Titus would then push forward, raising my ass off of the table, assuring the perfect angle and slide all the way back in, his pendulous balls slamming into me.

I don't know how long we fucked and I didn't care. I was in ecstasy in the skilled hands of my black lover.

After what could have been a hour, time was no longer important to me, Titus increased his speed and his breathing changed. I could tell he was close to cumming. He was grunting in some primal language I couldn't comprehend. He slammed into my body and his cock erupted. It spasmed inside me, showering my insides with cum. Blast after blast unloaded into my ass. I squeezed and pulled at his shaft with my ass muscles but they were spent.

Besides, Titus didn't need any help from me.

He collapsed forward onto me, his cock slipping free. I suddenly felt empty and wished him back inside me. He kissed me hard, our bodies melting together. The contrast of out bodies, our colors, soaked in sweat, was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I kissed his neck and then back to his lush lips. He stood, pulling me to him and we headed towards the showers once again.

Titus turned on several shower heads and steam soon filled the large tiled room.

He turned me so that I faced the tile wall. I could feel the water pounding onto my electric skin. Titus' thick cum oozed from my well-stretched ass and down my legs, swirling away down the drain at our feet. He soaped my body gently.

Pressing back into me, his cock stirring once again.

I spread my legs, telling him I wanted him inside me again and with a push forward, Titus' cock slid in all the way.

As the water beat down on us, Titus fucked me slow and hard. His cock stroking my insides and then pulling almost completely out and then driving forward again. His hand found my cock and he pumped it with one strong hand while the other played with my little hard nipples. His cock found my prostate and triggered an incredible orgasm. I exploded onto the shower wall and grunted like an animal.

Titus bent me forward slightly and spanked my ass hard. Each cheek received numerous hard slaps and I squealed like a prom queen losing her cherry.

I shouted at him to spank me and fuck me and whatever he wanted to do to me.

Titus responded by slamming into my ass hard and exploding inside me. His body pressed into mine and I knew he was buried inside me as far as he could go.

He bit my neck, marking me as his, and kissed me between my shoulder blades. I could feel his heart beating. I could hear his breathing slowing and I knew he would be pulling out of me and I grew sad.

I told him to stay inside me just a little longer. I was amazed at how much a cock whore I had become. Titus softened and his cock slipped out of me. Once again my ass felt empty but I was done, and so it seems was Titus. He stepped away from me and under a shower head.

His eyes were closed but he was smiling. I limped to the soap dispenser and put a generous amount on my palm and walked over to my lover.

I bathed him gently from head to toe. Once again I found myself turned on by the contrast of our skin color. My hands traveled across his muscular body, covering every inch, feeling every muscle twitch under my touch.

I washed his cock, pulling the skin off the head and bathing his balls, amazed to feel how heavy they still were. I got behind him and soaped his broad shoulders, down his powerful back to his narrow waist. I spent several minutes washing his magnificent ass, feeling how strong and powerful it was. When I was done, Titus kissed me once again and rinsed under the shower head. Then he returned the favor, bathing me from head to toe, making sure to be extra careful with my well-fucked ass. He kissed my cheeks and slid in behind me. Just when I thought he would slide in back for one last ride, he spanked my ass.

I squealed and he laughed, taking my hand and leading me to our lockers.

We kissed one last time before we dried ourselves and dressed.

We made our way through the dark gym and walked out into the night. The rain had stopped and the world looked fresh and new.

Titus walked me to my car and before I got inside and sat down behind the wheel he took me in his arms, pulled me to him and kissed me, both hands gripping my ass.

"His ass," I told myself. "It's his ass now. And that is fine with me. Better than fine, actually."

I watched Titus climb into his truck in my rear view mirror and drive away. We had planned to meet at a bar just a few miles away. Before he walked away he invited me back to his place afterwards to spend the night. He told me that he wanted to wake up next to me and slide his cock into me and fuck me over and over.

I could only nod 'yes.'

He told me there was no pressure. It was just an idea. I told him I would love to but I needed to stop by my place and pick up some clothes. He grinned and said with a gleam in his eyes that for what he had planned, clothes weren't exactly necessary.

As I pulled out of my parking space I noticed the sign above the entrance to the gym.

IRON WORKS. Pushing Your Body To A New Level.

You can say that again.

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