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Public Justice


Jenny was having a great day. During the morning shift she'd sold tons of clothes at the retail store where she had worked for the past year, and as usual received the enthusiastic praise of her boss Giulio. The sun was shining. She'd been out to lunch with her old friend Madeline for the first time in months, and they were heading back to the store side by side, chatting casually yet happily in the way you only do with really close friends. Jenny was well aware the two of them were attracting attention as they strode down the main shopping street of the city. She was used to it. Her curvy figure was to die for, and men had often told her so. The same men who if they ever managed to tear their eyes from her voluminous breasts and firm, shapely ass, would end up drowning in her Mediterranean complexion, her dark eyes and luscious hair.

Jenny smiled at the thought. She loved the attention, and thought that Madeline did too. Also in her early twenties, her friend was slightly taller and had platinum blonde hair. She wasn't perhaps as hot as Jenny, but she was definitely hot. A brief flashback to their teens, when they had played tennis together and frequently shared a shower afterwards, gave Jenny a craving for something sweet. She reached into her bag and pulled out a packet of chewing gum. Tearing the wrap, she pulled a bar of gum out and caught it between her teeth as she let the paper garbage slip from her hand...

She realized her mistake the moment she heard the shrill whistle. She froze and looked at Madeline who stared at her in panic. It had been the unmistakable shrill of an adjudicator's whistle. That was always bad news to the person it was aimed at. Jenny had no doubt that this particular time, that meant her. In a moment's lapse, she had littered the main street with her chewing gum wrapper. It was trivial, but it was nonetheless a clear violation of Public Justice.

The system of Public Justice was simple. Rather than spend countless millions on taking petty criminals to court, society had evolved to have such crime dealt with on a lower level. Much lower. The system was enforced by adjudicators, a sort of police-cum-judge, who patrolled public spaces and observed, watched, waited. When they spotted a violation of the law, they acted immediately and served the perpetrator with his or her punishment. More often than not, that amounted to corporeal punishment, usually at least a public whipping and often... worse. The idea was that costly legal processes were avoided and prisons kept from overfilling, while an immediate correlation between crime and punishment was instituted. Particularly with the humiliating nature of the punishments, the system had turned out to be most discouraging and crime rates had dropped greatly. This had paved the way for expanding Public Justice over the years to include also fairly trivial crimes. Like littering.

-Please sir, Jenny pleaded. -It was a mistake.

-You are charged with third degree littering, a level two misdemeanour. Do you confess and accept to be sentenced under Public Justice?

-I did it, but please have mercy, I didn't mean to.

-Your confession and declaration of non-intent is noted. Sentence will follow. Anything else you wish to add?

Jenny was shaking. She was no legal expert, but she knew the fact that she was in a main public area had elevated her offence and almost certainly meant that the most basic forms of mercy, such as being allowed to receive her punishment in a non-public location, were out of reach. Her heart was racing. She had to try. If she could get the adjudicator alone, perhaps she could seduce him. It would mean sleeping with him, or at the very least going down on him, but that was still far better than the alternative.

-I confess, and accept to be punished under Public Justice, but request my punishment to be administered in private, as the adjudicator sees fit.

-Request denied. By the power vested in me by Public Justice, I sentence you to public lashing on unclothed buttocks. Ten lashes, reduced to five for cooperation and credible declaration of non-intent. The lashing will be followed by 60 minutes of supervised public confinement with rear exposure, and will take effect immediately.

Jenny stuttered. Her heart sank. She was to be marched to a nearby public square, where she would be stripped down and have her naked ass whipped by the adjudicator's leather straps. It would be painful and humiliating, and she would probably scream. Yet that was not what scared her the most. The "public confinement" the adjudicator had decreed meant that once the whipping had been administered, she would be left outside, tied or cuffed at the penal station with her genitals fully exposed, for any passers by who might so desire to take advantage of her in whatever way they might please. Given how many men - and even women - regularly turned to look at Jenny when she walked by on the streets, she had no illusions that there would not be a queue of people lining up to have their way with her. All in the name of Public Justice, and of course deterring crime.

Facing her imminent manhandling and abuse at the hands of the mob, she nevertheless realized she could have been worse off. An hour was a fairly lenient time. Two hours was common, even several hours. Repeat offenders had been left out to be taken again and again for days on end. The "repeated offence - repeated punishment" idea was thought philosophical. Moreover the confinement would be supervised. That meant the adjudicator would stay to ensure that while anyone who wanted to could fuck her, and have their way with her in almost any way, sexual or otherwise, they would not be permitted to actually injure her beyond that which might unwittingly result from being spanked and penetrated by possibly dozens of strangers.

Even in her precarious situation, she was grateful for that supervision. She would be publicly whipped, humiliated, degraded, and numerous strangers would fuck her while others watched and cheered... but she would live, and if the adjudicator took his job seriously she should not even need medical care.

The "rear exposure" command was more ambivalent. It meant she would be restrained so that her ass and genitals were exposed only from the behind, probably in some sort of bent-over position. Not having to be face to face with her enforcers would be a blessing of sorts, and it was certainly better than full exposure, which would have meant she could be moved around and her body enjoyed in any position imaginable. That being so, she was not relishing the prospect of having her anus exposed to the world, at the mercy of anyone who might like to sample it. Given the choice she would have preferred to be strapped on her back, legs apart, with her pussy arranged to receive the brunt of the attention. "Front exposure" was the formal term. Or certainly even more so the mildest form, "oral exposure", which typically "just" amounted to eating a lot of pussy, sucking a lot of dick, and swallowing a lot of cum. Jenny was not given the choice.


Jenny gasped audibly, and felt the spring winds chill her genital flesh as her black tights were forcefully yanked down, revealing her curvy behind to the couple dozens of spectators that had accumulated to watch, and perhaps take part in, her punishment. The laced thong had been pulled down simultaneously, robbing her of whatever final shield of modesty it might have provided. She sighed and felt tears welling in her eyes. She had already been cuffed to the iron bar structure at the penal station, her arms apart and upwards in a big V; her shins strapped with leather bands to the stuffed seat she was kneeling on. She had been forced to remove her sweater, but at least been allowed to keep her white sleeveless shirt and black bra. In her forward leaning position, she showed a lot of cleavage, but Jenny knew that the adjudicator could just as well have ordered her fully naked. Hard as it was, with her ass and neatly shaven pussy bared fully to the crowd, she counted what little blessings she might have.

-Punishment detail at the ready! The offender may plead.

The voice of the adjudicator rang out over the cobbled square. The plea offered was not one for mercy; it was too late for that. It was an opportunity for the convicted criminal - Jenny - to officially claim responsibility for her crime, and ask that the punishment be administered to her. It was a formality, but seen as important from an educational point of view to encourage offenders to voice their guilt. Failure to comply would often lead to a more severe punishment, such as additional lashes, or less protection from the adjudicator in the course of an oncoming public confinement. Jenny was no fool. She wasn't going to make things any worse on herself than she already had.

-I, Jenny Mohar, confess to breaching Public Justice by committing a second level offence. I regret my actions and plead that the adjudicator and enforcers present administer swift justice upon me, that I may serve as an example and deterrent to others!

Jenny noticed the adjudicator nodded with satisfaction. It was a flawless plea, perfectly in line with the official code of Public Justice. She hoped it would buy her at least some leniency in the hour to come. The powers knew that she would need it.

-Plea accepted! Punishment commences!

The adjudicator stepped forward and stretched the bundle of leather straps he held in both hands. With a swift explosion of muscle, he sent the first lash cracking straight across the middle of Jenny's exposed buttocks. She had suspected she would scream, and she did, even on the first lash. Tears welled in her eyes as she felt the aftershock, the furious sting of what she knew was a handful of fierce, red lines across her firm, sun-tanned ass. How could this have happened? She had always been so careful, ever since she saw her no-good older brother receive a serious public chastising a few years earlier. She didn't particularly like her brother, but she had felt sorry for him when he was flogged and left out completely naked for 24 hours, to be used and abused as little more than a sex toy by both women and men...

The second crack brought her out of her racing train of thought, and she screamed again as she thought her ass would surely catch fire. The third lash landed shortly after and she sobbed loudly, letting go of a wail and a tormented groan before composing herself. A couple of young men in the crowd were shouting jeers at her and encouraging the adjudicator to whip her harder, that she seemed to enjoy it, that it surely wasn't the first time she'd tasted the straps. It wasn't, but that was neither here not there. Her ex-boyfriend Jonas had been into bondage, and she'd let him restrain her and dominate her a few times, which had involved everything from over-the-knee spankings to Jenny being bound, ball-gagged and whipped before her lover had passionately taken her restrained body. It had felt kinky and inspiring in a novelty kind of way, and she had returned the favour too. But that had been in the privacy of her bedroom, not in an open square where everyone and anyone could see.

The fourth crack landed at the very top of her buttocks, breaking new ground, but not her skin. The lashing straps were designed that way. They were meant to hurt, a lot, but not to injure. She wailed again, and struggled to contain her sobbing now. She looked up and to her side, and saw a young girl, perhaps 15 years of age, staring at her with a pale face. A middle-aged woman, probably the girl's mother, stood behind her and appeared to prevent her from leaving or turning away, intent that she watch. No doubt, the mother was admonishing her daughter to be a good girl, or end up like Jenny, stripped and degraded in public.

-Oh Jenny!

The cry was let out by Madeline, who had followed in silence, not knowing what to say or do, as helpless as Jenny herself, until the wails of her dear friend had become too much to bear. She started forward, but was stopped by a sharp command from the adjudicator. Friends and family could console an offender in the confinement phase of punishment, but during lashing no one was permitted to approach. Jenny knew this. So did Madeline, who stopped and looked with teary eyes at her friend.

-Be strong Jenny, oh Jenny!

The shamed young woman cuffed to the rack sobbed in a mix of tenderness and shame. She truly appreciated the affection and support offered by her old friend, even though it cracked the shell of subdued acceptance she had tried to wrap herself in while her punishment was administered. That crack was torn up further still by the fifth and final lash of the adjudicator's leather bands. The blow landed with straps spread evenly across Jenny's defenceless buttocks, and she screamed, just screamed outright. Screamed, and sobbed, and wailed. Then Madeline was there, embracing her and pressed Jenny's face against her chest. Jenny's make-up was running and stained Madeline's white shirt, but neither cared as they held each other, both crying, comforting one another.

-Confinement begins, announced the adjudicator, and a man in his thirties stepped forward.

-Wait, please! Please at least give her a few minutes, please! pleaded Madeline.

-The code is clear, there is no recovery period permitted. Further attempts to halt due process will be considered a breach of order. Confinement begins!

"Breach of order" was the charge levelled against anyone foolish enough to try and intervene with the process of Public Justice. It invariably meant the perpetrator was subjected to a particularly brutal subjugation all of their own, often side by side with the criminal they had tried to protect. Jenny didn't want to see her friend share her own fate, and shot Madeline a pleading gaze. She hadn't needed to. Madeline was fully aware what would happen to her should she continue to object. The prospect of being stripped and fucked on the very spot she stood scared her half to death. She fell silent.

The man who had stepped forward was now right behind Jenny. He stood still, and seemed to hesitate for a moment before putting his one hand on her naked, blushing bottom, and began fumbling with the fly of his trousers with the other. A tall man, slender and with glasses, he gave an almost timid impression, very much out of place for someone who had stepped forward as first enforcer in a Public Justice correction.

-Please, Jenny said. -You don't have to do this.

-No I do, the man responded, without confidence but with a certain determination.

Over her shoulder, Jenny tried to make eye contact or at least see what he was doing. She wondered what she was trying to accomplish. There was no way she was going to be able to talk all her enforcers out of fucking her at that square. She knew the attraction she had on men. Way too many guys wanted her way too much for there to be any chance of that. Yet just the prospect of being able to put off her first seemed somehow worth struggling for, like some last straw, which might yet be in reach of her desperate clutches.

-I can see you don't want this, you're not the type. You're a good, decent guy. Please, just go home, please don't do it.

The man's hand clasped over her left buttock, still a fiery red after her lashing. His other hand was inside his pants, rubbing. Jenny decided to shift her approach somewhat. Perhaps she could at least waste some time.

-Your hand feels strong on me, powerful. You look like a nice guy, but shy. I'm guessing you don't often get a chance to touch an ass like that... do you?

The man said nothing, but rubbed himself faster, and started to squeeze both her buttocks alternately, his hand stroking up and down their enticing curves. He grunted.

-Mm, that feels good after the whipping, rub me softly. Take your time...

That was too obvious. The guy stopped for a moment, then sighed, and pulled down his pants revealing a stiff, above average size, cock. He produced a condom and started pulling it onto his member.

-I understand that you're trying to use me to waste time from your punishment. That's okay, but I have to do this. My girlfriend left me and I haven't had anyone for six months, I can't stand it anymore. And you're so beautiful. I'll be gentle, I promise.

Perhaps it was the feeling that she had been getting through to him, that made Jenny feel it so hard when she realized the shy man was going to be the first to take her after all. She closed her eyes and struggled for words as she suddenly felt the wet, cold sensation of something being smeared across her vagina. Lubricant. It was all but time.

-No, please no, please I will do anything you want! she begged.

-I know, but it's really that you don't have a choice, or you wouldn't even look at a guy like me. I'm really sorry.

With a grunt, the tall man pressed his hard penis into Jenny's naked pussy. He sighed and she groaned, as his rubbed-clad erection penetrated her centimetre by centimetre. He was eager, but not unkind. Before he had gone all the way in, he pulled out half way and then sank in once more, this time to the hilt. She gasped. Madeline held her, too stricken to speak, too scared to watch the stiff cock enter her defenceless friend in punishment for a completely trivial action.

-Are you okay? It doesn't hurt, does it? the man asked, his dick lodged firmly with its full length inside Jenny's womb.

-How am I going to be okay, you fucking bastard, you're raping me, you sick fuck! Jenny screamed, finally losing it as the situation become all too real for her.

-I'm sorry, said the man, and started taking her rhythmically.

Jenny struggled against her chains, but it was of no use. Her wrists were firmly cuffed above and in front of her, her shins as firmly strapped to the knee rest, preventing her from escaping the pounding cock which time after another found its way into her lubricated vagina. She screamed again in frustration. The man said nothing more, the only sound escaping him being his steady grunts as he continued to fuck the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked in his life.

Behind her, Jenny still heard the men who had jeered at her while she was being whipped. They were commenting loudly on how they would "fuck the shit out of her" when it came their turn, shouting encouragement to the tall man whose member had come to be the first - but far from the last - to find its way into the criminal's desirable womb. Jenny wondered anxiously just how many strange men would get off fucking her within that hour, using her defenceless body as nothing more than a cheap fucktoy, all in the name of Public Justice.

Where some men might have been egged on by such shouts, and strived to reciprocate, the tall man showed no such inclination. He seemed to resent the intrusive words. Perhaps he really was just fucking Jenny because he so badly needed a fuck in his life right now, and she only happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The thoughts raced through her head. It wasn't painful beyond the first thrust or two, he had lubricated her thoroughly and showed consideration as he penetrated her. It didn't change the fact that she was being mounted like a dog in front of by now several dozens of spectators in a public square. As she heard the clapping sounds of the man's hips crashing against her curvy ass, Jenny bit her lip and hid her face between Madeline's ample breasts. How had she ever ended up like this?


She could not have said how much time had passed when she heard the tall man groan louder, and felt his fingernails dig into her hips as he thrust himself balls deep inside of her vagina in a last series of penetrations before he climaxed and came to a gasping halt, his drained cock buried inside her womb.

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