tagGroup SexPublic Spirited Ch. 02

Public Spirited Ch. 02

byRed Hugh©

Life had continued pretty much as ever for Kate and Tom and their eager helper, but for the addition of one more, a woman, lonely in her marriage, called Michele. The story of how they came to know and make Michele an associate would fill a chapter itself however this one concerns the deflowering of a young man of 19 so that he might better please the girl he loved.

Paul was the owner of a somewhat unruly cock. It was big and uncut. The problem was that he was unable to express his physical love for his girlfriend by piercing her hymen. He would shoot his load before he got properly hard or in an effort to avoid that would batter her open sex lips with a cock that was only semi soft and not sufficient to break her maidenhead.

After making contact with Kate and Tom the pair decided that they'd ask Michele to assist the taking of Paul's virginity and train his cock to do what it ought.

Michele was keen as mustard for the assignment. It had been a long time since she had had a man or was it a boy so young.

The day arrived and a nervous looking Paul appeared at the door. The women had decided that they would be wearing towelling robes and nothing else. This is how Paul had his introduction to them. Kate answered the door and asked him in. She offered him some of the wine they had been sharing and he accepted, gulping it down. He was clearly nervous.

This boy was not what Michele had expected. He looked so young. Did he even shave? He was blonde and blue eyed and although taller than her he stood only about 5' 9" he was muscled but slender.

Having a sip of her own drink Michele asked Paul if he would like them to be naked so he could have a good look at them.

Paul simply nodded. Kate stood up and undid her robe putting it aside and sat back down to chat. Michele undid hers and let it fall where she sat. Her breasts were in the open but her pussy was still covered.

The wine began to have its effect upon Paul and he relaxed enough to chat freely. The women made it plain that there was all afternoon and if Paul wanted the entire night to spend with them.

About an hour into the visit Kate suggested the threesome adjourn to the bath and make sure "every little place is clean, especially your lovely young cock!"

Michele stood up revealing her full beauty to Paul and taking his hand led him to the bathroom. Kate followed with more wine. The basic plan was enough drink to keep Paul calm but no more. It seemed to be working to some extent.

Michele sat at the edge of the big bath and undid Paul's jeans, as they slid to the floor she got as surprise. This kid toted quite a package. Meantime Kate had removed his shirt and as she kissed his shoulders softly she ran her hands around his chest and stomach. His underpants swelled up a little but a small wet patch also appeared.

"Let's get you in the bath." Michele advised as she put her hands in his briefs, cupped his substantial member and lowered his last article of clothing.

With his cock swinging free between his legs Paul got in. He had body hair only under his arms and around his half swollen cock. He was not circumcised. A big thick vein ran down his cock. He was a big boy made to seem all the bigger for not being large all over.

Both women felt almost maternal towards him, but not sufficiently so to spoil any fun.

Kate and Michel joined him in the bath and the chatter resumed.

Michele took the initiative and explained what would happen as follows.

"Now Paul, my Dear, you are our guest for as long as you want but there are some things we need to tell you. Kate and I are friends not lovers so we will both be making love to you but not each other. I'm not on the pill so you can only come inside Kate's pussy but you can come inside either of our mouths and I want to tell you now that once you are all clean and nice to taste I will suck your lovely cock until you come. Then Kate will do the same. You won't fuck either of us until we have both swallowed your come. OK?

The awestruck Paul nodded.

"Do you play with yourself a lot? " She continued.

He swallowed and nodded.

So at least three comes won't be a problem.

Paul blushed.

"Sometimes my cock doesn't get fully hard and yet I still come. I tried to have sex with a girl but I couldn't get hard enough to be inside her." his voice trailed off.

"Well there won't be any problem like that here." Kate announced as positively as she could.

In truth she had witnessed the problems of men with big cocks who sometimes could only get up slowly and once worried about keeping an erection would deflate in panic.

Michele asked Paul if he would like to look at her pussy while Kate washed him?

Paul smiled and nodded. Kate came up behind him as he positioned himself to look carefully between Michele's open thighs as she sat on the edge of the bath. Paul felt his back being scrubbed and then a hand gripped his cock pulling his foreskin back as his cockhead was very gently washed producing a twitch. Next his buttocks were parted and he was washed very thoroughly. He wondered why.

He studied Michele closely as she told him all about how a woman was built and worked. He'd seen a couple of girls but never been able to look carefully and have his questions answered and explained.

Once washed he was dried and taken to the bedroom. There he was told to get as comfortable as he could while Michele sucked his cock.

Kissing him on the lips for the first time she whispered in his ear.

"Now Baby I want you to let go and come just as fast as you want. Don't worry about anything, come in my mouth as soon as you feel you need to. We will suck your cock just as much as you want for as long as you want."

So saying as she slid south to his young manhood Kate leant over him and offered a kiss to his lips followed by a nipple. Just as her nipple touched his lips he felt a warn mouth on his cock and a tongue peel back his cover. Michele felt him expand in her mouth as she loved him gently with her lips and tongue. She tickled his balls with her nails and felt him stiffen up in her mouth. His breathing was heavy and before his cock was fully hard he began to buck and shake. His warm liquid pumped into her mouth and she sucked on him pulling his come into her and swallowing. Her hands travelled to his firm young stomach and massaged him gently as he relaxed in her mouth. Having cleaned him she washed the remains of his young come down her throat with a sip of wine.

Kate withdrew from his mouth and kissed him deeply. A woman snuggled either side of him he felt dazed as hands and lips caressed him. Kate told him that he would soon be coming in her mouth and then he would get to put his cock into each of them for as long and as often as he liked.

Privately she hoped her plan to blunt his hair trigger and allow him to become fully stiff without blowing his load prematurely.

As with all teenagers he started to expand again soon. Now was time for Kate's treat and Michele's specialty. The bemused Paul was asked to get on his hands and knees over Kate's face. His cock even half hard dangled into her mouth. He faced her pussy and Michele gently directed his face to it telling him to taste and explore but not to loose track of what was being done to him. She moved back behind him and as his cock began to harden in Kate's mouth he breathed her arousing scent and nuzzled her folds. Michele's presence was announced as his buttocks were parted and a warm tongue began to bathe his rear from his balls all the way up his crease with special attention being paid to his arsehole. Even an experienced man cannot with stand such erotic thrills and with minimal effort Kate was rewarded with a taste of teen seed.

The combination of alcohol in moderate amounts and cocksucking was slowing Paul enough to let him get fully hard. This time he was really solid as he pumped down into Kate's mouth.

There followed a sensual massage and Michele spread her legs for Paul as he was tutored by Kate on how to please a woman with his lips and tongue. Michele was wet already and it took little effort even from a relatively unskilled boy to make her come leaving his face glistening as her love petals moved on him in her frenzy. Soon she would have his cherry and make a man of him. The thought made her throb.

The plan was for Michele to have Paul put his cock in her and officially become his first while he would, hopefully withdraw and come in Kate's pussy thus they would share his firsts.

Michele remained on her back and gently fingered herself while letting Paul watch as Kate set about getting his cock good and hard. The job took a little time given his size and his having come twice in quick succession. He was however nicely desensitised so that even on his first time inside a woman he would last a reasonable time. His cock once completely hard was huge in proportion to his body. It was a big cock probably about 8 & 1/2 inches or so and pretty thick. Hard as steel Paul clambered over Michele who took him in her arms. Kate had her hand on his cock and holding Michele open with her slender fingers she pressed Paul to Michele's opening and let him slid in. He was big and Michele felt him move into her centre. For Paul it was a realisation of many years of frenzied cock stroking to be inside a woman. The wine and two blowjobs were doing the trick he was still nervous but Michele's ample breasts acted as a comforting cushion for him. He just lay there as she stroked his hair and told him he was now a man. She loved feeling full but the five minutes they were sandwiched together began to tell and she could feel him soften.

Asking him to withdraw she began to suck him to full hardness so that he might place his seed within Kate's expectant core. It didn't take long and to increase her tightness Kate got on her knees and bent over offering herself from behind.

Paul's instructions were the same as ever, simply concentrate on the pleasure and come when ever he felt like it. His foreskin held back he entered Kate. She was vice like but soft as wet velvet. She told him to thrust forward and back and just do as his cock wanted. He muscles combined with the position kept him hard. Michele couldn't wait for the next time she held his cock within her and he was able to actually fuck her.

It took five minutes and the sweat rolled off Paul as he actually had to will himself to come. This is what the women wanted. Paul was now able to get hard, stay hard and perform so well that coming was something he work towards not an accident waiting to happen. The night ahead promised much as Michele pulled his come sodden cock from Kate and began to clean him. As much as Michele wanted to fuck him all night Kate thought ahead to introducing his now experienced cock to the virgin he wanted to deflower. She wondered having met her once how he would ever fit in skinny little Caroline.

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