tagGay MalePuff Adder Pt. 02

Puff Adder Pt. 02



"Meet me at the car park in five. I'm the red Shelby. Heading home early." Hmm, weird, An leaving school early? Wow, she hadn't bunked a class since high school… Maybe she couldn't wait to see me. I couldn't wait either, so I moved into a jog towards the car park with my phone still in my hand. When I made it there I couldn't help but laugh. Shaking my head in disbelief I got into An's American car.

" Changed your mind about American automobiles have we?" I tried not to laugh in her face, but the Ray Ban Pilots and red lipstick were so not An's style that I sounded and probably looked like I was having an attack of the hiccups.

With an annoyed sigh and a push to the accelerator An turned to me and asked " Does this sound like an American engine? Besides, you can't deny it's a beauty! I ripped everything out and my brothers put in a German engine. Hear?" and she revved again. " And no matter how biased I am, I can't deny that the Shelby has a sexy body." Wink.

I smiled and nodded. " Ya, sure. So why are you bunking?"

"I'm not. I'm running… like a coward, and fast. Besides, I can have my tango lesson early now, so I won't have to do anything but concentrate on you until the braai. I'm having one tonight by the way. You'll get to meet all my bottoms." With the word "bottoms" she turned and flashed a smile. One of those smiles that your mum gives you before she tells you you're spending the weekend with your cousins from hell.

" Bottoms as in butts or something else?" I asked lighting up.

" Hmm, I guess you'll figure it out… later. We're almost there," she laughed again. "You've always been so eager we never made it to my place and it's only three minutes away… Tsk tsk, boys."

An was really acting weird. I mean, she's always had this cocky thing about her and I think she's the last person who'd blush at a sexual quip, but lipstick and tango? She'd also taken off the shirt she had on earlier to reveal a black satin corset with a seriously clingy and sparse vest on it. She was the constant tomboy in black biker boots and her hair always tied up. The only time she dressed like a woman was when the parents would insist she do so for special occasions. It's not that I didn't like having a view of her small boobs, but just felt weird. Like the chick I'd known for years had morphed into a woman. God forbid a feminine one at that. That and the weird way she kept on sizing me up…

She pulled up to a high fence with electric wiring on top and thick vines growing on dark bricks. She'd pulled up a little too far to the side and hopped onto her knees in her seat so that she could reach out and tap the security code into the panel and gave me a view of her jean clad bum. One of my favourite parts of her. Small, firm and just enough so I could grab each cheek in one of my big hands. I gave her a small smack as she punched in the last number.

" Should I take that as a sign you're into S and M, or that that's what you'd like me to do to you later?" she said when she'd climbed back into the car and pulled her sunglasses on to her hair. All this with a come hither look that sparkled in her grey eyes. Once again I got the feeling that I should consider if I was sure I wanted to, before I did. And that's just plain stupid because we'd made out a couple of times, so I was pretty sure I knew what to expect and that was wild sex without the 'I love you's ' required.

Before I could even answer I felt myself blush and shifted my eyes from her appraising stare into the sight beyond the opening metal gate. " Oh my God! How the fuck did you get permission to build this in the centre of Tully?" A huge two story house which looked liked a modern version of a Cape Vineyard mansion set in a humongous un-American garden and three huge Dogs running towards us is what I was talking about. If it weren't for the Dogs which were about the same size as a pony I'd have jumped out the car to explore. Architecture was my thing, and this was the last kind of home I expected to see outside Africa.

She pulled into the driveway and parked next to two jeeps towards the left. Hopping out she made an innocent face and said, " Oh, you know. Daddy made a few calls. But look," she said pointing to the other cars, " I haven't abandoned big boys' cars… Come on, they're still puppies and not trained to bite." If my mum didn't have Dogs herself I would have never gotten out the car. Once I got out I realised that they weren't much taller than my hip and that's exactly where one decided to sniff me, leaving a smudge of saliva that I knew would look like a cum stain once it dried.

" I see they aren't house trained either." I turned to show her my welcome gift. She swatted my ass and winked as she walked past me towards the house.

" I hope you don't mind me taking you in through the kitchen, the main entrance is round back," turning around and pursing her red lips, she eyed the dogs at my heels, " Bloody traitors, a man's around and they love me no more. You should watch out for Sleazy, he's the one in the blue collar who gives everyone wet stains if he can." She walked through a glass door into a huge kitchen which had most of it's worktops covered with different platters filled with food for the braai.

" You called your dog Sleazy? You're weirder than I gave you credit for." When I asked if she'd ordered in and she gave me an annoyed look before informing me that just because she was her father's daughter, it didn't mean she couldn't cook. She picked up a spatula and moved in on me with every intention of punishing me for my said "rudeness!" I was tempted to bend over but then she'd think I really did like S&M.

Screech, then " Oh My God! He's hot An! Where did you find him?" I looked around An and there stood a huge guy that looked like a rugby player and wrestler melded into one. The screechy voice, hooker pose and shoulder length red hair on a hundred and fifty kilos of muscle were a shocking combination. I couldn't help myself. I stared open mouthed. An smacked my bicep and after a loud cough introduced Oliver from Texas who preferred to be called 'The Bull'. The laughter burst forth but died in my throat the second I saw his unimpressed look.

" I see you brought a homophobe for desert," he said in a deep baritone, throwing me a contemptuous look. " My man is waiting downstairs. He wants to dance sex today. Thank God I've made a lot of drinks cause I assume Mr Asshole is staying?" As soon as he was done, The Bull turned and left the room with his muscles looking twice as large.

Raising my eyebrows I turned to An. " Where the hell do you find your friends? And how come I've never met them?"

Pulling two Black Label beers out of a fridge stocked with beer from home, she motioned for me to follow and spoke as she led the way, " Oliver is Nathan's boyfriend and they both live in one of the two cottages at the back of the house. My dad got the planning permission by agreeing that he'd make sure that housing would be provided for a minimum of eight people on my land. It used to be six plots, so it was a good deal. Nate dances with me so I don't get out of practice. They're lovely guys and they are part of our little colony."

" So who else you live with that I should be careful around? I don't want to get my ass kicked or be called a homophobe again." She was leading me through a large room with a glass roof and huge glass doors leading into a gorgeous garden. On either side of the long room were doors on the ground level and then some more on a higher level. We climbed up the stairs and An pulled me into a room which looked like a combination of a private lounge and art studio. Almost everything in it was a black and dark chocolate colour.

"Welcome to my kingdom. This is my private day room, behind that wall is my bedroom. You'll be the first to see it if you're good. Sit puppy." She stood tapping her foot and arms crossed over her chest sizing me up with a serious look on her face.

" Look, I know why you acted like an idiot when you saw Bull, but regardless of how he looks, he's not a jock. He's a gifted arts and drama major and one of my closest friends. Everyone who lives here apart from Vanessa and I is gay or bi, and most at the braai will be. Most of us are … hmm… eccentric I guess. As far as most will be concerned you're new to them …and me. They're not all from home, huh. Think you'll survive or do we need to get you a quick botox shot?"

" No thanks. I'll be okay, but … are you sure everything is cool between us cuz from the second I hopped into your car, you've been giving me weird looks, and they weren't 'ravish me' looks?" I was propped up against some suede pillows on what looked like a sofa but was the size of a King bed.

" Of course I'm fine!" she moved behind the partition and I could hear sounds which told me she was undressing. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of my cock engorging. " I was just thinking, that's all. I wasn't expecting you back for a month and had my mind preoccupied with hunting Gavin. I just have to decide if I'm sure I want to test you or not," she called from behind the screen.

" Test me in bed, you mean."

She stuck her head out and I could see she was wiggling into something behind the partition. " Mmm, sort of. Don't worry, I'll change my mind if I don't think you can take it." Snigger. " We'll see if you can join the realm of my bottoms. Come on, you'll keep Bull company while I get a quick dose of dance and erotica from Nate." She stepped out in a pair of black stilettos, stockings, a becoming short and flowing skirt that sinfully played on her hips, and another tight corset looking top with a belt and a small metal lock holding it in place. Wow… Ouch.

She'd flung a pillow and it bounced off my face. Laughing and blushing ( yes, An blushing) she started to leave and called, " It's rude to stare. Besides it's not like you didn't know I was female. And a woman cannot dance the tango in anything but a skirt and heels."

Shock and the amount of blood that had redirected itself to my painfully stiff cock kept me in a stupor. I followed like an obedient puppy. Her ass looked divine, swaying from the way the heels made her walk. I noticed that she actually had a tiny waist and her too long legs were sexy in a gazelle kind of way. Her red hair was calling out to be nuzzled and I could almost feel it flowing over my body as she made her way down my garden path. Her hand sliding over the rail sent images to my mind of it on my cock and I almost tripped on the carpet. I could hear her laugh a low throaty laugh, and it did not help.

I literally felt like a cock on a leash and only snapped back into reality when The Bull's form appeared in my line of sight and snapped his fingers in my face. Angry grey eyes looking down at me changed colour as he smirked and looked at my groin, " Got a cock stand do we?"

" Yes, I definitely do." I think my honesty surprised him, but I'm not one to hide the fact that I'm full of lust. I gave up on that when I was eighteen. " How the hell do you know what a 'cock stand' is anyway? Aren't you local?" I took the drink he offered me and sipped the shandy laced with vodka.

" You forget I spend a lot of time around An, and no, I'm not local, I'm Canadian, raised in Texas. You better control yourself better if you don't want to blow a load while watching them dance. You'll never hear the end of it." he turned towards the centre of the large basement room as a familiar Latin tune filled the room. It was pretty dark compared to the other rooms I'd already seen. I could see An on a chair but I hadn't seen Nathan yet.

" Why do you think I'd come just from watching a dance? I've danced the tango before and I know it's not that hot… So where's your boyfriend?"

" Ha! That's what you think. They're doing a 'sex' tango today, and today is my birthday. Seeing as it's one of my gifts, Nate is planning on making it hotter than usual. Give it ten minutes and you'll know," his normal voice was sexy and deep. It had an almost rhythmical quality to it. He had too much muscle for my tastes, but add his voice to An's look and I was just about ready to skip to the bathroom to 'relieve myself'.

As thoughts of masturbating were swimming through my mind, Nathan stepped out to An and whipped her out of the chair. Her body crushed against that of the tall, lean man. Her legs wrapped around his waist unsymmetrically and her shins rested on his lower back and ass vertically, as well as on a strong muscular thigh, clad in tight black trousers. His strong hands gripped her ass and her neck in a strangling position. I could see his strong chest heaving, pulling air in. As he moved over the dance floor in a circular motion I could feel the wave of masculinity and sex that smacked me head on. An automatic groan escaped my lips. I looked over at Bull and his face was a mask of lust and anticipation. I swallowed my drink in a long pull and poured some more from a glass jug before turning back to the floor.

Nathan was coming closer to the bar at which we were sat and had his eyes fastened on Bull. Fuck me, the guy was a god. In time to the music, he stopped before us and let go of An. My reflex caused me to jump off my stool to catch her, but he already held her steady, by her belt. He looked at me with green eyes and shook his head in mock disapproval. He pulled An back up and held her with one arm as he leaned towards the bar and poured an extra two shots of vodka into a drink. " Drink up," he said handing it to An. I swallowed my second drink of the day in one long gulp, my eyes on him the entire time.

" Okay Nate, lets play dirty." said An, giving me another quizzical look, although she looked a bit happier this time. He grabbed the glass from her and set it down on the bar, leaning over Bull. An in hand, he leaned into his boyfriend and set a short kiss on his lips. The kiss may have been short, but you can't not recognize a I'm-gonna-fuck-you-till-you-pass-out kiss at such short range. And if my eyes and over eager brain weren't deceiving me, An leaned back into Bull's lap while she was stuck between the two, her long legs wrapped around Nathan, and rotated her hips. Bull slapped her on the ass as Nathan pulled her off his boyfriend and set her on the floor.

The next half hour was such torture it made me wish I only swung one way. Seeing An dancing with Nathan was too much. One would do something that'd leave me salivating then the other would give me the perfect view of their ass and I'd be gone again. The last of my self-control stopped me from reaching down to my straining cock.

I watched as Nathan lead An over the floor, controlling her moves. Her legs giving little flicks and daring kicks between his legs and around his ass. His hip moving up, calf pulling her waist into his exposed, obviously hard, groin. Her, on her toes lifting her body higher so she was undeniably rubbing against his dick. His strong arms pushing her away, making it look like she'd fall again before he grabbed her securely and confidently again. Their gasps and moans carrying over the music which had now changed into to modern music with Latin beats. Their upper bodies glued together, eyes centimetres apart, lips touching, as they made lazy but curt milonga steps followed by the slow flowing movements of the cumparsita. And God help me, but when he slammed An into the wall and the two were a tangle of limbs and grinding bodies, I was sure I'd cum. It looked like her was fucking her in front of us, and she looked like she was drowning in desire.

Bull handed me my fourth drink he chuckled and said, " He's mine, and I'm not the sharing kind," looking me straight in the eye.

" He's got so much sex flowing out of him, you could cut it with a knife…" he had a shocked expression where his smug one was before. I leaned back into the bar. " I never claimed to be straight, and sorry… but your build and screech a la tacky hairdresser just shocked me before… Anyways, lusty as I may be, it's An I've been thinking of for a long time so don't worry." I winked at him and turned to see a flushed An and Nathan coming towards us. She looked at me as if she were ready to throw me down and rip my clothes off where I was stood.

Nathan pulled his hand out and introduced himself before turning to gather his man is his arms. An moved closer to me but didn't touch me, even when she leaned over for a drink. What she did though, was keep her smoky eyes on me. Nathan and Bull were whispering something and then Nathan turned to me and said, " Oliver here tells me you know the tango. A little show of skill perhaps?"

" Of course," An said, eyes on me, before I could refuse. She strutted out into the middle of the room and turned to wait for me. I walked up and gently pulled her in to me. I started a slow cumparsita sequence I had learned and she raised her eyebrows and made a disappointed face. She mouthed S & M. She wants aggression. Hands on my chest pushing me away, and an ass clad in silk which was no longer flowing smoothly because of the sweat of her earlier exertions, moving towards the sniggering guys. " Fan, boys. I'm hot."

" How about less grinding and more leg work. Flying if you can handle it." I called after her, challenging her as I walked in her direction, pulling my shirt and belt off, leaving my in my jeans and wife-beater. I stopped as Sarah Vaughn's ' Lola wants' began. Mmm, this I like. I stood and waited as An slithered over the floor towards me. She stopped and reached for my rotating hips… she grabbed my dick and holding onto it with a finger hooked in my pants, she leaned back and started to wave her legs… goading me with them. Kicking one high and sliding her ankle from the side of my chest, lightly caressing my strained nipple, down my hip, dangerously close to my ass, over my hip and calf until it reached my shoe.

My body was on sensory overdrive and everywhere she touched me, while using me as a dance pole, while sliding her legs over me was tingling in ecstasy.

" You gonna show the boys what you can do, or are you gonna stand there and let me do all the work?" she asked, pulling into me, holding my neck.

Switch. An inexplicable anger flowed through me and I pulled her into me aggressively. She gasped, and gave me a lewd satisfied smile. Holding on to her roughly, I swung her around, manipulated her body into serving me. I pulled and guided, lifted her to suit my needs. My dancing entirely dependent on which part of my body was screaming loudest for the feel of her skin. I felt the overwhelming desire to touch her skin and before I knew what I had done, I'd ripped he skirt off her. " Oh my!" somewhere in the background.

When I pulled her stockinged ass onto my hips, so that my cock could feel her cunt, her eyes, which were locked onto mine for almost the entire ten minutes we danced, had an amazing look in them. Something I'd never seen in a woman's eyes. I stopped moving and stared into eyes that emanated the rawest kind of lust. The type of look that speaks of sex with no boundaries… none whatsoever. 'Bedroom' was my last sane thought as I carried her upstairs, grabbing an open bottle of wine from the bar on my way up.

Now my body was in commanding position. Wine for thirst… Stairs to bedroom. Moving up the stairs I can feel that my cock is in-between her cunt lips. I try to concentrate on getting up the stairs. She's still staring, her cool grey eyes cutting into me. I swallow and try to concentrate. I can see the door. Move. I try not to give in to the desire to stare back into those eyes that speak of sex so hot it's almost sinful. Sin… Mmm, yes. That's what I want. I see the oversized sofa and throw her onto it. She lands comfortably in a position that puts half her ass on show and pushes her chest forward.

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