tagBDSMPull My Hair!

Pull My Hair!


"Pull my hair!" Kate moaned as I pounded my cock into her from behind. I took one hand away from the ropes that crisscrossed her writhing body and grabbed her disheveled ponytail. I pulled gently at first, then more firmly as she groaned in delight. I looked down and watched as my slick cock moved in and out of her tight pussy, faster and faster, harder and harder. Leaning over to grab the paddle lying beside us I swung it back, and then cracked her smartly on the ass, leaving a new spot of red on top of the ones already left by the paddle and my hand. Kate yelped, her pussy tightened around me and I felt myself starting to cum. Just before my cock erupted I pulled out, spun Kate over using her ropes for leverage, and came on her face. She opened her mouth wide, swallowing as much of my cum as she could. Not wanting to waste a drop, she pumped my cock with a free hand, took the length into her mouth and sucked. "Mmm…" she said, "Now that's what I like!"

As Kate lay back on the bed, absent-mindedly stroking her clit and rocking her hips, I thought back to the first time I discovered that Kate liked it rough.

We had set the mood, with blacklight and a selection of music that had a good, pumping rhythm, and I was unbuttoning her shirt when she slapped my hand away. I looked at her, surprised, thinking maybe she wanted to leave her top on for some reason, but her eyes glinted in the purple glow. I reached for her buttons again, tentatively, and she slapped me away again, "No." She backed away from me, the daring spark in her eye saying a breathless yes.

I stepped towards her, and the backs of her legs hit the bed, and she fell onto the mattress. She tried to crawl backwards, but I knelt on either side of her legs and pinned her with my thighs, my cock hard and straining for release. Still she wriggled backwards. I reached down and grabbed her wrists. She tried to pull them away with a wrenching jerk, but I clamped on harder, making her hands go a shade darker. I looked her in the eyes to say, "NO!" and she glared back, "YES!"

Suddenly she began wriggling away again, trying desperately to break my grip. I pulled her arms down, saying to her, "No way…I am getting that shirt off you if I have to rip it off!" as I clamped her arms tight to her body. Arms and legs pinned, there was little Kate could do but squirm to escape my iron tight bonds.

I tried to undo her buttons, but Kate's wriggling body was so maddening against my cock, I just pulled, and her shirt flew open, buttons flying across the room. Kate gasped and managed to pull one hand out to try to bat me away. I gripped her wrist and thrust it back to the bed, breathing hard over her. I used my other hand to undo my own pants and free my cock. Seeing it spring free of its bounds, Kate froze for a moment, a look of fear mingled with desire crossing her face. Her eyes met mine with a challenge: Take me, if you can. She resumed her struggle to free herself, and I reached up her skirt, gripping her panties and pulling them roughly down to her knees.

Kate used that opportunity to twist her body, grab the side of the bed and start to pull herself from under me. Wrapping an arm around her waist I pulled her tight against my body and rolled to the side. My other arm moved around her shoulder and I placed my hand on her throat, applying just enough pressure to make her tilt her head back and stop writhing. Her breath came in short, sultry rasps as I whispered into her ear, "I am going to get my cock into you one way or the other. Now, are you going to cooperate, or do I have to get rough?"

She answered by twisting away from me and saying, "You want it, you'll have to take it!" I was open to the challenge. As she moved to get away from me and off the bed I managed to grab her wrists behind her back and pull them together, forcing her face down onto the bed once more. Lying on the end of the bed was her pink satin robe. Using one hand to secure my prey, I reached down with the other and removed the pink tie used to wrap the robe around her luscious body. I bound her wrists and knotted the tie. My hands now free to do as they wished, I used them to my best advantage. With one I grabbed a knot of her hair, the other pulled my pants off. Free of any further encumbrance, my cock was rock hard and ready to fuck this woman I had just subdued.

Kate whimpered "No…no," but what she meant was "Yes…yes!" Holding her head firmly against the bed with one hand, I lifted up her skirt with the other, revealing the finest ass I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I grabbed one cheek and squeezed it. Kate moaned softly, her breath shallow and quick. I knew that she was ready to be fucked, but now that I had her in my power, I was going to have some fun first.

Looking at that magnificent ass, I couldn't help myself; the urge came over me and I was unable to resist it. I reared my hand back and brought it down full force on her buttocks with a resounding SMACK! I had never spanked Kate before, so I had no idea what her reaction would be. She yelped loudly, and then offered her ass to me again. I brought my hand back once more and cracked her again. This time she yelped, then moaned deeply. She liked it. She really liked it!

Was this wrong? Was something wrong with me that I knew I could have stood behind my Kate with my cock in one hand while I spanked her with the other until I came? Was I abusing her?

My hesitation made Kate turn her head to one side; with her hands bound behind her back she could only turn so far without falling to her side. She looked at me, eyes narrowed. "What are you waiting for? Spank me, for God's sake, then stick that cock inside me because I need it. Hard."

Any doubts were banished, and I did as she requested. I spanked her, seeing my impact ripple through her taut flesh, and she gasped in surprise, her mouth opening then spreading into an impish smile. I loaded for another spank, Kate, still watching me, stiffened with anticipation, but I held back. Just as she relaxed, I let loose and she gasped then moaned, burying her face in the mattress. My cock throbbed with need.

She wanted my cock more than ever…I wasn't going to give it to her that easily. I got off the bed and knelt down behind her. She began to ask, "What the f…" but I never gave her the chance to finish. Grabbing her thighs, I pulled her back to the edge of the bed, burying my face in her dripping wet pussy. I love the taste of Kate's cunt. I could lick her snatch from morning 'til night and still not tire of it. My tongue darted out and found her clit; Kate moaned loudly, pushing her hips back to increase the pressure against my mouth. I licked up and down the lips of her pussy, every now and again going up far enough to tickle her asshole with the tip of my tongue, just quickly enough to let her think it might just have been accidental (but it wasn't!) I swore one day I would fuck my woman from behind while sliding a butt plug into her, listening to her groan with the intense pleasure. But that was for another day. Right now I was too busy tongue-fucking her.

Kate raised her hips and begged, "Now, please…"

I stood and teased her pussy with the tip of my cock, stroking both her and myself. I raked the fingernails of my other hand down her spine and she arched her back, pressing her face into the bed, arms still helplessly behind her. Crack! One more spank for her pale ass, and I pulled the knot of the pink silk tie free.

Kate's arms dropped to the bed, and she turned over, wrapping her legs around me, but that's not what I wanted. I backed up and gathered her ankles together and used the strip of silk to bind them. "Hey…" she began to protest, but I pushed her further onto the bed so I had room to kneel. I propped her ankles on my shoulder, and I helped her lift her hips with one hand while guiding my cock into her wet pussy with the other. With her ankles tied together, her pussy was tighter than ever and I had to force myself to slow my needful thrusting.

"Holy fuck!" Kate cried out in surprise. We'd had sex plenty of times before, but this time the rock hard grip of her cunt made my cock seem even bigger. Her eyes widened as she took it all in, her mouth opened wide as a glorious moan of pleasure issued from it. Her ankles resting on my shoulder, I reached down and grabbed her thighs, pumping them back and forth as I slammed my cock into her. She was wetter than I ever remember her; I could feel her juices running down my cock and onto my balls. I love that feeling! I let go of her thighs after a while and reached down to grab her wrists. Pulling her arms down tight against her I pulled, forcing her entire body to rock up and down in rhythm with our fucking.

Sweating, writhing, breathing heavily, we kept screwing and moaning until I saw sparks in front of my eyes. I paused a moment, causing Kate to demand breathlessly, "Don't stop!" but she needn't have worried. I wasn't stopping until I came in her pussy, on her face, or all over her tits; I hadn't decided which. Pushing her ankles down over the top of her head, I forced her to arch her back and expose her hot little cunt to me. I raised myself over her and plunged my cock into her from above. She squealed in delight and began rocking in time with my penis forcing its way in and out of her tight, hot, slick pussy.

Wave after wave of sensation brought me closer to the surge and crash of orgasm. I suddenly and unexpectedly had an image of Kate, bent over a short bench, her wrists and ankles bound to its legs. I saw her corseted in black rope, her breasts pushed out between the wrappings, her hips accentuated. The rope also bracketed her beautiful pussy, which was exposed to me, and a well-placed knot rubbed against her clit. Her ass was begging to be spanked. I saw her like this even as I pounded her, and I knew that our first night of thrilling, rough sex would not be our last. I would bind her with more than the silk tie to her robe. I would spank that ass again, and she would like it. I knew she would like it. Her moans, her wet pussy, her thrusting hips, all told me she liked it rough. Now I also knew: so did I.

I needed more than ever to cum inside of Kate. Despite my need I pulled my cock out of her pussy, pulled her legs back down onto the bed and unbound them. Quickly, and with one swift move I plunged my cock back into her dripping cunt and began to pound it into her once more, her gorgeous legs wrapping themselves around me and pulling me ever deeper. We kept this up for a minute or two, pumping, moaning, groaning, sweating, until finally I could feel the cum rising in my dick. Kate could tell, too…she always could. She squeezed my cock with her pussy and before I knew it I was cumming like I had never cum before, and Kate's hips rocked as an intense orgasm ran through her body. My muscles taut, I was shooting my hot load again and again in short, involuntary thrusts inside of her. I kept my eyes open, locked on Kate's as her orgasm gripped and pulled, gripped and pulled on my cock. We watched each other's exquisite pleasure, so extreme as to be nearly painful, until we were finally released, gasping.

I knew this would not be the last of our rough sex. I tasted blood and I wanted more, and looking into Kate's eyes, listening to her panting breath, I knew she did too. I smiled a broad smile; she smiled back and said, "Now that's what I like!"

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