tagIncest/TabooPunished as a Family

Punished as a Family


I stand in the kitchen, making supper, with our 18 year old daughter Kimmy. I hear the front door open and you walk in from work. From the foyer you yell "Sarah! Kimmy! Get over here!" We rush to the door to see you standing there, furious. "I thought I told you two I wanted you here, to greet me when I got home from work every day."

"I'm sorry sir. We were making dinner." I look down at the ground. "I lost track of time."

"That's no excuse Sarah! Get in the bedroom, both of you!"

I take Kimmy by the hand and we walk to the bedroom. "Are we in trouble mom?" she asks.

"Baby, just do what he says. Just like you always do." We stand beside the bed and wait to be told what to do.

You sit on the edge of the bed and look us up and down. "Strip. Now."

Kimmy looks at me and I nod. She pulls the straps of her pink sundress down and lets it fall to the ground, stepping out of it. Her young, pale body nearly naked now. Long blond hair falling just below her shoulders. Big blue eyes staring at you. She pulls her white panties down and steps out of them as well. Slightly embarrassed by her nakedness and tries to cover up a little, crossing her arms. You look her up and down slowly and nod in approval. I pull my shirt up over my head and undo my red, lacy bra. I let it fall off my firm breasts and to the ground. I unbutton my skinny jeans and shimmy out of them and my thong, which matches my bra. I take my hair out of its pony tail and shake my long brown hair. I can see the bulge in your pants start to rise. I smirk knowing this is turning you on.

"I'll teach you to not greet me at the door. Get over here Kimmy." You pull her by the wrist and lay her across your lap. She grunts as you spank her ass red. "Now you." You say as you point at me. I walk over and lay across your lap. My titts jiggle as you spank me hard. My pussy starts to get wet at the excitement. Our daughter watches as you punish me. You push me off your lap and on to the floor. You stand up and pull your shirt over your head, and slip off your pants and boxers, exposing your already hard cock. You lay on your back on the bed. "Slut, you better not leave me waiting much longer. Get on this."

"Yes sir." I climb on the bed and straddle your cock. Taking your cock slowly. You grab my hips and ram your cock into me. I moan loudly.

"Babygirl, get over here and let me taste your sweetness." You pull Kimmy onto you.

"Yes daddy." She straddles your face, letting her daddy eat her out. Licking and sucking her young clit and virgin hole. Testing her sweet juices while I still ride your cock hard. I watch you and our daughter and get even more turned on. I start to moan more and more as I feel myself getting close.

You push Kimmy off of you. "This isn't about you, bitch! You're not cumming before me!" You push me off your cock and onto the floor. "Baby girl, show your mother how good you've gotten at making me cum." She gets off the bed and kneels between your legs. She grabs your cock in one hand and takes your cock in her mouth. Very juvenilely she sucks on your cock, up and down. It looks even bigger in her small hands, and she can't even get half of it in her mouth. You put your hand on her head and push down, making her gag. I walk over and kneel beside her. I run my hand down her back and caress her ass. She takes your cock out of her mouth and I take it from her. We take turns sucking you off until you're about to cum.

"Cum on your little sluts, daddy." I say as we look up at you. You pull your cock out of your daughter's mouth and cum all over our face's and chests. We gladly accept it. You cock slap us in the face, hard.

"That'll teach you. You'll meet me at the door tomorrow, wont you?"

"Yes sir." We say in unison.

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by spoiler22m11/09/17

needs a little work but not as bad as the others said

This is just a little bit of constructive criticism. First let me say it was a good premise. I liked the aggressiveness of the dad and your attempt at treating his daughter like the submissive slut thatmore...

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