tagNon-EroticPure Bliss Ch. 06

Pure Bliss Ch. 06


"How dare you talk to me like that?" I finally managed to say. Sam stopped laughing. He spun around quickly and his eyes narrowed on me.

"Piper. Stop acting brave. You're just as scared as he is." He said. I glanced at Shane he stood up very slowly and came to stand beside Sam. Sam looked at him as if just realizing he was there.

"Shane my man. Why don't you join in?" Sam asked. Shane looked at him uncertainly. Suddenly the phone in Sam's pocket rang.


"Sam. It's Nathan."

"Nathan. It's been half an hour already. You're trying my patience."

"Well your patience is about to be tried even more."

"And why is that?"

"I can't give you the tapes."

"That's fine." Sam said casually. He pulled a pistol from his waistband aimed it at Chance and pulled the trigger. I screamed.

"Chance! Chance!"

"Sam what did you do?"

"I shot your brother. He's bleeding pretty badly. Are you sure you can't give me the tapes?"

A sob echoed through the phone followed by: "oh god." Sam waited a few minutes for the sobs to die down some.


"I'll get them to you." Nathan promised softly.

"I thought so. Ta ta my dearest." Sam said mockingly and hung up the phone.

"Chance! Get up! Please! Oh god."

"You want him?" Sam asked me. He advanced on me and pointed the gun at me. I looked up at him with tears blurring my vision. He lowered the gun and untied me and shoved me onto the ground near Chance. I crawled to him and shook him.

"Sam, she's going to escape." Shane said fearfully.

"She won't leave without her precious husband." Sam spit out. He sat down.

"Chance. Wake up." I whispered near his ear. His eyes opened slightly and he reached for my hand.

"That bastard shot me." He croaked.

"You'll be ok. I promise." I whispered showering his face with soft quick kisses. He closed his eyes and grabbed at his side. He gritted his teeth together and whistled out a gasp.

"Oh isn't that cute?" Sam asked Shane. He looked down and then back up quickly.

"Yes Sam."

"Shut up! How could you shoot him? You fucking bastard I hate you!" I jumped up on an impulse strode across the room and swung at Sam. He caught my fist easily and rose as well. He put my hand behind my back and pulled me as close to himself as he could he pressed himself into my back so he could put his mouth to my ear.

"Do it again. I love dominance. It makes me so hard." He whispered. My face flushed hot and I tried to get away from him he laughed at my struggling and bit my neck. I froze in place. "Hmm. You smell so good. It would be a shame to get rid of both of you." He said biting me again. I struggled again to get away. He waited a few more minutes and then released me so I fell on my side.

With each passing minute it seemed Chance was getting weaker. I held his head in my lap stroking his hair and murmuring softly to him. Sometimes he responded but most of the time he lay there with his eyes closed breathing shallowly. Sam sat there quietly for what seemed like forever watching us. I looked up at him occasionally wondering what he could be thinking. Shane paced the room restlessly biting his nails they made loud clinking sounds as they hit the hardwood floor.

"Sam how much longer do we have to wait?" Clink.

"I don't know. Hopefully not much longer. Nathan said she would give us the tapes."

"What if she doesn't?" Clink.

"I don't know! Jesus shut up!" Sam tunneled his fingers into his hair. Shane stopped biting his nails. He looked offended that Sam had yelled at him. He sat down and stared out a window. It had started to snow earlier and it was coming down pretty hard now. I shivered involuntarily.

"How long has it been?" Shane asked.

"About an hour since she called so she's got another hour.." Sam said consulting his watch. He looked at us huddled on the floor. He sneered and then rose to his feet. He took his brothers place and began pacing the floor.

"Are we gonna kill her?" Shane asked. Sam glanced quickly at me.

"We should." He said. Shane cocked his head to one side. Sam pretended not to notice. "She still has an hour." He pointed out. Shane nodded quietly.

Sam continued to pace. I kissed Chance's cheek shocked to see it was growing colder. Please don't die. I silently prayed. I squeezed his hand. He squeezed back weakly. I looked back up at Sam.

"You have to help him." I said loudly. Sam ignored me and continued pacing the small cabin. Deep in thought.

"Please. Help him." I pleaded.

Sam looked at me but continued pacing as if I hadn't spoken.


"What? Don't fucking yell at me or make demands. I'm still in charge bitch." He snapped and jerked me off the floor. He backed me against the wall and glared at me. I glared back unfazed. He contemplated me for several minutes before speaking.

"Have you ever had sex with anyone besides Chance?" he asked.


"Whose better?"


Sam snorted obnoxiously and leaned down a little more into my face. I backed up in disgust until my head touched the wall. He put both his hands up to block any attempt to escape. Panic rose up into my throat but I tried to swallow it back down.

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