tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 09

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 09


Fortunately it seemed they had finished humiliating me for the time being, and we all returned to the dining table to finish our meals. Two extra seats were pulled up to the table for Debbie and Rachel's parents. Gingerly I seated myself on the tissues, feeling very embarrassed as you can well imagine. Somehow I had lost my appetite. Everyone chatted away cheerfully, like one big happy family. Not surprisingly, I lacked the same joyous spirit. Instead I nervously pushed my food around the plate with my fork.

After dinner, everyone retired to the lounge and coffee was served. And of course it was my job to trot out to the kitchen and deliver the coffee to everyone. Eyes continued to burn on me with a mixture of fascination and lust. When I had delivered the last of the coffees, my Mother in Law, Jane, gestured for me to come over to her where she was seated on the sofa. She made me bend right over so she could whisper in my ear. I knew the persons behind me would get a clear view up my crutch.

"I now want you to take off your top," my Mother in Law whispered to me, in a matter of fact tone like she was requesting more sugar, "and get in position in the middle of the room. We will deal with you when we are ready."

I audibly gasped. I always found 'assuming the position' to be an ultimate humiliation, but having to do it in front of Debbie's parents, as well as young Troy and Rachel, was going to be downright ego-crushing.

Slowly I stood back upright, and looked at my Mother in Law as if I was considering her request. But we both knew there was nothing to consider. I would obey. I knew it, and my Mother in Law knew it.

I moved to the centre of the room. All conversation stopped, and I was suddenly the centre of attention again. With thick fingers I fumbled to unbutton my top, then flicked it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. People made approving comments at the sight of my totally naked body.

It took me a few moments to work up the courage to go to the next stage. I took a couple of deep breaths, and then in one quick movement I splayed my legs wide open and clasped my hands behind my head. This made a few jaws drop open, and no doubt increased the blood pressure of the males in the room, and possibly a few females. I wanted to close my eyes but knew my Mother in Law would disapprove, so settled on peering at a spot above everybody's heads.

Once the initial shock of my lurid display wore off, conversation resumed in the room. The women were discussing a TV show; the men were discussing increasing interest rates, while I did a very good imitation of an erotic statue in the middle of the lounge. I still could not help shaking my head in wonderment at how my life had dramatically changed at the hands of my Parents in Law.

After an eternity my Mother in Law placed her coffee cup on the table and gave a gentle cough. Instantly all conversation ceased.

My Mother in Law did not hold back. "Unfortunately our Daughter in Law has behaved very poorly, and I apologise for any offence her behaviour has caused. I especially regret how she lured you innocent young ones to satisfy her depraved needs."

My ears burned with shame, even though it was not the total truth.

Jane continued, "Clearly she will need to receive a severe punish tonight, and will be punished further tomorrow."

Her comments sent a shiver up my spine.

" Since she has offended all of us in this room, I think it is only fitting that she gets a spanking over the knee of everybody present."

I gasped in horror.

"Even us?" young Rachel enquired hopefully.

Jane smiled warmly. "Yes, even you young ones."

I was mortified but knew better than to protest.

Jane turned her attention back to me. "Now I want you to go to every single person, apologise for your behaviour, request a good hard spanking, and then thank them when they are finished."

I knew I was going to need every bit of my courage to get through this ordeal. I fought back the tears that were forming in my eyes. But even through all this dread and fear I could still feel the sexual tension from within my own body.

Yet again I sucked in a few deep breaths while looking around the room to decide who would be the best person to approach first. I settled on Ben, as he was at least familiar territory. I took the few steps to stand directly in front of him.

"I apologise for my behaviour, sir." I fought back a tear. "Please give me the hard spanking I deserve."

"Certainly my Daughter in Law. Over my lap. You know the routine by now."

I bent over his lap, placing my hands on the floor to support myself. Ben was not satisfied my butt was high enough in the air, but instead of instructing me to get it higher as he usually did, he placed his hand in my crotch and roughly manhandled me until he had me in the desired position. I was shocked as Ben's hand was pressed hard against my labia in an overtly sexual manner, and he made no attempt to be subtle. Even when I was in position he held his hand there for several seconds before removing it.

As usual Ben's spanks came in a flurry, focusing first on one buttock before transferring to the other. It hurt like hell, and this was only the first of eight people who were going to spank me tonight. As I squirmed around on his lap I felt his hardened penis pressing against my belly.

Eventually he stopped, and with tears running down my cheeks I slid off his knee, thanked him, and moved to the next person, who was Debbie's husband, John. Again I apologised for my behaviour and asked for a hard spanking before straddling myself over his knee. Taking his lead from my Father in Law, John also placed his hand between my legs on the pretext of manoeuvring me into a better position. In doing so one of his fingers briefly entered my vagina, causing me to gasp in surprise. John's penis was rock hard and I could feel it pressing against me. Despite my intense humiliation, a part of me was gratified to know that men found my actions so sexually stimulating.

John did not hold back on my poor buttocks, giving them forty or fifty hard swats. Tears were running freely, and I had only been spanked by two of the eight persons.

Debbie and Rachel's mother was next. I was only half way through my apology to her when she roughly grabbed my arm and unceremoniously yanked me onto her lap. She laid into me with unrestrained vigour and soon I was blubbering like a baby and begging her to stop. After what seemed an eternity she stopped and abruptly pushed me off her lap onto the floor. It was so sudden that a fell over onto my back, my knees bent and my legs splayed open, giving everyone a birds eye view of my vagina. However I was so distraught, and relieved to be away from the spanking, that I did not realise I was exposing myself in such an obscene manner. My eyes were closed and I was crying. When I eventually opened my eyes I noticed everyone was staring intently at my pubic region, and it was only then that I realised what an exhibition I had been making of myself. I quickly closed my legs, blushing with shame. Several people quietly laughed.

I wearily rolled over onto my hands and knees and crawled over to Debbie and Rachel's father, who was next in the circle. His punishment was as brutal as his wife's had been, reducing me again to tearfully begging for mercy. When he finally stopped I lay on his lap like a rag, sobbing and sniffing, vaguely aware of his firm penis pressing against me. I felt his hand touch my inner thigh, but I was too tired to react. I felt his fingers tentatively probing my vagina before I was again unceremoniously dumped onto the floor.

Young 18 year old Rachel was next, and it was a very degrading experience to have to apologise to her and beg for a hard spanking. Reluctantly I positioned myself over her knee. Rachel was clearly overawed by the occasion and for a long while I tensed waiting for her to commence. When she did they were tentative and light spanks, much to my relief.

"Harder girl," my Mother in Law barked, "She needs a much harder spanking than that."

Rachel took her cue, and the light pats suddenly became full-on spanks. I was surprised at her strength. She went on and on, despite my pleas for her to stop. In fact she did not stop until her older sister, Debbie, suggested that perhaps she had spanked me enough.

With tears staining my cheeks, and my buttocks feeling like they were on fire, I thanked Rachel and crawled to the next person, who was Rachel's boyfriend Troy. As I tearfully apologised and asked for a hard spanking I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was ecstatic beyond belief. I guess it must be every young man's dream to have a naked woman crawl up to him and beg for a spanking.

When I lay across his knee and put my weight on his penis I heard him moan quietly. Being a quick learner, he placed his hand on my inner thigh, beside my labia, and repositioned me. This put even more pressure on his penis and he groaned again. His fingers slid easily into my vagina, and he moved then in and out quickly a couple of times before reluctantly removing them.

Not long after he began spanking me I could feel his penis pulsing under my belly, and I sensed he was very close to cumming. As his spanks became more intense I began squirming on his lap. I then heard him breathing in short gasps and realised he was ejaculating into his pants. I pressed down harder onto him and could actually feel the sperm pulsing through his penis as he came. It certainly helped to distract me briefly from the intense pain of the spanking. I am not sure if anyone noticed what had happened, but nothing was said.

Sheepishly I crawled to the next person who was Debbie. As I began to apologise she reached out a hand and painfully squeezed one of my nipples. I was shocked and humiliated, but continued my little speech. Once I had finished, she reached out with her other hand and squeezed my other nipple as well. She stretched them and squeezed them, as if she was expecting to get milk out of them. I winced with the pain, but said nothing.

"How hard do you want the spanking?" Debbie requested, staring intently into my eyes as she gave both nipples an extra hard squeeze.

"Very hard please," I quietly sobbed.

"Very well. I think we should use the hairbrush. Is that all right with you, Jane?" Debbie addressed my Mother in Law.

"She has never had the hairbrush before. But then, I guess, she has never been this naughty before. So, yes, I think the hairbrush is warranted."

Debbie was clearly pleased, and released my nipples before quickly disappearing into her bedroom and returned with a fearsome looking wooden hairbrush. She sat down again, and taking hold of one of my nipples she pulled me onto her lap. Even once I was in position, she continued to grip my nipple while holding the hairbrush in her other hand.

When the first blow of the hairbrush connected with my already very tender buttocks I jumped with the shock of the pain and screamed loudly. Debbie gave me a moment to recover before resuming the spanking. It was no surprise that she showed me no mercy. I screamed and begged for her to stop, but she just continued on and on. If I tried to move or squirm out of the way she just pulled down harder on my nipple. When she finally stopped my buttocks felt like they were on fire, and I knew I could endure no more.

I lowered myself off her knee, thanked her between sobs, and crawled to the last person, my Mother in Law, Jane.

I was sobbing uncontrollably, and my nose was running. "Please Ma'am, my buttocks are so sore I cannot take any more. I beg you not to spank me. Please....!" I cried pitifully.

"You should have thought of that before you were so naughty. You have no one to blame but yourself. However, even though you do not deserve any sympathy, I will allow you a little time to recover before I spank you."

"Thank you Ma'am". I was thankful of any small mercy.

My Mother in Law pointed to one of the corners in the lounge. "Go and face the corner, and assume your position until I am ready to punish you."

"Yes ma'am" I responded tearfully

I was unsteady on my feet but managed to walk over to the corner, whereupon I splayed my legs open widely and placed my hands behind my head. People attempted to make conversation but clearly everyone was distracted by the events that had unfolded, plus they were eager for my punishment to continue.

My buttocks were throbbing and very tender, but they did not feel quiet as bad as I had expected. In fact, although I hated to admit it to myself, being treated in such a debasing way by so many people had made me flushed with excitement. With my legs splayed open my vaginal lips were open and engorged. I am embarrassed to admit it, but if an uninvited male came up behind me and rammed their penis deep into my vagina I would not have the willpower to stop them. This wantonness I felt frightened me a little, as I had never been unfaithful to my husband, Michael. I suddenly missed him badly.

Finally I felt a presence moving behind and glanced over my shoulder to see my Mother in Law approaching me. I grimaced when I noticed she was carrying the hairbrush.

She whispered into my ear, "Put your hands against the wall, but keep your legs open. If you attempt to close your legs I will start your punish over again. Is that clear?"

"Yes Ma'am," I whimpered

"You will receive 20 swats. Count them out aloud, and thank me."

"Yes Ma'am."

The first swat of the hairbrush landed. My hips bucked towards the corner and the air whooshed out of me.

"Oh my god," I blasphemed, before adding, "One, Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am."

By the time I had received 10 strokes of the hairbrush, my knees were buckling and I was struggling to stand up, let alone keep my legs open. Fortunately my Mother in Law showed me a little sympathy and delayed the spanking while I struggled to regain a semblance of composure.

But inevitable she recommenced, and by the time she had finished the 20 strokes I was balling like a baby. I don't think I had managed to count each stroke and thank her, but she seemed to be satisfied I had tried my best. I had managed to keep my legs open through the ordeal, and I was secretly proud of myself for achieving this.

I then felt a pain like a thousand needles rubbing against my very tender buttocks, then realised my Mother in Law was rubbing the bristles of the hairbrush against me. I groaned at the tenderness as she encircled my buttocks, each stroke creeping lower and lower. Then she ran the bristles of the hairbrush over my engorged labia. It stung, but set my clit on fire, as it was so sensitive. I could not help but moan.

After several strokes I then felt the handle of the hairbrush pressing against the entrance of my vagina. Despite myself I pushed down on the hairbrush. I moaned in despair when she removed it.

My Mother in Law then whispered into my ear, "I bet my tramp of a Daughter in Law would like to masturbate herself with this hairbrush."

My Mother in Law never failed to shock and humiliate me

"No Ma'am," I responded defiantly, "Please do not make me."

She rested her lips against my ear. I could feel her warm breath on my skin. She whispered, "But you will do it for Ben and I, won't you?"

I closed my eyes. I knew that I did not have the willpower to resist regardless of how humiliated I would be to do this in front of all these people.

"Yes Ma'am," I finally whispered, blushing with shame.

She reached around me with the hairbrush and I reluctantly took it from her. With my legs still splayed widely, and supporting myself against the wall with my other hand, I reached down to my pussy and nervously rubbed my clit with the handle of the hairbrush.

Up until this point no one else in the room had any idea what was going to happen, but when I begun to rub myself with the hairbrush my intentions became pretty clear. A murmur went round the room, and then there was hushed silence. The only noise was my sniffling as I still fought to recover from the extraordinary sequence of spankings I had just endured.

The feel of the hairbrush against my clit was heavenly and I was soon lost in a fog of ecstasy. I was as aroused as I have ever been in my life. I could already feel the orgasm building within me and I began to gyrate my hips obscenely back and forth. I pushed the handle against my vulva and it met no resistance, burying itself deep within me. I began pumping the hairbrush furiously in and out. With every inward stroke the bristles brushed against my labia, increasing the stimulation. The orgasm hit me like a train and my legs began to buckle, but I kept thrusting until the waves of pleasure had completely passed.

Utterly exhausted I dropped to my knees, and rested my head against the corner. My backside was tender and bruised, and I was bathed in sweat. My audience sat stunned at the exhibition they had just witnessed.

Gradually there was movement amongst the onlookers as they got up and began tidying away the dishes. I was allowed to remain in the corner, and no one spoke to me.

Eventually it was time for Debbie and Rachel's parents to part. They commented that they had only intended to pop in for a couple of minutes to say hello and check there was nothing we needed. Their quick trip had proved to be far more eventful than they could ever have imagined.

My Mother in Law decided I had had enough time in the corner to recover, and told me to come over and say good-bye to our guests who were leaving. It took a great deal of effort to pull myself to my feet and gingerly walk over to them. I was stark naked, but after what I had just endured it did not seem to matter anymore.

Debbie's Mum gave me a kiss on my cheek. "Now you be a good girl, won't you?"

"Yes Ma'am" I blushed, "And thank you for punishing me."

"It was a pleasure, dear. Anytime."

I hoped I would never have to take up the offer.

Debbie's Dad shook my hand politely. "You are a very...... interesting girl." He choose his words carefully.

I smiled shyly.

After they were gone everyone started preparing for bed. It had, after all, been a long day. I stood around awkwardly, still naked, not sure where I was going to be sleeping.

Finally, my Mother in Law gave me some attention, "You were going to be sleeping in the same room as Rachel and Troy, but clearly we cannot trust you in a room with those two."

I blushed with shame.

"So I guess you had better sleep in the same room as Ben and I. I will make up a bed for you."

The thought of having to share a room with Ben and Jane was not appealing, but I knew I dared not mutter a word.

My Parents in Law disappeared into their bedroom to prepare for bed, while I waited patiently outside. I was feeling incredibly exhausted as it had been a very intense day. I wondered what tomorrow might bring.

Finally Ben opened the door of the bedroom and I was beckoned in. A thin foam mattress had been laid out on the floor at the foot of their bed, along with a blanket. It did not look very comfortable, and I badly needed a shower, but I was so tired I knew none of this would matter. I lay down on my stomach, as my buttocks were very tender, pulled the blanket over me, and drifted quickly off to sleep. What a day.

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