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I got out of the car and hurried into the house, knowing that I was running late for my dinner with Don. He'd promised to take me out someplace nice, and after the day at work I'd had, it seemed that idea was the perfect release for the tension that had been building up. I stepped into the shower, thrilling to the feel of the hot water needling my flesh, soothing the tired muscles, magically managing to dissipate some of the stress of the hectic work day that had just ended.

Shampooing my short, reddish-blond hair and sudsing up my body, lightly running my fingers across my breasts, brushing the sensitive tips, then slipping my fingers down to wash my smooth inner thighs, I shivered. I leaned my head back, letting the full spray pelt upon my face, the sharper sting of the water droplets invigorating me. Reluctantly, I shut off the water and stepped out, reaching for a towel, hurriedly wiping the water's glistening sheen from my soft skin.

I dropped the towel on the bathroom floor and headed into my room, opening the closet and cursing the fact that nothing I owned seemed decent enough for the evenings occasion. Sighing, I grabbed a light-weight summer tank-dress of sage green, knowing that it allowed parts of my body to be shown to their best advantage. I slipped it on over my head, purposely not pulling on underwear, altho I had to find a bra.

Brushing my hair, and putting on light make-up I grabbed my purse and keys and headed out to the kitchen to await my love's arrival. For the first time since awakening, I allowed myself to rest, and my thoughts began to wander. A slight smile playing upon the corners of my mouth betrayed the path of my thoughts. I closed my eyes, imagining how he'd choose to greet me today... perhaps a kiss on the lips, light and undemanding, or better yet......a kiss that was ravenous, promising more! I laughed, a slightly husky sound, as I felt my nipples harden beneath the confining fabric of my bra, making themselves noticeable under my dress as raised points of sensitivity.

Leaning back in my chair, I slid my palms up from my sides to cup the swell of my breasts, rubbing a curious thumb over each taut nipple in turn.. one side, then the other. With my eyes closed, lips slightly parted.. I could feel my pulse quicken and the tell-tale flush of heat and dampness between my thighs, which was all the more erotic since I was naked there.

I never heard the screen door swing open, nor the tread of HIS feet across the floor, til lips claimed mine, a probing tongue sought mine! Strong, skilled hands caressed down across my shoulders, running light fingers up and down my bared arms, as the hungry mouth slid to my earlobe, then down the sensitive column of my arched throat!

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm!" I purred, a cat-like growl of undeniable pleasure filling the silence between us. I leaned into the pressure of his mouth against my shivering skin, rewarded by the feel of his teeth lightly raking across the surface of my flesh at the joining of my neck and shoulder. His hands lifted and lightly brushed across the sides of my breasts on either side, slipping down my sides to caress the smooth plane of my covered thigh beneath the dress.

I opened eyes which had been closed in sublime pleasure and looked into his intense blue ones. Seeing his barely suppressed need and attraction in their depths made my next breath no more than a strangled gasp. I realized then and there, that if we did not leave NOW to go to our dinner, we never would! Reluctantly, I rose to my feet, pushing away the hand that was massaging the top of one thigh, making goose-bumps ripple across my exposed skin. "I think we should leave my dear, or risk not making it to dinner at all." I smiled, a wicked gleam in my eyes, my tone still reflecting the deep pulsing of my desire.

Don grinned back, an all too evil twist of his full lips. "As you wish M'Lady." Placing a hand on my head, he lightly ruffled my reddish hair, then walked to the door. "After you!"

I sensed his eyes on my body from behind, their gaze caressing my ass, seeking to strip me of my clothing by sheer thought alone!

The ride to the resturant was filled with talk of everyday things, work, family and friends..... the usual banter we shared when alone. No mention was made of what had passed between us upon his arrival to my house, altho there was most assuredly a sensual undercurrent flowing between us and each was highly aware of its existence.

We arrived at the "Marshalton Inn" and were led to a quiet and secluded table in the corner. The only true light being shed by a single candle in the table's center. The Maitre'd seated us across from each other, and across the flickering golden glow of the single flame, we flashed a look of pure desire... one that sent both our hearts racing.

I smiled. "This is a great place. I've been here once before. Great food and Lord knows I'm 'bout you my dear?" The last was asked with a sweet smile, yet betrayed by the flash of erotic innuendo inherent in my stare.

His answering smile was a mirror of my own, complete with hidden meaning. "Ahh, yes. I do seem to find my appetite is rather intense this evening." His hands lay lightly upon the edge of the table, fingers toying absently with the folds of one of the cloth napkins.

An arrangement of red and white roses graced the center of our table, and their sweet perfume only added to the air of romance. I found myself staring at the velvet petals of one of the blooms reverantly, wondering what it'd feel like, to have it traced across the smooth plane of my cheek.... "Hmmmmmmmm......." I murmured softly, not realizing that the sound had been audible to anyone but me.

"Admiring the roses?" His voice was a whisper, a suggestion of seduction that made my next breath catch in my throat. "They are quite lovely." Eyes locking onto mine, he reached out to pull a deep red rose from the arrangement . Holding out the long-stemmed flower, he traced the silken petals across my forehead, then slipped them slowly down my nose and across my trembling lips. A shiver of electric delight ripples through me, as I take a deep breath.. inhaling the scents of the rose, the hot candle wax and various delicious food aromas.

I shifted in my hand dropping down to lightly trace a line of fire with a fingertip across the top of my thigh. With eyes wide open, I watch as you move the petals of the rose, so that they are now lightly tracing the edge of my jawline, my throat, and around to my ohh so sensitive earlobes. Abruptly, you remove the flower and place it on the table next to your plate. A scant moment later, I realize that our server for the evening has arrived and is politely asking me what, if anything, I'd like to drink with dinner. "A glass of white Zinfandel please", I murmur softly, not trusting the stability of my senses or emotions to allow me to speak much louder.

"Yes Madam, and you sir?" The well mannered waiter turns to you, as my eyes gaze at you, given a moments respite to observe you. I notice the sparkle of desire in the haunting blue-green depths of your eyes, feeling irresistably drawn to them, deeper and deeper by the second. As you reply to the Waiter's question with the answer I'd given seconds before, I sense that you are as eager to discover what this night shall hold in store as I am.

I glance away from you and down at the table, noticing the menu that our server has conveniently placed there. I open it and stare absently at the list of choices, my mind obviously not focused on the hunger in my stomach. I sense your eyes on me, as I read, a slow blush of pleasure suffusing my cheeks as I feel the fingertips of your hand lightly stroking the back of one of my hands. Little shivers of expectant pleasure dance through my blood, as your oh so simple caress further fuels the growing flame of desire that flickers deep within me. "What looks good to you?" I ask quietly, my voice a well modulated whisper of suggestion.

"Hmmmm......." you sigh. "I can't say...there seem to be so many delicious possibilties, but I think what I truly want is not listed on this menu". Your hand continues to draw little circles across the back of mine, making me ache with each sucessive caress. "But since I suppose that we must eat something "real", I'll probably try the Pheasant, with the Baby potatoes and whatever else it comes with. And you?" The last was a seductive whisper that seared my senses, as at the same moment, I feel something sliding up the inside of one of my thighs.

I slightly shift position on my chair and find that I am growing even more aroused just thinking of WHAT you are trying to do to me, in addition to WHERE its taking place. This isn't some private room, or darkened corner where we know that we are alone. I am suddenly intensely aware of the other resturant patrons, wondering if they can tell from the expression on my face, what exactly you are doing to me?

Taking a deep breath to calm the racing beat of my heart, I look at the menu again, noticing that for a moment, the words are nothing more than a blur of meaningless letters, as your foot moves up, so that your big toe is lightly pressing against the hard flesh of my already aroused clitoris. "Ohhhh, I-I.......uhhmm, don't have a clue yet..." I spread my legs even further, one hand still caressing the top of my own thigh, as your hand holds my other one captive on the table-top. The feel of your sock clad toes, wriggling against my lower folds makes my breath come in short, explosive heaves. Seeking to retain control, I look into your eyes and realize THAT was a fatal mistake!

"I want you!" I sigh hungrily, as reply to your earlier query, adding a note of urgent demand. "NOW!" This last word was a hissed whisper, full of all the need and aching I could muster.

"Ahh, now THAT is what I've been waiting for!" You lean close, your lips brushing against my ear, as your breath caresses me with the following....."Care to take this evening in a new direction?"

I nod, too full of my desires to trust a verbal response. I look at the rose next to your plate, the candle light flickering almost hypnotically, each shadow it casts beckoning with dark and intimate promise. "Let's actually eat first tho......" I add, much to your surprise. "I don't want to waste this....." I gesture at the romantic settings surrounding us, and shiver as your foot slides up and down my thigh, enticing even more ripples of pleasure. At that moment, the glass of wine I'd requested was placed by my hand, and I stare as if mesmerized at the stream of silvery bubbles that float within its depths.

"As you wish my Lady...." You smile, your eyes gleaming with wicked intent, sparing a nod of thanks to the waiter as your own glass of wine is set before you. "But remember this.......I said that my preferred sustenance was not listed on this menu, so I shall have to discover its location on my own." Your words end on a most animal-like growl, feral in its intensity........ foreshadowed by your sentence's inherent expectations.

I release an almost audible gasp, as your big toe slips back to massage my clitoris, moving it in small, firm circles. I place the hand that had been caressing my own thigh back upon the table, my fingers clenching the cloth draped across its surface. After a few seconds of this, feeling your foot sliding back and forth, my lips part slightly, allowing the softest of sighs to escape... one of pure pleasure.

"Are you certain you wish to stay here?" you ask, this time.....making sure that the movements against my clitoris are even firmer, making my hips arch slightly in instinctual response. Your hand slips from mine, to trace the softness of my cheek with a silken fingertip, making my head turn to capture the proferred tip between my lips, oblivious to my location, only aware of your ohh so magical attentions.

"Hmm......" I moan to myself, only to hear a polite cough from the abrupt reappearance of our server.

"Have you decided what you'd like for your main course Ma’am....Sir?" I turn to glance at my menu again, my eyes falling on the description for Chicken Cordon Bleu. "I'll have the Chicken Cordon Bleu, the salad that comes with it, with Raspberry vinigrette on the side, please?" Nodding, the waiter turns to take your order.

"I think I'll have the roasted Pheasant breast, with the potatoes and salad." You recite, placing what seems to my ears at least, a special emphasis on the word "breast".

Shivering still, although attempting to bring my body's errant desires under some semblance of control, I look up into your eyes as the waiter collects our menus and makes his graceful departure. Noticing that you return my gaze with a hunger equalled only by my own, makes me tremble even more. My mind races with images of you and I, alone... our bodies moulded into one creature, consumed by pleasure. Temporarily lost in my own thoughts, I do not notice that your foot has slipped away from between my thighs until I realize that instead, you've slid your seat around to place yourself directly at my side.

Leaning over conspiratorially, you press your lips to my ear and whisper, "I'd rather be nibbling on YOUR breast my dear....can you feel that?"

I shudder convulsively at the intensity of the reaction those softly spoken words arouse, as my fingers tighten on the tabletop til my knuckles flash white beneath the taut skin. "Don't you dare!" I hiss through clenched teeth, as I suddenly seem to sense the eyes of the other diners upon us, as if they are aware of our closeness, of the intense desire flowing between us.

"Dare what........this?" So saying, the hand closest to me disappears from the table, under the pretense of spreading a napkin across your lap. Seconds later, I feel the nails of one hand lightly raking across the inflamed flesh of my inner thigh!

"Ohhhhh Lord......." I sigh gently, making as if I'm supressing a yawn to cover my expression of tortured ecstasy. Your fingers continue weaving a sensual and illicit spell of seduction across my smooth skin, circling ever closer to the nest of dark, soft curls at the joining of my thighs. "Please Don, don't!" I murmur, as close to begging as I'd ever managed to come, yet somehow aware that you have no intentions of listening to my pleas.

"Don't what??" you tease, your lips nibbling at one earlobe now, your breath seeming to whisper my name, a flame searing my senses to the point of flashing over into something dangerous and wildly uncontrollable. "I want you!!! You are what I hunger for."

Leaning in against you, craving even more of your touch, to feel the beat of your strong heart beneath your chest, to sense your strength against me, I drop down one hand to rub it sensually to and fro across your upper thigh. Feeling you quiver and take a sudden gasp as the pleasure washes over you, I smile with wicked enjoyment. After all......two can play this game!

"Ohhhh my!" you whisper into my ear. "You are becoming quite bold yourself my dear!"

Giggling helplessly, I manage a nod and dart a quick glance into your eyes, only to find myself captured in your stare, gasping aloud at the intensity of the need and power gleaming there. "Ohh Don!" I whisper, a half pleading, half reverant sigh, as your fingers graze across my already swollen clit and my own discover the firm heat of your cock within your dress pants.

All at once, I freeze at the sound of approaching footsteps and lower my eyes from their frenzied gaze into your own, to see our server drawing ever nearer to our table. I sit up and straighten my dress, all too aware of your hand still moving in ohh so feathery circles across the skin of my inner thighs. "Don!" I hiss urgently, flashing you a warning glance, yet knowing that making you stop now is nigh unto impossible. Steeling my response and hoping that if pressed into speech, my voice will not betray the myriad sensations coursing through me, I smile at the Waiter as he sets our meals before us.

"Thank you!" I smile warmly, just as one of your hidden fingers ruthlessly plunges between my lower folds making my eyes flare open with barely restrained shock. The only other outward sign of the effect your touch is having upon me, is the spasmodic clenching of my hand upon the table-cloth.

The waiter smiles in reply to my own earlier one. "Enjoy your evening Madam, Sir... let me know if you require anything further, or when you are ready to see our Dessert selections." Turning with practiced grace, he strides away as my eyes gaze transfixed into the wavering golden candle flame, knowing that the heat it generates is now being mirrored by the pulse of moist warmth where your finger is stroking me, slowly, and relentlessly.

Suddenly, I become aware of the delicious smells arising from the food set before us. "Shouldn't we try to eat before it gets cold?" I venture softly, not trusting my voice above a husky whisper.

"MMmmmmm, I think we could, altho if we pause to do so, will YOU get cold my dear?" A wicked laugh sounds against my ear, the breath shivering my skin, sending electricity spiking throughout my body. "Or shall I strive to make sure that you do not suffer from neglect?"

"Ohhhh dear! Such a hard choice!" I murmur, my hand slipping down once again to cup your groin in my palm. "Such a hard one indeed.." I chuckle with evil intent, my fingers starting once again to stroke back and forth across the concealed bulge there. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......" I sigh.

Your visible hand traces a path of sensual fire across one cheek with silken fingertips, my tongue urgently darts out to lick lingeringly at one as it passes across my lips. I look down at the plate of food before me and with my free hand, I take a bite of the chicken, savoring the delicious taste of the tender meat and creamy cheese sauce that bathes it. "Mmmmmmmmm, sheer heaven!" I manage to whisper when my mouth is free. Smiling at the dual image that phrase evokes, I turn to you and leaning up, press my lips against yours.

Your mouth opens ohh so slowly beneath the relentless demands of my hungry tongue which slips inside to lightly dance with yours. Knowing that you can taste the flavor of cheese as your tongue now probes the warm recesses of my mouth, I shiver. Abruptly realizing WHERE we are and what I'm doing, I pull away, my face flushed and my eyes downcast.

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