tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPublic Humiliation Ch. 05

Public Humiliation Ch. 05


I woke up in a strange room feeling sore and sticky. I thought back to what I had done and realized that I was sticky because of all the cum on me. I didn't know how many men had fucked my little cunt, but I was sure there were a lot of them. My face was also sticky and my mouth had a strange taste in it. I knew that was because I had licked a lot of pussy while I was being fucked.

I thought back to all the things I was doing for Dana and from the first trip till now, I had been fucked so much and never knew any of the men that had used me. And I do like licking a juicy pussy, but I had never thought I would be eating so many of them like I had yesterday. And I did all of this in public with a big audience watching me. However, that is what I was being paid for.

I knew I had to get up to get a shower but my body didn't want to move. I thought I could go back to sleep and I would feel better once I woke up again. But, those thoughts were interrupted when Dana walked in.

She said, "Oh good, you are awake. You need to get cleaned up so we can go for breakfast. This place doesn't do room service, so we have to go out to a restaurant."

I groaned, but started getting up. Then I thought about what I had done yesterday and had to find something out.

I said, "Dana, I know I was fucked a lot yesterday and from what I remember, they didn't use condoms. Was everyone clean and disease free?"

Dana laughed and said, "Pet, I said I would protect you. The ones who went bareback in you, were all clean. You see, when I was setting this up, I made sure all the ones who would be fucking you had gotten tested and they had to send me the results. That is what Guy was doing when you were getting naked. He was checking all the results against the ones who were there. Yes, there were some that fucked you who I didn't know and they used condoms, even if you didn't realize it. So, my pet, you are safe."

I was relieved that she still took care of me even if I didn't know it. I thanked her for the protection and told her I would not question her again. Then I crawled out of bed and found the small bathroom and shower. This place was not one that I figured Dana would stay in. But, maybe she had to get it at the last moment, not realizing her pet would pass out from fucking.

I got in the shower and scrubbed all the sticky cum from my body and washed my hair. I wondered what would happen today and where we would go for breakfast. The shower felt wonderful on my sore body and I even douched my pussy to make it clean. I think that was the sorest part of my body. I wasn't sure if I should ask how many cocks had been in me, but I was curious.

I finished my shower and walked back into the room. Of course, I was naked because I have no idea where the dress that I had on yesterday went to. Besides, even if I did have the dress it didn't have any buttons on it and the straps were cut. Dana and Guy were sitting in the only two chairs in the room.

I walked up to Dana and asked, "Dana, I am not sure how many men fucked me yesterday. Did you happen to count how many cocks I had in my pussy?"

Both her and Guy laughed. Dana said, "Well, I had 30 men lined up to fuck you. I figured that should be enough. But once they had finished, it looked like you needed some more. So, some of those guys went again and Guy found some other guys hanging around watching. He picked out another 10 to fuck you, and they are the ones who wore the condoms. So, I would guess there were probably around 55 cocks in your hot little cunt."

I said, "Holy shit. No wonder it is sore today. That was one hell of a gang bang. I had fucked 2 guys a couple times before, but never that many. I didn't know my cunt could take that much."

They both laughed and Dana then said, "I am going to try to leave your cunt alone today. No guarantee, but will try to let it rest for at least a day. But, that doesn't mean you won't be exposed today."

"Oh, another day to get stripped in public?" I asked.

She then said, "No, no stripping today. You won't have anything on you to take off. You'll be naked at all times today. Ready to get some breakfast."

We left the motel together. It still is weird for me to walk out of a place naked. So many people have seen me and the ones who haven't seen me in person will see me in the videos she has taken of me.

I walked between Dana and Guy. Occasionally, one of them would put their hands on my ass and squeeze it. It did feel good for that, but being naked walking down a public street was weird. I was always taught to keep my lady parts covered. Well, guess I blew that.

We walked through the parking lot, out on the street and down the sidewalk. People just stopped and stared at me. Even though Dana said this was a place that accepted public nudity, it seems that everyone had never seen a naked lady before.

I saw a restaurant ahead of us that advertised the best breakfast in town and I figured we would go there. I hope they let me in, because I was kind of hungry. I don't remember the last time I ate anything but pussy. And for those who don't know, pussy won't fill you up.

We got to the door and Dana said, "Wait here with Guy, Judy. I want to be sure you can go in like you are. Some places don't like it if people don't have clothes on. While others want at least shoes. So, I'll check since you have no clothes or shoes."

So, here I was standing out in the open in view of anyone who happened to be around. And once I looked around I saw I had quite a few following me. They all stopped far enough back to give me some space, but I figured it was also because they wanted everyone to see me.

Dana came back out and said, "OK, we got a deal. The owner says he usually requires all patrons to be dressed. But, I told him you were dressed in your birthday suit. He wasn't buying that, but he said if you agreed to let him have your ass after breakfast, he would allow it."

I looked at her. She is selling me off again, but I guess that is why she pays me like she does. I said, "Well, I guess I can let him fuck my ass as long as I get to eat first."

Everyone who was close enough to hear, cheered and clapped. They would get another sex show from me. So, we went in and I saw a very large crowd of people in the restaurant. And after looking around, I saw several tables with middle aged to older couples. A few tables were empty and I figured we would just get one of them.

But Dana had other ideas. She led me to a stage like area that had stools on it. The outer part was a bar type table, with no paneling in the front. I knew than that while I ate, my pussy would be plainly visible for all to see. And, there were only 3 stools to sit on.

We walked to the stage and climbed up. Dana and Guy took the outside stools and gave me the one in the middle. Once they sat down, Dana said, "Climb on up Judy. And once you sit, I want you knees touching our legs. One touching mine the other touching Guy's leg."

I sat on the stool and started parting my legs. They were farther away that I had thought so when I finally touched their legs, my legs were about 3 feet apart. That meant my pussy was wide open in view of everyone sitting below us. I was on display for the crowd. And more people were coming in. I guess they would make extra money this morning.

A waiter came to take our orders and Dana said, "No matter what happens, don't move your legs and keep your hands-on top of the table."

I wasn't sure why, but did as I was told. I knew my pussy was open and people could probably see inside me. But for now, I was hungry. The waiter said, "And what can I get for the naked lady?"

I said, "Coffee to start with. I also want 2 eggs over medium, bacon and sausage, hash browns, and wheat toast."

I don't know how he wrote it all down, because he ever took his eyes off my little tits. And then, just before he left to put the orders in, Dana said, "You can touch her if you want. She enjoys having her tits massaged."

He grinned and put his order book down and with both hands, took my tits. He squeezed and rubbed them and even played with my nipples. I didn't move, allowing him to do as he wanted. And, it was turning me on.

Then Guy said, "And if you want to play with her cunt, go ahead. Just be careful because it is still a little sore from yesterday. She took 55 cocks in it."

I was now embarrassed. Guy telling this stranger, a young man who was maybe 20 about how much I was fucked yesterday. I felt like a cheap whore. But he did just what Guy asked him to do. He left one hand on a tit and his other hand went to my pussy. I didn't move and he rubbed my pussy all over and dipped a finger inside. I jumped just a little when he did that, but it kind of felt good and it was making me horny.

Dana said, "OK, go get our breakfast and she might give you a nice tip later. She already owes your boss an ass fuck."

Damn, between the 2 of them, I feel like a little tramp. Guy telling him I fucked 55 men and now Dana saying I would get my ass fucked later. And it is hard telling what I will have to do for him once we eat.

Once he left, Dana said, "You don't mind sucking a cock do you pet?"

I said, "No, if that is what you want. I will do as you say."

She grinned and said, "I like that attitude. How is the cunt feeling?"

I said, "It feels better, but still a little sore. Not sure if it can be used today."

Then she said, "You remember I said I wanted to make you air tight?"

I did remember and wondered how that would feel. I said, "Yes, I do remember."

"Well, I have 2 holes lined up so far. I need one more cock to fill your cunt and then you will be air tight." She told me.

I started to tell her I couldn't do that, but I figured since I was getting paid, I would have to do it for her. But maybe I can negotiate some terms with her.

I said, "Dana, my pussy is kind of sore and I'm not sure I could handle a cock in it today. But, for an extra bonus to take all 3 at one time, I would consider it."

She thought it over and said, "That is fine. I'll pay you extra to take on 3 guys. But, for that you will have to do it more than once today. In other words, each time you have 3 cocks in you at the same time, I'll give you $100.00. Is that agreeable with you?"

I said, "Can you make it $150.00 for each time. I'm not even sure I can do it."

She thought for a moment and said, "OK, $150.00 it is, but you have to do it 3 different times. And we start right here in the restaurant. Of course, you know it will all happen in public, right?"

I said, "Yes, I know that. I guess everything I do with you will be in public, as long as I am on the payroll."

"We have 2 cocks for you already. Just got to find the 3rd one. Any suggestions?" She asked.

I said, "Doesn't really matter I guess I just hope it isn't too big to go in my sore little pussy."

We all laughed at that and then Guy said, "Since you seemed to enjoy your breakfast so much, I think the 3rd guy should be the cook."

Dana agreed with him and said, "Now that you have finished your meal pet, let's get the fun going. Why don't you go get the guys who will fuck you and I'll get things ready for you?"

I got up and walked toward the kitchen area. I saw the waiter and told him it was time to get his tip. He followed me into the kitchen and I said, "Hey chef, you ready to fuck this hot little pussy. The meal was fabulous and you deserve a good tip too."

Then I turned and walked back out to find the owner. I found him with Dana and they had placed a pad on the floor. Dana was talking to the owner and I waited for the other 2 to come out.

Once everyone was there, Dana said, "OK, here are the condoms you need to wear. And the only one that needs to be naked is my pet, which she is already. Chef, get on the pad on your back with your cock out."

He just undid his pants and pulled them off, leaving him naked from the waist down. Once he was ready, he got down on the pad, laying on his back and with his hard cock sticking straight up. It looked to be about 8" long and not real thick. I think I can handle that.

Then she said, "Pet, climb on top and put that cock in your cunt and then lay down on the chef. Need your ass up in the air for the owner."

I just did as I was told, climbed over the chef and sank down on his hard cock. It slid in easy because my pussy was so wet and juicy. I don't know why, but I get so wet when I am naked like this and everyone is watching me. Just the thought of getting fucked in public with an audience turns me on.

I listened for Dana to talk again as I laid down over the chef's body. I even kissed him when I got to his lips. Dana said, "Ok, you can put your cock in her ass now. Here is some lube so you don't hurt your cock."

Oh, she cared about his cock and not my ass. Well she probably did, but it sounded more like his cock needed protection from my ass. But, I felt the cool lube on my crack and then a finger going into my backdoor. The finger wiggled around inside me and soon another finger went in. He was stretching me so he could get his cock in without hurting it. Soon my ass was empty.

But that didn't last long, because I felt his cock start to enter my ass. It felt huge and my ass was being stretched wide apart. I tried to push back against the intruder hoping it would make it easier to take.

The owner said, "I have never been able to fuck a girl in the ass before, because I'm so big. No one wants to take it back there. Not even my wife."

No wonder it was feeling like I was being torn in half. He said his cock was so big no one else would or could take it. Now I had to do it. He worked slowly into my ass, which was more difficult because my pussy was also full of hard cock. It would have been hard to get it in my ass anyway, but since my pussy was full, it restricted the stretching some.

Then Dana said, "Just put it all the way in. She needs to open up for you."

And that is what he did. He pulled back slightly and thrust forward, giving me all his huge cock. I had that big thing all the way up inside my ass and I felt so fucking full. It felt like I was torn in half, but it also felt good.

Once he was all the way in, Dana said, "OK, now we make my pet air tight. Put that cock in her mouth and go deep."

The waiter stepped up and had his pants to his knees. His cock was a nice size, and I appreciated it. It wasn't real big, but not small either and just the right size for sucking. And, once he had it past my lips, he just shoved and I swallowed. It was in my throat with one push. Now I felt air tight.

Dana cheered and said, "Ok boys fuck my bitch!"

And that is just what they did. I felt those cocks were like pistons going in and out of my ass and pussy and the one in my mouth was in deep then back out. They continued fucking my body in front of everyone in the restaurant. I was not sure if I could take it like this before, but it was turning me on.

I felt my pussy tighten around the chef's cock and then my ass did the same with the owner's cock. One was in me deep the other was almost out. I started cumming after about the third stroke of the cocks. And I was sucking this other cock like crazy, wanting to make him cum.

Then it happened. I felt the owner tighten up, and ram his cock into my ass hard. I knew he was cumming in his condom. Right after that, the waiter started pumping his cum into the condom he was wearing. I wished I could have tasted it. It would have been much better than tasting rubber.

Those 2 guys pulled out of me and I went to town on the chef's cock in my pussy. I bounced up and down on him and he grabbed my waist and helped me. Then he held me tight and I could feel him cumming in his condom in my pussy.

I was cumming with him and when we both finished, I just collapsed on top of him. I could feel cool air on and in my ass. I just knew I was wide open back there and others could see right into me, but at this point I didn't care. My only concern was what if it never closed back up.

Dana helped me stand up and said, "Wow pet, that was amazing. Thank the boys for fucking you."

I looked toward the 3 guys and said, "Man, you guys were great. Thank you for fucking me."

Then I got a good look at all 3 cocks. They had gotten soft, but what amazed me was the owners cock. It was soft and still hung down about 8" and was as big as my wrist.

I had to know, so asked, "Please tell me how big that thing gets when it is hard. I don't believe I actually took it up my ass."

The owner said, "Well little lady, I don't know how you did it either. When I am hard, it is a full 11" long and still about as wide as it is now. It grows longer, not wider."

Dana laughed and said, "Yes pet, you took it all. I knew you could. Now we need to go see some more sights. Going to be a long day for you."

I nodded and followed her out the door. I just couldn't believe there is really a cock that size and that I took it all up my ass. All 11 big inches of it. But I did and now my ass was sorer than my pussy. But, I get paid to do all these things and got extra for fucking 3 at a time and getting air tight.

We walked out of the restaurant to cheers and claps from all around us. I guess no one had ever witnessed something like that before. I know I had never even heard about it before, but I now know it can be done.

Walking down the street, Dana told me, "We are going to let your little cunt and ass rest for a bit. I know you are probably sore in both those holes. So as soon as I see what I'm looking for, we will stop for a moment so you can relax, but still show off."

I said, "Yes I would like that. I am kind of tired after all that exercise."

We walked for a while longer and then Dana stopped. She grinned and said, "There it is I knew it was here someplace."

I looked around but didn't see anything that looked important. There was a small park in the middle of the town. It had some plants and a park bench in the middle. I couldn't understand what she was so excited about.

She then guided me toward the little park and stopped right in front of the bench. She said, "There you go Judy, sit down and relax."

I thought that was nice of her to allow me to sit down to rest. But, I didn't know what she had planned while I rested. But, I did sit down.

She made sure I was in the middle of the bench and she took my arms and placed them along he back of the bench. I did as she asked and once I had them in place, she went to work and tied them to the back of the bench. Now I wasn't sure what she had planned, but I think I was being exposed again.

Once she had my arms tied so I couldn't move them, she went to work on my feet. She picked up my left foot and placed it on the seat of the bench. Then she put a rope around my ankle and pulled toward the end of the bench. Once it was about 2 feet away from my body, she tied it to the arm of the bench. Then she did the same with my right leg. By doing this she had me spread eagle on a public bench. My pussy and ass were open and very visible to all. Both were gaping because of the fucking they took just a short time ago. I could feel the cooler air inside me.

Once she finished, she stood back and looked at her fancy work. "Now my pet, you will sit and rest for a while. You will be able to see everyone who sees you and they will have a good look at that hot little cunt and asshole. I hope you enjoy your time. I'll be back soon."

Oh shit, she was going to leave me here tied up on this bench in a public park. Everyone was going to see me naked and spread. I can't do anything to stop them. I started to sweat from the nerves and my knees started shaking.

I watched her and Guy walk away from me and go down the street. She was walking away from me. How can she protect me if she isn't here? I looked around and saw people walking about. They would look at me, smile and walk away. Maybe, I would be OK. But I had no protection from anyone.

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