tagLoving WivesPulling a Train Ch. 02

Pulling a Train Ch. 02

byCJ Wilde©

Chapter 2: The Following Weekend

Waking up about 11:00 AM the next day I took an inventory of myself and everything was still attached, except of course my virtue. My cunt wasn't sore like I expected. I had showered before bed the night before so I really felt clean and rested. Randy, that's a good name for him because he is randy at sex and I love him for it. He brought me coffee in bed and we began to reminisce the event from the day before. He was surprised I wasn't sore or in any discomfort. I guess if I were a prostitute I would have twice that many cocks in one day and would need to report to work that very afternoon.

I wanted to know where these guys came from so I asked Randy if it would bother him at work knowing that six men had fucked his wife over the weekend.

"Well" he said "I'm so proud of you. None of those guys would have dared asked their wives. Anyway you're the prettiest!"

I felt OK with all this as long as he did. He asked me if I meant what I had said yesterday about next weekend. My cunt tingled before I spoke.

"I liked it but you are my sex master and I fuck who you desire me to."

Randy asked incredulously, "You would pull another train this weekend?"

"Hey!" I responded, "prostitutes do this everyday, You think I couldn't?"

"I know you can but are you willing?"

My turn, "are you willing to direct me to do so?"

"Yes! I just want to be sure."

"Sure of whom, me or you or the men who fuck me?"

"All of those involved." Randy retorted with irritation in his voice.

I just wanted to know about what he was thinking? I'd gone too far!

Randy was talking again this time gentler, "I love you but I also love the way you fuck other men."

Well, I thought at least I had one question answered, I pleased my husband and he was proud of my sluttishness.

When and where do you want me? I responded seductively. When I said that he wanted me right away and where I was right then.

The work week went by as per usual until Thursday when he returned from work. He outlined this Saturday for me. He had lined up "a bunch" of guys to fuck me and could I find something sexy to wear? I told him I would.

Friday I found a maid's costume with a white crinoline. With heels and a duster I really looked like the model in the picture. I hoped that would work. If these sessions with countless strangers were to go on, I should start a sex slut wardrobe. I even began thinking for the future orgies and what I could wear to them.

Randy got home that Friday night he gave me in a pretty box with a bow a red dancing dress knee length and full for swirling. I wore a lacy black bra slip that filled the skirt out and thong, slipped into a pair of red pumps and I was ready.

Randy took me to a tawdry bar that had a dance floor called The Barrel. The bar is oval with complete wet bar setups at the corners. We sat in a booth and Randy ordered me a vodka tonic. Not being a drinker I knew very little about drinks so I was glad he made the decision for me. The drink tasted good and relaxed mealmost immediately. I thought about the different men and cocks the previous Saturday and even though they were just grown up boys they were clean and didn't hurt me.

I asked Randy if the same men from last week were going to be with us this weekend.

He answered "Some."

After that I was quiet because my master made it plain by the sound of his voice it wasn't my concern. It was to do my duty to please my husband and the men what ever they are like. Wow! I now knew what it meant to completely submit to my master/husband.

"Love'" I broke from my trance hearing my master's voice.

"Yes sir?" I looked directly at my husband, his gaze was to my left and turning my head took in the full torso including upper thighs of a smiling yet curiously intriguing black man. As I viewed this spectacle of towering maleness before me I heard my husband say the gentleman would like to dance with you and I have agreed.

I cannot describe the emotions running through me. My husband was directing me to dance with this beautiful man and I can't dance that well. My cunt was numb and moist. I felt my intake of breath as it struggled to help me regain control. Except for talking to a black person in college I'd had no experience touching them, although I have admired quite a number of them from afar both men and women.

It didn't occur to me to refuse much less hesitate. My master had given me a directive. I arose from my seat taking hold of my skirt and slid out of the booth and into the arms of the man I had been be bequeathed.

Confidentially as much as my husband likes short skirts and dresses on me I do like something longer and fuller and satin or taffeta maybe chiffon. There is something fun holding ones own dress to walk and be guided along by a man who is self confident and knows what he wants. I made a mental note to ask my master if in the future I may wear satin gloves too.

Leading me through the crowd he finally turned toward me and took me in his arms taking control of me. I'd changed so much since last Saturday allowing a stranger to hold me intimately. This new role for me was as a slut was interesting as I saw myself from afar and learned how to act like one. It was like I was two different people, a mother/housewife during the week and my husband's sex toy to use and be used even though I looked the same in the mirror.

It was a slow dance and the admirer took his freedom to be close with me. I didn't resist his pushing a startlingly large cock into my abdomen as he massaged my back and ass. It felt proportionate to his size. I knew the other part of me should object, but I was so bewitched by the lifestyle.

I relaxed and let him feel me as my master had allowed him. The next song was fast, we danced and he swung me around causing my skirt to swirl making my skirt and slip show my thong. It was wonderful. I hadn't had this much fun since Christmas when I was 12 years old. Being returned to my master as the man was returning property of value the gentleman asked to be allowed to sit with us.

"Yes, sit down" my husband invited.

A I sat between them, he told Randy I was an exciting woman and asked if he may please feel more of my body. I was quite enamored with this man's boldness. Of course Randy agreed and our new friend immediately laid his hand on my thigh and began investigating under my dress. My cunt tingled with anticipation of being touched. The whole scene of being fondled in public brought me to orgasmic level. What was happening to me?

I must have been showing my excitement or something because master commanded me to settle down and have another vodka tonic. As I drank Randy whispered to me to ask the man if he wanted a good fuck. I followed my ruling of being a good sexslave and asked the black adonis if he wanted to fuck me? He nodded toward my master and I downed my vodka as I was whisked away out the door to the cool night.

Looking back on it now I guess I may have been a little drunk because I remember events, not details. You know the details I mean, the positioning in the car, the fact we didn't fit and the door was open to anyone to bear witness to our exhibitionist fucking. Later Randy showed me a picture he took on his cell phone of this big black man completely covering me except for my white legs grasping his waist and my head hyper extended with my eyes screwed shut. Next I can tell you I'm staring at the ceiling of our car as my cunt was being plunged by a good sized piece of meat. I could hear myself wail with pleasure and felt myself relinquish feelings of morality and connect with the sense of depravity.

I've become quite a slut and as I fall further, I want more and more. That thought brought me to the present making me want harder and harder fucking from this buck. Suddenly I'm reaching that next level I'd experienced last week. My orgasm was peaking and I didn't want it to end. I took to kinky sex like a fish in water.

The next thing I remember I was curled up with my knees under my skirt and the car was moving. I'd apparently swooned with ecstasy. I felt a sopping wet cunt and must have fallen asleep again because I remember being guided by my master into our house and then flopping into bed. I dreamt of hard spewing cocks aimed at my eyes and face.

It was raining really hard when I awoke. My master/lover was still asleep as I tumbled out of bed and steered myself to the kitchen to make coffee. Waiting for it I began thinking again.

I hated myself for loving this sex with strangers and the risk of pregnancy together with the exposing myself in public. I've read where adulteress woman can go pretty crazy with the guilt, but I wanted to please Randy and I was getting pretty good at it. I took a cup of coffee up to Randy and sat on the bed watching him waken as I sipped my own.

Soon Randy was giving me directions as I got ready to exhibit and flaunt my body for more use as a cum receptacle. I smiled to myself thinking how I had made my master happy and that made me happy.

My master had picked out a silver colored below breast corset for me with royal blue trim and ties. The bra was the same royal blue and the matching silver full skirt was 15 inches long had a royal blue lace hem. No panties and silver high heeled sparkling sandals with royal blue bows completed the out fit. After a pirouette for master he slipped on my black satin cape. He led me to the car and to my opportunity to pleasure my master. My cape had a hood which my master made sure covered my hair in the driving rain. The cape didn't cover my legs and so they were drenched through my heels when we made it to the car.

The adverse weather gave the day more excitement for me. I always felt that I could let the rain wash away the things in my life I was ready to give up and start new things I wanted to try. I felt stronger in my conviction to be a vixen. I was ready for what my master was thinking and although I knew I should be apprehensive, I wasn't.

My master had his hand between my legs playing with my cunt and it was making sloppy noises already.

"Ready my darling?"

The answer was obvious with the slurping noises my cunt was making with every digital invasion master's fingers were making.

I came and he continued to play with me I didn't peak again while I rode in the car. The countryside was dreary in the clouded day and sometimes it was raining so hard we had trouble seeing. My head swirled with anticipation as the car came to a halt in front of a pretty farmhouse. While master held my door I stepped into the yard and waited for him to take my arm and direct me up the porch stairs and through a door into a lovely living room. Looking around I counted 8 faces grinning back at me. Three I recognized from a week ago, the others were 4 men, 3 with interesting faces, and a women, a pretty blond girl wearing jeans and a sweater with her hair in a bob. She looked at me with curiosity.

Randy was speaking"gentlemen, my slut and your pleasure."

As he announced this he was removing my rain soaked cape and hung it carefully in the hall. I slowly turned around showing my costume to everyone as I knew that would please my master.

The woman spoke first," Randy I want to speak to the slut first."

Taken aback I looked at Randy, how did she know Randy and why did she want to talk to me? I looked at Randy but he was pointing toward a room behind the woman as she stood in the doorway. "Go with Tanya" was all he said.

I obeyed and turned and walked through the doorway into a large farmhouse kitchen. Tanya sat in a ladder backed chair and beckoned me to do the same. Unexpectedly even by me rather than sitting in my costume I felt it better to kneel, which I did.

The woman much younger than I asked me why would want to do this?

I had given this a lot of thought as you readers already know, "I wish to please my master" was all that came to mind to say.

It seemed like a full minute before she spoke again asking "Do you realize all those men are here to have sex with you?"

Shyly I answered the same "It pleases me to please my master."

Is there anything I can do for you or get you before you do this?

"Actually I'd like a drink."

Tanya poured a white Chardonnay and handed it to me as I kneeled before her. "I cannot believe you want this and are going to gangbang this entire group of men? You a mother and wife are letting your own husband pimp you out, some people find that disgusting!"

I took a big sip on my wine and thought before answering, "It's what my master wants and it makes me happy to make him happy."

She stood and said "I think your husband is an ass for letting you do this but let it begin."

I stood from kneeling and gulped my glass of wine before following her back into the living room. I walked directly to the middle of the room and turned around slowly seeing every face and a beer in every man's hand. I didn't look behind me as a pair of hands unzipped my skirt and slid it over my hips letting gravity finish unveiling my cunt.My bra top came next with whistles and words of appreciation as my breasts and nipples came into view. A man I hadn't seen before must've been briefed on the custom of these orgies because he held up my bra top and placing 8 pieces of paper with a number on each walked around and let each man pick one. Rough hands engulfed my entire breasts and massaged,pinched and twisted my nipples. Number one came forward and placing his hands between my legs used his middle finger to invade my love canal and get me ready for the sacrifice. He didn't need to because my cunt was ready in anticipation. This whole thing was so erotic! The man behind me took hold of my arms and laid me back into his chest as the man in front lowered his jeans and then lifted my legs spreading them on either side of him he sunk his cock into my cunt with cheering and applause.

As I allowed myself the manhandling I thought within about this Tanya and why was she here. Did Randy invite her? Was it her place to talk me out of this? Maybe Randy wanted me to stop doing this? Maybe she wanted to have sex? The new me would perform any sex act my husband asked even with a woman.

The body slamming into mine began to signal its need to pleasure both of us. I remember this guy from last week; he was a pretty good screw. My deep thoughts gave way to pleasure and I began my trek down satisfaction lane.

As I was basking in bliss I felt another man take hold and replace the first man. This was the one I could barely feel before. He did have a way with that little thing to rub my clit and make me a wailing whore for cock. As I remembered him from before he was done before I was and another was taking his place to try his luck at inseminating me. Again, as before, my fragmented orgasm began to gel as I was simply ravaged by this new comer. Through the veil of ecstasy on my left my master and Tanya stood watching with curious looks on their faces.

I felt my head being lowered and a stiff hot hard cock was pushing into my mouth. The cock invaded my throat and I kept swallowing to avoid gagging. The men slid me back and forth and I would breathe as the cock in my cunt filled me and the cock in my mouth withdrew from my throat. I'm not sure I was getting anything out of this except the knowledge that I was pleasing others. I had to concentrate on the rhythm in order to inhale air through my nose at the precise moment. The fact that the cock in my throat was larger than my pharynx was the only feeling he had because I couldn't breath and suck and swallow to avoid gagging all at once.

Speaking of swallowing that larger than my throat sized cock stopped with his pubic hair on my chin and nose and his balls resting on my eye lids, began to spew his manhood directly into my stomach. The action was intense so holding my breath became difficult. Probably a few seconds but it seemed longer. Finally as he withdrew his semen drained onto my tongue leaving me his last drop.

The man in my cunt was now jetting his semen into my body from the other direction. I heard a voice 5 more to go!

Tanya helped me to a standing position dripping sperm onto my thighs and led me into the bathroom. The corset and heels came off and in the shower I went. I was soaped top to bottom and then once done Tanya toweled me off paying an inordinate amount of attention on my tits and cunt lips. Tanya helped me dry my hair and a application of lipstick and heels I was led back into the blue.

Randy took my arm and laid me on a table. Number 4 began snaking his cock into my clean cunt while leering at me. I remembered a few times in my other life being leered at would make me shiver and the last thing I would have was a compliant cunt. Now he slid right in even though I didn't like him. I was able to have sex easily with anyone.

He fucked me good. I didn't orgasm but I was wet and let him fill me with jism. He took his cock out and laid it on my lips. I sucked our combined juices off and cleaned him good.

Number 5 came up to my head and did the same plunging his cock in and out of my oral love hole. His cock was small enough I didn't gag on it. Two minutes later gulp,gulp and it was number 6.

Here was a man with a good sized cock strutting forward towards my love canal. Bright red hair, I could only think of the red haired beauty this guy and I could make. I am so bad!!!

I wailed and vocalized my orgasm with this man. I took a moment to look to see his left hand to check for attatchment, it was there. I thought how it would be nice to have this lover every time I thought about it.

Number 7 stepped forward and lifted me up by my ankles. His cock, I couldn't not tell how big it was, pressured my asshole. I hadn't ever done this and being resolved to be a slut slave for my master I let him push on. The roar of the crowd seemed louder as this man kept saying how he wanted to fuck a woman in the ass. It was obvious to everyone I had a virgin asshole and quelling my squeals of pain was difficult as he got in and then ran his manhood in and out. He spewed into me before I felt anything but pain.

Number 8 was Randy, He made love to me. making me regain the pleasure after enduring all the pain. When he finished the men were covered and all drinking beers.

Tanya handed me a glass of Chardonnay while I sat on the edge of the table and cum dripped onto a towel put there by Tanya. SHe reached out and began to touch my nipples. I didn't stop her as she got into it and massaged them making them perky again.

One of the men noticed and loudly proclaimed our spectical. Tanya didn't want to play with my cunt but did give a good show of playing with me and at the end kissed me on the lips.

After that I was knelt down with my knees on a pillow and 6 of the 8 men revisited my mouth and fed me dinner.

They seemed done and that satisfied me. Tanya stood me up and slipped on my cape as Randy collected my costume.

Out to the car in the driving rain Randy asked me about next week? "I think next weekend I'd like to try something different."

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