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My hands and feet ached as I ambled down the sidewalk. The damp streets glittered in flashing neon reflections, bold triple Xs danced hypnotically and rippling "Live Nudes" floated sensuously. Dark shadows lined the streets, countless figures were mere silhouettes reflecting off the sparkling streets becoming faceless, nameless forms. Everyone watched the street, staring at the feet that passed not daring to look up. Those that did look up dared recognition, or even worse faced the possibility of connecting with someone else there.

"Live shows, come on in. Getcha outta the weather, we got AC, and wommin, fine wommin."

Dammit, I looked up, now I've got to say something: "No, no thanks."

"Come on in, first drink's free."

I glanced at his face and saw myself. Mirror sunglasses had me looking back at my own face. I squinted and thought I saw searing bloodshot eyes looking back, I could almost see the faint white strings pulling me in. He smiled a yellow gap-tooth smile and each word blasted me with stinking air. I looked back down at the ground, turned and walked inside.

Through the door was darkness, only darkness! I followed the static coming from around an inky corner, dragging my feet, expecting to trip over a body or something. As I turned the corner I saw light and my heart began beating faster as beads of sweat began to run down my forehead. I felt the strings at my hands and feet tug at me, pulling toward the light.

Long blonde hair flowed over shoulders in a gyrating rhythm. I stumbled into a nearby chair collapsing as strings went slack. Then a slight tug guided my hand to my wallet. The dancer smiled as I neatly stacked the bills preparing for the long night ahead of me.

I looked around and was shocked at the people I saw. Unshaven, toothless masses seemed to surround me as the smell of sweat and beer rolled over me. My stack of bills drew a few dancers who were working the floor in search of customers for lap dances, perhaps more. A pretty red head snuggled up to me, diverting my attention from the blonde dancer.

"You want a private dance?" she asked, her hand rubbing my thigh.

"How much?"

"Well, it's fifty to start, we can go up from there," she answered.

I looked at my stack of bills and then up at the dancer, who had just pulled off her g-string. She spun quickly and then walked off stage. "Damn," I said, under my breath. The damn red head made me miss the dancer's pussy. "You made me miss her pussy," I complained.

"Look for seventy five I'll let you see mine," she said enticingly.

"Are you a true red head?"

She smiled and said, "Cost you seventy five to find out."

Still pissed at missing the blonde pussy I snapped back at her, "Sixty."

She paused, thinking, "Okay sixty, but keep your hands to yourself."

"You mean for seventy five I can touch?"

"You're not supposed to touch, but when the D.J. ain't looking, I won't complain, she replied.

I felt the strings tug my hands again as I counted out seventy five dollars and put the rest of my stack in my pocket. Holding her cash in my hand I stood up. She took my hand, leading me to a door into a back room. Once inside, she slipped the money from my hand, tucked it in her garter and led me to a cushioned chair.

I sat down and watched as she spread my legs and began undulating, rubbing her hands on my thighs. After removing her top, she moved her breasts so they brushed against my face. I looked over to the bouncer and noticed his eyes on me, so I kept my hands on my sides. The redhead, now down to just her G-string moved my legs together, turned her back and sat on my lap, gyrating to the piped in music.

Noticing that the bouncer had wandered off, I grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard. She wiggled a bit, but leg me squeeze them for a moment before moving away. Spreading my legs again, she leaned forward, rubbing her breasts against where my cock strained in my pants. I thrust my hips up to her as she moved her hands to my upper thighs, just inches from my aching erection.

"Twenty more and I'll touch dick," she whispered.

I reached into my pocket, pulled out the money and peeled off a twenty. I tucked it into her garter, as her hands moved to my cock, firmly squeezing it. After a few squeezes, her hand tugged at the G-string and it tumbled to the floor. Even in the dim light, I could see the sexy red curls above her swollen pussy lips.

Noticing the bouncer peek back into the room, she moved her hands to her hips and spun around. Sitting back on my lap, she ground her ass on my cock, moving in a circular motion over me. Thinking of her beautiful pussy, with its red hair I felt a sudden surge come over me. I thrust my cock against her ass and came, flooding my pants in my warm, wet come.

I watched it soak through my pants and glisten her ass as she finished her dance. She then walked to a cabinet, grabbed a towel, and wiped off her ass. She came back, kissed me on the cheek, gathered her clothes and then left. I looked at my hands, for the moment free of the strings, then stood up and walked through the club and out into the street, oblivious of the dark wet stain on my pants. No one would notice, they just stared at the ground.

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