For the first time in years I can say with all honesty that I was a bad girl. I did it intentionally. I wanted Master to punish me, and I did all I could to get what I wanted. I just expected my punishment to be different.

When Master took me to the local fetish club, and I started exaggerating how much my spankings hurt, I expected Him to beat me harder in punishment. I wanted Him to beat me harder. I wanted Him to take me across His lap and beat my ass and thighs until they were flaming red, and swollen. I wanted Him to cane me until I bled, and then some. Instead, Master just consoled me when I complained of the pain from the mild spanking, and said "We'll just wait until later My pet."

Later that night when Master was setting me up in His suspension cuffs I kept wiggling them lose while He was fastening them, and He would have to keep adjusting them on me to keep them tight. He didn't punish me then either, He just said "Now now little one, be good or you'll fall." I was getting worried.

At the end of the night I had one last chance to get what I craved, and I thought it didn't work either. A man came up to me at the end of the night, and tried to strike up a conversation with me. Normally I would tell him "I'm sorry Sir, but you'll have to ask Sir J. if I may speak with you first." as Master requests. Instead I chatted with him politely and winked at Master when He noticed. That made Him angry, and I think it's what got me the punishment I deserved, although not at all what I wanted.

The following evening when Master came home from work He immediately told me to go into the bedroom, strip naked, and get out four ten-foot ropes. I did as I was told immediately, and was positively giddy until I heard Him coming. I knelt on the floor, with the ropes neatly arrayed on Master's bed, and my head bowed in proper submission to His power. Master came in, and looked at my efforts.

"You've been very bad little one." He said in an almost bored fashion. "I know you've been trying to get Me angry, and although your actions were upsetting, what made Me even more angry is that you intentionally misbehaved. You know you're going to be punished, right My pet?"

"Yes Sir." I said, and I bowed my head a little lower to hide my smirk. "I'm sorry Sir."

"No you're not. Not yet at least, My pet. You're about to be though. Now stand up you little slut, and lie down on the bed face up."

I did as I was told immediately, and almost as soon as I was lying down Master started tying my hands and feet to the corners of the bed frame. In a few moments I was securely tied spread eagle, my wrists and ankles tied in rope, and my pussy spread open to the cool room air. Master then went to the toy drawer and took out His leather blindfold. He fastened it around my head, and I could no longer see at all.

Just when I expected to feel the sharp pain of his hand striking my body and face, or a paddle raining down blows on my inner thighs, I felt nothing. Master simply got up, and left the room. I was left alone, and time stood still.

I don't know how long I was tied, but I could occasionally hear Master walking around the house. I heard Him make something to eat, and then I overheard Him make a strange phone call.

"Hi Monica, it's Jim." He said to the person He called. I didn't know who Monica was, but I tried to remember if I had ever heard Him talk of her before. "Everything's set. Come on over." He said in a voice just loud enough for me to hear. "Great, I'll see you soon."

Master then went back to mulling around the house. I lost track of time again. An uncertain time later, I heard the doorbell ring. My stomach lurched because I was tied naked in Master's bed, and the door to the living room was wide open. I trusted Master to only let those familiar with our lifestyle to see me like this, but I didn't know who was coming in. I was frightened. For a moment I thought Master had brought in someone else to punish me, and in a way, I was right.

"Right this way Monica." I heard master say to His guest.

"Oh! This is different." I heard Monica say in very honest surprise.

"Say hello to Monica you little bitch." Master said with surprising gentleness considering the words He chose.

"Hello Ma'am." I said. "I'm sorry I can't get up to properly greet you."

"It's Ok child." Monica said. "I can see you're all tied up right now."

The lack of humor in her words let me know she was familiar with what she was seeing. Master had kept this within the view of scene people, and for that I was grateful. I was still unsure of what was happening though, and the realization was a hard blow to endure.

"Get comfortable Monica." Master said. "Let me help you with that."

The noises I heard were pretty easy to identify. Master was undressing Monica, and kissing her skin as it was exposed. I heard a dress fall to the floor, followed by a giggle and a sigh of pleasure. Master was kissing her shoulders, and she was cooing in gratitude. Then I heard the muffled pop of a bra being unhooked, and Master's moan of approval at what He saw. Again there were kissing sounds, and giggles from the other woman in the room.

I heard Monica's heels click across the floor, and then thud on the carpet as she approached the bed. The bed creaked as she got on to it, and crawled towards me. I felt the smooth soft skin of a woman against my thigh as she crawled over my leg, and sat in the crux of my hip with her back leaning against me. Then I heard Master's jeans and belt hit the floor.

"Mmm." Monica growled. "That looks delicious." She said in a low husky voice. "Bring that over here baby."

I heard Master walk towards the bed as well, and Monica shift forward to meet Him. She no longer leaned against me, but I could feel the bed bounce as she leaned forward, and then I felt the shaking of the bed as she started to suck on Master's cock. The sounds I heard confirmed that. The slurping, moaning, and muffled moans of a woman swallowing the rigid member of an aroused man filled the room. A tear rolled down my cheek as I listened to this woman pleasure my Master.

Right there is when I saw why Master was so angry. I started thinking of Him as my Master, and not me as His slave. I had taken Master for granted, and I was being punished justly for it. My realization had come too late to stop the punishment I would now have to endure, but at least I knew the lesson to learn from my torture.

Master moaned, and the bed shook as Monica brought Him the pleasure I had failed to give Him. Monica then released His cock from her mouth with a loud pop and slurping noise. The bed shook more as she turned and crawled towards my face. I could feel her close to me, just inches away from my face when she whispered "Your man's cock tastes so good. I bet you wish you could have some, don't you baby?"

I dared not answer. I would take my punishment like the good little slave I knew I could be, as much as it tore me apart to know Master was with another woman. Had I pleased Him, He would not need to look elsewhere.

Again I felt Monica's back lean against my side, and when her leg rested against mine, I knew she had spread her legs to offer her pussy to Master. I heard Master approach her, and then the bed moved a bit more as Master leaned on the edge, and graced this lucky woman with the pleasure of His tongue on her pussy lips and clit.

Monica moaned with absolute pleasure as Master ate her out. She leaned back against me, and stretched her arms out to hold on to my thigh and upper arm for support. I was the chair that she reclined in as Master gave her such exquisite pleasure. I had known how good He can make a woman feel with His tongue, although I was not sure how long before I would ever feel it again. I was unworthy because of the way I had behaved.

"Jim baby, I need you to stop knocking at the gates and come on inside sweety." She said with a chuckle.

"Well how could I turn down such a lovely invitation Monica?" Master asked as she lay back on top of me.

Monica was lying across my pelvis, and she grabbed my shin for support. I felt the weight of Master move above her and her other hand grabbed my left breast. I heard them kiss, and cried aloud despite my efforts to contain my anguish. The bed shifted, and Monica's grip tightened and relaxed as Master's cock penetrated her. She gasped, and I knew why. Master was large, and He knew how to cause immeasurable pleasure, or incredible pain with His cock.

He made love to her, slowly, gently, and they moved together as a tender caring couple does. I sobbed uncontrollably as I felt Him thrusting in and out of her audibly wet pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as He fucked her with long deep strokes. Master started to become more forceful, and fucked her harder and deeper. She picked up her legs and wrapped them around His hips to let Him in further. Their weight made my sobs spasm and convulse. There was pain from the shifting weight of these two lovers on top of me, but it was no where near as painful as the emotional pounding my heart was taking.

I felt Master withdraw from her, and she shifted and turned above me. She was now on all fours, and straddling me. Her face was a few inches from mine, and her breasts were rubbing against mine. She hooked her feet under my upper thighs, and Master got on his knees behind her.

"Baby, Jim's cock feels so good inside of me." Monica whispered in my ear. "He's just rubbing the head of that big thing against my clit, and it feels so damn good. He's gonna pound me with that thing child. He's gonna fuck me real good, and you're going to just lay there and listen."

I finally stopped crying, and resigned myself to my fate. I had learned what I needed to know, and I was going to take my punishment with strength. Master always said He didn't want a broken slave. He wanted me to give myself to Him, and please Him in all ways I could. If I could make Him happy by being witness to His fucking of this woman, I would do so, for Him.

"May I speak Sir?" I asked My beloved Master.

"Yes My pet." Master graciously allowed.

"Thank you for teaching me Master, and Mistress. I was wrong to try to use you, when it is you who should use me."

Monica let out a scream of pleasure as Master impaled her on His rigid cock. He fucked her hard, and deep, and the bed quaked with their powerful endeavor. Monica's moans were guttural, and primal. She was a woman being ravaged by a man who was excellent, and she knew how lucky she was to receive His manhood inside of her. She relished in her pleasure, and gave Him just as much in return. Monica buried her head in my neck, and wrapped her arms under my head. She held on to me for support as Master pounded her from behind. She moaned and screamed, and panted in ecstasy as Master groaned and grunted with His powerful thrusts.

Master's pace quickened and His strokes into her shortened in length. He was approaching His own climax, and she was about to receive his bountiful load. He drew in a huge breath, and in one final thrust exploded inside of her. She let out a loud moan of her own as He filled her pussy with his thick hot seed.

Monica collapsed on top of me, and Master leaned forward to kiss her back and shoulders. They cuddled on top of me and kissed and fondled each other in post coital happiness. Master's cum dripped out of her quivering pussy, and ran down my thigh. I smiled to know Master and Mistress Monica knew such joy in each other's bodies. As much pain as I had felt at Master's punishment, I was now wiser, and able to see that merciful Master had let me have some joy as well.

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