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Puppeteer Mage


"Ah, magic." The ebony skinned man thought as he sat back in the generously stuffed chair, "It makes all of life's desires possible. And what I desire now is food and drink."

As if on cue the doors to the den opened and in stepped an albino beauty. Nearly white locks tumbled past her shoulders in thick curls. Pale, almost invisible grey eyes stared at him defiantly; her deathly white skin was accentuated by the deep purple silk dress she wore. The tight fitting, low cut gown emphasized her large bosom and slim figure.

A pained look was etched on an otherwise sweet face. But the mage knew it was not from physical discomfort. He watched as the young woman tried to fight the words she felt forming in her mind. He smiled as she slowly lost the fight.

"Say it." he thought to her in a gentle yet firm mental command.

First her lips parted, though no sound followed. Her eyes hardened and she pressed her lips firmly together.

"Say it!" he thought more forcefully.

In no time her lips had parted again and a low moan escaped them. Her chin quivered and a tear fell down her cheek. She was making this far more painful than it need be. Still the seated man did not move.

"Say it, NOW!!" He thought again, this time with the equivalent of a mental slap.

The woman's eyes became daggers as she finally lost the struggle. Thin lavender painted lips moved and a voice sweet as honey poured through them, "Dinner is ready Sir Eubol. The others are waiting in the dining hall."

Keldan Eubol lifted his large muscular frame from the generously padded chair. He pushed back a braid that had strayed from its place then straightened his loose fitting brown breeches and baggy green tunic and moved toward the door.

"Nobles!" he thought as he approached the young woman, "Two simple sentences, yet her pride and ego bring her to tears saying it. Her servants say and do far more demeaning deeds on a daily basis with nary a quarrel. This 'mighty' family has had this coming for some time."

The mage looked down on the young duchess as he reached her. Despite her much smaller stature, the woman looked back at him as thought they were physical equals. She forced herself to smile, refusing to let the intruder think he had won. For his part, Keldan smiled graciously, knowing what he had in store for this young woman, and extended his arm. Once the petite woman took it, he led her to the dining hall.

He was greeted by stares of fire and ice. Fourteen pairs of eyes turned to the man who had held them captive these past two days. This was the dining hall of Duke Reginald Parnell, who sat far away from his accustomed place at the head of the table. Next to him sat his wife the Duchess Mira Parnell. Also gathered were his four sons Albert, Victor, Reginald VI, and William, along with the wives of the younger three named Elise, Mariana, and Katrina. The elder duke's three daughters, Miranda, Celine and Annette also sat at the table. As well as Miranda's husband Cornelius, and Celine's husband Marcus. Constance, the young woman on his arm, was married to Albert.

Some gathered muttered the most profane curses, since the mage allowed them the free use of their tongues. Others shouted about their vengeance or the outrage of such treatment as themselves. The head of the household, Duke Parnell, simply sat in brooding silence. The look etched on his face more than spoke his intent.

Keldan Eubol led the Duchess Constance to the head of the table. As with every meal since the Friday night he arrived, only one chair was unoccupied. Everyone in the room knew that chair was meant for the towering stranger. Everyone knew that Constance would stand by his side, serving him for the entire meal. Just as every other woman gathered around the table had for past meals. What no one yet knew was that Constance, whose behavior toward the servants, her in-laws, even her husband, Keldan found appalling, had earned herself a more severe punishment.

As their large guest took his seat, the evening played out in its usual fashion. The servants came with the evenings courses, the first of which was a quail's egg soup. They moved around the table filling every bowl, until they reached Keldan. Then, as he had commanded, they passed both the pot and ladle to the young duchess who, much to her shame, filled his bowl with the steaming broth. Not of the mind to let food go to waste, the nobles ate freely. The soup was superb, though no one commented on it. In fact, not one word was said during the entire course.

Once every bowl was empty the servants swooped in to clear them from the table. It was young Duchess Constance's duty to remove Keldan's bowl and, politely, hand it to a waiting servant. Soon after the table was cleared the main courses were brought into the room.

First, a tray of freshly baked breads arrived. There were a variety of large rolls and miniature loaves to choose from. Two servants circled the table presenting the breads to the waiting lords. Again when they reached Keldan, the trays were presented to Constance. She picked a small pumpkin loaf and placed it on his plate as well as a good sized sourdough roll.

The trays of bread were followed by trays and bowls of fruit, vegetables and cheeses. The seated nobles chose their favorites from each and were promptly served. Again it was Constance who chose for and served Keldan Eubol.

Finally, two platters of meat arrived. One held a succulent orange and ginger marinated roasted duck. The other held various cuts of beef. These were presented to the young duchess first. She awkwardly cut meat from the breast of the duck, so tender and juicy it almost fell from the bone. Heaping a large portion onto Keldan's plate, she turned and chose the best pieces of beef from the other platter. Most of the men scoffed at this outrage, demanding that Duke Parnell, as head of the household, receive the finest cuts. As he had for the entire weekend, the elder duke sat in silence. Once all were served the meal continued in silence as well.

Shortly into the feast the mage looked around the table. Chewing on a piece of tenderloin he spoke up, "You lords may wish to savor this sumptuous animal you're eating. As it will be the only time you taste its flesh. I've had the rest sent to a number of needy villages."

William, the youngest, laughed, eagerly taking the bait. "If you think this small bit of meat matters to us, you are more crass and ignorant than these past two days have proven you to be. We can have a hundred more cows like these in less time than this captivity has lasted."

Keldan knew that to be an exaggeration. None of the men at the table had that much power. But he ignored that and struck his intended blow.

"Really??" he said taking another large bite of the meat in front of him. "From the way it was hidden away in the stable house I thought it would be something special."

Exclamations of rage and disbelief erupted around the table. Angry eyes turned to him, shocked gazes turned toward the aged duke at the other end of the table. Again, Parnell kept his face calm and void of expression. What came as a surprise were the slight smiles playing across the duchess Mira and Annette's faces.

As the clamor died down Albert spoke up, "Father, how can you sit there saying nothing! For two days now he has treated our wives, our sisters, your daughters as common whores! He has been rude, condescending, and foul! And now he has slain the bull that was to be presented to Baron Dayonar for the wedding feast between Annette and Dayonar's son Richard! He has ruined our chance to join a greater house and you sit there saying nothing! Say something!!!"

Keldan could now see a true blaze in the old man's eyes. However the duke's only response was to lean forward, cut a piece of beef, and stuff it in his mouth. The ebony mage knew Parnell would never forgive him this outrage. Keldan Eubol had just cost the duke his last chance at greater power. Without the bull Annette would likely marry some other duke's son, or some lower lord looking to move up in his standing. The plans he had for Constance seemed paltry in comparison. But he knew, for her sake, they needed to be carried out.

"I desire drink." The mage announced suddenly. He sent a command and a small whimper escaped the ivory skinned duchess.

Her arms folded behind her back and began pulling on the strings holding the bodice of the dress together. One by one the laces were undone. Once the last of the ties were undone the young duchess pulled the bodice down. Her large milky white breasts leapt free of the fabric confining them. Large light pink nipples were hard and peaked. Young Duchess Constance felt a strange mix of embarrassment and excitement at being displayed in front of her in-laws this way. Her alabaster skin took on a slight red flush as she realized all eyes were on her.

Albert of course was fuming over this most egregious of offenses. None of the other women had been displayed in this manner, and he didn't see why his wife should be. Keldan noticed however, that the other men began adjusting themselves in their chairs, and the women hid smiles behind their hands or wine goblets.

Albert's protests continued as the family watched his wife pick up Keldan's goblet of wine, dip her left breast into the drink, gently grasp the mage by the chin, and press his lips to her waiting nipple. As Keldan sucked on the pink nub of flesh his mouth was filled with the sweetness of the wine mixed with the warm goodness of a mother's milk. Constance having delivered Albert's second child just a months prior to the date.

"Now he steals from babes!" Albert roared.

Again William, the youngest, spoke up, "Come now Albert. As though Constance would lower herself to the role of midwife. Even if she were so inclined, she could suckle this entire table and still have plenty left for that greedy son of yours."

For the first time in two days laughter burst out around the table. When the young duchess again dipped her breast into the drink Keldan looked around the table. As he began suckling at the woman's fully erect nipple he noted Victor, Reginald, Marcus and Cornelius did not turn their gazes away from the half nude duchess. He saw William's eyes go wide then glance down at his lap, and a guilty smile appear on his wife Katrina's face.

Dinner continued on in silence. Albert angrily shoveled his food into his mouth, while the elder duke ate in dispassionate calculation. The others seemed to get some of their merriment back by commenting on Albert's and Constance's situation. Soon, plates were empty and quickly cleared by servants.

Albert glared at the mage from the other end of the table. "Can we end this farce now?" he growled.

Keldan hesitantly pulled his lips from the duchess's breast, licking the tip of her nipple to catch a tiny bit of milk that leaked from it. "We haven't had desert yet." was all he said before turning back to Constance's breast.

In seconds the servants appeared with trays of pies, pastries, and other delicacies. Knowing they would not be allowed to leave unless they participated in this also, the nobles had their favorite of the deserts served to them. The trays eventually reached Constance. Keldan waited for her to pick a desert for him before sending his silent command.

"Ah!" the duchess reacted before she knew to stop herself. Her head swung around to face the mage, and her eyes gazed deeply into his. This time the look in them was one of pleading. Even as her hands began removing her dress her eyes continued to beg the ebony man not to make her do this.

Keldan was set in his decision though, and sat unruffled as the duchess let her dress fall to the floor, then began to remove her under garments. Albert turned five shades of red in a matter of seconds. He howled a creative string of curses at this insult as well as the hundreds of ways he would torture the mage once this spell was broken.

The others sat in stunned silence as the nude Duchess Constance placed herself on the table in front of the mage, rested one foot on each side of his chair, and laid back presenting herself to him. Her neatly trimmed cunt was dripping from the attention the mage had paid to her nipples and breasts earlier.

Keldan Eubol looked out at the table of nobles too shocked at the scene before them to do anything but stare. "Eat up folks, while it's still hot." he said smiling. Then leaned forward to taste the delights of this royal delicacy.

When his lips were less than a hair's breath away from the duchess, the mage looked out at the table. Albert's gaze promised a hundred different murders, the duke looked at him as though he were already dead. All other eyes were locked on his as if in anticipation of this event. All other eyes except for William and Katrina's. The young couple was locked into a lust of their own.

The black skinned mage placed his large powerful hands underneath the duchess' slim thighs. He pressed his thumbs into the sides of her pussy lips spreading them further apart. He inhaled deeply, taking in Constance's womanly scent. Finally, he dipped his head forward, extending his tongue, licking her slit from the bottom to the top, flicking it as it passed over her sensitive clit.

"Ohhh..." Constance cried out with no encouragement from the mage, tilting her hips upward to meet his hungry mouth.

The ebony enchanter smiled as he continued to lick and suck at the young woman's wet cunt. She responded to him faster than any of the other women had. Even inexperienced Annette had been able to hold her fires in check longer. Was it possible that Albert wasn't willing or able to fulfill his husbandly duties?

Keldan licked along the slick folds of her cunt, then plunged his tongue inside of her to savor the juices his attentions brought forth. He quickly flicked his tongue across her clit bringing forth a series of small gasps and moans, then sucked the tiny nub into his mouth causing a very audible groan. His slipped his middle finger inside of her, slowly rubbing it across and pressing that secret button.

This attention caused the young duchess to lose all control, soon she was bucking her hips and grinding her cunt into his face. The mage looked up and was surprised to Constance fondling her breasts. Her left hand massaged one massive orb while her right held the other breasts to her mouth. More excited than he imagined he would be, the mage pressed his mouth, his nose, his chin into the wet box of the woman lying on the table, doubling his efforts.

In no time he felt her thighs tense, saw her hands clench, and heard her long low moan as Constance exploded into her orgasm. Keldan buried his head between her legs to drink up this delicious nectar and was again surprised when Constance came for a second time. Minutes passed with the mage licking the woman's clit as Constance tumbled over again and again. Finally, when the young duchess' hips fell still, when her breathing returned to normal, Keldan Eubol pulled his lips from hers. Everyone sat in stunned silence at the spectacle they'd just witnessed, but the mage had one last surprise for them.

Standing up, he looked out over the table, most still looked shocked, but Albert sat confident that his humiliation was almost over. Keldan smiled and shook his head slightly to let the foolish noble know how wrong he was.

"None of you have touched your desserts. I told you when I first arrived, no one leaves the table until all plates are cleared." Albert quickly grabbed his pastries and shoved them into his mouth. He was the only one. "But it is good that you waited. Since I will be leaving you this night, and won't be able to take young Constance to bed, I've decided to have a second helping of dessert."

The mage untied the sash holding up his breeches and let them fall to the floor. His impressive cock stood rigid and ready. Again, Albert exploded into a frenzy of insults, protests and challenges. But, when Keldan looked down into the eyes of the young duchess, he could see she had no objections at all.

The towering mage placed the large dark head of his midnight black cock against Constance's dripping slit. He rubbed his cock up and down her wet lips bringing forth a small moan of pleasure. Seeing that she was more than ready, the mage thrust his hips forward.

"Ahhh!" Constance cried out again and again as the mage's powerful hips rolled back and forth between her slim thighs.

"Mmmm..." The young duchess moaned over and over as Keldan's powerful hands roamed her petite figure.

"Oh!" she squeaked numerous times when the ebony skinned man reached down and began rubbing her sensitive, swollen clit.

"M-m-more..." she whispered, her eyes lightly shut. The duchess reached up and began stroking Keldan's powerful chest. She wrapped her slim legs around the mage's firm waist, crossing her feet behind his back. Constance smiled the most lust filled smile Keldan Eubol had ever seen. And when she opened her eyes, her floodgates released!

"Oh yes! God yes! Harder! Faster!" Constance cried out. Her hypnotic eyes stared into his own. She sank into his gaze as deeply as his cock sank into her wanting cunt. The two were one wild sexually charged unit.

"Oooh yes! So big! So hard!" the duchess continued. Keldan could feel Constance's body stiffening, could feel the slight shudder that showed she was close to coming. He also knew his climax was close at hand.

"Mmmm, so good! So grand! So much better than Albert! Fuck me! Fuck me forever mage!" Constance suddenly went quiet, but the mage continued. He could see in her eyes her release was imminent.

"Ooohhhhhh...oh! Uh! Oh! Ohhh!" Constance's cunt began massaging Keldan's thick shaft as she exploded into orgasm. The feeling of her tight hole sucking him in was more than the mage could stand.

"Ohhh God! Ohh! Oh! Ugh!" The ebony tower flooded the pale duchess' insides with his thick cum. The duchess squeezed her slim legs around Eubol holding him inside. Both duchess and mage took long minutes coming down from their ecstasy, long minutes before they noticed the faces of the others at the table.

Keldan Eubol looked out at his gathered hosts. Every plate was clean, and Albert was looking sick. It was obvious no one else had touched their desserts. "Wait for us in the family room." The mage ordered.

Everyone stood up and left. Leaving the duchess and the mage alone together. Keldan looked over at Constance as he dressed himself. "I didn't order you to say those things duchess."

"True." The duchess replied as she cleaned herself with a wet cloth. "But I can always say you did."

The two adversaries walked out of the dining room arm in arm to greet those waiting in the family room. This time the eyes that greeter the mage held no united hatred. Yes, the hatred was still there, burning in the eyes of Albert, while simmering in the elder Duke's. But other eyes held a resignation to duty. They told Keldan that hunting him down and killing him would not be personal, but a matter of honor for the way the royal family had been treated. Still others told him all was forgiven, and thanked him for the change of fate his actions brought their way. OF all these emotions the mage knew only the hatred would last. He smiled to himself, at the thought of the future torment of two of the most royal jackasses he'd ever met in his life.

With a bow he walked to the front door. "Ladies and gentleman, I thank you for your generous gift of food and shelter these last few days. And more so for this..." the mage gestured toward the kitchen door and out walked two servants with a large chest between them. The two men struggled under its weight.

"This is the dowry given to your house for the promised wedding of the lovely Annette and Richard Dayonar. With the unfortunate slaying of the bull the wedding will of course be called off. So you have no need of the dowry. There are many fine things I could buy with such a taking; including fine women... Hmmm, I think I'll start a harem." The mage paused to let his mockery take full effect.

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