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Punk It All Night


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe.

This and all of the other stories we write are for entertainment purposes only. If you do not like what we choose to write about, Literotica offers many other stories for you to read instead.


After the October 31, 2006 Halloween edition of ECW on SCI-FI goes off the air, CM Punk, ECW's hot, straight edge Extremist, is walking around backstage wearing his yellow wrestling shorts and his brand new black 'CM Punk' t-shirt. CM Punk goes around a corner and he starts to approach his locker room and he sees ECW's cute, sweet Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly standing in front of his locker room door, "Hi Kelly..." CM Punk says as he raises an eyebrow as he approaches her and his locker room.

The adorable, young Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly smiles cutely as she pushes up her slender shoulders and waves at the straightedged Extremist "Hey Punk!" Kelly cutely says as the ECW Vixen is oddly dressed in her CM Punk Halloween costume, which she used to participate in the ECW Vixen Halloween Contest. Kelly's attire consists of tight-fitting red wrestling shorts, a black "CM Punk" t-shirt, white tape around her wrists and hands with the straightedge 'X' symbol on the material and painted on 'CM Punk' style tattoos.

CM Punk smiles a bit as he looks at Kelly's unique Halloween costume, "What's going on?" CM Punk says as he look at Kelly and then at himself to see how Kelly almost perfectly replicated his attire. "Doing some Trick or Treating?" Punk asks.

Kelly Kelly cutely bites down on her bottom "Aww no..." Kelly says before she softly laughs "Didn't you see the ECW Vixen Halloween Costume Contest?" Kelly asks in an adorable, slightly excited tone.

CM Punk nods his head, "Yeah I saw it... and I gotta say you look really... familiar..." CM Punk chuckles a bit continues to look at Kelly's costume, "But I can't quite figure out who you look like..." Punk adds as slightly jokes around with the cute nineteen year old Vixen.

Kelly scrunches her adorable nose up cutely "You can't?" Kelly asks slightly confused before she blushes a bit "I'm you Punk!"

CM Punk laughs a bit, "I know... I was just joking a bit with you..." CM Punk replies with a smile, "I gotta say you do look great... and a lot better than I do in that stuff..." Punk says as he complements Kelly.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she shyly lowers her head "Awww thanks..." Kelly pauses and then scrunches her nose up before she shakes her head "I don't understand why my boyfriend, Mike, doesn't like it..." Kelly shrugs her shoulders "I think it's pretty cool."

CM Punk shrugs his own shoulders "Search me... I think it looks great... and I gotta admit I'm flattered that you dressed up like me..." CM Punk says, "But... what made you want to... be me for Halloween?" CM Punk says as he pushes the door to his locker room open while he looks at Kelly.

Kelly gently presses her soft lips together "Well...I'm like...your biggest fan..." Kelly Kelly replies cutely.

"Ah right... I forgot about that..." CM Punk smiles as he steps a bit into his locker room, "You wanna come in?" Punk asks as he holds the locker room door open.

Kelly smiles cutely "Can I?" Kelly Kelly excitedly asks as she enters the locker room of CM Punk, before the straightedged Extremist has a chance to reply to the adorable ECW Exhibitionist.

"Sure..." CM Punk says with a laugh as he closes the locker room door. CM Punk continues to look at the 'CM Punk' dressed Kelly Kelly and he shakes his head a bit as he smiles, "I gotta say you look like you can punk all night..." Punk says.

Kelly blushes as she lowers her head shyly "You think I can?" Kelly asks with a soft laugh as the adorable Exhibitionist casually glances down at the crotch of CM Punk's yellow wrestling shorts and she slowly licks her lips.

"Yeah I do..." CM Punk replies, "You got that... straightedge look going... and even though it's a costume... I bet you have it all when it comes to punking...." CM Punk says as he doesn't quite catch Kelly glancing at the large crotch of his yellow wrestling shorts.

Kelly cutely raises an eyebrow "Ummm...Punk..." Kelly softly says "Could... you umm...do your number one fan a favor?" Kelly innocently asks.

CM Punk raises his left eyebrow a bit before he nods his head, "Sure Kelly... what is it?" Punk asks as he puts his hands on his waist.

"Umm...would you mind..." Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she cutely pushes her shoulders up "Taking...off your shirt?"

CM Punk looks at Kelly for a short moment before his shrugs his shoulders, "Sure..." Punk replies as he then starts to lift up his t-shirt and he pulls it up over his head to reveal his smooth, toned, tattooed upper body.

Kelly slowly licks her lips as her soft, innocent eyes drift to CM Punk's smooth, slightly muscular and tattooed upper body and chest "Wow Punk! You're so hot!" Kelly cutely as she takes a step forward towards the straightedged Extremist.

CM Punk smiles a bit, "Thank you Kelly..." Punk says as Kelly slowly takes another step towards him. Punk raises his eyebrow slightly and he smiles again, "Kelly... you ok... you look... a bit... hot under the collar..." Punk says as he comments on the cute wide eyed expression Kelly has as she looks over his body.

Kelly scrunches her nose up "What?" Kelly asks slightly confused as she places her hands against her smoothly rounded, slender hips.

"Nothing..." CM Punk shakes his head a bit, "But... something just crossed my mind... if you're... supposed to be me.... should you have... taken your shirt off too?" Punk asks. Kelly shrugs her shoulders "I...guess so..." Kelly says with a cute nod as she laughs a bit before she places her hands against the black "CM Punk" t-shirt and begins to slowly lift the t-shirt off of her petite, adorably tanned body as she exposes her bare, petite but smoothly rounded and firm tits.

CM Punk takes a bit of a long look at Kelly's hot body and her cute round firm petite tits, "Kelly... if I'm hot... then so are you..." CM Punk says with a smile as he then locks eyes with the cute Extreme Exhibitionist.

Kelly blushes "Aww thanks Punk...but what else do you got?" Kelly asks with a cute laugh as she starts to cutely push down her tight-fitting red wrestling shorts.

CM Punk smiles, "Oh I got a lot..." Punk replies as he starts to lower his yellow wrestling shorts from his waist, and as he pushes them down, his large, thick twelve inch cock is slowly freed. "Hopefully I won't be too much for you..." Punk says with a wink as he steps out of his yellow wrestling shorts. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she cutely lowers her head while the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist pushes her tight-fitting red wrestling shorts down from her hips and down her smooth, tanned legs as her hot, smoothly shaven pussy becomes expose. Kelly Kelly glances forward at CM Punk's large, thick cock and she licks her lips before she kneels down on the locker room floor in front of the hot straightedged Extremist. CM Punk steps towards Kelly Kelly so that he's now standing directly in front of Kelly with his large thick hardening cock dangling just a few inches way from his number one fan's face. "So... I guess.... you want to punk all night..." CM Punk says with a smile as he looks down at Kelly when she looks up at him for a moment and they lock eyes briefly.

Kelly smiles cutely as she eagerly nods her head "Oh you bet I do!" The adorable Exhibitionist replies before she reaches forward with soft, petite hands and gently places them around CM Punk's hardened, thick cock and she begins to stroke his cock as she kneels in front of him completely naked with her hot, tanned body painted with "CM Punk" style tattoos.

CM Punk licks his lips slightly as Kelly strokes his large, thick hard cock with both of her soft, small hands. Punk spreads his feet shoulder length apart, giving himself a firm base as he moans softly as Kelly slowly moves her hands along his shaft, "Mmmm.... well... it's a long night... we better get started...." CM Punk says.

Kelly laughs cutely as she lifts her head up and glances up at CM Punk while she smoothly strokes her soft hands against his hard, thick straightedge cock "Ohhh Punk! You're the greatest!" Kelly says cutely as slides her hands down his thick, long shaft, before she raises her hands back up his shaft.

"Awww.... you're pretty great too Kelly..." CM Punk moans as Kelly continues to pump her hands along the length of his hard, thick cock. CM Punk licks his lips and he looks down at her once again as he places his right hand on Kelly's head and strokes her soft blond hair as Kelly sits a bit higher on her knees. Kelly licks her soft lips before she leans her head down towards CM Punk's straightedge cock and she places her soft, wet tongue against the thick head of his cock before she starts to slowly trace her tongue around the head of his cock. Kelly lifts her eyes up slightly to look at CM Punk as she gently slaps wet tongue against the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm.... ohhhh yea..." CM Punk moans and leans his head back slightly as Kelly tilts her head slightly both to the left and to the right in order to flick her tongue against the sides of the head of his hard cock. Kelly closes her soft, innocent eyes before she opens her adorable, hot mouth and lowers her head onto CM Punk's straightedge cock. Kelly presses her lips softly around his cock before she starts to smoothly bob her head on the ECW Extremist's cock while she places her left hand against his ballsack and begins to gently massage his balls.

"Mmmm.... ohhhh.... mmmm...." CM Punk moans softly as he slides his right hand over Kelly Kelly's soft blond hair as the cute Extreme Exhibitionist bobs her head up and down on his stiff cock. Punk tilts his head back slightly as Kelly also gently presses the palm of her left hand against the his ballsack and he feels the tips of her fingers tap against the bottom of his balls.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Kelly Kelly softly moans against CM Punk's cock as she gently laps her soft, wet tongue around his straightedged shaft while she continues bob her head on his cock as she sucks off the hot ECW Extremist's cock at a gradually quicker pace. "Ohhhh yeah..." Kelly moans as she feels CM Punk's cock slide deeper into her adorable, hot mouth.

CM Punk shifts his feet a bit so that he steps a bit closer to Kelly, and it results in him pushes his cock deeper into Kelly's warm, soothing mouth as well, which allows Kelly to to get her head further down on his hard cock, "Ohhhh damn... mmmm.... yeah... Kelly..." CM Punk moans as he moves his hand off of Kelly's head.

"Mmmm...mmmm.." Kelly softly moans against CM Punk's cock as she continues to bob her head, slapping her warm saliva against his cock as she eagerly sucks on his straightedged cock. Kelly bobs her head a few more times before she slowly lifts her head of his cock and looks up at him with cute smile on her adorable face.

CM Punk licks his lips and he smiles down at Kelly as he sees a bit of her saliva drop from her mouth. He then leans down a bit, "You got a little something.... right here...." Punk says as he wipe some saliva from Kelly's mouth.

Kelly presses her shoulders up cutely and laughs "Aww thanks Punk..." Kelly says before she starts to slowly stand up from being on her knees.

"No problem..." CM Punk smiles as he helps Kelly stand up, "Hmm... hmmm there's still a lot of time left in the night to punk...." Punk says to Kelly as he takes her hand and he walks her over to a smooth, soft couch that sits against one wall of his locker room. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she sits down on the couch before she starts to lay down on the smooth couch as the straightedged Extremist proceeds to lay on top of the adorable ECW Exhibitionist.

CM Punk smiles down at Kelly as he spreads her smooth sexy legs apart and he has Kelly wrap them a bit around his waist before he begins to push his long, thick hard twelve inch saliva covered cock into Kelly's warm tight nineteen year old pussy. CM Punk grits his teeth together as he feels Kelly's pussy squeeze his invading cock and he places his hands on Kelly's slender shoulders. "Mmmm damn...." Punk moans as he finally starts to thrust his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy.

"Ohhhhh Punk..." Kelly softly moans as she places her hands against his smooth, toned chest as she starts to gently rock her hot, petite body in motion as CM Punk starts to thrust his straightedge cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy. "Ohhh mmm...yess Punk" Kelly Kelly softly moans.

CM Punk shifts his entire body as he pumps his hard cock into Kelly's hot pussy, and the straightedge Extremist gradually starts to gather momentum. "Ahhh... ohhhh Kelly... ain't nothin... like punking...." CM Punk moans as he deeply thrusts his cock into her pussy and his balls press against Kelly's skin with every thrust.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she closes her eyes while her hot, petite body moves back and forth on top of the soft couch as CM Punk thrusts his cock deeper and harder into her tight pussy "Ohhhh yeah Punk!" The adorable Exhibitionist moans as she starts to gently grind her pussy against his cock every time he starts to pull out before slamming back in.

CM Punk grits his teeth harder together as Kelly squeezes his waist with her smooth sexy legs in response to all of his thrusts when he pile drives his dick all the way into her pussy, "Ahhhh... ohh Kelly... fuck..." Punk grunts as his medium length black hair hangs over his face and sways a bit as he rocks his whole body while he fucks Kelly's pussy.

"Ohhh...ahhhh Punk...yesss..." Kelly softly moans as she gently slides her hands against his smooth, toned chest as the hot straightedged Extremist fucks the adorable Exhibitionist with firmer and harder thrusts, causing Kelly to lightly sweat and smear her painted tattoos against her soft, tanned skin.

CM Punk slams his cock one more time deep into Kelly's hot tight pussy before he comes to a slow stop. He reaches back behind him and unwraps Kelly's legs from his waist so that he can pull out of her pussy. CM Punk then kneels on the smooth soft couch and he turns Kelly over onto her stomach and he pulls Kelly's ass up into the air as Kelly rests her head down on the couch cushions. "Mmmm...." CM Punk takes a breath before he slides his cock back into Kelly's warm pussy and begins to fuck her again as Kelly keeps her head down on the couch cushion.

Kelly grits her teeth gently as she lifts her head up slightly to glance over her shoulder at CM Punk as he enters her hot, tight pussy from behind "Awww fuck yeah Punk!" Kelly cutely moans as she gently pushes herself back against CM Punk's cock before he starts to thrust in and out of her tight, adorable pussy.

Sweat starts to drip down CM Punk's hot toned, smooth and tattooed body as he places his hands on Kelly's hips, "Face Down... Butt up... that's the way we punk..." Punk groans as he quickens the pace of his thrusts. The straightedge Extremist sharply drives his cock into Kelly's pussy and his waist hits against Kelly's cute round ass.

"Ohhh...ohhh Punk!" Kelly moans as her moans begin to get louder as her hot, petite body slams back harder against CM Punk's waist as he drives his cock deeply into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhh yeah Punk! You're the best!"

CM Punk pulls Kelly's hot body back against him as he slams his large straightedge cock deeply into Kelly's pussy. Each of his thrusts are sharp and swift and Kelly's body jolts forward after each of his thrusts, "Ahhh... ohhh yeah Kelly... mmmm.... you're... straightedge...." Punk grunts as he 'punks' with the hot Kelly Kelly as they both sweat and breath heavily.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh fuck Punk!" Kelly softly moans as she closes her eyes and suddenly cums against CM Punk's thrusting, straightedge cock before she feels her hot, sweaty body begin to weaken slightly "Ohhhh yeah Punk!"

CM Punk grits his teeth together as he feels Kelly's warm juices flow out of her pussy and all over his hard throbbing straightedge cock, "Ahhh... ohhh damn... ohhh yeah..." CM Punk grunts as he throws his own head back to get his medium length black hair out of his eyes. Punk then pulls Kelly completely back against him so that her hot round ass presses right against his waist as his cock starts to erupt with his warm cum.

Kelly Kelly's adorable, hot petite body slightly trembles as she feels CM Punk's warm cum flood into her tight, wet pussy "Awww...Punk..." Kelly softly moans as she softly tosses back her slightly sweat-soaked blond hair.

CM Punk keeps his large, cumming cock inside of Kelly's hot wet pussy, "Mmmmm.... ohhh damn... now that's.... a hot punk..." Punk says to Kelly as he finishes cumming and he pulls his cum-spent shaft out of Kelly's pussy.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder and smiles at CM Punk "Awww Punk...you're my favorite Extremist!" Kelly says with a cute laugh.

CM Punk smiles and shrugs his shoulders, "If I have to have a favorite Vixen... it's gotta be you... cause you can straightedge punk it all night..."


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