tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 12

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 12


For a long while Michael and I lay on the bed in a naked embrace, my wrists still bound to the headboard, and I still had ribbons in my hair and bobby socks on my feet.

I was reluctant to spoil the moment, but my mind was racing with questions, and I desperately wanted answers. I especially needed to know if he knew anything of what had been happening between his parents and myself over the past months. Michael also realised my need for answers, therefore he untied my wrists and sat me up on the bed.

I was shocked when he confessed he had known everything right from the beginning. When my Father in Law had found me drunk in that bar and in danger of being raped, his parents had phoned him. Michael confessed he was frustrated at my continual immature behaviour, and it was his suggestion to his parents that they should punish me. He felt I was unlikely to go along with the plan unless I felt it was going to save our marriage.

My mouth hung open. I was flabbergasted, and to be honest, more than just a little angry with Michael.

He explained that his parents were reluctant to go along with the plan, and only agreed after persistent persuasion from him.

"Your parents were reluctant to punish and humiliate me?" I cried aghast.

"Believe me they were, especially initially, as they love you deeply," Michael explained.

I was stunned.

"I had only planned for my parents to continue the punishment for a few weeks, but then we all saw how you were being affected erotically by it all."

I blushed, for it was true

"And to be honest," Michael continued, "I have felt you were a true submissive and I desperately wanted to bring this side of you out into the open."

I knew he had been successful.

"And you are telling me your parents were reluctant puppets in your little scheme." I needed clarification.

"Initially yes. But I have to confess they soon became intoxicated by the dominant roles they were playing. And they had such a beautiful and willing student."

Again Michael caused me to blush.

I had so many unanswered questions I did not know where to start

"How did you get here?"

I flew in this morning and Debbie, Rachel and my mother collected me while you were hiking up Brooks Mountain I went bright red and wondered what he knew about my hike up Brooks Mountain

"Who were the strangers in this hotel room?" I breathlessly enquired. I had so many questions, but Michael put his finger over my mouth to hush me.

"No more questions. Just get dressed and meet us down at the bar."

With that comment, Michael stood and exited the room. I sat staring at the closed door, my jaw hanging open. 'What has just happened to me?' my mind was asking, trying desperately to piece everything together. I was mortified and deeply embarrassed that Michael knew of my behaviour. I sat staring at my baby doll clothing lying on the bed beside me, but I knew I could not summons up the courage to dress myself and go downstairs to face Michael and my Mother in Law.

I felt like a slut, and had let everybody down, including myself. 'How had I let myself behave as I had?' I pondered, tears welling in my eyes.

As I sat there in a confused state, wallowing in self-pity, the hotel room door swung open, and the outline of my Mother in Law filled the doorway.

"You are keeping us waiting," she reprimanded me, "Did your husband not ask you to get dressed and meet us down stairs?"

"But Ma'am, I won't....I can't..." I desperately tried to gather my thoughts.

"Did Michael ask you to get dressed and meet us down stairs?" My Mother in Law repeated herself impatiently.

My head sunk onto my chest. "Yes, Ma'am," I whispered.

"Come to me." My Mother in Law stared directly at me, but she did not raise her voice. She was still standing in the open doorway.

Nervously I raised my naked body off the bed and shuffled over to my Mother in Law. I knew she was going to spank me. I deserved it, and I needed it. As soon as I was in front of her she took hold of my forearm and turned me so she had a good clear access to my buttocks. She did not bother lecturing me, as we both knew I had done wrong. In front of the open doorway she gave me a severe spanking and I bit down on my lip so as not to make the kind of noise that would attract curious onlookers. An elderly couple did pass by the doorway, hesitating briefly to give me a disapproving look, before silently going on their way.

"Now get dressed and I want to see you downstairs within five minutes," my Mother in Law was breathing heavily from the excursion of the spanking.

As soon as she had closed the door I quickly dressed in my terrible baby doll clothes, washed the tears from my face in the bathroom and tried to make myself presentable. I was so conscious that my darling husband was going to be downstairs, and I wanted to look good for him. But as I looked in the mirror all I saw was the dishevelled, blotchy tear stained face of an adult woman dressed in child's clothing.

I forced back the tears of shame and tentatively opened the door to my hotel room and peered down the corridor. A couple were coming towards me so I closed the door and waited until I heard them pass by. I rechecked the corridor was clear then strode quickly to the circular staircase that would take me down to the bar below.

Half way down the stairs I froze as I heard the noise of someone coming up the stairs. I looked over the balcony and just about died when I saw the uniform of a policeman. I panicked, turned on my heels and began to retrace my steps back up the staircase, hoping to be out of sight before the policeman came into view. I was only a couple of steps from the top when a booming voice turned me to ice.

"You halt right there, young lady!" rang out the deep, gravel voice.

My heart felt like it was beating a million times a minute. I was so embarrassed to be seen in this stupid, baby doll outfit. As I gingerly turned to face the policeman, his jaw dropped open in surprise. He looked me up and down several times, and I could tell by the delight in his eyes that I had livened up his night.

The policeman was a huge bear of person, overweight, balding, and probably in his late fifties. I could see from his badge he was the local Sheriff, Jake Stone. He walked slowly up the stairs until he was beside me, hands on hips, glaring down at me.

"And what might you be up to young lady?" Sheriff Stone was clearly very suspicious.

I opened my mouth, but couldn't even begin to think where to start with a rational explanation. I wanted to cry but forced myself not to.

"Well!" he demanded impatiently, "Are you a guest here?"

"Not exactly....I was brought here by...."

"Have you been entertaining people in your room, young lady?"

I looked at him aghast. Did he know that I had allowed myself to be tied naked to the bed, and then had exposed my body totally and wantonly to strangers, before being whipped and fucked by my husband? Had he been one of the strangers standing by my bed? I gulped, and blushed at the thoughts. I just stared at him stupidly, lost for words.

"And why are you dressed disgustingly like a young girl?" the Sheriff enquired further, almost spitting out the words.

I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. I was embarrassed beyond belief.

"Ma'am, I am arresting you for prostitution and lurid behaviour in a public place." With that the Sheriff spun me around and placed handcuffs on me like I was a common criminal.

I cried out in shock. "Prostitution!" I screamed. "No! No! You have it all wrong. I am not a prostitute. I am a loving wife. My husband and Mother in Law are downstairs. You'll see. You ask them. You have it all wrong."

As I pleaded the Sheriff led me down the stairs, but instead of turning into the bar where Michael and Jane were waiting for me, he ushered me outside onto the sidewalk. As I continued to scream my innocence, members of the public stopped to watch the spectacle. The Sheriff opened the back door of his police vehicle and as I bent over clumsily to get into the car I heard several wolf whistles from the males who had gathered to watch the excitement. I knew that my short bib dress was doing little to hide my panda cotton panties from full view of the onlookers.

It was so difficult to control my movements with my hands handcuffed behind my back. I fell into the backseat, and then struggled to get myself upright. My dress was up around my waist, and my panties were totally exposed. The Sheriff slammed my door shut, before climbing into the drivers seat. He looked over his shoulder and peered at me, his eyes looking down at the crotch of my exposed panties.

"Comfortable, young lady?" he grinned.

"Please sir, you have it all wrong," I pleaded further, tears now streaming down my face. "Please ask my husband and Mother in Law. They are in the bar, waiting for me. Please..."

However my pleas fell on deaf ears as Sheriff Stone started the car and left the hotel, and within thirty seconds we had travelled the two short blocks to the Sheriffs office. After parking at the rear of the building he unceremoniously dragged me from the car and into his office. The handcuffs were removed and I was led tearfully into the single holding cell, which was already occupied by two very scruffy looking males who were obviously in an advanced state of intoxication.

"Please, I have done nothing wrong. You must let me go!" I cried out in desperation.

"You are staying right here, young lady."

With those words ringing in my ears Sheriff Stone left the building. I was left hugging the bars of the cell, tears rolling down my cheeks. I was so absorbed in my misery that I briefly forgot about the fellow occupants in my cell. When I heard one of them moving I turned my head and gazed over my shoulder. Both of the scruffy males were now sitting upright and looking a damn sight more sober than they were when I first arrived. Both were staring lecherously at my body, which was probably not surprising given I was dressed so provocatively in my baby doll outfit.

"What are you all staring at?" I snapped, trying to hide my fear.

"Show us your pussy?" the shorter guy on the left sneered.

"What?" I howled in disbelief

"Come on. Prostitutes are use to showing off their pussies. Give us a free show."

"I am not a prostitute!" I screamed. "I am a happily married woman and any minute my darling husband and my Mother in Law are going to burst through that door and clear up this horrible mess."

"Yeah, whatever. You look like a prostitute to me. Show us your pussy." With that both of the drunks stood up ominously.

Fortunately at that moment the rear door to the office swung open and the considerable bulk of Sheriff Stone entered, holding a seriously intoxicated teenage male by the collar.

"Thank god you have returned," I cried out to the Sheriff, "These bastards were trying to take advantage of me. They should be arrested."

The Sheriff ignored me

"Have you checked out my story? Am I free to go?" I pleaded

The Sheriff continued to ignore my pleas. He opened the cell door and almost threw the intoxicated teenager inside, before locking the door again. It was starting to get very crowded in the little cell. I was angry and afraid.

"Are you going deaf?" I yelled at Sheriff Stone, "I asked if I was free to go."

The Sheriff gave me a deathly stare, and walked over to where I was gripping the cell bars. He towered over me, and glared down. "You listen to me young lady. You will be processed when I am ready, and not before. And unless you want to make your situation a lot worse than it already is I suggest you button up that lip of yours and start showing me some respect. Is that clear young lady?"

"Yes," I replied sulkily

"Pardon?" the Sheriff barked

I looked up into the Sheriff's eyes. "Yes, sir, Sheriff Stone. I understand."

"You understand what?" The Sheriff was beginning to sound a lot like my Mother in Law.

"I understand I need to keep quiet, and show you some respect," I pouted.

The Sheriff nodded his head in agreement as he sat down at his desk, and began filling out forms. I looked around my cell. All three of my drunken cellmates were staring at me with a glazed look of lust in their eyes. I prayed the Sheriff would not depart again and leave me alone with them, and I suddenly regretted I had made him angry. I pulled my bibbed dress down in a vain attempt to hide my little cotton panda panties from prying eyes.

"Go on, show us your arse," one of my cellmates gleefully whispered quietly to me.

"Leave me alone, you dirty little creep," I retorted.

The Sheriff looked up angrily, clearly not happy at my outburst. "What did I just ask you to do?"

"But you don't understand," I whined, "He asked me to show him my arse."

"Young lady, you are going to learn that when I ask a prisoner to follow a simple instruction, I expect it to be obeyed without question."

I bit down on my lip. When was I going to learn to keep quiet and not answer back? It always got me into deep trouble with my Mother in Law, and now I was getting into even bigger trouble with the local Sheriff of this small hick town in the middle of nowhere. Surely Michael and his mother must come bursting through that door at any moment to clear up this whole mess and take me back to the ranch.

"And what do you expect, anyway," Sheriff Stone continued. "Prostituting yourself around town dressed up like a little girl, wearing a skirt that doesn't even cover your panties properly. If you were my daughter I would put you over my knee and give you a damn good spanking."

My heart stopped momentarily. I bit down harder on my lip, and tried desperately to show no emotion.

"Don't you think that is what you deserve?" the Sheriff prodded.

"No, sir," I pouted, trying not to cry.

"Is that right. Well I beg to differ young lady. I suppose you have never had a damn good spanking?"

I could not believe the direction the Sheriff's questions were going. I remained silent, staring at my feet, hoping desperately he would let up on me. Given my luck, I should have known better.

"Well?" the Sheriff enquired sternly

"Well, what?" I mumbled my response, still looking down at my feet to avoid eye contact. "Look at me young lady!"

I raised my eyes timidly to meet the Sheriff's glare.

"Have you ever had a damn good spanking?"

"Yes, sir." I responded.

"And when was the last time you were spanked, young lady."

"Very recently, sir," I mumbled, embarrassed at the admission.

Sheriff Stone raised his eyebrows in obvious surprise. "Is that so. Well I never."

I knew I was blushing. Almost as an innate reaction, I reached behind me and tried to pull my skirt down further over my buttocks. I could hear my three drunken inmates chuckling amongst themselves, obviously delighting in my predicament. Thankfully the Sheriff returned to his paperwork without further questioning.

Time seemed to stand still. I stood, gripping the bars, not even trusting myself to look at my drunken cellmates. Eventually the considerable bulk of Sheriff Stone raised itself from the desk and meandered over to the cell, unlocking the door.

Without looking at anyone in particular, he barked, "Out!"

I looked around but no one had moved. "Me, sir?" I asked timidly.

"Yes you. Out. Go and stand beside my desk."

Despite my fear of the Sheriff I could not wait to get out of that cell. In a flash I was standing beside his desk, awkwardly gripping the bottom of my skirt with both hands in an attempt to preserve my modesty.

The Sheriff sat down at his desk, the chair groaning under the considerable strain. He briefly shuffled some papers around until he found what he was looking for. He glanced up and me, and I responded with a sheepish grin.

He picked up a pen "Name?"

"Please, Sheriff Stone," I pleaded, "Do we really need to go through with this. There has been a big misunderstanding, and if you just take a moment to speak to my husband or my Mother in Law it will all be cleared up."

The Sheriff let out an exaggerated sigh of frustration and slowly looked up from his paper. For a long moment he fixed me with an intense stare, but said nothing. My hands began to fidget with the bottom of my skirt.

"Name?" he repeated in a slow drawl, his eyes unblinking as they locked into mine.

"Kym Rose Barclay," I mumbled in defeat. "Age?"

"29 years, sir."

This clearly surprised the Sheriff, and he shook his head as if in disgust. "29 years?"

"Yes, sir," I repeated, embarrassed. The Sheriff was clearly bemused as to why a mature 29-year-old woman was parading herself around town in clothing more befitting an 8 year old.

He rested his elbows on the desk and leaned forward towards me, as if not wanting to miss a word. " Time for your explanation. This had better be good."

I squirmed like a young child desperate to relieve herself. "Wwwwhat.' I mumbled. I had heard the Sheriff clearly but was trying to stall for time. I looked up desperately at the front door, praying Michael would sweep in and rescue me.

The Sheriff gave another of his exaggerated sighs, but the look on his face suggested he was clearly enjoying seeing me squirming in embarrassment. "Do you have a very good explanation for the following, young lady? One: you are not registered as a guest in our hotel, yet were found trying to leave the guest area. Two: you tried to flee when spotted by myself." The Sheriff was counting them off on his fingers as he went. "Three: you were frequenting a hotel commonly used by prostitutes. And four: you are dressed up provocatively like a young girl to attract the punters." Sheriff Stone cupped the palms of his hand together. "I rest my case."

I pinched my forehead with my fingers. This did not look good. I could not believe the mess I had got myself into. I knew I had no choice but to try and tell the truth, despite the excruciating humiliation it would cause me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"My Parents in Law and I are staying at the ranch of John and Debbie Bennett."

"So?" The Sheriff was not impressed. He gave no indication as to whether he knew John and Debbie.

I hung my head. This was so hard to explain

"My Parents in Law punish me to try and make me a better Daughter in Law."

"They do, do they." Sheriff Stone smiled. "I am not surprised."

I tried to ignore his disparaging remark

"As a special punishment they made me dress up in this baby doll outfit, and my Mother in Law drove me to the hotel and took me up to the room."

"Oh, she did, did she?" The Sheriff was clearly sceptical. "And what were you up to in the hotel room?"

"I had to undress," I confessed, "and my Mother in Law tied me to the bed."

My confession could be clearly overheard by the three drunks in the cell, and I could hear them smirking. I felt so shamefaced. The Sheriff just stared, unblinking, and seemingly still unimpressed with my version of events. I had to admit, my tale did seem somewhat implausible.

"As a special punishment I had to lie there naked while strangers came into the room."

The Sheriff sat up in his chair, causing it to groan under the weight. "And then what?"

I bowed my head. I was so ashamed, yet I knew only too well the feeling of warmth that was radiating from my groin. I could not believe this abject humiliation was making me stimulated. I pulled down harder on my skirt for fear that the Sheriff might see a wet spot on my panda cotton panties.

"I splayed my legs wide open so that the strangers could see all of my private parts."

"What a common slut," I heard one of the drunks comment.

The Sheriff gave him the death stare before turning his attention back to me. "And..?"

"I knew I would be punished," I confessed, "But I was really surprised when I got whipped on my vagina. It really hurt."

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