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Pulling Pints


“For fuck’s sake will you get out the way” he whispered under his breath to Dan.

“Sorry, I’m just as busy as you are” he replied. After all it was manic in the pub that night and he and his boss Rob where the only staff in the pub that night. It was unusual for a Wednesday but there had been a works do for a local company.

It was only a small bar and the room behind it even smaller. They got on really well and on occasion met outside work for football on a Sunday. Dan knew Rob was gay but it never bothered him. “Each to his own” he used to say. Rob never had the guts to tell Dan he fancied him.

“The IPA’s gone, I’ll just go change the barrel.” Dan said as he disappeared down the stairs to the cellar. He was fumbling around with the barrels when he backed into something. It was Rob.

“I’m sorry, I thought I would give you a hand”

“Thanks” Although there was a strange tone in his voice. He wondered why he was down there, but just shrugged it off. “Busy up there?”

“Not at the moment” He bent down and grabbed the other end of one of the barrels as they both moved it out of the way. “We are going to have to come down and sort this place out a little later”

“OK” They both went to walk back up to the bar when Rob reached out and stopped Dan. He turned round and Rob reached forwards and kissed him. Dan pulled away in shook but stood there. Rob reached forwards again and kissed him, pushing his tongue in his mouth. Dan could not believe what he was doing, he was letting another man kiss him, but he was not gay, so what was he doing then enjoying it?

Rob stopped and walked briskly up the stairs to the bar and started serving the waiting customers. Dan gathered his thoughts and hurried up stairs to where he knew he was needed.

Towards the end of the evening it got busier and Rob and Dan did not have much time to talk. There were looks and stairs and Dan could not get out of his head that he had just been kissed by a man. He was intrigued and was actually turned on by the thought. Rob was not making matters any easier and kept standing close behind Dan and moving close behind him.

At the end of the evening Dan stayed behind to clear up while Rob cashed up.

“Are you going to help me down stairs?” Rob asked, Dan just looked at him.

They both walked down in to the cellar and both kind of knew that not much work was going to get done.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing” He said as he kissed him again, “Tell me to stop if you want I just want to give you pleasure” He couldn’t argue with that.

Dan was an open-minded person and very laid back. He never thought about sex with another man, then again he was intrigued about the whole idea of homosexuality, only he never saw it happening to him. He liked Rob, they had a laugh together and although he knew he was gay, he felt at ease with him and not threatened.

Rob was a skilled kisser, seductive and sensuous, there was not that delicateness as with a girl but more of a manly passion that he loved. Rob was rubbing his hands over Dan’s body and head. He began to get a hard on and was loosing it to his feeling well up inside of him. He needed the release and Rob was about to give it to him.

Rob knelt down in front of him and took out his cock. He was erect and had a little juice oozing from the end of his gland. He took him into his mouth and glided his cock in as far as he could. He was massaging his cock with his tongue and Dan was in heaven. He liked being sucked by a woman but this was different. Rob knew what to do and being a man knew how he felt.

He was sucking hard and gliding his tongue all over Dan’s cock, paying particular attention to the ruby head. Dan was just laying back enjoying it and letting the electricity flow all over his body. His mind was lost. He was just feeling. Dan would not stop and let Rob guide him to the rhythm that he wanted. Soon it was too much and Dan could feel his orgasm start. He whispered that he was coming and Rob gave one last deep throat, sucked and swallowed all that he could.

There was that moment of awkward silence and calm, but pleasant relaxing feeling. Rob swallowed the last of Dan’s juices and sat back. Dan was slightly shocked but felt good. His whole life he never thought he would let another man touch him, let alone bring him to orgasm, and now it had happened and he quite liked the idea. Did this mean he was bisexual? He didn’t want to think so but another man had given him one of the best blowjobs he has ever had.

He looked at Rob and they kissed...

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