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Hello Sir,

A story for you:

I found the key right where you said it would be. I let myself into the hotel room, and put the key back. I hurried so that I could be ready as you specified.

I undressed, folding my clothes carefully. I put on a black leather collar, two black leather bracelets, and black leather anklets, all with rings on them. I tightened the corset as tight as I could, pushing my large breasts up, exposing them. I pulled on the thigh high black stockings and the high heeled shoes, and the garter belt. I knelt in the middle of the room, with my head back pushing my breasts out further. My legs were as spread apart as I could get them. In front of me on the floor, I had neatly laid out a crop, a small belt, nipple clamps, I large dildo with nubs and a butt plug, as well as a blindfold, and various other clamps, and some candles and a bowl of ice.

I waited, not moving an inch. Finally, I hear the door open.

"Good. You have obeyed me. That will make your punishment less severe."

You tell me to get on all fours, and I obey. You attach the nipple clamps to me, along with some weights. You sit in front of my and get out your hard cock. I wrap my mouth around the head of it, and suck it and flick my tongue on it. Then, I lean down and take all of it in my mouth, moving back and forth, until you pull hard on my weights and explode in my mouth.

You instruct me to continue kneeling in that position. I hear you sliding off your belt. "I don't want to hear a sound out of your mouth. If I do, you will earn another punishment."

I hear the belt swish through the air, and then the loud pop as it connected to my ass. After the fifth one, I whimpered, hoping you wouldn't hear. After ten I felt you rub my hot red ass. As you shoved a couple of fingers in my pussy I heard you say, "I heard that. You have earned yourself another punishment."

You pushed the dildo and butt plug in. You put a belt around my waist and a rope through the belt sliding it in my slit and crack pressing hard against my clit to hold them in. You told me to stand up. You hooked my hands together and attached them above my head, so I had to stand on my toes. You hooked my collar to something so that my head was pulled back, pushing out my breasts even further. You took off the nipple clamps, but attached some to my pussy lips. And then you blindfolded me.

I felt the crack of your hand as you slapped by left breast, making it bounce. Over and over you slapped my breasts with your open hand until I lost count. My pussy was wet, my clit was throbbing, but I knew better than to cum without your permission. I loved having my breasts spanked. Then, you bound my breasts, not enough to cut off the circulation, but enough that I could feel them being squeezed. You picked up the crop, and without warning, began to spank my breasts with them, paying close attention to my nipples. Once more, just as I thought I was going to pass out from the pain and the pleasure, I moaned.

"You just don't learn, do you?" you ask.

After a few more hard cracks on my nipples, you let me down. You hold my head up and give me a glass of water to drink. You lead me over to the bed and fasten my hands to the sides of the headboard. You placed a gag in my mouth, telling me that you know my limits and you will not exceed them under any circumstance. You put my nipple clamps back on and tighten them, starting the vibrator for them.

You spread my legs and hook my ankles to my wrists, spreading me wide, and my ass and pussy in the air. You take out the dildo, and remove the pussy clamps. You pick up the small whip and whip the insides of my thighs and my pussy. Over and over you whip. It comes down on my clit, on my pussy, on my ass hole, until I am hot and red all over. My clit is tingling, my breasts are tingling and I want to cum so bad. But I will not.

You caress my shaven pussy, then push yourself inside of me. You attach a clit clamp which you flick while driving yourself into me. Slowly you push the butt plug back and forth in my ass. Suddenly you pull out, pull out the butt plug and slide into my ass, pumping me, twisting my clit. You warn me not to cum and explode inside of me.

You remove the gag and blindfold and kiss me on the mouth. We go into the shower that has a removable shower head and told me to lay back against the wall and spread my legs. You turn the shower on full blast and the shower head on the full stream. You spray my pussy and ass, shoving water inside of them, then turn it on my clit. You say, "You may now come, My Pet. You have earned it," and I explode as the water hits my clit.

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