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Public Masturbation in a Steam Room


It was a stressful day. My first time travelling for work. It was 10:30pm already and I had just got back to my hotel room after a day at the client followed by a dinner with my workmates. My light blue suit was feeling uncomfortable and tight. I needed some time for myself to bath, watch TV, just unwind and not thinking about work.

I placed the laptop on the desk, took out a mineral water from the bar fridge, turned on the bedside lamp and as I got up to go and turn on the bath tap I decided that I would do that tomorrow morning instead. I kicked off the bloody uncomfortable high heel shoes listening to the thud as the one shoe collided with the TV cabinet. I unzipped my skirt and threw it onto the desk next to the laptop. I unbuttoned my white blouse and pulled it off my arms. I put it on top of the skirt. I now lay down, stretched my legs out and pushed the red on button on the remote as I lay back against the cushions, lifted my knees upwards and finally lay down.

I still had my pantyhose and bra on. I just lay there and scanned the channels. I was in a non-English speaking country and the only channel with English on was CNN. I clicked the next button-more Chinese. This was obviously a sign that I had to go to bed. I then clicked the blue button and this looked like a porno channel. I held the remote and watched intently.

On the screen there were two girls probably only about 18 or so and they were sitting next to each other. The one was wearing only white satin panties and nothing else and the other was wearing nothing. The nude girl was reaching over and touching the other girl's pussy over her panties, slowly rubbing her finger in up and down stroked. She responded by arching her head backward while moaning. I sat back and decided to watch this and see what happens next.

She continued touching the girl's panties and she then pulled he satin material to the side revealing a very hairy pussy with purple lips and deep red slit showing in between. She then with her finger rubbed around her pussy entrance in circles until this girl was orgasming. I realised amidst this that I was feeling mounting tension in my groin and my legs were parting involuntarily. My right had dropped the remote and started ever so gently stroking my pubes on top of my pantyhose.

The girls were now licking each other's pussy in a 69 position. My left hand was slowly caressing my hardened erect nipples through the top of my bra. I was enjoying the moments of rush as my arousal built up. I had not masturbated for a week and I was horny as anything. I started imagining another women touching me and licking me passionately. I had neve experienced anything like this before.

Oh shit!, I forgot Dianne was going to come up and get a disk from me. Knock Knock! there she was.

I shouted at the door "I am coming, hold on" and I quickly switched off the TV, put my skirt back on, pulled my blouse over my head and did the top buttons up and walked to open the door.

Sure thing!. It was Dianne at the door. She was dressed in what looked like hotpants shorts in black and a matching crop top.

"I am going to try the hotel gym out and have a sauna. This is the only time we get to do exercise and I can't sleep without it" She said as she took the disk from my hand.

"Come and join me. It's supposed to be a really nice gym and I am sure that nobody will be there at this time" she continued.

I thought back to the porno I was really enjoying and I felt dirty longing to get back to it. "No, I am tired and besides I didn't bring gym stuff along with me". I replied.

"Its good for you. You will thank me in the morning. Come along, and you don't need gym stuff, they have gear there, that where I got this outfit. It's all newly washed "

A sauna sounded good so I agreed finally to go along. I put my heels back on and followed Dianne to the lift.

The guy was empty. Dianne showed me to the ladies and then showed me the box with gear in it.

"I will see you in the gym" Dianne then went off and I opened the box. There was only one more pair of shorts- the same hotpants as Dianne had on, but in a lime green. It looked tiny. Dianne is a petite 8 and I am a 10. No wonder it fitted her well. There was also only one top and it was a medium white halter. I dropped my skirt and peeled off my hose. My undies were soaked in front from my arousal. I had to take them off, in case the wetness showed though the shorts. I pulled these very tight hotpants up my hips. They were high cut and showed half my ass. I put the top on-. It fitted well.

After using the step machine and treadmill barefoot, as I had no shoes, I had sweated out the top and sweat beads were running down my stomach and thighs. Dianne was also finished gym and we went back to the change room to use the sauna.

In the change room, Dianne removed her top and hotpants in front of me and then took a towel and went to the sauna naked. I looked at her as she was stripping. She had such a good figure, a tiny round ass that was firm and a small set of breasts. She had a g sting tan.

I stripped my lime hotpants, which were sweated out, and I took off the halter, pulled a towel around me quickly and followed her to the sauna.

The sauna was a steam room, and as I was about to enter Dianne was opening the door to drop the towel outside else it would get steamed out and wet. I saw her pussy it had a little tuft of blonde hair around her pussy and was neatly trimmed into a triangle. The thought that she was not shy went through my mind, and then I thought to myself that I was a bloody prude. We were two girls only in a steam room. With that in mind I dropped my towel, opened the glass door and went inside and sat down on the white step. The steam was still thin. Dianne was sitting with her knees up against her chest and her head leaning back against the wall with her. I looked at her. Her tiny breasts with perky nipples, her tight stomach and the few blonde curls of pussy hair, her shapely legs. She said nothing. The steam started building up. I relaxed.

I stopped being so self-conscious and decided to loosen up and enjoy the hot steam filling the room.

Suddenly breaking the silence the door opened. A guy entered. The steam was thick now but I could still make out his body. Shit, I thought to myself. I am nude here and a guy is in with us. I pulled my legs up to my chest and pushed them together to hide my breasts and pussy from view. The guys sat down just opposite me and adjacent to Dianne. I could see him more clearly now. He was nude and probably around our age. He got a fright not expecting us in there and after sitting down put both his arms against his legs leaning forwards. He said hello with a French accent. Dianne and I answered hello back.

The steam would go on and off and get thicker and thinner. When it got thinner I noticed Dianne had dropped her legs down the step and had parted her legs, her hands resting on the sides of her thighs. Wow, she is brave I thought to myself. I looked at her and could see her triangle of mound hair. This French guy had noticed Dianne's brave move and was trying to look without really lifting up his head and being obvious about it. Her breasts were also totally in view now. I wondered if Dianne had realised that she had uncovered herself and could be seen through the thin steam.

The guy then also decided to brave it and leaned backwards revealing his half-erect penis. He looked straight at me. I was still sitting there bunched up trying to cover up. The steam was pumping now and it was fast getting thicker. I could not help staring at his penis. I don't know why. It was pointing horizontally outwards, partially erect and underneath he had these huge balls hanging. I had never seen such big balls before. They were covered in hair as was his legs and chest and arms. His eyes made contact with mine and betwixt the heavy steam I noticed a smile. He was clearly looking at me and not Dianne.

I was feeling butterflies of tension in my stomach and a rush of hormones at the same time.

Dianne broke the silence asking me "Rach, steam rooms are actually healthier than saunas' did you know that?"

"No", I replied, "I thought dry heat was better for the heart"

Dianne added, "Well no, actually the wet steam makes you sweat but it also replaces the lost moisture. Let me show you. Come outside there is also a sauna here, and then come back in and you will feel the difference" and Dianne started to get up and walk to the steam room door. The French guy had turned his face and was staring at her nakedness as she walked by. I knew I had to get up and so without thinking I just quickly got up and followed Dianne out the steam room.

As we got out we wrapped ourselves in our towels and went into the sauna.

Dianne laughed saying " Did you see that guy. His cock was hard".

I responded "Of course it would be with you naked like that".

Dianne continued talking "Let's go back in there and tease him".

"No I am too shy for that. What are you thinking of doing" I started to ask as Dianne had quickly walked out the sauna, hung her towel up again and walked back into the steam room. I stayed in the sauna, as I wanted nothing to do with this.

I sat there another few minutes and then got curious. I went back to the steam room, but quickly put back on my lime hotpants and black crop top.

I was shocked as I sat down and was not sure if I should quickly exit again or stay. The steam was thick but still translucent. He was still sitting where he was before, but his penis was fully erect and he was stroking it slowly with his right hand. I looked for Dianne. She was now sitting opposite him and was nude sitting in cross-legged on step. He pussy was visible, as were her breasts. She had her one hand on her hard nipple and her right index finger was slowly caressing up and down her slit. These two were masturbating in front of each other. I felt very out sitting there in my gym gear. I was about to getting up to go, as I was probably not wanted here, when Dianne blurted out.

"Rach, come join in the fun – don't go. Please! ". As I started opening the door to go out, I felt Dianne's hand pulling at the waist of my hotpants. She pulled with such force I nearly tripped,

"Stay just a few minutes. Please" she begged pulling me back in to the steam room.

I realised that I was obviously not crashing a private party and she wanted me to stay. I sat down next to her. We both giggled a bit. The guys was still there at it but the steam was so thick you couldn't even make out where he was now.

"You don't need this in here" Dianne said putting her hand on my hips above my hotpants.

"Take it off" Dianne went on. Seeing all this sexual activity and teasing was playing on my mind. Deep inside I wished I could just let go and be naughty and be like Dianne – living for the moment and not caring and thinking about things all the time. I hated myself for not being able to let go. I decided to just break my norm and be like Dianne, especially after her pushing I felt the path was clear to explore new boundaries and just go with it. I lifted up my legs and pulled the hotpants off my hips and legs and let them drop on the floor. Dianne had reached behind me to help me remove my halter-top. As my fingers were pulling the lycra up I felt her hand reaching under the top and peeling the now sticky and wet material up and off my breasts. This felt so strange. I had never had another women's fingers or hands on my breasts before. As she pulled the top up exposing my breast I felt her thumbs brush against my nipples. I almost jumped. It probably was not on purpose I thought as she continued pulling the top over my head and shoulders.

"Thank you" I said as she dropped my halter on the floor next to the hotpants.

She looked at my breasts and said "you have such lovely firm tits, I wish I had such big ones and as you. Are they a C or D?"

" C", I replied.

"I have such small boys tits" she said looking down at them. Suddenly the French guy started talking in broken English. We had forgotten about him as he had disappeared behind the wall of steam.

"You have good nice breasts! Both of you" he said. The steam was thinning out again. We looked at him. He was sitting forward again hiding his private parts.

I sat back against the wall next to Dianne, and let my tits just be exposed, with their whiteness from not being tanned. I knew I was being looked at and I relaxed with the idea. I felt sensations of horny tingles and my nipples were erect. Dianne was sitting with her feet hanging, not worrying about her pussy being seen as before. I had my legs closed tightly covering up still. Showing my tits was just enough for the moment.

Suddenly and unexpectedly Dianne blurted out at the French guy "I saw you wanking there- did you cum in the steam room"

The French guy just kept quiet, and then leaned back displaying a huge erection,.

He said "what do you think and he put his fingers around the head of his penis and started to rub it down and up again".

The steam timer must have timed out as it was thinning out totally now. This was like a living porno and I was as horny as hell.

Dianne said to him "does this help you" and she twitched her index finger up and down her clitoris for him.

I was sure she was enjoying it immensely. I was also lucky she had not turned on me. I just wanted to sink through the ground.

French guy started talking "You with the big tits. Why you so shy. Be like your friend"

I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say.

Dianne then turned on me." Yes, Rach let see what you are hiding there? Let us see how hairy you are?"

I coyly said "its all fine down there"

"No I am not sure let see" Dianne pushed on.

She then stood up facing me. She pulled at my knees trying to part them. I resisted. She sat down.

Something in me wanted to be disgusting and as she sat down I opened my legs wide, very wide. Showing them my pussy in all its glory. My clit was swollen and sticking out and they saw that I was totally shaven.

"You have no hair. Your pussy is bald" Dianne laughed.

"Yes I like to keep it smooth" I replied.

Dianne was still masturbating, as was the French guy.

I wanted so much to join in and I just did. I took my hand and just let go furiously rubbing my erect clitoris up and down my pussy shaft. It felt numbing and the sensational throbbing erupted and penetrated right up through my whole being.

It was not enough- I wanted to cum. Not just tease. The intensity was overwhelming. Meanwhile the French guy was making guttural sounds and his cock started spurting in rhythm to his groans. It jumped and jumped again. I could not see any sperm through the steam, but the sounds of relief we heard indicated that there must have been.

Both Dianne and myself had now established a furious rhythm with our hands on our clits. She was grasping at her hardened nipple almost abusing it by clenching and twisting it. This whole scene seemed so surreal. I for a moment closed my eyes and thought back to the porno I was watching on TV earlier. I remembered the one girl sucking the others pussy while on her hands and knees. I remembered the girl sucking while the camera focussed on her beautiful little round butt with her pussy showing through the crack of her ass. It was smooth and she was rubbing it from behind. All of this was just too much and I opened my eyes to see that the French guy had left the steam room.

I stopped indulging my pleasure for a moment and dropped my hand down to gather my borrowed hotpants and halter. I lifted it up and they felt gooey. You can't miss that smell of semen and I realised that this is where the spurts had landed. I looked and the lime pants were covered in white cum.

"Yuck! The French's cum is all over my gear!" I shouted knowing he had left.

Instantly Dianne got up and said "Let see" and she grabbed the gear from my hands.

I sat down again, as she stood in front of me naked holding the hotpants. I had dropped the crop top and leaned down to get it. It had fallen and I could not find it. I knelt down to the floor to look, as did Dianne. As I turned around to look at the side. I felt a warm breath on my butt.

Dianne was kissing my butt cheeks. I stayed still as she pushed my cheeks up a bit and she started licking my pussy from behind. This was the most orgasmic rush of trembling vibrations I had ever felt. Each tongue movement up and down my pussy slit sent waves of mounting tension. I was mesmerised and I could not help the screaming sounds that came out of me. I opened my legs wider to give her deeper access to my pussy. She was licking my butt hole and the area between it and my pussy. I was cumming for the second time. I squealed and shook and I turned around to touch her. I could not take a second longer. I pulled her head towards mine and I kissed her on the mouth, smelling my own sexuality on her lips. I grabbed her nipples and almost rubbed them off as she twisted mine into red blotches. My hand reached down and I pushed two fingers into her soaking hot pussy. I went deep into her touching her g spot. Dianne was now moaning. Her mouths open. I wanted to fuck her so badly and I knew she wanted the same.

She put her mouth back down on my pussy and sucked every bit of juice I had going up and down with pouted lips on m y clitoris until I came several times more. I now got up and put my mouth on a pussy for the first time. I slowly slid my tongue up and down her wetness. She liked this. Her had was resting on my butt as I delved deeper and explored her womanhood. I licked her clit applying pressure to it and then releasing as I felt her shudder, knowing she was feeling pleasure. Her sounds were loud and as she wanted me to speed up she pinched my butt more and pulled me into her. I then felt stickiness coming out her cunt. This was raw women's cum and it smelt musky and grainy in texture. I let it cover my cheeks and lips as she was now riding the wave of pleasure, arching her back into upwards bends to guide my mouth with her. She was clenching my butt cheek si hard I felt pain, as her wave of pleasure ascended another crescendo She relaxed her grip and I went with the flow. I moved up to suck her nipples and I felt her fingers around the entrance to my pussy again. My juices started to boil in anticipation again. I could not believe my body was responding like this. Her finger teased me but didn't go inside my pussy. I lifted my mouth from her long nipple to catch my breath as I hovered over her abdomen. I then felt a new sensation.

Dianne had slid her index finger deep into my ass. This was something I felt was always taboo, but the feeling was so different and equally intense in pleasure to anything I had ever felt. I arched my back up to help her finger go deeper and I then started twisting and swinging my hips around her finger to deepened the penetration. It was awesome. I with my one hand caressed my nipples and with my other I pushed a finger into my pussy. I kept moving up and down almost breaking her finger. I had all my holes fill at the same time and this was heaven. Tonight was a new journey for me and I could not go back...

She was getting too sensitive so she pulled me away. We both sat up to catch our breath.

Dianne was still holding my hotpants and she took it and rubbed the white male cum off on my breasts. My nipples were coated in dropping cum now. We both laughed as the aura of pleasure surrounded us both. I had never felt such intense orgasms in all my sex life.

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