tagBDSMPunishment for Weekend Ch. 01

Punishment for Weekend Ch. 01


It was a dark and hot room. I was handcuffed to a pole in the corner of the room. It was one big pole and I was standing facing to that pole. In my mouth was a red coloured ball-gag through which I was drooling all over my curves. My legs were secured to the pole enchained in leg-irons. I was wearing a metal harness. In my ass was a big black ass-plug and in my pussy was a big blue coloured dildo which was secured to that pole by metal stand. My nipples were pierced and my nipple rings were attached to one small chain which was pulling it out towards the pole. I was sweating and in pain, however that helplessness had made me really horny and wet. I was craving for my master to come and spank me hard, whip me, touch me, kiss me and fuck all my wholes. It was Saturday, half past eleven in the morning. I was in this position since eight o'clock in the morning. I was being punished. I was being punished because, I did not follow rules which I was strictly told to follow by my master. But I was such a mean and selfish girl. And hence, I deserved to be punished for the whole weekend.

My master was a great dominant. However, he never used to abuse verbally. He was exceedingly polite gentleman. And his politeness used to make his dominating character much severe yet attractive. I was driven to him the moment I met him first. I was in love and hence I was enchained to him emotionally.

I have been a bad and dumb slave who used to repeat mistakes even though I have already been punished for. Rules were not so complicated. I was not allowed to wear anything at night unless my master specifies it. I was supposed to sleep with an ass plug in my hole. I was not allowed to masturbate. I was supposed to get up early in the morning and was supposed to do some running, swimming and yoga and I was strictly told to keep the house clean and tidy. I was not allowed to shop clothes more than hundred Euros a month etc. I was not allowed to touch any other man except my master. My master went on a business trip during week and I had a party where I invited my friends overnight. I did not know my master was going to come one day earlier than what he told me. He saw all the mess I made at house and hence was really pissed.I used to love being punished by my master again and again.

Finally, door behind me cracked open. As soon as silence broke I got nervous and gave a jerk to my enchained body. It was painful as my nipple rings pulled. I moaned, "Mmmmm...".I heard voice of shoes approaching me. My face turned red and heart was pounding with excitement. I looked back and saw a smirk on the face of my master. I blushed. My master came in and being one polite person he said, "Good morning Nicole, I hope you are ready for what you deserve."

I blushed again and looked him in his calm eyes. I was sure he could see it on my face How desperately I wanted him to touch me, punish me.

He came closer to me and kissed me on my chick then kissed on my shoulder. He took out that chain attached to my nipple rings my nipples felt a tingling sensation. Then he rubbed my both nipples with his fingers gently. He came close to my right ear and licked it as soon as he touched my ear I got shivers all over my body with excitement. I blushed again. He came near my left ear and said, "I am going to tie you up and tease you whole day, you are not going to get my dick. Do you understand me clearly?"

I wanted to beg him, literally beg him for his dick. I tried to say "mrrrrmmmm.." gag in my mouth did not let words out.

He hold my hair and pulled my head back "Do you want to argue with me?" He slaped me on my ass twice and asked again, "you are not supposed to argue on anything I tell you, Do you understand?" He left my hair. I did not say anything but looked down with despair.

He touched my chin and turned my face to him. looked straight into my eyes with that smirk on his face. He asked again softly, "Is this clear my pet?" I nodded with no other choice.

"good, now time to give you some pain". He took out his whip and whipped me twice on my ass. Then on my back. I tried to shout. "mrrrrrrrmmmmm...."

I was enjoying that tingling sensation. I expected him to whip me more but he did not. He came closer again. And gently took out ball-gag from my mouth. Then he licked my chin to clean all the drooling saliva. I could not resist. Suddenly my lips touched his lips and I kissed him.

He took out big black ass-plug from ass and stretched those chicks apart from each other. He put his finger inside my ass and started fucking my ass with finger. After a while he unlocked my leg-irons and lowered the stand of that blue dildo. Big dildo came out of my wet pussy with some warm and wetness on it. I felt really light as all the muscles of my holes were released after a stretch on them since three and half hours. I wanted his dick badly in my pussy, very badly. My eyes were begging his dick inside me but my mouth was shut as I was ordered not to speak unless asked.

Master finally took out my handcuffs and took out that metal harness which I was wearing. I was finally released from that pole. As soon as I was released I hugged him and kissed on his chest and then finally on his lips.

"I did not give you permission to kiss me Nicole."

Then master took a chain and hooked it in my collar. I got down on my hands and knees. I looked at him and kissed his toe. He pulled that chain and made me walk out of that punishment room. Out of that room was our dining room where I was supposed to have my lunch.

( To be continued.... )

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