Punish Me


Stepping back he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her around so that she was kneeling before him. His hardened cock tented his slacks obviously and he guided her tear streaked face to rub against him. Gail felt her son's arousal pressing against her cheek, a moan escaping her lips as he forced himself against her.

Grabbing his mother by the chin, Daniel lifted her face up so that she was looking at him. With his free hand he pulled down his zipper and freed his cock. Gail's eyes blazed beneath him and then he leaned back so that his cock was angling up to her face. The hot flesh pressed against her lips and she shot him a defiant look before her tongue slipped out and gave him a tentative suck.

Gail closed her eyes and allowed an inch to enter her mouth, her tongue circling around the crown of her son's cock, wetting it with her saliva. She gave a slow suck as a primal moan escaped her throat, the vibrating cascading to her son's nervous system. Daniel watched as his mother paid homage to his sex organ, her tender kisses and ministrations bringing him pleasure as she made her penance.

His hips began to rock back and forth and soon Gail was accepting nearly the entire length of his cock into her mouth, the tip brushing against the back of her throat. Daniel watched as his mother blew him. The knowledge that it was his mother's mouth on his cock made him grow longer and harder.

"Oh mom," he whispered. "Suck my cock." Gail's pussy gushed anew at her son's words. The nastiness of what she was doing was fueling her desire and it was flowing out freely of her overheated pussy. Daniel's hands slid down to cradle her face as he fucked her mouth at his own pace. She tasted a glob of precum that poured out of the slit at the top of his penis and she craved the full load.

Daniel pulled out of her mouth with a plop, Gail whimpering as her lollipop was taken from her. He pulled at her top, unbuttoning her shirt as best he could. Pulling her blazer off quickly, Gail helped his shaking fingers to remove her top. Daniel's mouth watered as his mother's breasts came into view. The heavy orbs in the sexy bra called to him and he ducked down to suck her hardened nipples into his mouth.

"Oh baby," Gail squealed with delight as her son devoured her tits with his mouth and groping hands. He pressed her fleshy bags together and pushed his face deep into the humid cleavage. Gail unhooked the bra and pulled it off as best she could between his groping and suckling.

Daniel let go of her and stood up, quickly stripping off his shirt and slacks. When he was naked he climbed back onto the bed, straddling his mother's chest.

"I'm gonna fuck your titties, mom," he announced. Gail moaned in delight and pressed her tits together. Daniel slipped his cock into the milky flesh she provided and began to stroke deeply. When the tip of his cock popped out of the top she extended her tongue and licked the tip.

"Oh baby, fuck momma's titties. Fuck my tits, son. Give momma a nice big load of cum," she encouraged him, using her sexiest voice. Daniel's intense gaze bore into his mother, his pent up desire breaking forth and running rampant like a wild bull. His strokes became stronger until he was slamming his cock into her 'tit pussy'.

They could feel his orgasm approaching and when it finally burst through Gail was shocked by the force as the cum blasted her neck, chin and face. Daniel howled as he covered his mother with his load. She stroked out the last drops of his seed onto her waiting tongue. Sitting back, gasping for breath, he watched as she scooped up the strings of jizz from her face and pushed it into her mouth.

Sliding off to the side Daniel pulled his mother over until she was laying on her side, her backside pressing up against his still semi-erect cock. His fingers slid into her syrup coated cunt, pulling hard against her inflamed clit. Thrusting his fingers into her pussy he began to work them back and forth roughly. Gail gasped as his finger fucking worked her into a frenzy, the rough feel of his touch setting her skin on fire.

"Oh god baby, I've been bad. Punish me, punish me," she chanted as her son's hand assaulted her deliciously. Grasping his forearm, she held on to him as she rolled her hips, undulating on his digits. Clasping her thighs around his hand she ground her clit upon his hand, feeling squirts coating her thighs and the bedspread.

Pushing her onto her side, Daniel shifted so that he was kneeling behind her. He kept up his stroking of his mother's super soaked pussy and then he brought his free hand down upon her ass in a stinging slap. Gail's eyes opened wide in pain and pleasure and then shut tightly as she felt another swat coming down upon her.

Gail's ass bloomed in pain while her pussy was gushing freely as the ecstasy built steadily. The punishment combined with the sensation of her son frigging her pussy was sending her overloaded brain into a haze as the waves of orgasms began to wash over her.

Daniel stopped, his mother was quivering and her unseeing eyes were staring blankly at the wall. The flow of sticky nectar from her abused pussy covered his hand and he pulled it from the grasp of her thighs. With a shudder Gail blinked and turned to look at her son, lust still evident upon her face.

"You're not done with me," Gail announced. Daniel looked at her questioningly. She rolled over onto her stomach and then pulled her knees up under her body until she was prone with her ass in the air. Gail looked at her son steadily as she pulled her cheeks apart, slipping the tip of her index finger into the brown crinkle of her asshole.

Daniel watched his mother finger her ass as his cock quickly regained its former stiffness. He looked back at her face to see her gazing at him intently and then she closed her eyes in submission. Moving behind her he stroked his hardened penis and then pried apart her sticky pussy lips, pressing himself into her honey filled cunt.

Gail whimpered as he took her without a thought, sliding as far as he could reach into her body, wetting himself with her desire. She felt his hand grasp her hair and pull turning her face to the side. Daniel slid two fingers in her mouth and she sucked on them noisily until he pulled them free and brought the glob of spit out and wiped it on her asshole. Pressing forward Daniel smiled as his mother's whimpers filled the room as he pressed his finger into her brown ring. The first knuckle sank into her body causing Gail to gasp with excitement and pain.

"Hope you're ready mom," Daniel whispered, pulling his cock out of her cunt and then resting the sticky head where his finger disappeared into her rectum. Pulling her open with his finger he pushed his cock forward, straining until the crown popped in.

"Oww!" Gail cried out and then began huffing quickly, trying to relax enough to ease the pain of her son's invasion. "Too dry," she hissed as Daniel tried to push forward. Pulling out as much as he could without slipping out of her anus he spit on his cock and worked the saliva into her opening. Once again he pushed his cock into his mother's ass.

Gail braced herself against the pounding her son was giving her. The pain, the pleasure, the delirious knowledge that she was committing two of the greatest taboo's she had ever known, all combined to allow her to endure the ass fucking she was receiving. Cunt cream poured out in a steady flow as her fingers plunged deep into her unfucked pussy.

"So big, so big in momma's ass," she cried out between thrusts. She felt her son's cock grow ever larger, harder within her bowels. "Fuck my ass, baby. Fuck momma's ass. Punish me."

Sweat poured off Daniel's body despite the frigid air conditioning. He concentrated on his mother's rippling ass cheeks as he sank his cock over and over into her gaping asshole. The feel of her body gripping his sensitive flesh was rapidly becoming overpowering and he could no longer control the impending orgasm.

"Cum in my ass!" Gail screamed, the bedspread muffling her cries as she bit down. She could feel the molten jizz spraying inside her ass, liquid heat oozing out between the seal of her sphincter and his flesh. Daniel's mouth hung open silently as he scrunched his face in concentration, etching the feeling of cumming in his mother's ass into his soul.

At last his softened cock slipped out of her, a trail of white ooze spilling out as she turned to her side. Daniel looked down at his mother, the wanton desire in her eyes replaced with contentment and peace.

"Thank you," she said sweetly, pulling the bedspread over her exposed breasts.

The next day in the reception line Don shook Daniel's hand tightly, slapping him on the back. "Your mom is one special lady. I'm gonna take good care of her," Don promised.

Daniel smiled and gave his new step father a warm hug. Moving over a step he faced his mother and gave her a broad smile. Leaning in to hug her he shot a quick glance down at the milky cleavage that was on display in her wedding dress.

"And when you feel that urge to be a bad girl, you come to me so that you don't piss off your new husband," Daniel whispered into his mother's ear. "Your son will always be there to give you the punishment you need."

Gail kissed her son softly on the cheek, confident that this marriage would succeed now that she understood what she had been missing for so long. And where to get it.

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