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Public in Private


After a short dip in the public pool, it was starting to get late. Six o' clock was drawing near on a Saturday, and the neighborhood pool closed at ten. All of Brandi's friends were leaving- she didn't blame them for wanting to leave. They had been there since 3 in the afternoon. She was a little sad because she had arrived late for the party, and now everyone was leaving- well, her friends, anyway.

Brandi didn't understand why her friends would want to go to the pool in the afternoon. She'd always made sure she was there at six; any earlier and she'd have to deal with the annoying amount of 10-14 year-old brats splashing around in the water. Adult swim was once every so often when the life guards would take a break, but it just wasn't long enough to enjoy the company of older 18-year-olds like herself. Hell, what was the point? It's not like anyone who was 18 would want to go swimming. She decided her friends were lame, judging by the fact that they would much rather bake in the sun and look stupid.

Summer was all about competition when it came to seeing who was the most beautiful amongst all the girls. You can ask any random girl you know and she will tell you that she gets ready, shaves her legs, and picks out the best swimsuit just so she can look better than the girl sitting next to her. The boys serve as the unofficial referees- the girl who gets looked at the most wins; her prize is that she's getting hit on by a cute guy.

Brandi had to admit that she was into those kind of secret, girly sports games. She came well prepared with a small, black bikini, designed with two red hearts over her nipples(her breasts were small but perky). The bottom of her swimsuit was a stringy bikini that could be undone on the sides. Her hair was dark and short, showing off her cute little pixy face and gorgeous green eyes. She was happy as she'd looked in the mirror earlier that day at her curvy body.

Despite her excitement at winning the secret competition this summer, Brandi grew bored. Her only friend that stayed with her at the pool was her best friend, Mimi. "Come on, Mimi- get up." Brandi slapped Mimi's ass as Mimi yelped and laughed. "Hey! Don't do that!" That attracted attention from the life guard, and a few unfamiliar faces staring at them from across the pool.

"I want to swim. We only swam for fifteen minutes until you decided you were going to show off your body to the life guard."

Mimi looked over and yawned. "Hey, the life guard is hot, okay? Plus, I finally grew into a C cup when we graduated and I need to show it off."

Brandy tugged on her friend's wrist. Lucky, she thought, then blew it off. "Come on. Have some fun, for god's sake. This is a pool, you know."

"Okay, okay," Mimi sighed irritably and got up. "Hey, check out that creep; I think he's starting at us."

Brandi looked over across the pool at a man, slightly over middle-aged, round belly protruding from his body and incredibly homely looking. "Eew." Her face twisted in disgust. "All the more reason to get in the pool," she coaxed.

She paced herself and jumped in with a loud splash. The water felt cool on her skin. As soon as she came up for air, Mimi followed behind her. They splashed around for awhile, and Brandi's sour mood soon turned into a happy one; she didn't know why but swimming always made her full of life and happy. They played a few games for awhile; "Marco Polo" and "Find the Object Under Water", and soon decided to race to the edge of the pool.

"I win!" Mimi cried triumphantly. Her loud voice was drawing the attention of the older man.

"Shh," Brandi whispered. "That weird old guy is still staring at us."

"Want to mess with him?" Mimi dared.

"I don't know," Brandi hesitated. "That may not be a good idea."

"Well, then, let's just pretend like we're lesbians and he'll leave us alone."

Brandi giggled. "Let's do it."

They set their plan into action. Brandi played the dike and Mimi played the lipstick lesbian. This was play time for the more mature girls. They had always messed with guys like this.

"Hey, babe," Brandi shouted loudly in a false manly voice. "Did I tell you how much I love when we do it?"

Mimi laughed, taking pleasure in joining the acting. "Oh, yes, buttercup!" she cried in a fake, high voice. She grabbed one of Brandi's breasts. "Like this?"

The man seemed to be enjoying the scene; he turned his head and peeked over with interest. and that just made Mimi and Brandi double over with muffled laughter.

"Yeah, baby!" Brandi laughed. "Touch it! Touch my tiny excuses for titties! My man tits!"

Mimi couldn't help it anymore. She burst out with laughter. Ten minutes of their loud laughter echoing over the entire pool and the life guard demanded they keep it down. "Only for you," Mimi replied flirtatiously. Brandi slapped Mimi's arm; it was a playful scold for her goofiness. After an hour of wading in the pool and talking happily amongst themselves, Mimi got out of the pool and dried off. "It's already 7, Brandi. I should really get going."

"Aww, but you just got here!" Brandi complained. "Plus, we're eighteen. It's not like you have a curfew."

"Yeah, but Dad made his famous barbecue ribs and he wanted me to be back for dinner by 7:30."

"What is it with you and food?" Brandi joked. "Okay, call me tomorrow. Be sure to tell you're dad hi for me. He really is an amazing cook."

She waved goodbye and swam by herself for what seemed like a few hours. It was getting dark, and people were leaving. Pretty soon, Brandi noticed that she was the only one at the pool. It was 9:00, and she figured she might as well leave, too. The lifeguard noticed she was there and told her he needed to go on break. "You're eighteen, right?" He asked.

"Yes," she responded.

"Good. I'll be back in about thirty minutes. Since you and a few other adults are here, I'll take my leave."

"Sounds good." She took a second to think about what the life guard had just said. Other people? Clearly, she was the only one there. She looked around. The older man that had been staring at her and Mimi earlier sat on a tanning chair, looking at her. His eyes went straight to her breasts. Okay, this is getting a little weird. I think it's really time to leave now. Brandi fumbled around the nearest umbrella tables to search for her phone and her car keys. She could feel his eyes burning into her ass, and ignored it as she opened up her towel. Maybe the keys and phone were in it? Okay, maybe not.

Her heart sunk as she realized the exact location of her stuff: All the way across the pool on an umbrella table not far from the man staring at her. She wanted to leave immediately, or at least get the life guard to help her. She looked around the area and even past the gates and the life guard was nowhere to be found. Brandi didn't want to leave her car keys at the pool. She was sure they would turn up the next day but she couldn't walk home and explain to her mom how she had already lost the keys. She had just proven to her mom how responsible she was and begged her mom to help her pay for the car as a graduation present.

Cautiously, Brandi made her way to the other side of the pool, trying to pretend that the man wasn't looking at her. She walked absentmindedly to the table, picked up her stuff, and was about to leave when the ugly, over-middle-aged man approached her. "Was that your friend that left you here all alone?" He asked sweetly. Eew. Total creeper line.

"Yeah," she said, acting dull and uninterested so he would leave her alone.

"You come here often?" He pressed on.

"Yeah," she repeated, starting to walk away.

"Wait," he called after her, grabbing her wrist.

"Let go of me," she threatened.

He ignored her. "That's a cute swimsuit you got on. Your mamma buy it for you?"

"Y-yes," she stammered, shaking.

"Whose idea was it to put those little hearts on there?" He said, barely brushing a finger over one of her nipples.

She tried to struggle free. "Mine," she winced.

"How old are you, sixteen?"

"Yes," she said, hoping that he would recall that he was too old for her and let her go.

His eyes lit up instead. "You look much too old to be sixteen, darling. Are you lying to me? You young girls sure wear some slinky things. Look at this little string right here!" He laughed, and in doing so pulled the string and let the bottom of her bikini drop to the ground.

Brandi laughed uncomfortably. "Okay, I have to go now."

But the man pulled her close to him, squeezing her so tight she could feel her nipples on a complete stranger. "You don't have to go, sweet pea," he cooed, putting his hands on her ass. This made her bare, shaved pussy rest against his hairy stomach.

"Stop," she protested.

"Yes," he murmured quietly. "You sure have some soft skin." He moved his hands up and down her ass cheeks, making her pussy rub up and down his belly. His breathing was loud and calm as he directed her toward the tanning chair. Brandi couldn't move, couldn't think. She tried effortlessly to jump up after she became aware of what was happening, but the man held her in place.

He spread her legs and kissed her stomach. "Mmm," he said as Brandi tried to wriggle free.

"Look at you're little cunt; it's shaved so nicely." He kissed her pussy several times as Brandi whimpered.

"Stop!" she finally cried aloud. This alarmed the man. He was still holding her legs apart with both his hands, her pussy exposed freely.

"You'd better stop, or the life guard will come in and see your naked cunt. You wouldn't want that, would you, honey?"

"I don't care!" She cried out as the man spread apart her pussy lips, examining it closely. "Help!" Brandi screamed loudly.

"Listen to me, you little slut," the man hissed. This was different than his sweet voice. "You holler one more time and you're going to be in more pain than you know. I'll bite these pretty little pink pussy lips clean off. Now, you just sit here and let daddy play with you, ok?"

Brandi nodded.

"That's a girl." The man continued kissing her pussy, licking over the top of her clit. It tickled uncomfortably under his tongue. He soon placed his whole mouth over her pussy, sucking and licking on it as if it were a feast. She wiggled around, grunting.

"Oh, you like that?" He said. He stuck a fat finger up her ass and kept it there. Brandi's asshole was contracting an object being in it that she couldn't replace. He continued licking her pussy as his finger was up her ass. Soon, he got so excited, he pushed the chair out of the way and brought her on all fours. Smelling her pussy, wet with saliva, he sighed deeply as he kept his face there.

"Oh, you're a tight little hussy, aren't you?" He pulled his pants down, steadying Brandi as she struggled to get up to leave. She knew what was coming next. He leaned all his weight onto her ass, pushing her pussy up against the concrete. "Oww!" She said. "That hurts!"

"I told you to stay still and let me play with you," he ordered.

His cock sprung free from his underwear, and he shoved it into Brandi's pussy. Brandi gave out a little cry as the man finally got his cock inside of her. He left it there for ten seconds, whispering in her ear: "You're enjoying this, aren't you, sweetie? You're starting to get a little wet."

Brandi said nothing as she realized she was, in fact, enjoying it. She didn't say anything so she didn't have to give him the satisfaction of being right. The man thrust in and out of her, as helpless moans escaped her throat, ones she couldn't control. His balls slapped against her backside and his awkward stomach made slapping noises against her ass as he fucked her.

He turned her over on the tanning chair, so that Brandi's legs were spread apart and he got a full view of his large cock in her hole. "You fucking slut!" He cried, as her tits bounced free from her swimsuit. "Let's make them bounce," he grunted, holding her hips with his hands and throwing her around on his cock as if she were a doll.

Brandi moaned repeatedly as the man fucked her. "Yes, you whore! Make that little pussy come on my dick!"

Brandi moaned louder as the man pinched her hardened nipples and lay on top of her, fucking her beside the pool. His weight almost made her pass out, but she was still going. He finally let out a groan between Brandi's petite moans. Brandi felt the warm come inside of her and orgasmed herself. Her hole contracted wildly as the man pulled his cock out of her. Fully naked, she lay near the swimming pool, cum dripping out from between her legs, incapable of moving. The man looked satisfied and demanded to fuck her again.

"No," Brandi said. "I can't do it. Please, not again."

But the man pulled out a hardened cock. "You look so beautiful next to the pool, I have to do it again."

He put his cock inside of her and fucked her some more, her cunt still being wet from before. "Yeah!" He cried. He fucked her two or three more times, and after that, her cunt got sore. Drenched in cum, she lay there, waiting for him to demolish her some more, but he just said, "Oh, and be here tomorrow too." He placed a finger on Brandi's already sensitive pussy and spread her lips apart, looking at the damage he'd done. "Clean that up, too."

"Little slut," he said, and walked away. When Mimi mentioned the man again and asked her if anything happened, Brandi assured her everything went okay. She didn't want to tell her about how he fucked her and she thoroughly and secretly enjoyed it. She was willing to come back to the pool much later, around 8, from then on.

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