tagBDSMPunishment for the Boy

Punishment for the Boy


The young sub looked to be in his early twenties. His blue eyes seemed to shine as he looked down at the floor. His hands were bound behind his back and his knees were visibly trembling. His name was Michael and he awaited his beloved Domme, Olivia.

It was clear that he already felt sorry for what he had done. He understood that it was his responsibility to call Mistress Olivia back the moment that he missed her call. Yesterday, however, he made the decision that he would call her later. After all, he was just studying for finals at the university. Surely she would understand. Nevertheless the boy made it home and his Mistress wasted no time. She made him kneel at her feet and she roughly grabbed him by the hair and brought him into the bedroom. He was stripped down and she swatted him on the butt several times with forceful blows from her hands. His hands were quickly bound to the floor via an anchor pin. He was then made to sleep without covers or the slightest comfort. The morning came all too quickly.

"Mistress..." the boy blinked sleepily. He had just woke on the floor shivering, his Domme lovingly was looking down on him from the bed.

"Please forgive me, I know what I did was unacceptable, I should have made a much stronger effort to call..." he continues to lower his gaze to the bedroom floor.

The words out of her mouth sounded terrifying to her young submissive boy, "Michael, you are a good boy, why would you not call? You knew you were going to be punished? I know I am your first Domme, but you had to know?"

All the while Michael kept his eyes on the floor. All that she said was true, he knew that ramifications would be swift for his behavior. Suddenly he was filled with terror. Michael had only been lightly punished in the past; a flogger here, a paddle there, at most a crop would be used. Naturally, Mistress always used such tools as a way of pleasure for him as well.

"Boy, look up at me," she says. He naturally obliges, the fear on his face is apparent. "Your punishment will be severe for a first offense. You mean far too much to me to allow you to get away with such nonsense.

Michael replied with merely a "Yes, Mistress" He looked down terrified at his wrists which were bound by leather straps. For the first time in his long training with Mistress Olivia, which was about three months at the present time, the boy looked as if he would cry.

She stepped off the bed and began to stand directly in front of him. Her skirt was low cut. As always, she wore a tight black tank top that displayed her cleavage well enough. Her thighs were deliciously tan and silky, for the first time that morning Michael felt the organ between his legs begin to stiffen.

"Listen my boy, I am going to show you some mercy. You will receive twenty five lashes with my flogger, twenty five spankings over my lap, and you will then only be allowed to orgasm when I am present for the next three months. Do you understand?" The boy gave a simple nod as his response.

As she looked down at her naked boy, she felt an immense amount of pride in him. He always tried to please. Unlike so many male slaves, he greatly feared pain from punishment. He always wished to please from initiative alone. She was beginning to love him, which was a truly rare feeling for Mistress Olivia.

As she reached down to remove the straps from his wrists, she whispered in his ear, "I promise sweety the pain will not last long. You must be taught a lesson though. The boy nodded as she brought him to his feet and took him to the bed. She gently bent him over the bed and placed larger restraints on his wrists and placed his hands behind his back. She could already see the tears forming in his eyes.

As she finished restraining him, she slowly walked to her box of toys and pulled out a cruel flogger. It clearly was well used in the past and the leather straps which dangled from it caused Michael great fear.

"You will count every blow and thank me my boy. No gag or blindfold either. I want to hear my boy suffer and learn."

"Yes, Mistress."

At this point the boy was in a clear panic. His eyes were clearly watering and his entire body was trembling. He felt the straps rub against his back and buttocks and with no warning the first thrashing came. Then another and another. He counted all diligently with tears wailing from his eyes. Then another and another soon followed. This continued until all twenty five were dealt out. When she was done with the strap she quickly tossed it on the floor. The slave boy was desperately trying to catch his breath and his Mistress felt the tremors going through his entire body when she forced him up to lay across her lap.

"Mistress... please....forgive me, I cannot take any more." Tears were pouring down his cheeks at this time.

"Nonsense boy," her reply sounded cold and sharp to him.

She gave him the pleasure of allowing his ass to be massaged for a few brief moments by her cool fingers. At this he sighed and breathed adorably. Yet, much like with the whip, she surprised him with her open palm colliding with his soar ass. Tears instantly came forth again. The boy attempted to count every smack, but by twenty five he was merely bawling.

"Please....forgive me... I....never....again..."

She shushed him by placing her finger in front of his mouth. She very softly rolled him onto his back on the bed and kissed his soft lips. The taste of tears was clearly distinguishable. Slowly she began rubbing his thighs and then began to tease his testicles. Soon the boy was sighing hard. As his erection grew in her hands she bent down again and kissed his lips. He still dared not look into her eyes.

"Good boy," were the last words he heard before she bent down and took his cock into her mouth. He was allowed to rest his head on his Mistress's lap. He smelled her delicious wetness as he neared coming.

"Go ahead baby boy," without having to ask permission he erupted into her warm mouth. She swallowed greedily and once again kissed his mouth. This time, however, she did so to allow him to taste himself. His brow was covered with sweat and for the first time in seemingly an eternity the look of fear on his face was gone. He looked tired and beautiful.

"Sleep baby, sleep." Nearly instantly, with his hands still bound behind his back, he collapsed into sleep in his favorite place, the lap of his closest friend, his Mistress.

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