tagMind ControlPuppet Master & the Lesbians

Puppet Master & the Lesbians


Late one afternoon, Keith O'Brien sat in the easy chair where he usually positioned himself when he was casting about the city for new sex partners. He wondered what he could do that day that would be different, having gotten a bit jaded from using his mind control power to bring in the most beautiful women in the city to service him sexually. What he wanted was something that would add a bit of spice. He appreciated the mysterious power that allowed him to take over the mind of anybody he chose and induce that person to do whatever he wanted, but there was the one drawback - no thrill of the chase. Keith never had to seduce anybody; the women he chose were always extremely willing. He wouldn't have changed it for anything, and he accepted that lack as a small price to pay for the fabulous and varied sex life he enjoyed.

Ever since Keith was a student in elementary school he had possessed the talent to take over the minds of other people and impose his own wants and thoughts on them. He had no idea why he had it, but it had started developing when he was very young. In his earliest years, whenever he had come to class unprepared, Keith had somehow been able to prevail on teachers to refrain from calling on him to recite. All he did was to think: "Don't call on me! Don't call on me!" and direct those thoughts at them. Other times, when he was well prepared, the same teachers were induced by his thoughts to let him display his knowledge, earning him high grades and a reputation as one of the brightest students in the school.

That reputation was deserved because Keith really did have an IQ at near the genius level. He was certainly smart enough, while still quite young, to notice how the teachers always seemed to do what he wanted, and he decided to experiment a bit, and see if he could do the same thing to get others to do his bidding. This mostly consisted of trivial things, such as trying to send out thoughts to induce a stranger to do something innocuous, such as walking across a street - safely - and watching as he returned to the original side, as if wondering why he had crossed it in the first place.

He also used his improving talent to change the minds of bullies who were about to beat up him or a friend of his, causing at least a temporary reform. The more he used his mysterious power, the better Keith got at it, but he always had the integrity – or sense -to refrain from inducing any of his fellows or anybody else to hand over all their money or do anything else that might have caused those persons to wonder about their sanity or give them reason to accuse him of theft.

One day, he heard one of his male classmates bragging about playing "Doctor" with a new girl in school, one who wore short skirts and makeup most of the time. He mentally persuaded that same girl to play the same game with him, and it was so much fun that, at one time or other, he played Doctor, with all the pretty girls in school, even those who were several years older. When it seemed right, he even played a more advanced version of the game.

He was not omnipotent. Although Keith enjoyed great sexual success as a teenager, there were a few girls who were "saving themselves for marriage" and they initially refused his advances. He could have brought them to the point of surrender, but it was obvious to him that they really had no wish to fuck, and he wanted to avoid any entanglements, so he let the truly unwilling girls retain their maidenheads. There were plenty of others that he could turn into willing and eager partners and, by the time he reached adulthood, he knew exactly what most females desired sexually, because his many partners always told him.

At the age of 18, he received a small legacy from a deceased grandparent, and he was able to quickly parlay it into a small fortune. By that time, he no longer had to ask for information he needed because he had developed the more advanced ability to read minds, and he knew what the major players on the stock market were going to do on any given day, even at any given minute, and he took his cues from them. By the time he was 25 years old, the small fortune was a large one, and he owned a luxurious condominium, complete with a private elevator, in a high rise building. He never worked a day in his life after that, except for calling his stockbroker to sell the stocks that were going to decline and buy those that were going to increase in value.

Most of his time was spent in doing what had been so enjoyable during his youth – using his mind control power to bring an outstanding parade of beautiful sex partners into his condo. He no longer needed to look at or even be close to the objects of his thoughts, but was able to send his thoughts out into the world until he found somebody he believed would be fun in bed, with no undesirable consequences. On that particular day, he sent his mind out, not sure just what he wanted to do, but knowing he wanted a bit of variation from the usual.

A few blocks from his home was a bar that catered to lesbian couples and, that day, it attracted his attention too. His mind was completely amorphous, and he opened neither door nor window when he entered the room, so nobody ever knew he was there. He looked around. There were quite a few women in the room and, unknown to anybody, he perused and considered the many possibilities. Keith decided he would have to select two of them who were there together. He certainly didn't want to start any disputes by separating two couples, nor did he want to fix up two women who might have been strangers. The pair he settled on were sitting in a dark booth, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes.

They were both young enough that they would have probably been carded by the bartender, and neither of them was any great beauty, but they would certainly be adequate for what he had in mind. One was a brunette named Leah, and she had short hair and a somewhat plain face, partly because of her lack of makeup. She was rather slender, and Keith was elated when he read her thoughts of the strapon she had in her large purse, and of her intention to use it on her partner later that day. Cindy, the expected recipient of the fucking with the dildo, was more inclined toward plumpness, but in a sexy way, with big breasts and shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty face with a fair complexion and blue eyes.

Keith continued reading their minds and learned that neither of the women had AIDS or any kind of STD and that neither of them was expected anywhere, except by the other. They were just what he was looking for, so he fully took over both their minds, a simple task with his powers, and instilled in them a powerful urge to do what they had been planning to do, except to come to his home to do it.

"Ready to go yet, Cindy?" Leah asked, and was answered by a toothy grin and an emphatic nod of her companion's blonde head.

Hand in hand, the two women walked through the doorway and turned in the direction Keith directed them. Once they had been given the strong desire, almost a need to walk to the place he wanted them to go, he no longer needed to guide their footsteps. They could be counted on to walk there safely and refrain from jaywalking or doing anything else that might draw undue attention to themselves or put them in any danger.

He continued watching through Leah's eyes as she reached out and pressed the button that sounded the buzzer in his quarters. Keith responded by pressing the button to unlock the door and, still seeing what the brunette saw, observed as they walked across the plush lobby to the private elevator that would take them to the small hallway outside his condo. The portal to his living quarters was already unlocked because he had implanted the idea in their minds that they should just walk in. Usually, Keith greets his sex partners at the door but, since he would just be a spectator at first, he wanted them to be unaware of his presence.

The two women walked in and after Leah had closed and locked the door, they took of their shoes and stockings and headed, barefoot, for the master bedroom. Keith followed a few feet behind; their minds were blocked from seeing him, or being aware of him in any other way, and he didn't want to miss out on any part of the show they were going to be putting on. Although they didn't live together, the two women were fairly regular sex partners, so they knew what each other liked, and the fumbling and hesitation would be at a minimum. They stood next to the bed, and Cindy pulled the top sheet and comforter out of the way. All that remained was the fitted bottom sheet, which would be all they would need. Leah deposited her large purse, which contained the strapon, on a corner of the bed where it would be out of the way, and the two lovers hugged warmly. They shared a series of long kisses, before breaking off the embrace.

Leah started unbuttoning Cindy's green silk blouse and, when she was through, the blonde turned around to let it be peeled off and to have her bra unhooked. Her breasts were large enough that she wore one that had straps over the shoulders, and Leah set the blouse on the bed next to her purse, lifted the bra over her partners head, and dropped it on top of the first garment. She was still behind Cindy's back, and she reached around to take a lovely breast in either hand and gently squeeze and release them while lightly tweaking the nipples. Keith's face was just inches away, and he smiled at the beautiful globes and the way they were being fondled and caressed in the same way as he would have done.

Still standing behind her partner, Leah unbuttoned a flap on her tight green skirt and pulled down the zipper. She tugged the garment all the way down to the floor and, when Cindy lifted her feet, removed it and placed it with the other clothing. That left the blonde wearing only her pale green panties, which matched her bra, and those didn't stay on long either. While Keith peered eagerly, Cindy's pussy, with the soft blonde pubic hair trimmed in the shape of a heart, came into view. Apparently, being undressed by Leah was quite arousing to her, and her pussy was already producing fluids of lubrication, the aroma of which Keith breathed in with great pleasure. He considered licking them off her, but decided to let the women continue with what they were doing before getting that involved.

Cindy was naked and Leah, still fully dressed, spent a few minutes running her hands over the succulent bare body, before gently slapping her voluptuous ass. That was apparently a gesture of affection telling Cindy to get onto the bed, because that was what she did, lying on her back in the middle, with one pillow under her head and another ready to use elsewhere. Leah removed her jersey – she wasn't wearing a bra – and joined her lover, kneeling beside her lush body and resumed kissing her face, while lightly stroking her breasts and sexy round belly.

Keith continued to watch passively, stifling the urge to make Leah get to the goodies faster. In her own time, she kissed her way down Cindy's throat and started licking a nipple. He moved in even closer, taking care to avoid any contact, and watched the agile tongue stroking the big pink nubbin, sometimes with broad, flat strokes and sometimes just using short jabs of the tip. She switched her attentions to the other lovely globe, and her hands continued caressing her partner the same way, while Cindy's body squirmed on the bed in pleasure. For several minutes, Leah alternated between the succulent twins, until she opened her mouth wider and drew one as far inside as she could.

Once again, the brunette's mouth switched back and forth between the luscious mounds, and Keith contented himself with watching. Cindy was cooing joyfully by then, and thrusting her breasts up to meet Leah's mouth whenever she transferred her attentions from one to the other. Both women's hands were busy too, caressing each other's bodies as either of them brought the other closer to orgasm.

Knowing that spontaneity would make for more enjoyable watching, Keith made no effort to control all the movements of his two "guests" and he allowed them to make love the way they normally would. When Leah began licking and kissing and nuzzling her way down her lover's soft belly, it was the normal thing for them to do when they were in their current mood. When she stopped at Cindy's mons, got off the bed and got back on between her legs, that was also the normal progression of their love-making. As the puppet master watched, the blonde raised her legs and Leah ducked under them and let them rest on her shoulders.

Until then, Keith had been standing on the floor next to the bed but, to watch what would be happening next, he knelt on the mattress with his face inches above Cindy's Mount of Venus. His eyes enjoyed watching, and his nostrils nostrils relished the delectable aroma of the blonde's juices, while Leah got to savor their taste, licking the nectar from her partner's thighs and crotch. From there, her tongue continued caressing upward between an outer lip and its swollen inner partner. When Cindy began to writhe blissfully under her partner's ministrations, Keith moved back, about a foot from the action. He wanted to avoid any physical contact with either of the women, at least for the time being, but he wanted a good, close view of what Leah's tongue did.

And that's what he had, watching while the pleasuring organ slowly worked its way to Cindy's clit hood, and Leah raised her head to see the results of her ministrations. The scene was the same to her as it was to Keith, that of the blonde's voluptuous body writhing joyfully, while her head rolled back and forth on the pillow. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted in a smile of bliss. It was obvious that Cindy truly loved what Leah was doing, and it was equally obvious that her partner loved doing it.

They both loved it even more when the pleasuring tongue returned to where it had started, licked up all the fresh juices from Cindy's pussy, and started caressing the other inner lip. Leah treated this part of her lover's pussy as she had treated its opposite, and her hands continuously stroked the belly, hips and breasts of Cindy. Her actions had the desired and expected results; the blonde was moaning and whimpering in bliss, and her body thrashed around on the bed, while her pussy fucked up into the face of the woman who was giving her such immense pleasure.

Keith was receiving immense pleasure too, from the erotic scene on his bed and the aroma of Cindy's pussy, and he decided to get as naked as she was. His cock was hard, and he knew he would be joining the lesbian couple, but not until they climaxed and started sharing Leah's strapon. He had already been barefoot, but he removed all the rest of his clothing and got back on the bed to watch while one woman's lips and tongue continued slowly bringing the other woman closer to an orgasm. Since he was going to be watching from inches away, he increased his control of the women's minds so that they wouldn't notice him if they bumped into him while thrashing and bouncing around on the bed.

Leah was having at least as much fun as anybody else, reveling in the delights of her lover's pussy. Everything about the pink and blonde and creamy white confection was supremely exciting to her, including the beauty and the aroma and the flavor and the texture of Cindy's skin and pubic hair. She also took great pleasure in the way her lover was telling her how great everything was, and how soon and how strongly she was going to cum. Leah paused for a few seconds to strip off her jeans and her panties, with their soaked crotch, and returned her face to where both women very much wanted it. Once again, her arms encircled Cindy's thighs but, this time, her hands went to the edges of the pink slit and gently spread them and the inner lips apart.

Even as Keith watched, Leah's tongue started at the lower end of the wet pink aperture and started slowly licking its way upward. When the agile giver of pleasure contacted the sensitive lining, Cindy's movements, already erratic, became even more frenetic.

"Yeah! Yeah!" she cried. "Lick me there! Lick me there!"

Leah knew where to lick. While Keith watched from inches away, her tongue dipped into the pink hole that was the source of the fragrant and delicious juices, driving Cindy so wild that she was actually lifting her ass off the bed to ram her pussy against her partner's face. Leah kept her mouth where it was for almost a minute, with her tongue burrowing into her partner's pussy, while she enjoyed the wild responses. Finally, she moved it slightly higher and engulfed Cindy's precious clit with her mouth.

Keith moved slight farther away, so he wouldn't be hit or kicked while the blonde was in the throes of cumming, and melded his mind with that of Leah. It was as if her partner's clit was in his mouth as well as hers, and he appreciated the way his/her tongue caressed the engorged sides and top, until Cindy let out a great cry of ecstasy and clamped her thighs around the head that was between them. She continued warbling her joy and grabbed the back of Leah's head to hold it while she rammed her pussy into her partner's face.

Keith and Leah equally relished the aroma and flavor of Cindy's juices and the way her clit filled their mouth. The blonde's movements grew even wilder, and she thrashed around on the bed, with Leah/Keith's head a very willing prisoner. The mind meld was so complete his ears and face even felt the soft thighs that his/Leah's arms were hugging as they mutually enjoyed the wild ride.

The best part was when Cindy climaxed, with a cry of absolute joy, arching her back, clenching her muscles and ramming her pussy against the mouth that had brought about her orgasm. After that ultimate act, she sagged back onto the bed. Her head nestled in the pillow, and a look of total bliss, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a happy, contented smile spread across her face. Keith retained the mind meld so he could relish the flavor of all the fresh juices that were lapped up by his and Leah's tongue, although they left those that were still inside Cindy's pink hole. They would be needed for lubrication. After she backed away, allowing Cindy's legs to flop onto the mattress, Keith released part of his hold on Leah's mind, wanting her to go back to being herself. The first thing she did was to open her purse and remove the strapon.

As Cindy watched with eager anticipation and Keith watched with interest, Leah put on the toy. She sat on the bed to slide her legs, one at a time, between the center strap and the outer belt that would go around her waist. There was no dildo attached to the center strap, but Keith knew from Leah's thoughts that the strapon was designed with a different method of bringing the wearer and the bottom woman to their orgasms. The reverse side of the red leather triangular-shaped front piece was equipped with a series of raised designs that would massage the wielder's clit and other sweet spots as she drove the dildo in and out of her partner.

That dildo, which protruded from the front of the red triangle, was seven inches long, made of pink silicone and was designed with its own pattern of pleasure bumps and a clit spur. After making sure the toy was solidly strapped around her waist, Leah got onto the bed and walked on her knees toward Cindy. The intended bottom woman smiled at the sight of the big dildo as it approached her, spread her legs and reached down to hold her pussy lips apart in preparation for the fucking she was about to start getting.

Still keeping a lower level of control while the women acted naturally, Keith went to his dresser drawer and took out condoms and a squeeze bottle of Aqualube with a narrow tip.

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