Pure Innocence

byAndrea Stevens©

She had more stamina than he did, her weak body was now no more weak. She squeezed his penis to drain off his sperms. What was she doing to him? She wanted to fuck him as long as she wants. Marisa lifted her body to guide his penis into her. As she got the angle right, she jabbed herself down to his balls. She gave out a loud scream. She never thought of the safety of her baby but just pushed herself back and forth. "Push, dam you, push" she screamed.

"Please stop it sis..... I can't anymore" he pleaded. She was riding him like a wild horse. His rod was angry, burning from abuse but still large inside her. His armed dropped to his sides. Marisa felt great like never before. She had never done this before. She got wilder as she started pounding up and down on him. His penis was getting ready for another load to shot as she was giving his penis the inner strength that he failed. He started blasting inside her with burning sensation as he felt the heat burning from his face red. Marisa felt his load as she reached climax again and slowed.

"I love you" both said at the time. She lay beside him panting.

"Mike do you think I'll have a baby girl" she panted.

"Well sis... I am sure it is a boy because you just raped me" he smiled. She went over him again. "Are you going to do this again?" he asked, shocked.

( Note: This story was written in a very short period of time while waiting for Hidden Fun II. I am still collecting ideas for that story. )

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