tagErotic HorrorPunish Me with Ecstasy

Punish Me with Ecstasy


A big thank you to persona for editing my work again. :)

Dark tales for the darkest of minds This story takes place in a world where demons and sometimes angels walk side by side with humans. Welcome to the Incubus house where pleasure is inevitable. That is if you survive the night.


"Help!" Coven Witch Angara yelled at the top of her lungs. Her heart was racing as she pulled and tugged at the chains that bound her . . . To what . . . She did not know. All she knew was that she was naked in a blacked out room. Barely able to see her hands in front of her face. The smell of dry ice and metal hit her nose, making her teeth clench with the cold air that sat around her. How she got here, she had no idea, but she needed to find a way out.

Getting to her feet, Angara started to pull at the heavy chains that bit into her skin and lay on the icy cold floor, the only sound was her breathing and metal hitting metal, a sound that died off so quickly that it sent a shiver of fear down her spine. The fear that had once consumed her was now a dying need to escape. Angara was NOT the kind of person to give up easily, and she'd be damned if she died in some dark abyss. "Come on!!! God, Break damn you!!!"

Angara prayed silently to herself asking the dark goddess to gift her with the power to vanquish her enemy and all who follow them.. . . Just like she had done to the bullies on her street, who liked to throw glass bottles at the skinny witch girl. Just like she had done to her older brother, who liked to touch his little sister when no one was looking. She would get out of this alive, and this would be just another one of the moments she looked back on to give her strength.

Pulling and tugging the chains once more before she gave up, Angara let the chains fall to the floor as she slowly turned around. Right at the edge of darkness stood a man . . . No.... Not a man, a demon but not just any demon, an Incubus.

Angara took in a sharp breath of icy air at the beautiful horror, his true form bringing blood red tears to her eyes. Most Incubus had dark gray skin, yet his skin was lighter, more silver, the sensitive ball that sat at the end of his long thin tail was fatter too and his brown eyes were almost gold. His hair was a deep purple that was so dark it could almost pass for black. If she had been a witch of light magic, who knew what would have happened to her from just looking at him.

Her body was awakening in every way to his need, her skin grew tight and sensitive, her nipples hard and tender as her pussy became a soft inferno of wet heat. On instinct alone her legs and thighs part impatiently awaiting his dominating touch. A touch she knew she should fight but found herself wanting more and more to give in to. It was a sexual energy the Incubus gave off, a energy she could feel from where she stood, chained and at his mercy.

But then Angara had all ways been told that demons have no mercy, just a need to deliver justice of a wrong doing. Their kind of justice was that of a painful kind, the unforgiving kind.

But what had she done to be taken before her given time. . . Before her death, what had she done that made her stand out of her coven. They were all the real monsters . . . Not her. She did only what was needed to live in this world, nothing more, nothing less . . . Sure, she used her powers for laughs and giggles but who hadn't. Not all of them ended with death.

So why was she being picked on?

She was as good a dark witch as it could get. You couldn't find better.

"It is time Angara," The demon said, the shadows holding his powerful body close like a lover of old. No words could rightly paint his essence, a wonder of darkness that light could not touch.

His aura wrapped around her, held her, and strangled her . . . It was a sweet embrace of death. A death she wanted . . . Needed.

No wait that's not what she need, she need . . . She need him. Naked bodies.... Rubbing, mixing, making the beast with two backs, she wanted it all yet nothing to do with it. Because she knew it was not real . . . That this lust was pushed upon her.

This creature in front of her was death, someone she had walked hand in hand with at one time, but now he stood against her. She could see him watching her with cold dead eyes. Where souls screamed, and yet all her pleasure seemed to lie. His passion would be her end and Angara wonder how long she would be able to fight it.

"NO!! I'm not evil!You can't do this, I did nothing . . . Nothing!"

A laugh so far from human that it had to be demonic cursed her ears. "You don't remember what you did to me do you?"

As if his words were the command, her chains move above her head. Angara gave a scream as she was pulled onto the tip of her toes. From the darkness, two more chains came out like snakes wrapping around her ankles and pulling her legs apart.

Out of the darkness the demon walked closer, his bigger than human cock sat heavy and ready, putting her in the mind of a soft pearl too big for two hands to grip. He walked around her, coming in and out of her vision. Fire heated her body and hardened her nipples until it was almost painful. The wet blaze of sweet heat that was her pussy ached and throbbed for a touch she could not give.

"Damn you!" Angara cried out as sexual heat pushed at her every cell, making her mind fog as if looking through a dirty mirror. Finally the Demon stopped in front of her, his eyes going dark like a swirling black hole. "I am your master now, do you understand?"

"Go back to hell, you monster!" She spit at him, letting her lust feed her anger at the cold hearted beast.

Lightly, ever so lightly, the demon moved his tail up her leg making her suck in a quick breath of surprise and pleasure. Her pussy grew tight with excitement, almost dripping with its need to be touched and penetrated. Right when the ball tip of his tail almost touched her hungry cunt, the demon moved his tail away, making her cry in frustration and fury

"Fuck you!"

The demon's face grew hard as he answered her. "Your master did not tell you to speak." His hand smacked her ass, making her jump and hiss from the hard hit. Again he hit her, she was not only sure it would leave a red mark but would be painful to the touch.

With a dark chuckle of enjoyment, he rubbed his hand around her hips and across her belly. She could feel his breath next to her ear as he spoke making her shiver and bite back a moan. "You will give yourself to me, body and soul little witch wither you like it. . ." His hand moved lower caressing her clit with two finger, making her suck in a soft moan of pleasure. ". . . Or not." With one hard move he smacked down hard on her pussy, making a sharp pain that twisted purely with pleasure, shoot through her body. Making her jump and pull away as he smacked harder and harder, each hit sending shock wave after shock wave through her body.

"Ask for more." he demanded on a deep grumble of power.

"No" she barely got out.

Angara could feel his amusement as he moved his hand away from her pussy and once again brought it down against her ass. His farm hand against her soft ass making her jump and groan from the painful delight he gave her. This time gripping her ass, as he used his middle finger to lightly touch the opening of her pussy, He lightly rubbed his finger up and down her pussy, never entering her only teasing her as he rolled her clit slowly then moved away. Making Angara moaned as she tried to pushed her ass closer to him. With a grumble of displeasure the Incubus moved his hand away and smacked her little red ass again, making her cry out with need, for his touch as he moved away.

The smacks to her ass stung so good, she could still feel his hand there long after he had stopped. Again he walked out of her vision, as she squirmed in need.

"Ah!" two hands eased their way up her thighs, his nails digging into her skin making her cry out in pain. Her body was awaking to his touch like no others, played her body till it made sweet music for him and him alone.

The ball of his tail slid in front of her and began to lightly rub her clit sending a jolt of pleasure with every sharp pain he gave. If she hadn't already been on her toes Angara knew she would have been rocking in to him.

"Do you remember what you did to me now slave . . . Hmm?" His fingers dug deeper into her skin as the ball of his tail vibrated against her clit, more powerful than any play toy she had ever had. Angara threw back her head and moaned, her whole body tightening before giving herself completely over to him. Letting the pleasure run through like a rush of water as she bit her lip to stop the scream when he hit just the right spot.

When he knew she was about to cum he stopped. Angara shouted and struggled against her chains, needing him to finish what he started.


The chains became heavy, making her fall to her hands and knees. Pain shot up her body but so did pleasure.

"I am going to fuck you until you remember what you did. And when I'm done, not only will you beg for forgiveness, you'll suck my dick as you're doing it."


The Senates

Here she was on her hands and knees . . . Like she should be . . . Her body not ready for him, not how he need her body to be. He needed her wetter and wilder than this, he needed her to give herself over to him completely.

Her backside was smooth and looked beautiful, the small tattoo of the five pointed star sat just under her neck right against her spine. It made his cock pulsate with the need to run his tongue over the lovely dark magic symbol. Bending over her soft willing form, the demon lifted Angara's leg, revealing her steaming pussy. It called out to him, and he was all too willing to reply. "Your master is hungry. Do you want to feed me slave? . . . Hmm? I don't understand when you don't speak up . . . Say it, say it out loud."

As if an arrow were shooting from her mouth, Angara bellowed out. "Yes I want to feed you."

Giving a soft smile to himself the demon blew hot air on her little pussy, making her body tighten as little sensations came from her cunt. "And what will you feed me, baby." Slowly licking his lips, his hunger growing stronger.

"Pussy, I want to feed you my pussy."

Her pussy flexed as she tried to move it closer to his face, but he held back prolonging her suffering, enjoying it.

But not even he could hold himself back from her wet ecstasy, as the sweet smell of her desire moved over him. With a slow ease to him, the demon ran his tongue from her clit to the tip of her ass, she tasted of dark magic and lust, his favorite.

Angara let out a low sigh of pleasure as she felt the wet tongue slide into her pussy, this time making wave after wave of shivering pleasure hit her whole body as he fucked her slowly with his pink tongue. Faster and faster he went, his lips sucking hard on her sensitive clit, making her jump with surprise, as he added a finger with his tongue. Using his thumb to roll her clit, the demon pumped her tight little pussy hole harder, adding one more fingers as her hungry heat became wild. Her head flew back in overfilling enchantment as she became pure pleasure in his strong arms, a being without thought.

"Are you ready for your master slave?"

Her hands were shaky, and her mouth opened to answer yet nothing came out, he loved and despised it.

"Answer your master."

As if gasping for air, Angara cried. "Yes, yes master fuck me, do me now!" He quickly moved to her opening, then pushing his hard cock into her soft welcoming pussy. Her head fell to the cold ground as she felt the bigger than normal cock enter her from behind. A Soft cry escaped her as he pushed deeper. Her inner walls, closing in around him and making her moan and bite her bottom lip.

He wasn't completely in her, but she already felt full, not knowing if she could take any more. Angara started to move away from him, her pleasurable moans slowly becoming more painful. Not ready to let her go, the demon grabbed her by the hair and forced her back to his chest as he sat up, his cock going deeper. She gave another cry, tears burning her eyes.

"Ah how tight and small you are." His laugh was a demonic chill of ice that poured over her as he spoke. "I'm going to enjoy opening this pussy up."

Again he pushed deeper until there was nothing but his balls that laid outside her body. She whimpered from the pain of his monstrous cock, screeching and pulling her apart. Gasps of air left her as he drew out and then heaved back in. It was a lovely sound to his ears, her painful pleasure echoing around them, moving them into their own dominion.

"You like that it hurts you. You like that your master gets pleasure from it . . . Oh . . . My little slutty slave."

Clawing and moaning at the ground, Angara moved into his every thrust, her body rising higher with waves of pleasure he sent into her body with each blow he gave. His hand gripped the back of her head, tightly pulling her up higher so that they were upright on their knees his hand across her chest gripping her nipples. Angara moaned at the new angle, making him go even deeper into her cunt. The demon's tail slid in front of her and vibrated on her clit.

Angara had never felt so much pleasure in her life. Never had a man surrounded her like he did. He was everywhere: hand painfully in her hair, his other hand feeling on her breast pleasantly. He was too many places to name, her body a overloading mask of pleasure.

Angara came with a silent scream letting the pleasure shatter her body and reform her mind, into nothing more then a moment of utter dark lust. Her hands digging into his arms as her life's energy left her body and entered his. Instantly she became sleepy, her eyes beginning to close. She was dying and she knew it. She always knew but that did not stop the satisfaction from covering her face as her soul slowly walked from her body.

"Oh no, no, no you're not going anywhere. You are now my slave." Reaching out with cold fingers, the demon took hold of her soul and he put it back into her body. Angara screamed, her body in excruciating pain. She could feel but she could not see or hear. It was even hard to think. Why was this happening? How was this happening?

Then just when she thought she would go mad from the pain, the taste of blood filled her mouth, stopping the pain and making it easier to think, see, and hear. The demon was standing over her now, her chains gone. The smile that played on his face sent shivers up her spine, as his cock sat up in front of her face.

"Tell me how do dark witches get more power." His unworldly power showed through his voice now. Undoing her mind and soul.

Without even thinking twice about disobeying him, Angara answered: "By taking it from a demon in a circle of salt."

"And how many have you taken."

Tears filled her eyes as she answered, "four."

That smile on his face somehow grew darker, his cock pushing its way into her mouth and making her take his thrust as his hand moved in her hair. His nails dug into her scalp making her look up into his glowing red eyes. "Yes and you took my power and I have taken it back . . . I have made you my soul slave. A soul slave cannot leave its body to pass to the afterlife, and it needs the blood of the demon that controls it. The only way out is if the demon dies or willingly releases them, which they never do."

"Now beg your master for forgiveness." He pumped harder into her soft little mouth, not once did her body refuse him. The sound of her muffled pleas rang beautifully in his ear. After Lucifer climaxed he took his new toy down to hell where she would repay the power she took from his demons for four years.

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