tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 05

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 05


My Parents in Law thought it would be good therapy for me if I put pen to paper and recount some more of the humiliation and punishment I have received at their hands. Good for the soul, they said. As if I need to write it down. The images are firmly embedded in my memory bank. And probably on my backside as well.

Well, let me continue. Firstly, my darling Michael did arrive home on the Monday as planned, and seemed none the wiser for the humiliation and punishment I had received from his parents, Ben and Jane. In fact he was clearly impressed with the amount of time I had spent with them over the weekend.

"Given how well you are getting on with my parents is a great relief to me," Michael commented, "I can relax while I am away knowing you are in good hands."

If only he knew what parts of my anatomy were receiving their 'good hands'.

Over the next week or so Michael and I visited his parents a number of times. Initially I was nervous inside their house. I kept getting distracted by flashback images of standing naked in my corner, or going over the lap of Jane or Ben. It had been an unreal experience that one does not easily erase from one's mind. However I soon relaxed as Ben and Jane behaved as if nothing had happened, and in fact went overboard to make me feel comfortable.

Almost two weeks had passed since that fateful weekend. It was a Thursday morning and I had not been at work long when I answered the phone. I was surprised to find it was Jane ringing me, as she had never contacted me at work before.

"Ben and I are expecting you for lunch. 12.30 sharp. Do not be late." It was clearly a command from Jane, not an invitation. "And tell your boss you are likely to be late back after lunch."

"Jane, I cannot do that," I pleaded, " My boss would be far from impressed."

"You may find him surprisingly agreeable," was Jane's response before promptly hanging up, leaving me dumbfounded. For a long while I held the phone to my ear, playing the conversation back over in my mind. Trying to make sense of it all. But like so much of my recent contact with my Parents in Law, it made no sense at all. Why the sudden lunch invitation? Was I to be punished? What had I done? Why not wait until after work? Why risk me getting into further trouble with my boss, especially as I had missed a day's work two weeks ago and my boss was clearly unimpressed with how late I had phoned up to advise him I would not be in.

My boss, Geoff Swift, is a University graduate who only joined the Company three months ago. I would guess his age at 21 or 22 years old. I am employed as his Research Analyst. To be honest I had applied for his role as I have been with this company for over three years and thought I had the necessary experience. I was hurt when they employed this young graduate instead. To make matters worse he was very good looking and it was sickening to see many of the women in the company making passes at him. As you may have well gathered, I am not a great fan of 'Mr Good Looking, Smarty Pants, Geoffrey Swift'. However I very much value my job, therefore are very careful not to get on the wrong side of my boss, despite my dislike of him.

For the next two hours I tried to focus on my work, but a maddening debate was swirling around in my head. I did not want to ask my boss for time off for a long lunch, but I also feared the consequences of letting down my Parents in Law. I did not know why Jane had phoned me out of the blue to request I be present for lunch, but I rationalised it must be important.

Finally I plucked up the courage to go into Geoff Swift's office. He was busy reading a report and I waited like a nervous child until he glanced up at me and raised one eyebrow in an enquiring manner. So bloody smug, I thought. I tried to sound confident as I asked for an extended lunch break

"And may I ask why?"

Why? Why? Bloody hell, I hadn't thought of why.

" I have a Doctor's appointment," I stammered. "Womanly problems," I added stupidly, hoping that would shut him up.

I was staggered when his response was a very big smile. "Take as long as you need to sort out your little problem."

The rest of the morning dragged by, minute by minute. At one point I glanced over at Geoff's office and he gave me a friendly little wave. I pretended I had not noticed him, and returned my attention to my computer screen that I had been staring at blankly for most of the morning. Is that little bastard trying to hit on me, I wondered, with him suddenly being all friendly towards me?

Finally it was midday, and although it was only a 15-minute drive to my Parents in Law's house I did not want to take any risks of being late. I had already suffered the consequences of being late, and I so wanted to impress my Parents in Law that I was well on the road to being the perfect Daughter in Law.

Not surprisingly I arrived at their house early so did my little trick of driving around the block a couple of times until it was almost 12.30 p.m. With some satisfaction I rang the doorbell at 12.29 p.m. Jane answered immediately and greeted me with a warm hug, which was repeated by Ben when I entered the house. I tried to act normal, but as you can well imagine I was confused as to why I was there. Surely they would not think of humiliating me and punishing me in the middle of my working day.

If Jane and Ben could see the confusion on my face they were ignoring it. The three of us made small talk while Jane continued to prepare lunch. Like the dutiful Daughter in Law I offered to help and was given the task of setting the table. Alarm bells rang in my head when Jane asked me to set the table for four persons. Visions of the humiliating John and Debbie incident flashed before my eyes, but I tried to blank them out. I was about to enquire whom the fourth person was going to be when the front door bell rang.

Ben answered the door and I heard him greeting a male visitor. I returned to my task of setting the table, and tried to hide my curiosity.

I just about dropped a plate on the floor when I heard a familiar voice greet me.

"Well, hello there Kym. What a surprise."

I swung around in terror and came face to face with......yes, you guessed it. My boss, Geoff Swift, looking all dapper in his designer jacket and trousers. My mouth hung open and I swear my heart stopped beating for several seconds.

"But....but...," was all I could muster. I looked to Ben and Jane for some sort of explanation. For what seemed an eternity Ben and Jane just stared back at me, smiling, and obviously not in a hurry to elaborate on why my boss was standing in the dining room of my Parents in Law.

"Lunch is ready. Be seated," Jane chanted, clearly not about to give any sort of explanation.

As I took my seat at the table I gave a pleading look at Ben, searching for answers. He shrugged his shoulders as if to say, 'Life is just full of its little surprises, isn't it.' That is for sure.

Geoff and my Parents in Law made polite conversation as the salad lunch was consumed. I remained silent, and deliberately focused on chasing my food around the plate. Somehow my appetite had waned. I could tell from the conversation that Geoff was a stranger to Ben and Jane, which only served to increase my apprehension.

"Sorry you are not well today, Kym," Geoff had turned his attention to me.

I looked back at him confused

"The Doctor," he smiled, "Womanly problem."

Suddenly I remembered my lame excuse, and flushed with embarrassment.

"Doctor? Womanly problems? What on earth are you two on about," Ben enquired.

"Little private joke," Geoff responded, looking very much like the cat that had just got the cream.

As we finished our lunch I began to sense an air of anticipation at the table. I suddenly felt like the sacrificial lamb being thrown to the lions. I couldn't help but slump down in my chair in a futile attempt to be insignificant.

"Sit up, Kym," my Mother in Law commanded.

"Yes, Ma'am", I obeyed without hesitation, feeling so embarrassed that I was being spoken to like a child in front of my boss.

"The time you got rotten drunk you missed a whole day off work, it that not correct"' Jane continued to address me.

"Yes, Ma'am", I responded, even though she knew the answer to this question.

"You did not give a thought to the inconvenience you caused your boss or your fellow workers?"

"But I did not mean to sleep in, Ma'am." I did not like the way this conversation was heading one little bit, and felt compelled to defend myself.

"You are an adult. Are you not capable of getting to work on time?"

"Yes, Ma'am." My head slumped forward in abject defeat.

"Ben and I have discussed this matter with Geoff, and we have agreed you need to be punished for this behaviour."

"No! no!" was all I could mutter, absolutely mortified at the thought I could be punished in front of my boss; a young man whom I held in contempt. At that moment I was sure I would die from the humiliation if I were forced to go through with it.

" It would place a great financial burden on you and Michael if you should ever lose this job. You clearly have not put your marriage first."

I bit my lip in an attempt to starve off the tears welling in my eyes.

"But Kym, you need to understand we are going to give you the choice. Ben and I have discussed this matter and feel it should be best dealt with by you being punished. And since Geoff is the one most inconvenienced by your behaviour, it is only right that he should participate."

'Participate', my mind screamed out, but I dared not utter a word.

"By allowing yourself to be punished we can all put this matter behind us and move on with our lives like mature adults."

'Mature adults?' I mentally questioned. It is easy for her to say. She is not about to have her bottom bared for a spanking.

"Whilst we sincerely believe the punish will help make you a better Daughter in Law, we will not force you to participate. You can choose to leave and we promise you nothing more will be said of this matter."

I sat, stunned. Yet again my Parents in Law had my mind in turmoil. A part of me wanted to race to that front door and beat a hasty retreat. But deep down I wanted to face up to what I had done. This was the new Kym. Taking responsibility. I resolved to try and negotiate a compromise

"Please, if I agree to be punished can it not be in front of Geoff," I pleaded to my Parents in Law.

I then turned to Geoff, and in the most sincere and contrite voice I could muster, addressed him, "Geoff, I am truly so sorry for my behaviour. I realise how much I must have inconvenienced you, and I promise I will never let you down again in the future. But please, I ask that you do not be present for my punishment. The humiliation would be more than I can bear. I have already suffered terrible embarrassment by having you here, and you knowing I will be punished. But please, not with you present."

"We are not going to bargain with you young lady." It was Ben who chimed in. "It is important we are the sole judges of what form the punishment should take. Make your decision now. Leave through the front door if you wish. Otherwise go to your corner and prepare."

I am glad I was sitting down as I was shaking with nerves, and I was struggling to keep down what little I had eaten of my lunch. I knew I could simply get up and walk away. But deep down I knew that was not going to happen. The big question was whether I could muster the courage.

For a long while we sat in silence, tension filling the air. They awaited my decision. Although I suspect Ben and Jane had little doubt what that decision would be. Finally, without a word or a gesture of any kind I stood, and in the most confident manner I could, walked around the corner of the dining room and into the lounge, making my way to 'my corner'.

As I began to undress I tried to blank out the consequences of what I was doing. I don't think I could comprehend the fact I was going to strip totally naked and let my young boss see the most intimate parts of my body. Then to make it worse, I was going to be punished like a naughty little child. I felt faint, and took in big gulps of air to clear my head.

Finally I was totally naked, and stood silently shaking in the corner, awaiting whatever fate was to befall me. After what seemed an eternity I heard the familiar sound of footsteps entering the room

"You know what to do next," Jane had taken command again.

I took several deep breaths, turned, and with eyes downcast walked slowly over to where the three of them were seated. For once I did not hurry past the open windows. The humiliation of walking towards my boss stark naked was unbearable. I knew my small firm breasts, with pointed nipples, would be in full view. I knew his lecherous eyes would soak up the sight of my shaved pubic area, with my vaginal lips protruding below for all to see.

I came to a halt in front of them, and without prompting assumed my position. My arms slowly lifted to place my hands on my head, elbows out, breasts thrust forward invitingly. Then the final surrender. I slide my legs wide open, exposing myself luridly to my wide-eyed boss and my smirking Parents in Law.

Nothing was said, as I stood there presenting myself. For the first time I lifted my gaze from the carpet and took in the sight of three pairs of eyes soaking up the sight of my naked body. Despite myself my body stirred, and I felt an inner warmth. It was at this precise moment that a sickening thought hit me, and I could sense myself blushing further with shame. A part of me was enjoying my humiliation. Up until know I had refused to entertain such a thought. Nobody could enjoy being shamed, humiliated, treated like a child, and then punished until they cried like a baby. But at this precise moment I knew this was not totally true.

I did not enjoy what was happening to me. The humiliation and pain I felt was very real and ego crushing. But on another emotional dimension I was experiencing a level of sexual gratification I had never felt in my whole life. My emotions were being stripped to their inner core where hidden and primal needs lurk within us. It was a realisation that was very hard to deal with.

My eyes focused briefly on Geoff's crotch. He had a raging hard on and made no attempt to conceal it

"I had no idea you were so beautiful," my boss murmured, clearly appreciative of my bold display of nakedness. "Your bald cunt is a very nice touch."

"Thank you, Sir," I responded with a mixture of embarrassment and genuine gratitude. I may not have been so appreciative if I knew what he had in store for me.

"It is time to move on to your punishment Kym," Jane addressed me. "Since Geoff is the one you offended with your behaviour, he will decide how you are going to be punished."

This was no surprise to me, but the news still hit hard. The ultimate humiliation yet again redefined for me. To be spanked by my boss who was barely in his twenties.

"I have been giving this great thought." Geoff rubbed his chin ponderously as if to emphasis the brainpower he had put into this. " I think you should both warm her up with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. I will then punish her for her disappointing attitude towards her employment."

I squeezed my eyes shut tightly at the thought of what I was about to endure.

"Furthermore," Geoff continued, "She will receive additional punishment for lying to me today about the real reason for needing to take an extended lunch break."

That was grossly unfair I felt, but knew that to speak out at this time would only make matters worse for me.

"That sounds like a very good approach to me. And a very fair punishment. Do you not agree Kym," my Mother in Law enquired.

Reluctantly I agreed, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Good girl, lets get started then."

Without further ceremony Jane pulled me over her knee, taking care to position me so my buttocks were perched at the highest point on her lap. Then her trademark spanking commenced, alternating methodically from one buttock to the next. I tried to be brave, as I did not want to appear to be a crybaby in front of my boss. You would think that with everything else that had happened this day, being a crybaby would not have been a great concern. But a lady has her pride.

I was just starting to sniffle when Jane stopped. It was shorter than her normal spanking, and she was obviously taking into account the punishment I had ahead of me. I slid off her knee and crawled to Ben. His strong arms lifted me up like a hapless rag doll. I was immediately aware of the stiffness of his penis pushing against my stomach. It increased my awareness of my own inner sexual warmth.

Ben did not punish me with the same consideration his wife had. His spanking was vigorous and prolonged. Again I tried to be brave but was soon thrashing around on his lap and kicking my legs in the air. I could only imagine the view I was affording my young boss. I cried out and begged him to stop. Finally he relented, and I slide to the floor in exhaustion, my bottom glowing.

Fortunately Geoff had enough consideration to allow me to lie there for a few minutes so I could at least make a partial recovery of sorts.

It was Jane who reached down and helped me to my feet.

"Assume your position," she requested. Wearily I obeyed, placing my hands on my head, and splaying my legs open in a very unwomanly manner. Jane walked behind me

"Wider," she commanded. I slide my feet out wider. I was mortified when I felt her hand touch my tender backside. She ran her fingernails up and down my left buttock, and then repeated the dose on the other side. She then ran a finger up and down the crack between my buttocks, each time moving closer and closer to my vagina. Her finger stopped at the edge of my pussy lips.

"Will you go wider for me," she whispered gently into my ear.

Without hesitation I opened my legs even wider, straining my inner thighs. I felt the cold air rushing into my vagina as my lips opened. Jane's finger moved to the centre of my vagina, and rested on my labia, pressing gently against my clitoris. I was breathing deeply, and I must admit it was a very intense moment.

"You are wet, aren't you my dear?" she whispered into my ear

"Yes, Ma'am", I responded, barely audible.

"Tell the others so they can hear."

I looked into the eyes of my boss and my Father in Law.

"I am wet."

Such a delicious humiliation.

I know I am an emotionally mixed up young lady, but I think I was actually disappointed when my Mother in Law removed her finger.

"I think she is ready to continue her punishment, Geoff."

Geoff needed no second invitation to take up Jane's offer. As he stood up I saw Ben hand him a small bag. Geoff removed from the bag what looked very much like a small riding crop that I had seen jockeys use on horses. A shudder went up my spine. Until now I had only been hand spanked, and that was very painful.

"Turn around and go down onto the floor on your hands and knees." He sounded like my boss handing out another work request. I obeyed, and felt extremely foolish. Like a pet dog or something. All I needed was a leash around my neck.

"Rest your head on the floor and stretch your buttocks up in the air."

With great reluctance I obeyed, knowing only too well how exposed I would be to him. No part of my vagina would be hidden from his view. Nor my anus.

"Stretch your buttocks back more," he commanded. I obeyed, arching my back.

I held my position, waiting for the punishment to commence. My senses were heightened. My nose was pushed down against the carpet and I was aware of the odour of dust and grime imbedded in its fibres. I could sense Geoff getting ready to strike the first blow, and tried to prepare myself.

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