into something a little stronger but still not love. When I met Kara, that is what happened between us. Neither one of us meant it to happen but it did, even though it wasn't wise and wasn't really right. I told you that feeling was a little scary because you do things that maybe you shouldn't. But we didn't stop. And we really liked each other. And now it's more than that. But I still don't know what it means, Pumpkin. I know you don't believe it, but sometimes your mom is confused about stuff too!"

Sierra hesitated for a moment. Finally she asked, "Does Kara love you too?"

Christine felt her eyes tear up just a little. "I think so. She says so. Pumpkin, the hardest thing about love is that it makes you open. You can't even know for sure how the other person feels. You have to trust. And when you are young, trusting is easy because you haven't had your heart broken. Experience will teach you that sometimes things aren't the way you think. But when you are really in love, even though you know about the possibility of being hurt, you take the risk."

Her daughter solemnly contemplated what Christine had said. With a very small voice, she asked "Is Kara going to come live with us?"

The tears started to slowly roll down Christine's cheek. "No, Pumpkin, I don't think so. I wish ..." Christine trailed off. Finally she said simply, "I don't know what will happen. For now, it's enough for both of us."

Sierra gave her a big hug. "Love is funny, Mom. It can make you happy and sad all at the same time. But I'm glad we can talk about it. And I won't tell anyone."

There was a little hitch in her voice as she said that and Christine looked at her before saying, "Yes, Pumpkin?"

"Will you tell Kara that I know? And if so, is it okay for me to talk to her to about it? It's fine if the answers are 'no'."

Christine chuckled and nodded, "I think so. No secrets between Kara and me either. And I'll ask her about the two of you talking, okay?"

Her daughter nodded and jumped down from the couch to go and grab a bite to eat. Christine smiled as she watched. As always she was amazed at how quickly she could move from one thing to another.

~ ~ ~

Almost six months had passed since then, and still the affair went on. They managed to get together as often as they could. Kara had found it a bit of a relief that Sierra knew. Clearly she couldn't tell her own son, but there was really no one else with whom she was close enough to share the situation. It helped her to not have to hide it with Christine's daughter. She was very sweet and it didn't take long for Kara to care for her almost as much as she did her own son. Over time Sierra became a co-conspirator with Kara and Christine. She was quite responsible for her age and she would babysit for Kara when she needed to spend some time with Christine.

For Kara, the school year had become a contradictory combination of peaks and valleys. Although her son remained the most important priority in her life, Christine wasn't far behind. The doubts and worries that plagued Christine were invisible to Kara. Christine was her confident lover who knew Kara as no one had ever known before. Whether it was introducing Kara to a new cultural experience or exciting her to new heights, Christine was expanding Kara's world. The time they spent together was the best that she could remember of her life.

But it was coming at a cost. At home, the burgeoning emotional disconnect that had been starting between Kara and her husband, before she met Christine, had grown into a gulf. His indifference to her needs and feelings stood in stark contrast to Christine. For many months, he was oblivious to Kara's withdrawal from the relationship. When he finally woke up and realized that for all intents and purposes they were living two separate lives in the same house, there seemed like nothing he could do to fix the situation. His attempts seemed weak to Kara, and generally served to irritate her more than anything else. To her, they felt like half-hearted attempts spurred more from fear of the marriage breaking up than caring about her. Beyond that, they seemed selfish because they were more about his feelings than hers.

The tension with her husband fed upon itself. Arguments flared up more and more. It seemed to Kara like he was always doing something to piss her off. By this point, she wasn't giving him much leeway. Even innocent comments were often taken the wrong way and resulted in her snapping at him. Once that happened his own temper and hurt feelings led him to snap back, escalating the situation. More than once, he found himself screaming at her back as she retreated into the bedroom to cry. In the past, their fights usually had been brief and ended up in tender reconciliation. The first time he made the mistake of assuming that an apology combined with a hug and a kiss would lead first to forgiveness, and then sex, was his last. Kara's cold fury at him drove him out of the bedroom more confused than ever. It was two weeks before she allowed him to touch her and three weeks before she kissed him again.

It was over a month before they had sex again ... once. Even though she was still unhappy with him, Kara felt that avoiding sex wasn't fair to him. But when they did it, Kara found it completely unsatisfying. Nothing he did turned her on. He seemed clumsy and unable to understand what she might want. The feelings between them were by now so raw that every little faux pas just piled on to leave her cold. It was clear to him that she wasn't excited. He was so horny that he still couldn't help himself from hurrying to enter her even though she wasn't ready. The result was a painful experience, where Kara just lay there placidly as he fucked her. In the end, her lack of passion transmitted itself to him and he found himself losing his erection. The state of the relationship could be seen in how Kara didn't even try to ease his bruised feelings. She just turned over and went to sleep.

Of course, without knowing it, he was being found wanting in comparison to Christine. His worries about their relationship led to him being uncertain and tentative in bed. Christine was the exact opposite. She was demanding in lovemaking in the best sort of way. She could be tender and caring too, with what pleased Kara. She was always in control, always confident. When she wanted Kara, she let her know in many different, often surprising ways. The normal rule was for Kara to be in a skirt or dress without panties when they were together. Christine didn't want something getting in her way.

Once, Kara was over while the kids were at school. She was admiring one of the paintings that Christine had in her house. Christine came out of the bathroom to see Kara standing there. There was something extremely sexy about the way she was standing. One leg was bent slightly, causing her hip to tilt. Christine felt a wave of lust and walked over behind Kara who was intent enough that she didn't hear Christine's approach. She first realized it when she felt Christine starting to firmly but carefully push her up against the wall. Christine's hand dropped down to pull up Kara's skirt and expose her ass. Kara was taken completely by surprise but felt her own surge of lust. Without consciously thinking about it, she spread her legs and stuck out her ass.

Christine's body pressed up against Kara's. Her mouth was beside Kara's ear. Kara shuddered when she heard Christine's confident and sexy voice say, "I wonder how wet my baby is. I bet she is already dripping for me."

Kara felt Christine's hand slide down over her ass and then between her legs. She rocked her hips back to give Christine better access. Christine instantly took advantage of it. She ran a finger up along Kara's slit, starting at the bottom.

"Oh, so nice and wet. Baby, you must be horny ... again," Christine chuckled as she spoke. Not being ready was never a problem for Kara with Christine. Just being in the same room as her was enough to make Kara's pussy grow moist.

"I am, darling. You always make me horny," replied Kara. She pressed backwards to try and get Christine's fingers to enter her. "Fuck me! Fuck your horny baby!" She was rewarded as she felt Christine firmly press two fingers into her pussy. Once her fingers were in as deep as they could go, she started to pump them in and out of Kara. Each thrust pushed her up against the wall. Kara turned her head so that she could look at Christine. Soon that was impossible as her eyes closed in anticipation. The pounding that Christine was giving her was having the expected result. Kara was moaning with each thrust. "Fuck me, darling! Fuck me hard!" she cried out.

Christine could feel the tension building in Kara's body. Sometimes she liked to tease her and make Kara wait and beg for release. Not today. Christine was feeling horny herself and the sooner that Kara came, the sooner that she could get her own relief. She quickened the pace. Kara's juices were flowing down and covering her hand. The smell was powerful and filling Christine's senses. Suddenly Kara paused for a moment. With an exclamation of "Oh my God!" she began to shake. Christine thrust hard in and out of Kara. Her other hand went around Kara to help support her. Even in this moment of lust, Christine was making sure that she took care of Kara.

Kara felt Christine's body press against her as she came. The contact heightened the excitement that was coursing through her body. Just like Christine was thrusting her fingers, Kara was rocking her hips hard back to meet the thrusts. "Oh yes, Christine! God, fuck me!" Kara exclaimed.

"I'm fucking you, baby. I'm making you cum," Christine hissed in Kara's ear. "You are such a horny little slut for me, baby!" She lightly bit on Kara's ear and tugged. She could feel the pressure on her fingers as Kara's pussy spasmed repeatedly.

As her orgasm slowly faded, Kara turned her head and kissed Christine. Their tongues swirled around one another. It seemed like Kara's eyes were on fire as she looked at her lover. As the kiss broke, she spoke. "I love it when you take me whenever you want, Christine. You make me feel so desirable."

Christine reached up her hand into Kara's hair. For a moment, she stroked it. "You are unbelievably desirable, Kara. You excite me whenever I look at you." Then her fingers tightened. She started to pull down while her other hand pressed down on Kara's shoulder. "Like right now, baby. You have me so very excited that you need to lick my pussy!"

Christine pressed and pulled Kara down onto her knees. Christine's pulling her hair hurt just a little but rather than turning her off, there was something about it that was stirring. It was a combination of Christine being in control and Kara accepting her place in their relationship. While this was one of the few times that involved pain, it was clear that Christine was dominant. Accepting just a little pain seemed to Kara like almost a badge of honor, demonstrating her devotion. Plus, knowing how much Christine desired her gave her a feeling of security in the relationship.

When Kara was on her knees, Christine moved around in front of her. Leaning up against the wall, she put her hands behind Kara's head and pulled her into her pussy. Kara went in eagerly. By now she was a skillful pussy-eater. Her tongue flicked out to stroke Christine's lips. She let out a little "mmmmm" sound as she got her initial taste of Christine's moisture. Her tongue flicked up and down along Christine's slit, each time pushing in a little more. Soon she had her tongue deep into Christine's cleft. Kara could feel the pressure against her face as Christine ground her hips against her. Her own hands went behind Christine to grasp her ass and pull her closer.

Her tongue now was at high speed, sliding all around Christine's clitty. It was clearly having the desired effect as Christine was thrusting her hips against Kara's face. For her part, Kara loved the tangy, slightly metallic taste and enthusiastically slurped down Christine's pussy juices. To get more, Kara would slide her tongue down to push it deep into Christine. Once inside, she would swirl it around, all the while sucking to get more. Then she slid it back out and once again was running it against Christine's clit.

Christine was finding it hard to get enough air. She was going beyond panting. She was starting to gasp for breath. She was coming close, and was distracted enough to not realize that she still had ahold of Kara's hair and was pulling harder.

With an exclamation of "Oh, oh, oh," Christine started to cum. One hand released Kara's hair and grasped her shoulder instead to hold on. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck, that's it baby!" Her legs were getting weak and it was a good thing that she was leaning against the wall. She could feel each stroke of Kara's tongue further heighten her excitement. It was hard for Kara to keep licking but she was quite determined. She loved pleasing Christine.

As Christine finally stopped cumming, she felt as weak as kitten. She needed to hold onto Kara for support and to keep from falling. After a moment, she opened her eyes to see Kara looking up at her with a very satisfied look on her face as her tongue carefully licked around her lips. Christine reached up to gently stroke Kara's face.

Turning her face, Kara kissed Christine's hand. It was a moment when their love shone through and one after another, they both whispered the words.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you too, darling."

Saying it out loud was something that both of them shied away from. Doing it raised questions in both of their minds that they preferred to ignore. But every once in a while, it couldn't be helped. They had to reaffirm it.

Now, as the school year was ending, Christine was finding it hard to continue to ignore those questions. The relationship was at the same time the best thing and the worst thing to ever happen to her. She couldn't help being head over heels in love with Kara. Not only was she a sweet and smart woman, but they seemed perfectly matched. At the same time, it was frustrating for Christine to have to hide the relationship. The only time they could be completely open was when they were at home. If they went out, they both had to remember to keep up the fiction that they were just friends.

Beyond that issue, it was even more frustrating, in that Christine had no idea where the relationship was going. Although it hadn't been her intention, at one point in April it had boiled over for her. They were having dinner together and she had two glasses of wine, which was unusual. It loosened her tongue and she found herself saying wistfully that she wished Kara would leave her husband and be with her. Kara's face froze and she didn't say a word in response.

Christine started to try and say something to pull back but found it impossible. She couldn't say she didn't mean it, when it was in fact true. No matter what she said, it only seemed to make the matter worse.

Finally in a strangled voice, Kara stopped any further discussion by saying, "Christine, I can't ... I can't even think about that." She got up and kissed Christine softly but then said that she had to go home. It was the first night since they started the affair that Christine had gone to bed crying. It wasn't the last.

It was, however, the last time that Christine ever brought the subject up. She hadn't heard from Kara for several days after that night. When they finally got together again, there was a subdued undertone that took a week to completely disappear.

Still it was wearing on Christine. Even though the relationship between Kara and her husband was deteriorating, they still had a common social life that they maintained. Kara was not free to spend as much time as either she or Christine would like together, especially outside school hours. At the same time, without Kara, Christine often found it hard to be motivated to get out on her own and do things. What made it especially hard for Christine was feeling less in control of her life than ever before.

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