tagNonHumanPure Moonlight Ch. 06

Pure Moonlight Ch. 06


Hi everybody!

This chapter has been a long time in the making; I have been struggling to focus on the one story in my free time. I don't have an editor besides myself, so there may be a few mistakes... fair warning for Grammar Nazis ^_~

I haven't actually written the entire story, so I am kind of writing this on the fly... Let me know what you think. Constructive, encouraging and positive comments are loved and appreciated from everyone!

Hope you enjoy this Chapter :)

<3 Shadowsung


Ally relaxed into the cushy pillows that playfully threatened to devour her. She could feel the smile that was plastered on her face as she felt the soft tingly feelings between her legs. Her ribs and side was sore, but surprisingly not as sore as she thought it would be considering what she had just done.

She had always been a fast healer, remembering her broken arm at ten years old healing within 4 weeks. She had never broken a rib before and she was sure that sex would not be on the list of acceptable activities. She still couldn't believe she had finally had done it. She expected to feel different, but the only thing that had changed was a happy and smugly satisfied feeling deep within her.

Part of her was horrified at her behaviour towards an almost complete stranger. She had given him her virginity. That part of her was slightly afraid of the feelings she felt for him. She promised herself that she would stay in control next time and make sure they took things slower. Just thinking of him made tingles race up her spine. Her mind took over, stripping him naked and exploring every inch of his gorgeous naked body... Feeling hot and bothered, she got up slowly and went to the bathroom, deciding to try out that luxurious bath.

She filled it with bubbles, stripped and slowly sunk into heaven. She felt the hot water sink into her very bones, easing the ache in her still healing body.


Curt Braanan impatiently paced the study growling under his breath. Zac entered the room and the older alpha rounded on him, "What's this all about Zac? You get your betas to haul me down here then make me wait? Now I respected your daddy; heck I was good friends with him up until... well you know... but I have had it about up to here with you. I have my own problems to deal with so this had better be good!"

Zac tried to maintain patience, but quickly lost all semblance, "Curt!" he barked, stopping the older man in his tracks, "What was that all about? What's on your mind?" he motioned to the antique armchairs positioned by the roaring fire. Sitting down he poured them both a healthy nip of his finest scotch, hoping to loosen his rival's tongue.

Curt didn't even look at the glass as he knocked it back and held out his glass for another. Both Alphas waved their hands and the other people in the room disappeared. He poured the man another, healthier nip having decided alcohol would most certainly calm him down and loosen his tongue.

There was a slight pause while Curt downed his second drink and received his third, Zac broke the silence, "Curt, what is troubling you?" He had his own bones to pick with the man but he looked deeply troubled already.

Curt hiccupped slightly, "It's my son," he said miserably.

"Scott?" asked Zac, "What's wrong with him? He is only a few years younger than me and-"

"And yet here you are; Alpha of a fine pack, responsible, caring, organised and rumour has it, you have found yourself a mate. By the smell on you, you've been entertaining a human."

Zac smiled widely, "Yes. She is perfect and everything I ever hoped for. Her being human doesn't change a thing for me. I will soon have the talk with her and I will see to it we are bound. I'm not seeing what my standing and I have to do with Scott?"

"Scott is lazy, arrogant, conceited, self-centred and in no way remotely ready to take up the position his birthright entitles him to!" blurted out the alpha in a single breath.

"Huh," said Zac after a moment, unsure of how to respond. "To be entirely fair, Curt, it was not so long ago that I was the same," he smiled.

Curt looked up surprised, "What changed?"

"My father. He saw his end coming and he knew he had to be sure that I was ready. He, like you with Scott, had been preparing me for the role of an Alpha, grooming me for leadership and all the duties and responsibilities pertaining to the position. But this process is flawed. It didn't give me an accurate view of the position. See, he believed that one cannot lead without having first followed and one cannot order without first obeying. He believed it is impossible to understand the life of the pack until you live as part of the pack. Being a Betalpha means that I never had to be an omega with the other children, I never had to rise up the ranks or earn my way by working."

He paused and took a sip of his drink before continuing, "So, I was demoted. Not in rank of course, I hadn't done anything wrong to warrant it. The demotion was in the duties I was expected to perform. I was sent on messenger errands; I set the table, cooked the meals, set the tables, made the beds and scrubbed the bathrooms. I was put into a dorm with people my own age, where I really got to know the people that are now my most loyal in the pack. It was quite a humbling experience."

Curt chuckled, "Ah, that father of yours always was a step ahead of the rest. So you are telling me that it was a good experience?"

"Well, I hated him for it for quite some time. I resented him and his orders. But it was an interesting experience and I don't think I'd be who I am today if it hadn't been for it. I wouldn't call it a good or fun experience, but it was constructive, insightful and very humbling."

Curt sat there silently, rubbing his chin. "I shall keep this wisdom in mind. Thank you, Zac. Sometimes I forget that you are not your father. You look so alike, and I see so much of him in you." He looked deep into his glass, and then shot its contents, "Now. What did you call me out here for? What can I do for the mighty Coleman Pack?"

"As we mentioned before, I have indeed found my mate. We were walking around the lake in the park, which is well within the agreed neutral territory according to the King Treaty all the local packs signed and uphold. Now imagine my surprise when we were set upon by a band of Weres, in full daylight and in hybrid form no less! It was a touch and go fight, as my mate does not yet know of our existence. I could not phase in front of her for fear of scaring her off. She was set upon by a few of the thugs while I was preoccupied and she was knocked unconscious."

Zac felt his rage boil and had to take a moment to contain himself, "As you would imagine, I did not take this too well. Our laws are sacred, we do not harm females or children and nor do we risk exposure to the humans. In my rage I took them on. I held back and didn't shed any blood, I just knocked them out."

"That is quite an exciting tale," said Curt cautiously, "but I am not seeing the significance."

Zac got up and went to the wooden box on his desk. Sitting it on his lap and opened the box. "The significance, Alpha Braanan, is that I confiscated these from their prone forms," said Zac with a touch of forced patience. He held up the handful of necklaces he had collected from the thugs. They all bore the Braanan coat of Arms, with the name of the owner engraved on the back. It had long been a traditional birthing gift for Were offspring and kept throughout their lifetimes.

Curt bristled at the sight of the necklaces. He snatched them and carefully inspected the names. With a growl, he looked up from the jewellery, his eyes glowing dangerously, "Where are my men?" he growled, "It will be up to me to discipline them, not you, arrogant pup!"

Zac felt his rage boiling inside again, "Curt, you old fool, I left them where they lay to wake up failures with headaches. I took these as proof of their transgressions and to find out the reason why you would insight a war after so long at peace."

Curt's face turned an ugly shade of red, "I have done no such thing! How dare you drag me here and accuse me of these sorts of things! I was once a great friend of your father's who-"

"Who you had a falling out with," interrupted Zac, "You never actually made up before he passed. This is me trying to figure out if you are trying to ruin my happiness and the peace that has comforted this area for over a decade. You are on my lands, Mr. Braanan, and your men have breached several of our laws including two of our most sacred. So yes, Curt; I dare. And here is my warning to you. If you try anything to break the Treaty you signed, you will woe the day you were born!"

Curt's face looked like a red balloon about to pop. "You... You were the last one to see my men; I have not seen them in some time. If you are keeping them prisoner, Coleman, there will be war! There will be casualties and there will be justice. From now on you make sure that none of your pack venture within a hair of my territory or I may see fit to take my own prisoners! This includes your little human!"

Zac's eyes glowed red with rage, "Don't. You. Dare. Threaten. Her." He said deadly quiet, "I will kill you if you so much as touch a hair on her head, mark my words old man." Curt stepped back, realising he may have overstepped the bounds. Zac advanced as he continued; his voice quiet and calm despite his burning eyes, "For the last time, I have not seen your men since I left them unconscious for attacking us. You can hear my heartbeat, it is impossible to lie between Weres."

The old man blustered, "Loopholes- you may not have seen them, but you men could have locked them up! I hold you responsible for them, and I want them returned! THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!"

At the yelling, betas from both packs came into the room to see the two alphas facing off. They shifted nervously, looking at one another. None of them wanted to get in between two fighting Alphas. With a wave of his hand, Zac turned away from his father's long time friend as he was hauled out of the room. He watched from the window as the Alpha got into his car below with one last glare before speeding off into the sunset.

After a few deep breaths he was calm enough to let go of his fists, pumping his hands to get the feeling back. He was not happy with the meeting, but he hadn't expected any better. Curt was losing control of his pack and his son was not yet ready to live up to the title.


Zac walked into his rooms, loving the smell that had permeated the space. Looking around, he realised his room was messy and Ally was nowhere in sight. Doing his best not to panic this time, he searched his off rooms, the balcony, even the mess of quilts on his bed. He sniffed the air, trying to smell for foul play. Braanan's words echoed in his mind.

He went to the mess hall looking for Keith and not finding him either. He pulled out his phone and called his friend, listening impatiently to the dial tones.

"Hello?" Keith answered his phone. Zac was about to speak when he heard the tinkling laughter of his mate in the background.

He growled uncontrollably, his outside form shifting, "Where is she?" he growled down the phone.

"Now listen, Zac, It's not what it sounds lik-"

"WHERE IS SHE?" he roared into the phone. His voice took on the deep timbre of an Alpha giving a command. Keith had to follow the order even if it was digitally transferred to him.

"The East gardens, Boss, but-"

Zac snapped his phone shut, racing out and heading to the gardens with murder in his eyes.


Ally felt her fingers take on the wrinkled pruney look and decided to get out. She came out to find the room had been straightened, the bed made and a neat pile of clothes laid out on the side of the bed she had woken up on. It consisted of a matching set of lacy underwear, jeans and a tank top. Her eyebrows rose when she noticed they were all expensive brand name items. As a student her budget rarely allowed for op shop clothing, let alone brand new.

She took a tour around the room again, picking up things and inspecting them. There really wasn't much in the room as far as personal effects went. She felt disappointed because she was hoping to glean some information on the mystery man who had literally swept her off her feet on numerous occasions.

It did not take long before Ally grew bored and irritated, pacing the room searching for something to do. Upon finding nothing of else interest, she opened the door and walked into the back of a giant man standing in front of it, feeling a sense of Déjà vu.

She stumbled backwards with a grunt; the man was built like a brick outhouse!

"Forgive me, Madame," He said, going red, "I have been asked to watch the Al- boss' room and he kindly asks that you don't go anywhere while he is unavailable."

Ally blustered, "Does he think I'm going to steal stuff or something?"

"No, Madame. It's just that this place is very large and he doesn't want you to get lost. A few people around here would have a lot of fun in making you lost... As a practical joke, of course."

She crossed her arms and regarded him carefully, "Whatever. There is nothing to do, and like hell I'm staying inside and doing nothing all day."

"I'll have to check with someone before I let you go anywhere, Madame."


"Sorry Madame?"

"My name. It's Ally, not Madame."

"Sorry Madame Ally." He said, the corners of his mouth twitching. Ally felt her face break into a smile as she shook her head.

"So, Mischief, can I have your name?"

The man looked slightly startled for a second. "It's Bartholomew; Bart to everyone except my Granny Tessa."

"Pleased to meet you, Bart," she said with a smile. She held out her hand to shake. The man stared at it sceptically; he looked at her closely before taking her hand slowly. She shook it slowly and shook her head at him again.

The man from before came strolling up the corridor. He nodded to Ally's new friend who stood back to attention like the guard he was meant to be. Keith looked down at the little human that had his best friend in knots and sighed inwardly. "Madame Davies, my name is Keith Donaldson. I am glad to see the clothing fits nicely."

"Thanks for the clothes. I think I can pay you if I could find my purse..."

"A pleasure, as the clothes were just something I found lying around. It is a pleasure to finally meet you properly."

"Nice to meet you too. Please, call me Ally. That goes for you too, Bart," she said, poking the stoic man in the ribs, "None of this Madame business."

Keith smiled, inwardly laughing at her humour towards the beta guarding her door. Bart looked uncomfortable to be associating his future alpha by her first name.

Keith cleared his throat, drawing her attention, "So what seems to be the problem Mad... um... Ally?"

"There is nothing to do in here, and I am definitely not the sort to sit around all day. I would like to soak up some of the lovely sunshine."

"There is a balcony, it's just on the other side of the-"

"I know where the balcony is, Keith," she interjected, "I want to be outdoors properly, like, in the garden? There is a garden in this massive place, right?"

Keith nodded, "The East Garden would be lovely at this time of day if you would like a tour?"

"That would be splendid," she smiled at him.

He looked down and realised he had forgotten something, "I will have to find you some shoes first, of course," he said pointing to her bare feet.

Ally waved her hand dismissively, "No need. I hate shoes and prefer to go without them."

Keith looked sceptical, but the angle of her chin told him she would be stubborn if he chose to pursue the matter. He shrugged internally- it was her call. Bowing gallantly, he gestured to the direction they would be going, drawing a giggle from her as she gracefully curtseyed in return. Keith was pleasantly surprised. If his friend hadn't already claimed her as his mate, he thought he would like to try his hand in wooing the witty human.

As they walked through the house, Keith explained the pictures and portraits that adorned the walls. He led her down a grand staircase to an even grander entrance hall with giant double door. Outside there was a small porch lined with marble columns. There was a great space covered in gravel a fountain in the middle and a 12 foot high wall with wrought iron gates. The whole place was reminiscent of period movies she had seen. She half expected to see a horse and cart filled with women in giant dresses appear. She suppressed a giggle at the thought and tried to pay attention to her guide,

"As you can see Ally, the house is a mansion; it dates back 250 years ago, when the area was first settled and it was built by Zac's ancestors; the first Colemans in the country having migrated from Europe."

Ally whistled; impressed by the history that surrounded her. He led her to the Eastern side of the great wall to a double gate. Ally felt like she had stepped into a dream. Butterflies crossed her path, fluttering gently in the breeze. The garden was a series of hedges and plants, with paths, seats and in the centre Ally could see a grand, multi-tiered fountain. There were birds singing as they bathed in the top tier. The soothing sounds of the water, the birds and the warm sunshine on her face had Ally at total ease.

"It is sad for me to see this place now. It has slowly been let go. This was Zac's mother's garden, she organised the landscaping and did most of the work herself. She passed five years ago, and there has been no time to care for this place."

Ally looked around again and saw he was telling the truth. The initial look showed a lovely garden, but a second glance showed the weeds, the untrimmed hedges, and the fountain was growing a layer of green. It made her sad to see such beauty being lost. She would have loved to see the garden in its original form.

They circled the garden paths, Keith regaling the tails of mischief he and his alpha had gotten into in their boyhood. He had her laughing until she couldn't breathe. They stopped at the centre and watched the birds playing in the fountain, enjoying the sunshine and easy company. A young girl walked around the corner of a hedge, being pulled along by 6 large black and tan puppies.

Ally laughed and crouched down to say hi. She knelt in the dirt and romped with the puppies, who were all crowding around her, licking everywhere they could reach.

Keith's phone started ringing. He turned away and saw he was about to get in serious trouble. He answered his phone as Zac asked her where she was. Just then Ally laughed really loudly, when one of the puppies licked her ear. Realising how it would sound he tried to calm his boss down. He cringed when his Alpha commanded him, and had to obey. Zac hung up on him and Keith knew his time was about to be up if he couldn't placate his Alpha before he ripped out his throat.


Zac's wasn't moving fast enough. With a growl he infused his legs with the power of his four paws and sped up. People scattered out of his way, as their alpha flashed past like a growling bullet. He burst out of the front doors and raced the East gate. He was growling deep within his chest- a sound that humans can't hear, as he turned the corner past the first hedge and into the sunlight.


Ally loved playing with the gorgeous puppies. The girl had been uncertain-almost looking scared, but with a nod from Keith she calmed down. She even smiled at her future Madame Alpha playing in the dirt with the pups.

Not 2 minutes after Keith had been hung up on; they heard their Alphas approach and his growl. The girl began trembling uncontrollably. She dropped onto her back, fully exposing her belly and throat in submission. Luckily for them, Ally had her back to the girl and was focused on the pups.

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