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Puppet On Strings


I've been watching Mike a lot lately and I think his interest in me has died down a bit. I mean come on; I've done everything he wanted me to. I stripped for him in front of his friends, I've bathed with him and even towel dried him. Everything I do just isn't enough for him to love me like he used to.

"David have you finished all the chores?" Mike shouted at me through the living room walls into the kitchen.

"Yea, I'm just finishing off the last of the plates from last night" I shouted back.

"Stop that and go grocery shopping, there is no food in the fridge"

"But Mike let me finish this off I only have a few ..." My voice trailed off as I heard footsteps coming from the living room.

"What did you say!?" Mike was behind me, he was furious.

"I-I-I" I stuttered nervously and watched Mike as he approached me; I put my hand over my face for protection knowing he was going to hit me.

"You nothing! Now leave them plates and go shopping! I'm fucking hungry!" Mike was shouting louder than usual and his hand was lifted up. I wasn't frozen but I knew I couldn't move.

"What'cha waiting for David!" Mike came closer and with a slap across the face he screamed "GO!"

I took the apron off and took the yellow gloves off as well. I rushed upstairs to get my shoes on and I could feel water on my cheeks. I glanced into the mirror and my reflection showed a teenage boy with droopy eyes, a slim body and a big red hand print across the face which was smothered with salty drops of tears and soap. My clothes were hanging off me and I looked like a drug user; which I obviously wasn't.

"What's taking you bitch, I said I'm bloody hungry" Mike shouted from down the stairs and I knew if I didn't get out now, it wouldn't be just a slap.

I raced down the stairs and met with Mike's eyes. They looked cold and uncaring, but before he had the bluest of eyes and now he has the greyest of eyes. I brushed past him and he pulled me back by my left arm, looked me in the eyes and said "I love you David" then he gave me a very convincing kiss. I pulled away and he grabbed hold of me tightly and pulled me back to my position and almost screamed "I said I love you David". At this moment I could feel myself starting to cry.

"If you love me as much as you say then why are you gripping me so tightly and saying those words with the coldest of looks" I cried even more. I was sobering in front of Mike. I was either going to get hit or punched. I covered my mouth immediately after realizing what I said, he took my hand off my mouth and held it in his. He finally released my hands and looked straight at me.



"I said strip" And he meant it.

"You just told me to go buy groceries now you're telling me to strip, make your mind up Mike!" I remarked.

"Are you refusing to show me your body David, are you denying my request?"

"Yes I am, I want you to make your mind up Mike! I've had enough of all this you're taking my life away from me"

"You'll see taking your life away from you, you skimpy little brat!" Mike spat those words at me. He then pushed me on the bed and started tearing my top off.

"You don't want to strip for me, eh? Well then, what if I strip you for myself!" Mike pushed me against the wall and licked my nipples just about enough to make them hard. He pinched them and made me moan whilst clutching his shaggy yet soft blonde locks. "Get the fuck off my hair! You're not touching! I'm doing all the touching!" I nodded in agreement.

I laid back and enjoyed Mike's touch. It was pleasurable until he started to bite my nipples harder than he had pinched them.

"Mike stop it you're-uuhh-nnn-yo-u're" I groaned and tried to pull him off me by dragging him by the hair but it didn't work instead Mike grabbed my throat and harshly lifted it up.

"Didn't I tell you, NO TOUCHING?!" Mike's face was bright red and his eyes were full of temper. I couldn't help seeing him like this.

"You were hurting me"

"You deserve it, don't you ever disobey me"

"Mike I'm sorry, I'll do whatever you want"

"Then lie there and stop squirming you piece of shit!"


That's all I could say. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the pain. Mike was licking down my torso, I moved my pelvis backwards and then he used both hands to pinch my nipples whilst moving his tongue around on my hips. I quite enjoyed the pain after all. I moaned his name louder and by doing so Mike stopped pinching my nipples, he sat straight on my thighs and stared at me. I stared back. He got off me and stupid me thought he was finished so I sat back up.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing getting up? Lie the hell back down, I'm not finished with you I was just taking a breather before the real fun started you fucking whore now lie back down!" Mike's voice was harsher and I could do nothing but obey. I was a play thing stuck in his little box; his slave. His puppet on strings.

Mike pounced on my trousers and ripped the buttons open. He pulled my boxers down and told me to take them both off; I did as I was told. I then got back in my original position and waited for Mike to proceed. He looked like he was carefully examining my body but all he was really doing was figuring out where to start.

"You're hard by that rough touch; your body is so perverted David." His voice trailed off as he bent his head over to "give me pleasure". I hesitated at first but when he started rubbing, I got really into it. I hit my thighs showing a sign for me to spread my legs a bit wider. I did as my master pleased and spread them.

He begun slowly; teasing me with his warm breaths, then he received my member in his mouth and by using his thick lips, he kissed the head. I let out a slight groan as he began to tease me with his soft hands; he stroked my erect member backwards and forward very smoothly. He kept stroking with his left hand and then I suddenly felt his lips sucking on my balls. I moaned and grabbed the wall for support but there was nothing to grab on to.

"Grab my shoulders if you want David"

"Th-anks" I could hear myself panting.

I quickly grabbed Mike's shoulders and then I felt Mike spit into my ass hole followed by two thick fingers. I let out a loud cry and felt my legs twitching with pleasure. Mike stopped sucking my balls and dropped me on his dick. He shoved his dick up my ass hole and I could even hear his slight moans. Mine became louder and more persistent. I clutched Mike's shoulders harder as he thrusted me against the wall. He was grabbing my left ass cheek and squeezing it so hard whilst spanking my right and fucking me at the same time.

"Ahhh shit David I'm going to fucking come in your ass"

"Mike toss me off quick, I want to come with you"

Mike grabbed a hold of my penis and vigorously stroked it. The sensation made me bounce on his dick harder and we were both moaning at each other "harder! Of fuck yes!" Mike rammed it into me and it almost tore me apart but the feeling of his hand on my cock made it all worth while as I pulled his head close and began kissing him I could feel the sweat in his as he exhaled long breaths into my mouth.

"David I'm coming ahhh I'm co..." I came all over mike's hand but he didn't seem to care. He dropped me to the floor and told me to suck him off. I told him I couldn't because I didn't know what to do and he said he'll make me learn right now.

He grabbed the back of my head and forced it to his penis. He thrusted his pelvis into my mouth and the speed gradually increased. He pulled my hair harder and kept shoving his penis to the back of my throat, I gagged but Mike didn't care. I started to lick his head every time he came out of my mouth and judging by his moans he liked this. I took over. I grabbed his penis, locked my mouth on the shaft and as I dragged away, I pulled it along with me. I carried on his motion but faster. I could taste a bit of pre cum in my mouth.

"David I'm going to come! Ahh shit I'm going to come!"

Mike grabbed the back of my head and used my mouth as a tool as he pounded my throat with his erect wonder. I gagged a lot but it gave mike a lot of pleasure. I kneeled there and grabbed his thighs to make his fuck my mouth faster. He grabbed my hair into long strands and pulled it away from his penis; he grabbed my jaw for me to open my mouth. Mike then stroked as fats as he could. I could see he was struggling so I spat on his dick and he used it as lubricant. Moments later Mike was splashing his juices onto my face and hair. He stroked till every last drop of cum came out and then told me to lick him clean, and then go wipe my face. I did as I was told. I finished and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing ever happened.

"Sorry I missed your mouth" he said almost sounding sorry for me

"Its okay Mike, I forgive you" I replied and I did forgive him; for everything.

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