tagBDSMPunished by the Machine

Punished by the Machine


i am awakened by the sensation of a silk scarf being tightened around my head, over my eyes. i try to move my hands only to discover that You have chained them to the bedposts.

"Good morning my pet," You purr, stroking my naked body with your strong hands.

"Good morning Master," i reply, giving my wrists another experimental tug. "Have i done something wrong this morning Master?"

"I'm afraid so, my pet," you reply. "you did not remember to set the alarm clock last night before falling asleep. I missed work, and you did not wake up to make me breakfast this morning."

my heart leaps in fear and guilt. Although Your voice holds no anger, i know you must be furious with me. Master never yells, he just delivers punishments with a heavy hand.

"i--i'm so s-sorry, M-Master," i stutter, beginning to tremble in terrified anticipation of my punishment. "May this slut suck your cock to show You how sorry she is?"

You do not answer, but deliver a sharp backhanded blow across my cheek. i do not speak anymore, but lay quietly with my face throbbing, waiting.

"It is your fault that I missed work today, pet," You say, a hint of a growl beginning to creep into Your voice. "I have never missed work before today. I also am very annoyed because I have not eaten yet today. This is also your fault. You are going to be punished, pet."

"Yes, Master, this slut deserves to be punished for causing her Master shame and discomfort."

"I should think so." You say. "I am going to take you down to the dungeon and attach you to the fucking machine. I am going to leave you there all day. You will be forced to come as many times as you can. If you do not come at least fifty times today I will attach your nipples to an electroshock machine and deliver shocks to you until you reach fifty, and believe me, it will be harder for you to orgasm when electricity is running through your body."

i swallow hard. Fifty orgasms! You must be extraordinarily angry. You uncuff me from the bed.

"First, I am going to spank my pet for being so forgetful." You say, and i am bent over the side of the bed. i feel something slick pushing at my pussy, and realize that You have Your massive dildo that You are going to force me to sit on as you hit me with the paddle. i whimper as You force the 15" monster slowly into me. It is at least 4" in diameter at its widest, and i start to moan as You finally force the whole thing into me. i feel full and stretched, and am so grateful that You lubed the huge cock before You tried to push it into my pussy.

You step away from me and i wiggle my hips slightly, trying to adjust to the huge presence inside of me. Suddenly i feel the slick polished wood of the paddle grazing my ass as You stand behind me, ready to begin the punishment.

"How many times, pet?" You ask, and i mutely shake my head, no. If i give You too low a number you will become angry and hit me more times, and if i give you too high a number You will think i want to be hit this morning and will not stop until i am bruised all over.

"Such a bad pet." i hear the hiss of the paddle swinging through the air before i feel it hit me, WHACK! on the ass. The huge dildo inside my pussy jiggles on impact, and i experience a sudden wave of pleasure.

"Please hit this slut again, Master, as she was so forgetful this morning." i say, my voice shaking.

"Yes you were, pet." You hit me again, and again the dildo seems to vibrate inside of me. i am careful not to moan.

"How does that huge cock feel, pet?" You hit me again. "Is it stretching you on the inside, pet?" You hit me again. "Do you like that huge cock, you slut?" Again. And again. And again. my ass is stinging but i am so close to coming from the vibrations of the dildo that i can almost taste it.

You hit me once more and i am pushed over the edge, my poor stretched pussy gripping at the dildo inside of me as i come.

Immediately you wrench the dildo out of my sloppy pussy and i am suddenly left feeling empty without it inside me.

"Pet." You pinch my nipples, hard. i squeal. "Did I say that you could come?"

"N-n-no, Master."

"Do you think that I wanted you to come from your punishment?"

"No, Master."

"We're going to the dungeon, pet. I have just increased your orgasm requirement to seventy."

"Seventy, Master? B-but surely you know...you know i can't....that many times..." my voice trails off as i realize that Master intends to attach me to the electroshock machine at the end of the day no matter what, but i'd better try to come for Him.

i am still blindfolded when we enter the dungeon, and Master leads me over to the huge well-oiled fucking machine. i am attached to it with leather straps so i cannot escape, and Master slides the dildo into my pussy. It feels small in comparison with the monster cock i was sitting on just moments ago. i hang my head in regret that i did not try hard enough to control my orgasm. i am ashamed that i did not wait for Your direction.

"Now, as you know, pet, there is an electric sensor on this dildo that can tell when you are orgasming." You remind me, and i nod. "So there will be no lying about how many orgasms you've had at the end of the day. This machine will tell me."

"i would not be worthy of You, Master, if i were a liar to my Master." i say.

"That's a good slut." You pat my ass cheek, and turn on the machine. Immediately the faux penis begins to pump in and out of me, stroking my G-spot with evey revolution. i moan.

"I will be back in an hour to check on your progress, pet." i hear your footsteps going away, probably you are going to eat breakfast at a restaurant somewhere.

i manage to come five times in the hour that Master is gone, but i am tiring and i know that i will not be able to keep this pace all day.

i hear you come back. The machine stops whirring as you check the small screen on the side for my progress.

"Five times, eh? What's the matter, pet, getting tired?" i nod, silently.

"Perhaps this will help you." i hear the sound of a vibrator and suddenly feel the warm vibrations on my clit as you attach a small bullet to me with string.

"Oh, Master, thank you Master, it is more than this slut deserves." i reply, so grateful that You would help me like this.

"Only sixty-five more times to go, pet." You chuckle, and turn the machine back on at full power. The dildo is now churning in and out of me at lightning speed. i come almost immediately from the dual stimulation, and You laugh as you walk out of the room again. "Sixty-four."

i lose track of time and thought through the twenty-four hours that i am attached to the fucking machine. It is relentless, stroking me constantly without rest, for a machine never gets tired. The vibrator stops after a while, its batteries dead, and coming becomes that much more difficult.

When Master comes down to see me the next morning, i am so tired and i know that i have not reached my quota, but i am so grateful when Master turns the machine off, finally. my poor pussy feels abused and swollen, the muscles aching with the effort of orgasming so many times.

"Well, pet?" i hang my head in defeat. "Let's see...oh, pet. Only forty-two times?" There is a heavy silence, broken only by my ragged breathing.

"I am going to shock you, pet. I will shock you until you come one more time, and then I will let you rest. Is that fair?"

i nod vigorously. "More than fair, my Master. Thank you so much for being such a kind and generous Master."

"You are welcome, pet." You attach probes to my nipples, my clit, and push a probe into my asshole. After you throw the switch, i convulse slightly as the electricity jolts through me, creating an exquisitely pleasurable type of pain. Again, you throw the switch and i am a little closer to my forty-third orgasm. More electricity, and i am coming hard, squirting juices onto the floor.

i fall slack, and finally let my muscles relax. You place the dildo panties on me, panties that force a dildo up into the vagina of the wearer and keep it there for as long as the panties are on. You lead me up to the bedroom and i finally fall down onto the bed, exhausted from all the activity.

"Did you enjoy your punishment my pet?" You inquire, stroking my back gently.

"Yes sir. i am sorry you had to punish me sir." i say, quietly.

"Good night, pet."

Before the lights go out, i quickly reach over to the bedstand and set the alarm clock...not that i would mind coming forty-three times in one day again.

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Too Much

There's no way someone could cum 43 time's in 24 hours without passing out!

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