tagIncest/TabooPure Heart Pt. 05

Pure Heart Pt. 05


Chapter 23

Music and many voices drifted around us, nearly as thick as the lazy cloud of cigarette smoke hovering in the bar. Tanya and I were out on the town, our first date since she'd come back from visiting her family when her grandfather passed away. She looked over at me and grinned, taking another sip of her drink. I grinned back, loving how beautiful she was when she smiled, and so glad to see her feeling more like herself again.

It was still a challenge not to daydream about my sister while with her – it was weird navigating through the affection I felt for both girls and sometimes got really crisscrossed. However tonight was a good night and as I listened to Tanya tell me funny stories about her family I was really enjoying being with her and very present with her. She looked fabulous tonight – her black hair falling across her shoulders, light touch of blue eye shadow, her lips glistening in a subtle shade of rose. She looked great. She looked like herself again. Inside I was still wondering what she could see in me but could tell she really liked something about me.

I was just telling her an embarrassing story from when I was a kid when a small crowd of rowdy college-age students started making their way from the pool table over to the bar. Most of them were drunk and loud-mouthed – one guy in particular who was mocking people at the tables he passed, his arm around the waist of his blonde, whorishly-dressed girlfriend. "Fuck" and many slurred variations of the word seemed to make up most of his vocabulary as he boisterously trash-talked the people he passed by, his pals and their girlfriends following behind and laughing at his antics.

Tanya looked at me and rolled her eyes in annoyance at the guy. I stopped talking as they walked past us as it was no longer possible to hear each other talk. The blonde girl bumped into a chair and stumbled, making the loudmouth spill some of his drink. With a rude slap to the back of her head he angrily yelled, "Bitch! Fuckin' whore!"

The next thing I knew, Tanya had leaped out of her chair and was in the guy's face. "Hey asshole, don't you dare touch her like that!"

He smirked angrily and shoved her back into our table. "Get outta my fuckin' face, bitch!" I was out of my chair in a shot, grabbing Tanya by the shoulders to steady her and turning to stand between her and the loudmouth.

"Oh what? You gonna start something? You fuckin' pussy – you wanna go?" he mocked, getting right up in my face. I shoved him back only to have him plant both hands on my chest and push me back, off balance into the table. The table toppled and I fell in a heap against a chair and the floor with silverware, napkins and plates falling on and around me. Tanya had just barely stepped out of the way and was already helping me up. The guy's rude laughter was all I could hear.

I rushed to my feet, Tanya stepping back. Everyone's eyes were on us – people at the tables around us had stood in alarm, many backing away. The guy's pals were obviously shocked and unsure what to do. I took all this in the seconds it took to stand. The loudmouth was laughing and stepped forward so I could smell the beer on his breath as he said, "Toldya you were a fuckin' pussy. You and your fuckin' whore!"

The fact that I'd never been in a fight before skipped through my head a little too late to stop my fist from crashing clumsily into the side of the guy's head. He staggered back with a drunken look of surprise before returning with a punch that slammed into my chest, and another to my cheek. I saw stars but was also seeing red and caught him across the face with my left and threw my shoulder into a punch with my right that caught him hard on his jaw, sending him staggering back and falling back over a chair.

As if the night weren't insane enough, his blonde girlfriend rushed me and started scratching and clawing at me. I saw the guy starting to get up but couldn't shake the girl off. Suddenly her head jerked backwards and she screamed, reaching up to her head and I saw Tanya angrily pulling the girl off me by her hair. It wasn't a moment too soon because the loudmouth rushed at me and caught me in a tackle that pushed me back but I was able to twist and cram my hand into his face, using his momentum to throw him back down to the ground...into someone's dinner plate and a heap of burger and fries on the carpet.

I felt hands grab me from behind and was about to fight back until I heard them saying, "Calm down man", and "Sorry man, we'll get him out". I relaxed and the guys let me go – the friends of the loudmouth, obviously upset at their friend. A few of them picked him up and escorted him out, several apologizing to me on the way. I looked to see the blonde girl being escorted out by some of the girls in the group.

I turned to see Tanya to my left, her hair and outfit roughed up but looking unhurt. We made our way to each other, ignoring the concerned people at the bar coming to our aid, picking up tables and chairs.

"Are you alright?" we asked each other in unison.

"Yeah. I'm okay." she said. "Me too. You sure you're okay?" I asked.

She nodded. Then she grinned a little. "That was my first fight!" she said.

I laughed. "Me too!" We gave each other a hug, probably looking really dumb to everyone else but not to us. Seeing that the bouncers (who looked way too old for the job) were preoccupied with the loudmouth and his crew up front, we grabbed hands and made a beeline to a side exit, ignoring the people at the tables asking if we were okay.

There were police lights in the distance and growing closer as we made it to her car on a side street and took off in the other direction. After a few minutes of driving we were sure the police were stopping at the bar and no one was after us, so Tanya drove us back to her apartment. We were so intent on getting out of there that neither of us said much about what happened other than continuing to ask each other if we were okay.

Tanya insisted I come in with her so I followed her upstairs and into her apartment. She immediately made me sit on the couch and started looking me over in concern. She got a pack of frozen veggies from her freezer and made me put it on my face which she said was already swelling. She made me take my shirt off and tended to the scratches I got from the blonde and the brush burns I got when I'd fallen.

We were both starting to calm down as the adrenaline wore off. It was unfortunate because now my head was pounding and I was starting to feel all of my injuries. We started to talk about the fight, recounting what it looked like from the other's perspective. We started laughing about it as we relaxed and soon were nearly doubled over with giddy laughter. We felt like kids in elementary school who'd just gotten into trouble.

Tanya stood up to go get me a fresh bag of frozen veggies and as she walked away I noticed the scratch marks on her arms and neck. She returned with the bag and gave it to me, but I set it down and asked her to sit on the couch with me. I sat up and she let me look at her arms and neck.

"Ow!" she exclaimed as I pulled her shirt collar from a nasty scratch. "I didn't even feel these until now."

"Yeah, she got you pretty good, babe." I said. Looking down I noticed her shirt was a little discolored around her lower back. "Um, do you mind if I lift your shirt a little?"

"Yeah, um, sure. Did she get me there too?"

I gently lifted up the edge of her shirt, unsure whether the marks were just from spilled food or not. I'd only lifted it an inch when I began to see the start of three red welts, then another inch up to see that her skin had been broken with a nasty scratch.

"What the? Did you have her over your back or something?" I asked, a little amused.

"I don't really remember, I was trying to watch you while I was holding onto that bitch." Tanya said, wincing as I lifted her shirt from where it had stuck to the wounds.

"Well, it's up to you if you want me to take care of these but she got you down your neck and up your back." I said.

She was a little awkward as she responded. "Do you need me to take my shirt off?"

Knowing how shy she was and wanting to be caring and respectful, I said, "Hey, it's up to you. It would make it easier to take care of you but I'll do whatever you want."

She was a little hesitant, but said, "Um, no, it's okay. I don't mind."

I leaned back to give her room as she reached down for the edge of her shirt and slowly (and carefully) pulled it up. I took in her back and the scratch marks, then the back of her black bra, shoulders and more scratch marks. She pulled the shirt off over her head and arms and let it drop beside the couch. She looked back at me as I picked up the tube of antibiotic ointment and spread some over the fingertips of one hand.

"Hang on for a second, my hand is still cold from the veggies." I said, rubbing my hands together.

"Actually, that might feel good." She suggested.

I shrugged. "Okay. Here goes."

I placed my fingers on one of the scratches on her neck and gently ran them down. Using my other hand I gathered up her long hair and moved it over her shoulder. She reached up with one hand and held it there, and I placed my free hand between her neck and shoulder to steady her as I gently smoothed the ointment along the scratches.

Satisfied with the top I touched the scratches on her lower back. She shivered and giggled, telling me my hand felt really cold there. She held steady and I spread the ointment until they were all well covered.

"All done!" I said, giving her shoulders a friendly squeeze.

"Already?" she sighed. "You have a really gentle touch." She started to get up and I let her go. I was a little surprised she didn't cover herself up but let me see her in her bra and smiled as she picked up the warm bag of veggies and walked into the kitchen to put them back in the fridge.

She shut off the kitchen light, then one of the lights in the living room and returned to the couch. I looked up at her as she looked down at me, biting her lip. Then to my delight she crawled on top of me on the couch, pushing me back and laying fully on me, looking deeply into my eyes and then kissing me tenderly yet hungrily.

My hands wrapped around her sides where I knew she wasn't hurt and I kissed her back, enjoying the tender touch of her soft, full lips. She got her arms under mine and put her hands on my face, holding me and kissing me gently, then placing slow kisses on my cheeks, forehead, eyes, and setting her lips warmly upon my own again.

Feeling daring, I allowed my hands to slide up and down her sides. I held her hips and ran my hands down to her thighs, then back up. I slid my warm hands along her ribs and paused on the sides of her chest, feeling the edge of her bra cups. She grinned, kissing me as she felt this. She slid one of her hands from under me, up to her back and unsnapped her bra, then brought her hand back up to my face to kiss me with even more energy.

Tentatively, I slid my hands across the middle of her back, under her loose bra straps, feeling her warm skin. Feeling her tremble, I slid my hands outward from the middle of her back to her sides, sliding her bra straps off her back. My hands touched the sides of her full breasts and she gasped sharply between our lips. Her hands gripped my face, unfortunately at one of the spots I had been punched but I was too engrossed to acknowledge the pain.

My hands slowly, very slowly, slid along the contours of the sides of her breasts. My fingertips trailed up and down across the curves. Finally she gasped deeply and pushed herself away from me, frantically pulled her bra off and giving me a gorgeous eyeful of her perfect breasts before crashing down on me, skin against skin, and kissing me passionately. I gripped her sides as we kissed and feeling her lift her chest up, slid my palms back down the sides of her breasts and then under. I felt her nipples contract against the soft skin of my palms as they slid across. Tanya gasped deeply as she felt my hands tighten and cup her breasts. She broke our kiss and buried her face against my neck, gasping and kissing my neck as I gently squeezed her soft breasts with my hands. I slid her nipples between my thumbs and palms and lightly pinched them, earning a gasp from her against my neck.

A few short moments later, Tanya groaned and pushed herself up again, put a hand on the arm of the couch and bent her chest towards my face, lifting my head with her other hand. I grabbed her sides and eagerly pressed my lips to her breast, wrapping my lips around her engorged nipple. She groaned and stretched back as I tenderly swirled the end of my tongue across and around the firm tip of her breast and I lifted my other hand up to cup her exposed breast and caress it.

My lips tugged at her tender flesh and I released her only for a moment to slide my tongue around the bulk of her gorgeous breast, setting my lips tightly around her nipple again. Her fingers dug deeply into my hair and she gasped and moaned above me as I tenderly tasted her.

Finally she gasped sharply and held my head tight against her, pulling herself away from my lips and cradling my face in the valley between her breasts. Her chest was warm, moist with sweat and her breasts moved against my cheeks as she breathed deeply to calm herself. She slid back down and kissed me again, slowly and more tenderly, still trying to catch her breath. She laid down on me, running her fingers across my cheek and side of my neck.

Still working to control her breathing she whispered, "I'm sorry to stop...that was so good...I just, I never did that before..."

I had a massive erection at this point and was nearly shaking with the buildup so it was maddening to have her stop like this. I couldn't answer at first – it was hard enough to breath with my stomach so tight and every nerve on fire.

"Are you okay?" She asked, self-conscious and concerned.

I just bit my lip and swallowed and nodded. "Yeah...I...um, it's hard to stop."

She was quiet for a moment and I worked on trying to calm down. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I knew she was shy but it was really hard to accept that at the moment.

She slid off more to my side. I focused on the ceiling. She kissed my neck. Her hand trailed across my chest. She kissed me on the neck more deliberately and her hand slid lower...and lower. I felt her grapple with my belt and loosen it...and I gasped as she undid the button of my jeans and slid the zipper down along my straining shaft.

All in a moment, she lifted her head and set her lips on mine in a fierce kiss and slid her hand into my boxers, wrapping her fingers around my shaft and starting to stroke it. I gasped and jerked at her touch and kissed her. She stroked me slowly and firmly, lifting her hand up so her finger brushed just under the head and back down. I strained, feeling the lump on my face pulsing from the rush of blood, feeling the other bruises and scrapes, and feeling my brain tying all of the sensations together into one incredible rush.

I kissed Tanya deeply and leaned closer against her. Her hand worked up and down my shaft, pausing once where she slipped her fingers down between my legs to cradle my sac before reaching back up to grip my shaft again. I held Tanya tightly against me and felt her angle my shaft up, sliding the front of my boxers back with her wrist. She stroked me firmly then slipped her tongue into my mouth and pressed her thumb against the underside of my glans and sliding it around in little circles. My hips bucked and I moaned sharply as I quickly came, feeling my semen hitting me in the chest. Tanya kept pumping her hand and moving her thumb; working several strong shots from me and making me gasp and tremble.

Her kisses grew slower and tenderer and her hand relaxed and began to softly caress my softening shaft. It took some time for all the stars in my eyes to disappear for me to see again. I looked at her and she at me. We exchanged another deep kiss and she settled back down against me. We rested for some time, gently running our hands over each other, and eventually got up. We were an absolute mess – scratched up, beat up, and covered in lotion. She and I both had streaks of my cum on our sides and chests. (Seeing her wiping my cum from the side of one of her breasts was nearly enough to get me hard again).

It took some time to get cleaned up. Tanya grew a little bashful about being topless and soon found a loose top she could wear that didn't bother the scratches. Eventually we got ourselves put back together and curled up together on the couch again.

"Two big adventures in one night!" She whispered, her head on my chest.

I grinned and bent down to kiss her forehead.

Chapter 24

The grey light of early dawn was already giving way to a colorful sunrise as I brought my car to a stop in the driveway. Tanya and I had slept on the couch and woke up about an hour ago – stiff and sore from sleeping awkwardly and from our scrapes and bruises. She'd wanted to go shower and clean up, so I decided to head home to give her some space. We'd shared one last hug and a really good kiss (even for just waking up) before I left.

I entered the house to find it still and quiet, and made my way to the bathroom. I glanced over at Sara's room – she was away at the beach with friends and wouldn't be back for a few more days. I looked my face over in the bathroom mirror. I certainly had a good welt though the swelling seemed to be going down and making way for a lovely bruise. I showered, took care of the scrapes and went to my room to rest for another hour or so.

When I finally got up and showed my face to my family, there was the expected amount of shock and concern. My dad thought I should report it to the police before they somehow looked me up, and my mom was worrying over the bumps and scrapes.

Once they had calmed down I went back to my room and called Tanya to see how she was. She answered, sounding very happy to hear from me.

"Hey! How're you feeling?" She asked.

"Pretty good. Still ache a little but...I'm actually feeling really good."

Tanya giggled a little. "Me too. Your family didn't freak out did they?"

"Yeah, but nothing abnormal." I replied, grinning at how flustered my parents had been.

We chatted a few minutes longer until she had to go. She was meeting up with one of her girlfriends who wanted to hear about what had happened.

I sat in my room for a while, enjoying the memory of the night I spent with Tanya. Eventually my thoughts turned to Sara. We hadn't been able to spend much time together after the first night we'd had sex before she had to leave for her trip. It had definitely made for a few awkward moments for us both, especially the following morning when I had to sneak out of her room before dawn so our parents wouldn't suspect anything. It was probably good to have some time apart but if I had to be honest, even with the night I had with Tanya I was missing my sister.

* * *

Wednesday finally rolled around and I returned home from classes and made a beeline for Sara's room. There she was! Standing by her bed, unpacking a suitcase. I walked up to the doorway and cleared my throat. She turned in surprise and smiled excitedly, running up to me and giving me a hug.

"Hey! Welcome back!" I said, still holding her.

She made no move to step away and just grinned up at me with those darling, blue eyes. "Hi Alex! Did you miss me?"

I glanced once over my shoulder, then turned and kissed her fully on the lips. She reached a hand behind my head and pulled me tight to kiss me back. We broke our kiss and grinned at each other. I came in and sat down by her desk and she went back to her suitcase.

She caught me up on her trip, all the places she went with her friends, all the things they did. She'd had a great time and it showed in her enthusiastic, yet relaxed manner.

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