tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 14

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 14


The horse ride back to the ranch was long and painful for Rachel, Troy and I. By the time we arrived there was only a couple of hours before I had to leave with my Parents in Law, Ben and Jane, and my husband, Michael, for the drive back to the airport and the flight home.

I dived into the bathroom to have a shower with Michael, but once I had removed what little clothing I was wearing he made me bend over and support myself on the edge of the bath tub. He then entered me from behind and fucked me vigorously. He clearly was still very excited by what had taken place at the lake. Despite the pain of his groin thrashing against my tender buttocks I had no trouble in rising to a glorious climax.

After a late lunch we packed, and all stood on the veranda and said our good byes. To any on-lookers it would have appeared to be a normal group of friends saying farewell after a relaxing long weekend in the wilderness. If only they knew the truth of what had gone on I am sure they would have been shocked. It had been a memorable few days that I was sure I would not forget.

Troy, Rachel and I locked together in an especially long hug. We had formed a special bond in these few short days, and I sincerely hoped we would get the opportunity to meet again sometime in the future.

Farewells completed we climbed into the rental car for the long drive to the airport, my Parents in Law in the front seat and Michael and I seated in the rear. Without being asked I lowered my jeans and panties to my knees, which caused Michael to lovingly stroke his hand through my hair as a reward for my submissiveness. I then requested my Mother in Law to pass me some tissues from the front glove box, but Michael reached out before me and took them from her

"Take your jeans and panties right off," Michael asked softly, "then hand them to my Mother for safe keeping."

Once I had complied Michel then made me raise my butt off the seat while he personally laid the tissues in place underneath me.

"Now I want you to put two fingers deep into your pussy and keep them there until we reach the airport."

I was shocked at his request but so much wanted to please him, therefore I slid myself forward on the seat so that I could get better access to my vagina. It should be no surprise that my fingers slid deep inside me with ease. Michael then wanted to check the tissues were still in place so luridly made me lift my pelvis in the air while my two fingers remained embedded deep within my vulva.

On the trip to the airport Michael and his parents asked me questions about the past few days, most of which were designed to cause me embarrassment. I was told to recount in vivid detail how I felt when I was being punished, or when Troy and Rachel were masturbating me, and what happened at Sheriff Stone's, and so on, and so on. Everything was recapped in vivid detail.

Half way to the airport I badly needed to pee so my Father in Law pulled the car into a small deserted rest area. Naked from the waist down I was made to squat on the grass beside the car and in full view of the three of them I peed.

My tissues were already damp so I was made to deposit them in a nearby waste bin before re-entering the car. Once inside I was made to reinsert my fingers deep inside my vulva then raised myself off the seat so that Michael could position fresh tissues under me.

I began to fret as we arrived at the airport and my Mother in Law was making no attempt to give me back my panties and jeans. We found the building where we had to return the rental car and drove through the gate with me still seated in the back, fingers inserted within my vagina.

"Please," I pleaded, but all my Mother in Law did was look at me over her shoulder and smile.

As we pulled up to the return booth the attendant came out of the door and walked towards us. I started to hyperventilate with panic as even if my Mother in Law gave me my clothes back now there was no possible way I could get dressed as the attendant was only seconds away from reaching our vehicle. In a panic I pulled my fingers out from between my legs and frantically tried to pull my shirt down over my buttocks and pubic region but it was hopelessly inadequate for the task. With the attendant only a few strides from the vehicle my Mother in Law turned to me and handed over her jacket that had been sitting on her lap. Quickly I spread the jacket over my legs and tucked it in on the sides so that my naked flesh was not showing.

The attendant looked into our vehicle through the driver's window and gave us all a warm greeting. All I could do was give him a bashful smile. His eyes briefly settled on me, and he glanced down at the jacket, obviously wondering why I needed to have a jacket wrapped around me on such a warm day.

"If you folks jump out I can take it from here," offered the attendant.

I groaned in panic, causing the attendant to give me a concerned frown. "Are you okay, Miss?"

My mouth hung open, and in desperation I gave Michael a nudge with my elbow. Thank heavens he decided to come to my rescue.

"Actually, my wife was just in the middle of changing her clothes prior to her flight. She actually has very little on under that jacket."

"Ohh," responded the stunned attendant, who couldn't resist stealing another glance at my lap, perhaps trying to visualise what the scene my look like under the jacket. I wickedly wondered whether he would picture me with shaven pubes and swollen labia from the result of the stimulation from having my fingers inserted for the past couple of hours.

"In that case I suggest you park by the ladies toilet over there," the attendant helpfully pointed out the amenities building. Then with a grin he added, "The young lady can get dressed in there."

My Father in Law drove over to the ladies toilet and parked about twenty feet away.

"Can I have my clothes now, please," I pleaded, "I will get dressed here in the car while no one is around."

"What, and deprive that poor attendant of the highlight of his week," my Mother in Law laughed. "Get out of the car and I will pass you your clothes so you can go into the ladies and get dresses."

I looked over towards the attendant and his eyes were glued on our vehicle. I briefly thought of appealing to my Mother in Law, but knew it would only make matters worse for me. Therefore with the jacket pulled around me as best I could I opened my door and jumped out, quickly running around the car to my Mother in Law's window, grabbing my jeans and panties from her and dashed into the toilet, the jacket flapping about around my thighs. As I disappeared inside I heard a loud wolf whistle which I am sure came from the attendant.

When I had dressed we returned the rental vehicle to the grinning attendant and made the short walk to the airport terminal. Initially I was annoyed at what had happened and dragged my feet behind my husband and Parents in Law, but when Michael lovingly put his arm around me I perked up again and all was forgiven.

As I sat in the terminal lounge waiting for our flight I couldn't help but worry about whether I was going to be embarrassed on the aircraft as I had been on the trip out here. Somehow I suspected I was.

An hour after arriving at the airport we were boarding our flight. When we took our seats I was positioned between Michael and my Mother in Law. My Father in Law was sitting opposite us on the other side of the aisle. We had been in the air about ten minutes when my Mother in Law passed over to me one of the United Airline's blankets. I cringed as I knew what was coming.

My Mother in Law caught the attention of the air hostess as she walked by. "Excuse me dear. Do you have some tissues for my Daughter in Law?"

I blushed as the air hostess glanced over at me, before trotting off and returning a short time later with a handful of tissues and passing them over to me.

"Is this enough?" she enquired helpfully.

"Oh, yes, plenty," I squirmed.

My Mother in Law smiled. She was enjoying herself immensely, which was not good news for me.

"Take off your jeans and panties," she instructed in a voice loud enough that left me in doubt as to whether other passengers close by could have overheard.

"You mean lower them to my knees?" I enquired hopefully.

"No darling, I mean take them off and hand them to me."

I looked frantically from my Mother in Law to my husband. Michael had a smile on his face that mirrored his mothers and clearly I was not going to get any support from him.

"You can't be serious?" I pleaded in desperation. "I cannot take my clothes off in an aeroplane."

"Yes you can darling. Show Michael how brilliantly submissive you can be. You can do it."

I sat there pouting. I knew I was always going to comply with her wishes but felt I least had to show some token form of resistance, even if only for my own personal pride. Methodically I began to unfold the blanket and spread it over my knees. After taking a furtive glance around me to see if anyone was looking I reached under the blanket and unzipped my jeans. I wriggled them down over my buttocks, and then to my knees. I then hooked my fingers into my panties waistband and lowered them to my knees also.

I looked over at my Mother in Law with pleading eyes. "Please can I just leave them at my knees?"

Her simple response was to shake her head from side to side. Mortified at what I was being asked to do, I again looked around me to see if I had attracted the unwanted attention of any fellow passengers. Everyone seemed to be going about their own lives oblivious to the fact I was undressing only feet away from them. With a heavy sigh of defeat I lowered my jeans and panties awkwardly and quickly scooped them up off the floor before anyone else could see them. After handing them to my Mother in Law she stuffed them in the pouch of the seat in front of her. I was horrified as a portion of my lace panties was protruding from the top of the pouch and were clearly visible to people walking along the aisle.

Michael then picked up the small pile of tissues that I had stuffed down the side of my seat and made me elevate my buttocks while he slid them underneath, one by one. He was just sliding the last tissue under me when the air hostess walked pass and was attracted by my peculiar behaviour.

"Are you okay, Ma'am," the attractive young hostess enquired.

"I'm fine, thank you," I quickly responded in a flustered tone.

"No she is not," Michael butted in from his window seat.

I gave Michael the look of death, but he was totally unfazed.

The air hostess had a frown of concern. "I'm sorry. What appears to be the problem?"

"Well it is a little bit delicate, actually." Michael beckoned for the air hostess to lean over closer towards him. "You see, my wife has been misbehaving and as punishment my mother and I have made her remove her jeans and panties. Believe it or not she is actually naked under this blanket."

The air hostess was speechless, her mouth open in shock. Of all the things she might have been expecting a passenger to say to her, this was clearly not one of them. She was almost leaning over the top of me, and when she looked down she realised her hand was resting on the armrest of my seat, only inches from my naked thigh. I was so embarrassed I had actually broken out in a sweat.

After a period of stunned silence, the air hostess managed to recover her senses. "I see...and exactly how can I assist?"

I had half expected the air hostess to beat a hasty retreat and complain to her supervisor, but instead she actually seemed curious, even perhaps a little excited.

"To make sure the punishment is effective I want to make sure she is thoroughly embarrassed," Michael continued his outrageous dialogue with the charming young air hostess.

I would have thought I was already plenty embarrassed, but clearly my darling husband did not think so.

The hostess leaned over closer to my husband. Her breasts were now dangling provocatively only inches from my face. She smelt clean and fresh, as if she had showered just prior to boarding the flight. A vision of her attractive young body standing naked in the shower flashed in front of my eyes, but I quickly banished it to the deepest recesses of my mind. Such fantasies were not helpful to my current predicament.

"And how can I assist?" the air hostess purred at Michael.

Michael whispered something quietly to the air hostess which I did not catch. The air hostess responded by looking down at me, her piercing blue eyes taking me in. With her towering over me I felt so much like a vulnerable teenager, which was crazy as I must have been at least five years her elder.

"Are you naked under that blanket," the air hostess spoke with a quiet determination.

I cringed, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Is it true, you have been naughty?"

"I guess so, Ma'am," I blushed

The air hostess glanced around before turning her attention back to me. "Remove the blanket from your lap."

I was mortified. "Please, no, I can't."

The air hostess was growing in confidence. "Do it, now, or I will march your bare butt down to the front of the plane to speak to the Captain."

I shrugged my shoulders and rolled my bottom lip in defeat. Gripping one side of my blanket I peeled it clear of my thighs revealing my nakedness from the waist down. Her piercing blue eyes soaked up the sight.

"Oh my goodness. Your pubs are shaven," she noted.

"Yes Ma'am, my Mother in Law has instructed me to keep them this way."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty nine, Ma'am," I blushed.

The air hostess just shook her head. She did not say anything but it was clear she was flabbergasted that a mature adult could allow herself to be dominated in such a manner.

"Open your legs," she instructed, obviously wanting to test the boundaries of how far I would go.

Deeply embarrassed I opened my legs, knowing full well it would reveal my swollen labia, plus the fact I was sitting on the paper tissues she had fetched for me earlier.

Still leaning over me, the air hostess stared directly down into my vagina. Her eyes suggested she was very fascinated by what she saw.

"Why are you sitting on the tissues?" she enquired with genuine interest.

I gave her an embarrassed grin before responding, "Because I wet the seat."

"You wet the seat?....oh....I understand." She gave me a knowing smile when the realisation sunk in.

Another passenger was paging the air hostess and she looked up, annoyed that she was being dragged away. "You behave yourself now, little lady." She smiled at me before standing up and walking down the aisle.

"Yes, Ma'am," I mumbled as I quickly pulled the blanket back into position over my naked thighs.

Michael rested his head on my shoulder. "Was that exciting?"

"It was terrifying. But, I guess...it was...also....exciting in a way." It pained me to admit it.

"Stick your fingers in your cunt and masturbate yourself," Michael whispered into my ear. "But don't come until I tell you to."

Slowly I slid my hand under the blanket and easily inserted two fingers into my vulva. My Mother in Law was staring down at my lap and she clearly knew what I was up to. Slowly I began slide my fingers in and out, while I used my thumb to rhythmically encircle my clit. It did not take very long for me to approach the edge.

"I'm ready," I gasped to Michael, "please let me come."

"Not yet, my darling." With that he pressed the buzzer to page the air hostess. "When the air hostess comes, you can cum." He laughed at his pun.

It was several minutes before our charming air hostess appeared as she was busy with other passengers. By this time I was flushed red with excitement and struggling to contain my orgasm. When the air hostess leaned over me to see what my husband required I drove my fingers deep into my vulva and the waves of orgasm flooded through my body.

When the orgasm passed I opened my eyes to see the air hostess still leaning over me, absolutely spellbound, and more than a little shocked, by what she had just witnessed.

"I think my wife requires a glass of water," Michael smiled at the air hostess.

"Indeed, I think she may well." The air hostess retreated, still shaking her head in disbelief.

Fortunately the remainder of the flight went by without major incident. My Mother in Law gave me back my jeans and panties just prior to our descent to the airport. As we were disembarking from the aircraft the air hostess whispered into my ear, "That was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed." All I could do was respond with a shy smile.

It has been three months since we returned from the trip to Ohio. In many respects it was a milestone time in my life as I finally accepted the fact that I derive pleasure from being submissive. And when that submission is coupled with humiliation and punishment the pleasure I derive is at its exquisite best. My subjugation at the hands of my Parents in Law was also easier to accept now I knew it was carried out with the support and encouragement of my husband.

Over the past three months it is not surprising I have been punished regularly. At least once a week Michael and I visit his parents. Michael always insists I dress up very formally, and wear my best lace lingerie, a petticoat and silk stockings. He loves the stark contrast when I have to strip naked out of my formal attire.

When we arrive at my Parents in Law we initially relax and chat over a glass of wine. When my Mother in Law has almost got the dinner ready to serve she rejoins us in the lounge, then beckons me over to stand in front of her. Without even being asked, I know that now is the time she wants me to strip naked. Slowly I remove each item of my formal attire and hand it to my Mother in Law. Methodically she carefully folds it and places it on the adjoining coffee table. She then reaches out her hand, which is the signal for me to discard my next item of clothing. I still find it gut wrenchingly difficult to undress in front of them, but on the other side of the ledger I love to submit myself to them in this manner. I still think that to undress on command and stand naked in front of someone is one of the ultimate acts of submission. You are effectively giving them the rights to your body.

Once I am naked we then retire to the dining room to eat. Without being asked I fetch the paper tissues out of the cupboard and place them on my seat. Being forced to sit through the meal totally naked will certainly mean I will need the tissues if I am not going to leave a wet stain on my Parent in Law's chair. After dinner I know I will be punished. What I don't know is the manner in which the punishment will be inflicted, or what type of implement will be used.

But even worse than these regular dinner evenings, Michael and my Parents in Law have, once every three or four weeks, arranged these special little 'dinner parties' as they call them. The trouble is I end up being the main course. Well, certainly the main attraction. What is so deliciously frightening about these evenings is that at least one other guest will be present. Having other people present certainly ensures I do not become complacent, and ensures my humiliation is kept at maximum velocity. I am never told in advance when these little parties are going to take place.

As an example, the last little 'dinner party' started out as a normal evening at my Parents in Law. That is, if you can call any evening at my Parents in Law 'normal'.

We arrived at 7.00pm as usual, with me dressed in a formal red skirt and matching jacket Michael had purchased for me as a gift. We were seated in the lounge enjoying a glass of wine, with my Mother in Law was in the kitchen preparing the dinner, when the front door bell rang. My heart immediately began to beat rapidly, and I had to bite down on my knuckles to try and control my nerves. Michael could see my apprehension and discomfort, which made him smile.

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