tagFetishPunished for Jacking Off

Punished for Jacking Off

byAnal Slave©

It all started one morning when my wife came home early from work and caught me jacking off. She had stood at the door watching me stroke my cock and playing with my balls, I don't know how long she had been standing there.

All I know is that I had just shot off a load of cum and was licking it off my hand when I noticed her standing there. To my surprise she came into the room and stripped off her clothes. She got on top of me and stuck her cunt over my mouth.

I could smell sex on her and knew that she had been out fucking her boyfriend again. As I dipped my tongue into her wide-open pussy, cum started drooling out of it. Nice hot cum. I lapped at her sticky cunt while she told me how she had fucked her boyfriend this morning.

She told me how she let him fuck her pussy and ass, how she liked to feel his cock in her asshole while he blowed his cum inside it. How she had stopped at the service station on the way home and was still horny so she took the service station attendant into the ladies room and sucked his cock, while she sat on the toilet and finger fucked her pussy.

I had just cleaned up the last bit of cum in her pussy when she raised her pussy off my face and stuck her freshly fucked asshole right down on my lips and told me to suck the sperm out of her asshole. I was so horny that I thought my cock was going to cum without touching it.

My wife must have sensed I was going to cum because she got up off of my mouth and retrieved the bag of toys that was in the closet. Her boyfriend's cum poured out of her ass as she raised her leg over my head and it dripped all over my face. She reached into the bag and pulled out a very large cock that was attached to a harness. The cock had a hole in both ends; she strapped it over my cock. I felt like a real man with a penis that big tangling in front of me.

She looked at me and said that I had already wasted one load of cum this morning and that she didn't want me to waste another one. She then got out a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. She cuffed my hands behind my back and put the blindfold over my eyes. She told me that I was being punished for jacking off. She strapped a dog color around my neck and hooked up a leach. She tugged on the leash and led me through the house. I was so horny, the rubber cock didn't stop the flow of pre-cum and I was leaving a trail of sticky, white drops all over the polished, hardwood floor.

She didn't even have to tell me to clean up my mess I was on my hands and knee's licking up the cum, my cock had dripped on the floor.

When I was done she led me into the living room. She sat me down on the couch both of her hands were working on my balls She then got up and sat on my lap and inserted the fake cock into her pussy.

She fucked herself real good with that fake cock; sense my cock was inside the fake one, I could feel it sliding up and down my shaft. The fake cock didn't do it's job because I cum all inside it. When she realized I cum she got up and removed the fake cock and made me drink my sperm out of it. When I got done cleaning it up she then got up and led me into bedroom jerking on my leash. I got up on the bed and she removed the handcuffs and tied me to the bed face up. I heard the door open and felt someone on the bed.

I soon felt a warm mouth sliding over my cock and I let out a moan. The mouth worked its way up and down my soft cock, alternating between licking just the sides and then taking me all the way into their throat. At the same time I felt hands caressing the insides of my thighs and balls. In a short time my cock was hard again, I felt the mouth being replaced with someone's hand and then my wife whispering in my ear. "I can tell you want to cum again. Now here is what you have to do, if you want to cum again. I am going to remove the blindfold and you are going to let my boyfriend, Dave fuck your mouth!

I was completely in shock but managed to give a nod as she stopped stroking my cock and began painfully squeezing it instead! She told me to be a good little cuckold as she removed the blindfold. Now she ordered Dave to come over so she could feed his cock into my mouth. Dave came over and as he straddled my shoulders my wife positioned herself behind him, taking care to get as close to the action as possible.

Once in position Dave leaned forward and grabbed the headboard as my wife reached around his waste and began rubbing his cock head across my lips. She called me a slut and told me to open my mouth wide so I could suck a real cock. As I started to open my mouth I could feel her pressing his cock against my lips and the head of his cock quickly slide past my lips and deep into my throat.

At first I felt like gagging. But I relaxed my throat muscles and sucked his cock all the way up to his balls. My wife has fucked my mouth so many times with her huge strap-on dildo that I had no trouble taking his manhood all the way to his balls.

I could taste the mixture of old sex covering his cock and there was no doubt at all in my mind that his cock had been inside my wife. I could taste her pussy juice. My wife knew that he was ready to cum so she came over and wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his cock and started jacking him off in my mouth.

He started cumming and I started swallowing. After he cum and his cock got soft my wife leaned over and sucked me off.

Lump after lump of my white thick cum shot from my pumping cock and landed on her. I just laid there with this silly grin on my face as my wife scooped up my cum and ate it.

If this story made you shoot a load, taste it and e-mail me. Also VOTE!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/28/19

Would do it again

Wife brought home a coworker for some MMF fun (Well) when she wants,gets mad,controls etc she uses the crushes my balls till it hurts bit.
So turns out Steve’s BD was that day and I had never given amore...

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by Anonymous01/02/19


Utter horseshit!

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