tagGay MalePull Toy Ch. 01

Pull Toy Ch. 01


pt.1 Seduction

The beginning of the summer in 1962, I was 18, living in a small town between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. As usual I was by myself, which was nothing new, considering I had been raised in the military, and was used to not having many friends, being the "new guy" all the time. I had decided that I wanted to get on the swim team, and I had the whole summer to get in shape for it having just finished running cross country to finish out my junior year. The year before I had gone through a dramatic change in my body, with a ten inch growth spurt, I really didn't know what my new body could do. So there I was, very young face, 5'9", 140 lbs, reddish hair, blue eyes, little body hair and fair skin, that turned a golden brown when tanned, even though I had run track, I never gained bulk in my legs, just long lean muscle. I guess to make up for a late start, I was given a little more than most with an 8" by 6" around at the base cock, that had a "hard" time being satisfied, needing release several times a day.

I ran over to the beach about a mile from my grandparents house, where I lived , wearing running shoes socks, a pair of cut offs and a t-shirt, caring a towel. When I arrived, I kicked off the shoes and shirt, and hit the ocean. It was still a little chilly but that made me swim harder. When I wore myself out, I flopped on the beach, caught my breath, and did it again. The one thing that running had done was build my endurance, so I did this cycle several times till I was really wore out, and called it quits for the day.

I walked up to the public shower and washed the salt from my body. Sitting on a bench nearby was an old man, who had to be older than my grandfather. You could tell that at one time he had been in good shape, and even though over weight, still was for his age. As I was drying off he called me over.

"Yes Sir?", being raised in the military this was a normal response to an elder.

" I have been watching you, and have to say your technique is lacking but your heart isn't." He said is a soft deep voice.

I stammered "Thank you Sir", not sure what to say about the compliment.

"Why are you pushing so hard?" he asked.

I then proceeded to tell him of my goal, he started to ask other questions, in that low soft voice, that required I really pay attention, to hear him. It was great to talk to someone,and he seemed so nice and understanding, that I immediately felt very comfortable with him.

He then told me that before he retired, he was a swim coach for a small northern college, and if I wanted to work very hard, he would coach me at his pool. I was thrilled and immediately accepted, he then he invited me over. When we went out to the parking lot, he asked if I had a license, with an affirmative from me,then tossed me the keys to a beautiful red Buick convertible. I may as well have been flying on a cloud, I was so excited. As we started the drive, he asked if all I had was cut offs,

"Yes Sir"

'Well that won't do, we are off to the sporting goods store."

When we got there, we headed of the swim section, and he started to select my suit, and had me go to the dressing room.

"Here try these on"

I closed the door to the changing booth, peeled down and tried them on, I thought they were pretty small, I then called him in.. He came in with two others in his hand, closed the door and reached around and pulled the back up, giving me a wedgy, really compressing my package, and said,

"Too big, now try these" handing me another pair, and just stood there in the room. I didn't think anything about it, and peeled the ones I had on off, trying to pull the new ones on, I struggled, but in vain, just too small. So he gave me the last ones, and with some effort I managed to get them on.

""That's a better fit" he said, as he pulled them up again sharply.

I was more than a little embarrassed, because my bulge was very noticeable, but he told me that the tighter they were, the less drag in the water. Well, he was the coach, and then he picked up my cut offs, and said

"Let's go pay for these" and lead me through the store to the register, with these ultra tight tiny suit on, that my t-shirt could not , hide the bulge. By the time we got to the cashier, I was beet red, from the looks that some gave me. Then back to the car and off to his place.

I drove him a couple of miles to his place in a nice part of town. We arrived at large ranch style home, pulled into the garage, and entered through the kitchen. The house was huge by my standards, nicely appointed, it had a large set of sliders that went out out the pool area. The pool was large, of course not as large as the school's pool, but big enough. Around the pool was a privacy fence, and a jungle of trees and tropical plants, on two sides. The other two sides were the living room and the dining room creating an "L", with overhangs for shade. There were couches, chairs and coffee table, in front of the living room, and a padded table, a pull up bar and a couple of chairs on that side. I was very impressed, with the layout and the beauty of it.

" Are you ready to get your first lesson?"

"Yes Sir "

"OK, in the pool with you." he said

I took the t-shirt and shoes off and jumped in.

It took my breath away, being that it was chilly, but I quickly started to swim a complete lap. When I was done, he got in the pool and started to talk to me.

" I want you to lay yourself on my hands, as I hold you up, then start swimming very slowly."

I began to stroke and he said slower still. In slow motion I began to swim with him supporting me, one hand on my chest the other lower, just above the trunks. All the time he is correcting my approach, follow through, and withdrawal. When I finally got what he said, he told me to swim a little harder and keep my chest up myself, I pulled harder and his hand slipped down enough to hold my package for a moment, I was shocked and thrilled at the same time, he quickly adjusted to better balance me. All the time he is telling me to relax, breath, keep my eyes closed, and watch myself swim in my minds eye, in that soft deep voice. I felt myself relax and then do as he asked of me.

After some time with that, he had me get out of the pool, and start a series of exercise, jumping jacks, pushups, deep knee bends, toe touching and and the dreaded leg lift, modified with scissors. For those not familiar, the leg lift starts laying on back, bringing the legs about four inches off the floor, then the scissor, is opening the legs wide maintaining the four inches, back to the center and down. He said I will do a lot of these to build the core muscles. Then to the pull up bar, first pull ups then chin ups, and back in the pool for a more laps. Then that he was back in the pool, talking softly to me as he supported me. This cycle was repeated till I could do no more.

" You did well for the first time, and with a lot of work, you will make the team."he told me confidently, and I got a rush hearing that.

"Now stand there" as he started to dry me off very vigorously, across my back,"this will bring the blood to the surface", then down to my legs.

"Turn around" and began that hard drying up the front of my legs , across the stomach ,up the chest, till he finished with my hair.

"Up on the table , face down" I got on the table not sure what to do, he told me to put my face through the hole toward one end of the table.

"Have you ever had a massage before?"he asked softly.

"No Sir" I said still panting slightly from the exercise.

"Lay there and relax, breath deeply, feel the muscles in your toes become warm with relaxation, now your feet, calves, legs, butt, arms, lower back, upper shoulders, neck, breath deep, watch yourself swimming, down in a spiral'", he almost chanted. He took his time between each area, so I could feel the warmth, moving slowly up my body.

"The deeper you swim, the more relaxed you become, deeper, swimming like a dolphin, you like the feel of the dolphin swimming through the water, don't you?"

"Yes Sir" from far away I heard myself say. With a deep breath I became more relaxed than I had ever been.

"Lift your hips, you don't want oil on your new trunks. Do you?"

"No Sir", I replied, and lifted my hips as he slid the little cloth down my legs, and off.

With that done he began to massage, first my head, then neck, arms, back, I could feel the knots dissolve under his touch, all the while he is talking softly, sometimes I could barely hear him, working lower down my back, till he got to my ass.

" Relax feel the warmth of my touch, dissolve all the tension ",as he slowly and firmly started to work the cheeks like dough. Carefully exploring all the muscles of my hard ass. He then finish my legs and told me to flip over.

By the time I flipped over the sun was hitting the table full blast, and he quickly tucked a cloth over my eyes then lifted my head to wrap the rest around it. Now I was in darkness again, swimming down, as he gave me the visuals of being as the dolphin, with each dive going deeper. Then he started to rub my feet , working up the leg, but stopping before the hips, then the arms, and then the chest working down to my stomach

Now his touch changed from hard and firm, to a lot of oil and to a much softer sensual touch., spiraling around my pelvis, getting closer with each pass, to my now inflating cock.

'Don't worry about your hard on, it is perfectly natural isn't it?"he softly whispered.

"Yes Sir", I heard myself mumble, as my cock got harder and harder with his touch getting ever closer.

I was waiting, longing for him to reach the goal, but he prolonged it, finally he reached the root, and my hips rose to meet his touch. That is when he grasped my cock and worked his finger up till they touched the head, I was delirious with need for release. His other hand now cradled my balls as he stroked my big cock harder and faster. Each time I got close to release he would stop or do something else, till I was shaking and begging, thrusting my hips to the sky. Then he brought it to a conclusion and I came like never before, it felt like my head was lifting off my shoulders. Spasm after spasm hit me, making my head spin, he was whispering in my ear the whole time, encouraging me to cum hard for him.

As I started to come down , I felt waves of sensations sweeping over me, that I had never experienced. He continued talking as he rubs his old hands all over my young body, but I didn't care, I was so relaxed, everything seemed so natural. While he was rubbing he had me change positions several times for him, opening my legs, pulling my knees to my chest, flipping over onto my knees, where he milked me like a cow, with one hand, as he rubbed my ass with the other. On my back again I felt his hands rubbing my chest, then a sharp pain as he quickly squeezed my nipples for just a moment, then rubbed them to soothe them, he started to stroke my cock again with one hand while , pinching and rubbing my nipples with the other. This he did over and over, I got very hot again, with his ever present voice in my ear, I then felt a warm wet sensation like a vacuum on my cock, it was not like anything I had ever felt. Almost immediately I shot my load, cumming even harder than before.

It seems I fell asleep after that, and woke up surprisingly refreshed, but it was getting late and I had to go. We said our farewells with the promise of returning early the next day for more training. I walked home with my head spinning from sensations moving through my body and mind. That night I had very erotic dreams, involving water, touch, dolphins.

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