tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPublic Masturbator - The Making Of

Public Masturbator - The Making Of


It didn't take me many years to realize that my sexual preference, more than anything, was real women, out and about, minding their own business. Magazines and videos have just never done it for me, and a consenting partner behind closed doors has limited appeals as well. I much prefer taking care of myself. It has to be in public, with or to a stranger, consent is optional.

I'm very careful about it now, as getting caught could mean a world of trouble, but in my teenage years I was reckless.

My first significant experience was when I was roughly 19. At the time, I lived with my parents in a nice suburb with a lot of trees and hedges. Near-identical houses lined the street with near-identical yards. Taking care of them was a chore, so my neighbors, who were a little bit better off than we were, hired this Jamaican woman to come and take care of their garden for them.

She was a goddess to me. Her smooth black skin and curvaceous body was like nothing I'd ever seen. She wasn't fat by any means, but very much shaped like a woman. Her ample chest was rarely fully covered, narrowing down to the waist and then out again to her wide, womanly hips. The ass just big enough to jiggle a little when she walked, but firm enough for the jiggling to stop almost immediately.

I don't know how many times I watched her through my window, jacking myself off when I caught a good glimpse of her; stopping and waiting, cursing under my breath if she disappeared behind a hedge for a while. When gardening, she'd wear something like a uniform. Tight green shorts that revealed the shape of her perfectly bubbly ass when she faced the other direction. And when she was facing me, I'd see her white shirt, which she usually left unbuttoned, but tied together around her chest. It was high enough that I could see her soft, but relatively slender midriff, but low enough to expose her ample cleavage. When she was kneeling, and I was watching from the high angle of my bedroom window, there was no way to resist beating off to her. Especially on the rare occasion when she'd leave her long curly black hair flowing over her shoulders.

She would housesit for the neighbor sometimes when they left town, which they did quite frequently. Once when I got home on a holiday weekend, my parents out of town as well, I saw her lounging in their yard. She probably thought nobody could see her (how could she not have noticed me beating off to her before?), as she had taken the top of her uniform off, and lay stomach-down on a blanket in the sun. I'd gotten plenty of glimpses of her juicy ass before when she was bending over here and there, but this time she was also exposing a large amount of sideboob!

I slid my dick out the fly and started working it hard. Was that a nipple poking out? Or just a shadow? She didn't stir, but I was moving plenty for the both of us, stroking my shaft, imagining the two of us in all kinds of rude acts together, none of which I had tried at the time of course. All the while, staring intently at the side of her large, tasty-looking breasts. I had to get closer.

If that truly was a nipple and not a shadow, I had to know. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really get to see her topless. Even if just a little, and from the side. I just had to know.

I put my pecker back in my pants (temporarily, and with difficulty) as I made may way to the backyard. Using all the stealth I could muster, I tried to find a place where I could get close and see her from our yard, but she was obscured by branches at every angle.

Consumed, I made the decision to sneak over to the neighbors' yard and try to catch a peek from there. I knew how risky it was. I would be much more likely to get caught that way, but I didn't care. I had to see her breasts up close.

Nobody would be too worried if they saw me in the neighbors' yard, but I didn't want them to see what I was going to do there, so I moved up to the side closer to our own house, close enough to the plants that the neighbors across couldn't see. I wasn't sure if they were at home, but I wanted to play it as safe as I could.

Which, to be honest, wasn't very safe, and the stress was a good enough indicator of that. I made my way behind a tree, less than 10 feet from where she was lying, and got on my knees to get a better look at her. Yup, it was a nipple. Score! I was less than 10 feet away from a topless woman, and even though she lay on her stomach, sleeping, I could see almost an entire breast, including a nipple. My heart started pounding in my chest, and my dick was stiff as a board again.

After nervously looking around and making sure nobody would be able to see me, I got it out of my pants again, and stroked it slowly, careful not to make a sound. I was drunk on the danger of getting so close, being outside, risking getting caught. I was drunk on her ass, and I was drunk on the sideboob she unknowingly offered to me. It wouldn't be long. I didn't care if I couldn't jerk it fast. I was elated.

I'd never felt so horny before, with the curves of this gorgeous Caribbean woman just 10 feet away from me, almost begging to be touched. Her smooth skin called out to me, and I decided I had to touch her. I don't know what possessed me. I just knew that I had to.

I could feel the rapid pulse in my dick as I tiptoed towards her, step by step, hoping desperately that she wouldn't stir. Just two more steps. I stopped to give my dick a couple of tugs. God, she was hot. Then suddenly I was there. Kneeling on the same blanket she lay on, less than a foot from her near-exposed chest and that playful ass of hers, perfectly outlined by the shorts.

The nipple was large and dark-brown. I grabbed my dick, it's hardness becoming unbearable, and I rubbed it up and down, super-slowly. I really couldn't afford to make a sound now. If I'd get caught, I'd probably get arrested by the FBI and sent to jail for life as a sex-offender. But I had to touch that ass. No matter what. I would have loved to touch that breast, and that tasty looking nipple, but it was too risky. At least there was a small chance of her continuing to sleep long enough for me to finish if I grabbed her ass.

There was so much blood in my penis by now, I felt like it was about to explode. And in a way it did. As my hand reached to her, the first thing I felt was the soft denim of her green shorts, and then the firm pressure of the butt that filled them out. I was terrified, but she didn't stir. If this didn't wake her, surely the sound of my self-abuse wouldn't. I grabbed her ass firmly, and jacked my dick with all the speed and fury I could muster up.

I thought I was going to pass out from excitement, my entire body throbbing with my rapid heartbeat. I pumped it and pumped it, now holding on to her ass like my life depended on it, and in only seconds, I erupted with the familiar euphoria of getting myself off, but much stronger than I was used to. This part I hadn't exactly planned deeply, at least I hadn't accounted for how much further all this excitement would have my shoot my load. The ecstasy of cumming with this goddess' ass in my hand mixed with panic as soon as I saw the saw the first streak of cum headed for the back of her head.

It wasn't like I could stop though. There was no more reason to be careful, so I let a deep grunt slip out and forced my hand under her shorts, while my jizz spewed all over her back and the beautiful black curls that draped over the back of her head. Some was getting on her exposed breast, but she still didn't move.

When I was done, she was plastered with it. Her entire upper back had twines of my sticky goo, leaking down her sides and the small of her back. Locks of white streamed in between her dark hair. Even her sideboob had an ample supply now, with traces leaking down her side, pooling at the fold her breast made because of being pressed against the blanket. White traces everywhere on her perfect black skin.

Suddenly the reality of what I had done hit me. I had groped and jizzed over a sleeping woman against her will. Of course I hadn't meant to do that. It just kinda happened. But she hadn't woken up, which was amazing. Quite content with that, I ran. Straight through the hedge and up to my room. Only then did I remember to put my now limp and sticky pecker back in my pants. As much as I wanted to, I didn't dare to look through the window to check on her. If I didn't look out, I couldn't get caught.

And I never did. She never came around to tend the neighbors' yard again, and no FBI ever came around asking questions. It was months later that my parents told me she'd been there without permission that day and gotten drunk on the neighbors' booze. Apparently she'd had a boyfriend over too, because when the neighbors came home early and found her passed out in their yard, they said it had been obvious there had been a man around.

Me, I learned a valuable lesson. When you get up close like that, you'd better have a plan for the entire process. I couldn't depend on getting lucky all the time.

Since then, I've gotten much better at this.

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