tagNonHumanPure Moonlight Ch. 10

Pure Moonlight Ch. 10


Here we are! I cannot believe that I have managed to write 10 chapters!

A huge thank you to all my readers, especially those who have emailed, commented and rated. Love to you all. Keep up with the emailing, commenting and loving; it makes my day to hear from my readers!

For anyone who appreciates irony, we have come full circle, but we are not chasing out tails.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and the ones to follow.

<3 Shadowsung


Dark Storm clouds raced across the sky as lightening flashed and thunder rolled, its deafening boom breaking across the flat and barren landscape like a bomb. Caitlin sat up dazedly, the fog in her mind slowly clearing. Her hand was shiny and red, but completely healed. She could have cried with relief. A lightening flash across the sky brightly lit up the sky for a moment before the darkness closed over again.

Caitlin stood up slowly and took in her surroundings. The sand that covered the ground was dull and dark and the trees that studded the area where black and gnarled. There was nothing living about this place. Fear crept up her spine. This was a place for neither the living nor the dead. This was limbo and trapped for eternity here was said to be worse than hell itself.

"A little cliché, don't you think?" came a bemused voice behind her. Spinning around, she faced the speaker, still too stunned to reply. The figure bent down to pick up a handful of sand and let it slowly flow between his fingers like a black waterfall. He looked up, meeting her eyes with his ice cold ones, "It has been done before, so many times. I was hoping for something creative."

Anger raced up her spine at his calm demeanour.

"YOU!" she roared, leaping at him, "What did you do to me!"

Just before she had reached striking distance he held up his hand, stopping her motion as though he had caught her throat. Her air passage closed over with a strangled croak as she clawed hopelessly at her neck. He released her, letting her drop to the ground in a heap.

Heaving air into her lungs she coughed before lunging at him again, swiping morphed claws through his abdomen. The heavy cloak fell to the ground in a black mound that began quivering violently. Black spiders of varying sizes exploded from the openings of the pile and swarmed over her. A terrified scream tore itself from her mouth as she tripped over her own feet. The spiders crawled up her legs, moving as one writhing, furry, black mass.

Thousands of black hairy spiders kept pouring from the cloak, drowning her in a sea of creeping legs and wriggling bodies. Caitlin did her best to try and crawl away, but there were too many. Her world filled with spiders as she felt them burrow into her ears and nose and crawl down her throat, choking the blood curdling screams fighting to escape her chest.

Suddenly she could breathe again, heaving deep lungfuls of air and spluttering. The spiders had disappeared and he was standing there watching her, smiling amusedly as though she had done something mildly entertaining. "Where are we?" she asked timidly, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

"This?" He chuckled, "Why surely you recognise this. It is your nightmare after all." He swept his arm to include all of the surroundings.

"Why are you in my dream?"

"I am not just in your dream, my dear, I am controlling it." He held up his hand and gave a flick, and suddenly they were sitting at a dinner table. Working at the kitchen bench was her mother and father, talking and giggling happily.

Caitlin remembered this time from her childhood. Tears fell down her face as she drank in her parents; lost to her for years.

"Memories are funny things aren't they? I have full access to those too," he said with a smile. He waved his hands again and the house was engulfed in flames.

"NO!" Caitlin screamed, "Stop! I don't want to see it again!" She closed her eyes tightly, the bright light from the flames flickering across her lids as she heard the dying screams of her parents all over again. A thundering boom took over the roar of flames as she felt darkness close in. Opening her eyes, Caitlin found herself back in Limbo, almost to her relief.

"How did you-"

"Do all this? It's laid out here," he said, magically conjuring up the contract she recognised as the one they had made. He grabbed it from the air and started looking at it. "You know, you really should read the fine print to these things, they really can be killer."

He muttered to himself while pulling the parchment down making it grow longer. "Aha! Here we are, Paragraph E subsection 2.4J, The signatory (you) hereby relieves his or her subconscious to the contractor (me) to ensure maximum communication and understanding."

Caitlin blinked at him confusedly.

He sighed and the contract disappeared. "It means," he said deliberately and slowly, "That I can control your dreams and all sorts of yummy things to make sure that you hold up your end of the deal. Which currently, you are not. So this is me, communicating to you my displeasure, understand?"

He advanced on her menacingly, murder in his cold eyes. "You said I could not be killed as a result of this transaction," She stammered, fearing for her life.

He paused before smiling, "I did too," he conceded silkily, "Only think how much more pain you can go through without dying. I could make you wish for it all too easily. Pain can be a part of your subconscious.

"I can make your insides burn and your skin freeze and yet, there will be nothing for anyone to see... nothing to treat or remedy, just pain so great that you cannot even move. I will destroy everything you care about and treasure in your pathetic little existence and make you wish for death. As you so diligently reminded me, however; you cannot die from this transaction. Pity for you, really. Unless you keep up your side of our bargain, then it will be easy and pain-free.

"I will always be watching... Remember that. You signed the contract and you will honour it."

With that, he vanished from sight, leaving Caitlin alone in her nightmare, the darkness closing around her and no one to hear her pitiful cries of regret.


Zac paced through the compound, willing time to go faster. He walked in circles around the east garden, watching the new gardeners at work fixing it up. He felt guilty about the neglect he had shown to his mother's precious garden. Truthfully, it had hurt so much when she had died that he could not bear to remember the happy times they had spent together in such a place.

Footsteps behind him broke his concentration. "My alpha," Doc called, "I have some news."

"Is it about Ally?" he asked concerned.

"Yes, my alpha. Do you remember when she first came in? You asked me what she was, and I said she was human?" Zac nodded, motioning for him to continue, "Now... I am not so sure," Doc said hesitatingly.

"Since you asked it has been bothering me. When you brought her to the compound wounded and unconscious, I warned you I had never treated a human before- I treated her much like I would have for one of us. I have been speaking with Dr Lance of the Braanan pack for a while now. As you know he works in the Hospital in town as the head Werehealer and hospital liaison. He has extensive history with treating humans." He paused fiddling nervously with the folder he had in his hand.

"And?" asked Zac, wondering where his healer was going.

"I did not know it at the time, my alpha, but Ally's injuries should have rendered her an invalid in huge amounts of pain. She should not have been able to move. She heals quicker than humans- not quite as fast as our kind, but much faster compared to a mortal. Lance sent over her medical history and she has been a fast healer since her early teens." He held up the file for Zac to see.

"What are you saying, Doc?" asked Zac carefully.

"Lance and I agree; if she is entirely human I will eat my foot, shoe and all. You picked up on it before we did my alpha. You asked me what she was- what made you ask that day?"

Zac searched his memory, "The day I asked you, she had refuted the Attraction twice; no one has ever done it before, not even humans in our history. She also... pushed me. I am not sure how to describe it, except that I felt her energy gathering then thrust out to me, knocking me back. I have never felt that before and I have never been blown that far back by a mere push."

"Interesting... I wonder what she is. She cannot be Were; we would have scented her Guardian spirit's presence. She is not entirely human, my alpha; of this we can be sure of."

With that, he bowed and left his alpha to ponder the million dollar question: What was his mate?

He wandered around the garden, pondering his mate when he realised the time. He rushed to his room to get ready to go see his mysterious love.

He ordered his chauffer to make a stop on the way, and then raced to her house.


Ally tidied up her house and waited nervously. Since their last coffee had not gone so well, she had suggested that Zac come to her house. Despite her angst, she felt a need to see him; be with him in every sense. She had never felt this way in her life. She still could feel something on the edge of her conscious, causing some distress, but it was easily ignored by thinking of Zac and his body.

She thought about their short time together and the things that had happened. She polished her mother's picture for the fourth time that morning, wondering what she would think if she had been around to see it. Would she be disappointed in how quickly she gave herself to him? Would she be happy that she had found a man that caused such great happiness? Ally was disheartened to know that she would never be able to know her mothers' thoughts on her lover.

The doorbell sounded, breaking her concentration. She rushed to the door and opened it with a smile. There he was, standing tall and proud on her doorstep. In his hands was a large box, covered in gorgeous wrapping paper. She smiled at him and beckoned him inside. He placed his burden on the coffee table and smiled at her. He stepped up to her and kissed her gently.

"This is for you," he said simply, gesturing to the box. Ally felt her smile widen.

"But it's not even my birthday!" she ripped the wrapping paper open and opened the box.

She stared at its contents confusedly. Gently she reached in and pulled it out and gently set it on the coffee table. In front of her, in a shallow, wide blue pot was a tiny forest of 12 trees, their tiny foliage joining to make a canopy not two hands high. Moss grew on the uneven ground and over the tiny rocks that were studded through the pot. She frowned, "It... it feels familiar" she said, trying to remember if she had ever seen it before. She gently ran a finger along the length of a tiny trunk. In the middle of the forest she could see something almost weaving between the trees. Gently she fished it out and held it in her palm. It was a rusty brown wolf figurine roughly carved from wood; its features were simple yet effective.

"It's a wolf," he said, watching her carefully, "I carved it myself many years ago. It symbolises the wild part of our hearts and natures that we all have inside us. The saplings that made this forest came from the one surrounding my home. It is over 240 years old. It was cultivated by my ancestors who sought to replicate the landscape."

"It's so beautiful. You shouldn't have. I can't accept this; it belongs with you and your family."

"That is what I am trying to say... I would like you to be a part of my family."

Ally felt her heart stop. She looked at him, her mind going at a million miles an hour. He looked so wary, as if waiting for another rejection. He would hear no more from her. She couldn't run away from her feelings any more.

She stepped up to him, her hands on his cheeks, as she pulled his face down for a kiss. It started as a chaste peck but grew more passionate. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they explored each other.

Zac cupped her fine ass cheeks and pulled her up. Getting the hint Ally wrapped her legs around his waist, their kiss never ending. Zac pulled away from her lips and delved into the fleshy part of her neck, making her moan and buck her hips. The smell of her arousal filled the room, spurring Zac on.

"Ally," Zac started, worried, "you don't have to-"

"Take me," she groaned, "I want you now."

Hearing those words made Zac almost weak at the knees. Had he been mortal he probably would have dropped her. His grip remained firm on her ass as he moved up the stairs. He pressed her against her closed door, bucking his hips and his rock hard need into her, still attacking her neck. He fumbled for the doorknob, wanting to get her into bed and make her scream his name.

Ally was on fire. She was drowning in her simple need for him. His attentions to her neck were sending jolts down her spine and giving her Goosebumps. She could feel his need pressing against her hips and she felt hers increase in response. She felt moisture pool in her pussy as he bucked his hard-on against her.

Suddenly the door she was pressed against gave way and she felt herself falling backwards. Just as she was worried about hitting the floor, she hit her mattress with a small squeal of delight.

Zac followed her down onto the bed, finding himself in the loveliest of positions. His hands roamed freely across her body, tugging and pulling at her clothes as she did the same to him. Their lips met again in fervent kissing, their tongues duelling for dominance.

The pile of clothes on the floor grew as more and more of their bodies were bared. Finally all that stood was her panties; pretty silken lingerie that Zac took the time in admiring. He shimmied down her body to take a closer look. They were pink and lacy and coated in her arousal. The smell was too overpowering to be close to and do nothing. Zac slid her panties down her milky thighs before flicking them onto the pile on the floor.

The smell was so intoxicating and decided that he had to taste her again.

He spread her legs and put them over his shoulders, giving him complete access to her throbbing mound. He spread her dewy and plump lips apart, revelling in her arousal. He licked the length of her, gathering her on his tongue for sampling, causing her to shriek loudly. Her nectar was addictive as he delved into her valley, nipping and sucking; licking and caressing.

Ally was burning; bright red staining her cheeks. His attentions were like petrol on a fire, her moans filling the room. It didn't take long for her to climax on his talented tongue. He could feel her tightness shuddering around the length of his tongue inside as she cried out his name.

Panting heavily, Ally sat up and pounced on Zac. Pulling and prodding she got him to lay down in her spot as she started to massage his naked body. She tweaked his nipples gently, giggling at the face he made. She ran her nails softly along his hard torso, following the lines of his muscles. Pretending to ignore it, she completely bypassed his straining need that was almost screaming to be touched. Moving down his legs, she massaged his thighs, pulling his legs apart and running up and down the inner length.

She gently touched his package, making him twitch. A moan escaped his lips, urging her on. Using her hands, she traced every line of his most private area, as though memorising it. Tentatively, she lowered her head and licked the tip, surprised by its velvety softness covering a rock hard member underneath. A hoarse groan tore itself from his heaving chest as she engulfed his member in one fluid motion.

He almost blew his load when he opened his eyes and found her staring up at him, her mouth taking in his hard length. He held her head and gently pulled her up for a kiss.

She straddled him as she kissed him, the heat from her pussy poured over his throbbing cock.

She broke the kiss and swooped down to his neck, attacking it as he had done her. He melted into the bed, shuddering as pulses coursed through his body from his neck.

Unconsciously he bucked his hips, and felt his tip brush along her length. She moaned into his neck, so he repeated the action. With each bite at his neck, he thrust up and along her.

Ally changed the angle of her hips slightly and his next thrust caused the tip to penetrate her heat. They moaned together as Ally slid herself down onto him, spearing herself on his hardness and enveloping him with her tight, wet heat.

Her hips met his and she ground deeper onto him, taking him as deep as possible. She sat up and threw her head back as she slowly rocked and ground her hips. Zac held onto her as he watched her bounce and rock on him and enjoyed the sensations she was causing him.

He watched her perky breasts as they bounced on her chest, the motion almost hypnotic. He grabbed them both in his hands and massaged them.

"Harder," she moaned, moving faster. Zac complied, kneading her delicious mounds and manipulating them. Ally thrust her chest into his hands revelling in their treatment. He let go of her flesh and pinched her nipples. He twisted and rubbed them gently, listening to her delighted sighs of encouragement.

Her movements became jerky and hard as she neared an orgasm. Zac grabbed her hips, thrust himself as deep as he could go and rolled them over so she was on her back. Ally squealed in surprise as she felt herself pinned to the bed.

Still holding onto her hips, he took over as he thrust into her, pushing her into the mattress.

She moaned and pulled her head down to hers for a kiss, his rhythm never faltering. Their tongues duelled while he plundered her delights, the sounds of their moans and cries filling the air.

Zac moved down to her breasts, seeing them pink and flush with the nipples swollen from his attentions. He took a nipple in his mouth, rolling it along his tongue and nibbling on it, listening to her squeals of delight.

An orgasm washed over Ally, knocking the air from her lungs. The only sound she made was a small, breathy whimper, but Zac could feel her twitching and milking him while he continued to thrust.

He felt his knot growing at the base of his penis, and he began to worry. He didn't want her to see it and panic, and he knew he would never fit it inside her without her noticing. He had to fight his wolf and his instincts to bury the growth within his mate, mark and make her his forever.

Zac weighed down on her further, closing the gap between their bodies and hiding his new growth; his thrusting never changing pace. He took a nipple in his mouth once more in the hopes of distracting her. Just thinking about it made him shudder delightfully. He refused to give in to his urges, promising himself that he would do all those delicious things in time; after he had told her everything and given her the choice.

His wolf tried one last time to convince him to mate her, but was quelled with the thought of betraying her by removing the choice from her.

Ally moaned, her eyes closed and her head thrown to the side. Zac took the invitation and abandoned the nipple for her collarbone with a squeal from Ally.

While she was distracted he slipped a hand between their bodies and began to rhythmically stroke her clit, hoping to finish together and avoid the discovery of his throbbing knot. He felt her insides shuddering and milking him, bringing them closer to completion.

He rubbed her clit harder and faster to match his growing pace of thrusting. Their panting grew frenzied with their movements; the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room.

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