tagNonConsent/ReluctancePublic Access Ch. 03

Public Access Ch. 03


Damn! Was this whole town controlled by the mayor and the Morgans? My sorry ass was being dragged off to jail because I liked to sneak peeks of ladies' panties. Penny and Mrs. Morgan had made me pay ever since they found out what I was up to.

Now their husbands were busting my ass, and even the chief of police was in on it, too. I was too exhausted, disappointed and surprised to complain. Naked, blue balls with a floppy cock that just minutes before was about to penetrate two wives, I resigned myself to having been outwitted again.

One of the officers tossed me a blanket. At the station house I covered myself and was led passed the desks of police men and women and into the jail. I was tossed in a cell with two old men.

I sat on a bunk with my head in my hands. The blanket fell open revealing my still long dong hanging down over the edge of the thin mattress. I felt yet another pulse of cum as it emitted from my dick hole. The old men looked at it.

The blue balls were gonna cause pain if I didn't drain my crankcase. What the fuck? I lifted up my dick shaft and began to stroke it while the old men watched me. It had been a very hard day.

After anticipating getting to fuck Mrs. Morgan, then getting ass fucked by a machine, then seeing Penny's big tits again plus a pussy parade, I was way past having a quick trigger. I could tell this ejaculation would take some time and effort.

Pretty soon a guard saw me and stopped to watch. He motioned for one of the female guards, and she watched me, too. Who cares? I needed relief or else the accumulated buildup of cum would hurt every time my balls clanged together.

I had no slip juice, so I had to go about it the old fashioned way, with a firm grip and long strokes that pulled the skin up over my cock head then stretched it down as my fist descended the long pole. Enough cum was leaking to lubricate me a bit.

All I wanted to do was milk my dick. I didn't want to impress anyone with a fireworks show of spurting cum. So when I finally felt the surge inside me, I just stopped handling myself altogether, rested back on my elbows and watched the juice pulse out like a little pump was inside of me. The cum just kept coming. Pulse after pulse sent it up and out, just a few inches at a time, splat, splat, splat. Then the pulses ceased and a low volume but steady flow finally drained me.

The old cell mates said nothing but watched it all. Then they rolled over in their blankets and went to sleep. The guards tipped their caps.

Only then did they deliver my prison clothes.

The next morning I was allowed to shower and told that a hearing would be held that afternoon. But that morning I would be questioned by a police officer.

I was taken, in cuffs, to an interrogation room. I sat there alone. Then the door opened and in came a police women. She was dressed in civilian clothes, pants suit and sensible shoes, and had a short haircut. In her hand was a folder.

"Mr. Johnson," she began, "your file says you were arrested for trespassing and breaking and entering and malicious mischief." "What's the story?"

I looked at her and thought, "Yeah, right, like she's not in on all this, too?" I didn't have a chance, and I knew it. Besides, if things got ugly, no doubt Penny and the mayor would release my old videos of women spreading their legs and I'd be in even more trouble. Plus, not only did they have all the evidence, they had film of me getting forcible jerked off by Bubba and getting butt fucked by a machine. They had all the cards. All I had was a sore and pussy-starved pecker.

"I was set up," I told her. "It wasn't a crime. I was a guest. But what the hell, if they press charges how can I defend myself?"

"We've got witnesses who say you were caught intruding," she said. "They said you threatened to rape the women and undressed. We've got descriptions of your penis. Says here that you revealed an exceptionally large penis and threatened to break up a private party."

Then she closed the file folder and looked across the table, "Mr. Johnson, we're going to need to see the evidence." "If you cooperate, things will go much easier for you."

Who was I to resist? With my hands still cuffed, I had to wiggle and struggle to pull down the prison trousers and boxers.

She stared at my limp dick.

"Is that how it looked on the day of the crime?"

"There was no crime!" I shouted at her.

"Mr. Johnson, I'm just repeating what's in the report." "Settle down."

The brief exchange of anger had an effect on my dick. Maybe the irritation caused by yet another woman who had her way with me was making me get an erection. My cock clearly was growing.

"Put it up here on the table," she indicated.

I lifted my dick onto the top of the table but let my balls hang down. Touching myself and resenting this bitch's insinuation were causing the cock in front of her to grow bigger.

She touched it with her ball point pen just as a bead of cum appeared at the tip of my dick. The bead grew larger and then oozed onto the table top.

She reached for a ruler that was next to a stapler and three-hole punch and set the rule down alongside my pecker. It was at nine inches by then. Then ten. Finally eleven.

I was surprised that my cock would get hard under such conditions. The detective wasn't particularly attractive, but her questions made me want to fuck her like I wanted to fuck Penny and Mrs. Morgan to get back at them for what they'd done to me.

She noted in her notebook, "Suspect has eleven inch penis." Then she laid the ruler across my shaft, "And three inches in diameter."

"Thank you, Mr. Johnson. We'll take this information to the prosecutor and the judge and have a meeting with the plaintiffs. Sentencing guidelines for your crimes are five to ten years, but maybe a settlement can be reached.

She nodded to a window, and immediately two uniformed policemen entered and took me by the arms. I didn't have time to modestly put my dangling dong away as they hustled me out of the room and down the hallway past several female officers, and back to my cell.

Those poor old guys just stared at me again.

They let me rot there for three days before I finally saw an attorney. He was a state appointed public defender, and I didn't expect much in the way of Perry Mason quality.

"Hello, I'm Frank Stiles, and I'll be your advocate." "I've read your file." "Looks like an open and shut case unless you have something to say."

"Frank, do you really want to hear the whole story?" I asked.

"Try me," he answered.

So for the next forty five minutes I gave him every detail of my life in this crappy town. He didn't react or interrupt me.

"And you expect a jury to believe that?" he finally said. "The mayor, his wife, our public television organization all involved in a wild sex story?"

"Tell you what -- tomorrow I will meet with the plaintiffs and see what they want to do. Maybe we can work out something."

The next day, after the meeting between the parties, my lawyer met with me again.

"Mr. Johnson, I think we have an agreement that can greatly reduce your time in jail." "The other parties have agreed that if you plead guilty you will only serve six months, but on the condition that once a week you are to be released to do compensatory duties for the aggrieved parties."

He added, "The judge has reviewed and approved the plan."

I stared at him. Blinked. "Compensatory duties?" I repeated.

"Hell, I don't know. Mow their lawns? Paint their garages? Who knows? You'll be supervised at all times."

"Where do I sign?" I asked.

That was it. I was doomed but only for six months. I could survive.

A week passed and my cell door opened. Standing there was the female detective who had questioned me and measured me. "Mr. Johnson, today is your first day on the outside to comply with the terms of your sentence."

My hands were cuffed and I was led down the hall and out to an unmarked patrol car, still dressed in my prison issues.

As I suspected, the car parked at the mayor's home. The detective ushered me in through a back door and took me to an upstairs room. She used her cell phone to confirm that we were there.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and I could see out a window that lots of cars were parked in the front of the house. I could hear voices downstairs.

Unknown to me, but known to the detective, Mrs. Morgan had organized a fashion show party for about dozen of the other leading ladies of the town. A designer flew out the latest dresses in several sizes for the ladies to try on and model for each other. He also included a selection of lingerie.

To put on the garments, each woman used the bedroom next to the room where I was detained. The hallway door was ajar so I could catch a glimpse of them coming in and out.

There was a door between the rooms with a keyhole. I nodded my head toward the door and asked my faithful flatfoot, "Mind if I take a peek?"

She motioned that it was OK, "But don't get any ideas," she added.

I knelt down and peered through the old fashioned keyhole. A stranger I'd never met before was taking off her dress. She walked around in her girdle and big factory worker bra then put on a dress to model, lipped her shoes back on and left the room.

That was fun.

Five minutes later another woman entered the room. She was much more attractive and when she undressed I saw her sexy panties and garters before she covered herself again and went downstairs.

One after another, I got a peek at a bunch of women. Between these little shows, the detective asked, "So which do you like better, seeing women in panties or without their panties?"

I smiled and looked over at her. "What do you think gives me a hardon?"

"I could make you take off your clothes and see for myself," she snickered.

Just then Mrs. Morgan herself came into our room. She saw me at the keyhole, "You naughty boy!" "No wonder you get into trouble and have to be watched."

She looked at the detective, "Tina, we're about ready." She handed her a small suitcase.

Then without warning, Mrs. Morgan said, "Oh, Tina, would you help me with this?" She raised up her skirt to her waist and showed us both her long thigh high stockings, "I've got a twist in my stockings. Can you straighten it out for me?"

"Sure think, Mrs. Morgan," said Tina as she got down on one knee and handled Mrs. Morgan's leg, smoothing the nylon and stretching each stocking upward while my old nemesis stood there, looking at me while Detective Tina played with her lower extremities.

"Thank you, Tina," said Mrs. Morgan as she dropped her skirt back down. "Bring him down when you're ready."

Tina opened the suitcase and took out three sets of men's underthings. First was a set of nylon pajamas. Then silky boxers. Finally, what looked like a weightlifter's outfit with shoulder straps and tight fitting lower leotard.

"Here," she flung the pjs at me. "Put these on." I reminded her that the cuffs were in the way. She unlocked them and reminded me that she wore a pistol.

I undressed while Tina watched me. Viewing the undressed ladies in the next room and seeing Mrs. Morgan's legs again had inflated my cock to a rubbery stiffness.

Once in the pjs, she led me downstairs and into the living room. There were all the ladies, some I recognized from my peeping earlier. Mrs. Morgan announced, "Ladies, ladies, we have a special treat today. We've arranged for a showing of some of the things available for the men in your lives."

Amid a few, "Ooohs and aaahs," I stepped into the center of the room. Mrs. Morgan directed me, "Be a good fellow and parade around a bit for us, won't you?"

I bit. My arms went out to the side, and I twirled around and walked this way and that so the ladies could get a good look. There in the back corner of the room was that damned Penny. She leaned against the wall and watched.

I wondered, "Was Bubba, the human cock pump, here too?" What all were these ladies going to see today, I wondered. Surely, after all they'd done to me they wouldn't let me alone now with just a virtual strip show.

Mrs. Morgan said, "OK, thank you. Why don't you go change into the next item?"

Tina accompanied me in and out of the room, her hand discretely inside her jacket and firmly holding the grip of her service weapon.

I went up and changed into the boxers. Immediately there was a problem caused by what I call the dangle factor. My dick was already too long to be hid by the boxers.

Detective Tina to the rescue! She reached into her purse and pulled out a roll of masking tape. "Drop 'em," she ordered.

I pulled down the boxers. Tina handled my cock. She pulled it across my abdomen and strapped it there with the tape. Two bands of tape did the trick. Now the boxers covered me just fine, except for my balls which clanged around almost down to the edge of the pants leg.

Down we went for a second showing. I was naked to the waist, with the shinny boxers on display for the ladies. I was enjoying their stares and began to feel the tape start to give way as my dick got harder.

When I was done, I gave a little bow to the ladies and just then the tape let loose. My bulby dick head fell down below the edge of the boxers. For an instant, all eyes in the room looked down and saw what was happening.

I raced to the stairs and to the safety of my detective. We got back to the bedroom laughing. It felt good to finally hear her laugh.

I put an arm around her waist, drew her toward me, and said, "Why don't you let me fuck you, then you can just say that I escaped?"

She reached into my boxers for what I thought was going to be a little feel, but I screamed as she ripped off the tape. "Don't try anything funny," was all I heard as the pain made me cringe.

The next item was hard to squeeze into. It was flattering but it revealed every little detail. My bulge was difficult to manage. Tina and I worked on it, trying to figure out if my cock should be tucked this way or that. Finally, it seemed best to fold it in half and under my balls which were also contained in the small crotch area.

Frankly, it looked like a couple of squirrels were wrestling down there.

Once in front of the ladies, it only got worse. It got worse partly because some of them were letting me see up their dresses. Here and there I was getting peeks of their panties and lots of nylon covered legs.

Surprise, surprise! In came both Mrs. Morgan and dear old Penny, clad only in silky form fitting teddies. One of them came to each side of me. Detective Tina was stationed near the door to prevent me from bolting.

Standing on each side of me, Penny and Mrs. Morgan put one hand on my shoulder and with their other hand they toyed with my torso and chest, running their fingernails against my skin and over my nipples.

Then I felt their hands caressing my buttocks.

"Well, ladies, just think how fashions like this can help your marriage life," said Mrs. Morgan.

Penny said, "My husband might look a little silly in this, but I can dream, can't I?" Everybody laughed at the thought of lumpy Bubba in a leotard.

Needless to say, my bulge was way out of hand. My dick was swelling. The ladies kept petting me and nibbling my ears. I put an arm around each of their waists and braced for an embarrassment.

My dick pushed harder and harder against the stretchy nylon until finally a droopy ball fell out of each side. Then, "Boing!" my whole cock found release and popped out to the left, toward Mrs. Morgan's side.

Without skipping a beat, she reached down and cradled my dick in her hand while Penny played with the ball on my right side.

As usual, the faucet was turned on and I began dripping while the audience stared and watched the show.

Detective Tina then passed around a vase with slips of paper in it. Each woman reached in and took out a piece of paper. When all had taken a turn, she said, "OK, who's the winner?"

The oldest lady in the room, the ugliest and the only one bordering on fat excitedly yelled out, "It's me! It's me!"

Mrs. Morgan said, "Congratulations Marie, he's all yours."

The two satin clad ladies whose pussies I had been dreaming of all these weeks introduced me to Marie, "Here you go, Marie, Detective Tina will make sure you're safe."

Tina walked over to me and cuffed my hands behind my back while Marie struggled to get up off the sofa. They walked, me in tow, out on the poolside deck where I'd been tortured so recently.

As we left the room, I could hear the party breaking up and the ladies starting to leave.

Tina unlocked my cuffs, forced me to kneel down at the end of the diving board and cuffed my arms under the board. My cock and balls were exposed and hanging down for milking. Marie oiled her hands and started to work on my like I was a bovine. She was an expert, not unlike Bubba. Even if she was not a looker, Marie sure knew how to please a man.

Back near the doorway, I saw the light of Mrs. Morgan's cigarette as she watched from a distance.

Once again it looked like I wasn't going to get any pussy for my poor starved peter. But whose complaining when strong hands are forcing the cum out while my police friend watched?

I groaned as cum found its way from deep inside me. All of sudden Marie gripped the base of my cock so hard that the flood of semen couldn't escape. I thought I was going to explode. She held me there for at least a minute while every muscle in my cock strained for relief.

It passed and she released my boner.

"Now, he's ready to fuck me," she said to Tina.

Tina unlocked my cuffs. I just lay there, tired and dazed. "Come on, Romeo," said Tina, "Your Juliet awaits."

I slowly got up to a standing position and looked around to see Marie, with her dress hiked up and her panties around her ankles. She got them off and spread her legs as she lay back on the diving board.

After dreaming of sweet pussies, here was chubby Marie with huge hairy cunt lips folded apart, waiting for my dick to plunge into her. Hell, I was ready for anything.

In two shakes I had entered her pussy and was leaning forward to force my dick deeper. She was nothing much to look at, but I no longer had the luxury of choosing my pussies. I'd fuck whatever I was told to fuck.

And fuck her I did. It was my first pussy fuck for a long time. That day, that week, the whole past month had prepped me well to fuck her lights out.

She laughed out loud while I pumped her full of cum. With each piston pump into her, my cum spurted out of her full pussy and draining onto the patio.

Immediately after I shot my last load, Detective Tina cuffed me and stood me up. My dick bobbed and waved as she led me away, past Mrs. Morgan and Penny, and to the car. Once again, I was riding in the back of a police car, naked, dick drooping over the seat, on my way back to jail.

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