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Puritan Whores


I would be married in less than a week. Tied down with a wife and kids. Well kid anyway.

Right now though I sit in front of my computer. One of the few things not yet packed for the move.

I have a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion nearby.

On the screen two women were humiliated and abused. I loved that kind of rough porn. Women being violated. The illusion of it anyway. I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone in real life. Not without consent.

The video was a parody of a popular fantasy show. The two women, one mature the other barely out of her teens, had their hands tied behind their backs.

They were forced to walk naked down what looked like a medieval city street. An angry crowd threw tomatoes at them and whipped them with leather belts.

Lotion on my hand, I slowly stroke my hard cock.

The women were led to what looked like butcher's blocks. They were made to kneel and rest their heads on the hard wood.

Instead of an executioner, there were a number of men. Naked except for dark hoods.

The men line up behind the two women and begin fucking. Pounding the two of them from behind.

After the girls take their second load of cum I switch videos. I also slow down stroking my dick. I don't want to finish right away.

On the screen, hentai women are violated repeatedly by demons in a colorful cartoon. I can feel my orgasm rising as tummies swell with monstrous spawn.

Switching to a third, and no doubt final, video I slowly brush the tip of my cock. Relishing the sensation.

An Asian girl is molested on a bus. Hands groping her tits and ass. Getting bolder by the second. I groan as I watch the video. I'm getting close. With her clothes mostly off she is pushed to her knees. Cocks surrounding her. She submissively sucks and jerks them.

I moan my pleasure as I cum into a handful of tissues.

Sated, I lean back and rest. The girl on the screen protesting as the first dick slowly pushes its way into her tight cunt.

I would have to pack the computer soon.

Though maybe not until after a round two.

Deacon's Hearth was a village taken straight out of the early nineteenth century.

It had been founded around three large stones. Practically pillars. A sect of fundamentalists believed it was a place where god had touched the earth. The stones were considered sacred.

The people of the village shunned modernity, much like the Amish. And lived much like they did a hundred and fifty years ago.

Unfortunately for them this caused issues with the government. So they were forced to deed the land to a family tasked with keeping Uncle Sam away.

My family.

Ultimately the land has been an albatross around our necks ever since. We couldn't really use it for anything. It was basically just the village and some surrounding farmland. Some woods. And the caretakers home. A large farmhouse that really needed some renovation.

I was the last surviving member of the family. My parents died when I was young. I had been raised by boarding schools while my grandfather looked after the land.

Now he is gone too.

As he lay dying he made a deal with the village elders. Worried about the future of the village, they pressured him into an arraigned marriage for me.

They are understandably worried. The outside world is nothing like theirs. They want to make sure I have ties to the land.

I'm still not sure why I agreed. I guess I was feeling lost. I recently got a PHD in Astrobiology. Which is neat, but now I'm not sure what to do.

This seemed like the easiest next step.

The wedding was...different. I didn't have any family. I had only a few friends left from collage. None who lived in the state. So it was just me, and what seemed like the whole village.

I met my wife for the first time at the alter. I'm sure the village elders loved that.

I had stood there. Nervous and waiting. Alone except for the priest, as she slowly came down the isle. Neck to ground covered by her white gown. Face covered by heavy veils. At least I could tell she wasn't fat.

The only color she had was a red sash. It was a mark that she was not pure. She had been married before, but lost her husband young.

I didn't care about that though.

We said our vows and it was finally time to raise her veil.

My breath stopped. She was beautiful.

Pale freckled skin. Light, orange/red hair. And piercing green eyes. Surrounded by cute little laugh lines.

We kissed in front of the village and she felt like heaven. Josephine...my wife.

Now it's my wedding night. We are in the farmhouse that is now to be our home. It definitely needed work.

I wait in the master bath. She asked me for some privacy to ready for our consummation. Odd, but I had agreed.

"Husband. I am ready." She called.

Naked I step into the large bedroom. Dominated by the big four post bed. She lay on her back. Above the covers, but below a sheet. Her outline certainly enticing. She had a medium build. Pleasantly soft, with some obviously large breasts.

She smiled at me nervously. I grinned and walked closer. When I grab the edge of the sheet though..."No, please. A wife should not drive her husband mad with lust. We must have relations through the sheet."

I wasn't sure what to say. Then I notice she is motioning to her crotch. There's a hole in the sheet. Are you kidding me?

Still, I didn't want to disrespect her. Or frighten her our first night.

I climb on top of her. On top of the sheet.

I struggle to find my spot. She gasps and blushes as my fingers brush her fuzzy peach. Then I'm pushing into her. She is pretty dry at first. And it's a little uncomfortable.

She closes her eyes. In pain? Pleasure? Not happy? I don't know.

Soon enough we have some lubrication. And my thrusts become smoother. I want to touch and explore her body, but the sheet is like a giant sign saying 'NO!'

I groan as I finish inside her. Inside my wife.

"I...I would like to clean up." She says nervously. I nod and leave the bedroom. Soon she comes out in a heavy wool nightgown. Nearly every inch of her covered.

"Good night." She gives me a slightly strained smile. I watch as she walks down the hall to her own bedroom. Admiring her long orange hair. She wears it in a simple braid and it extends past her ass.

I head to bed alone.

For the next couple days Josephine spends her time cleaning, gardening, or cooking.

I dive in on renovations. Grandpa was a poor caretaker. He also hadn't left much of an inheritance.

I would have to prioritize. I almost hated to do it but most of the money would be blown on getting some high speed internet run out. Something fast.

My hope is that we could set up some sort of shop online. Right now the villagers take their goods to a farmers market once a week. Hopefully we could bump up profits with an online shop.

The second night as husband and wife I had expected my wife to get ready for more sex. We were newlyweds after all. I definitely found her attractive.

She told me that a husband and wife were to lay with each other no more than once a month. Lest the man be driven mad with lust. Twice during planting season.

I made myself acquainted with my hand again.

Josephine was excited because her daughter was returning. She had been on a trip to find a husband in a nearby Amish community.

Because of her mother they were something of pariahs in the village and she wouldn't be allowed a match here.

Unfortunately we soon found out she couldn't get one away from there either.

"I'm so sorry mama." Abigail says as they embrace.

She was nineteen and as beautiful as her mother. Another ginger with freckles on her pale face. Long curly red hair with darker tints than her mother.

"That's ok, honey. You always have a place here." They turn to me. Looking cute in their grey dresses. "This is your new father. Booker."

I reach out my hand. The teen hesitates before taking it. "Pleased to meet you." I say with a smile.

She shakes my hand then gives me a small curtsy. "And you father."

She spends the rest of the day helping her mother tend to the housekeeping. Though I notice the occasional curious glance from the girl.

We must look a sight. Me in my modern jeans and T-shirt. Smart phone and electric wiring. The two girls dressed like they were living on an 1820's farm. Literally washing with a board and tub.

I shouldn't be watching.

My dick was in my hand, I was slowly stroking it.

My wife and daughter were in the old barn. There was an big tub out there and they had filled it with hot water.

Josephine disapproved of modernity. Just like the rest of the village. She only cooked in the chimney. She didn't use indoor plumbing, except the toilet, since there was no outhouse. And she completely stayed away from my computer and electronics.

The electric lighting was about it. She had decided it didn't make sense not to use it, if I was going to anyway. Lanterns would just be wasteful. Their good book had a lot to say on the subject of waste apparently.

Abigail, on the other hand was more open to the idea. When her mother couldn't see her anyway. I had even seen her pushing keys on the computer, though the monitor wasn't on. Trying to figure out how it worked.

That's how I came upon them washing each other in the barn tub. I could see them through a crack in the wall.

I felt sleazy, but it is my wife after all.

Both women were beautiful. Soft and curvy. Abigail has big perky tits. Probably double-D's. And a sweet round ass. A bit bigger than her mother's.

Josephine's ass is cute and round too. Her tits are even bigger. E-cups? They droop just a little with age, but still look magnificent. I can see the wear of age and hard village life on her body. Especially compared to her...our daughter. She has some stretch marks. The beginning of a tummy. And her body is covered in scattered freckles. Where Abigail only has them on her face and shoulders.

They laugh and splash each other in the tub. Washing each other's backs and soaping their hair.

Quietly I shoot my jizz against the wall of the barn. My lust only slightly abated.

"Father?" The voice comes out of the dark.

I roll over sleepily. Outlined in the moonlight was Abigail. Standing nervously next to my bed.

"What is it...honey?" I ask. Still a little uncomfortable with our relationship.

"I saw you." She whispers.

"What do you mean?" A shiver of fear runs through me.

"You were watching mama and me. Bathing. Weren't you?" Oh crap.

"I...uh..." What do I do?

She crawls onto the big bed. "It's ok. I won't tell."

She sits near to where I lay. This close I can see she is naked.


"I've seen the pictures on you're...computer?" She had to search for the word. "The pictures of women."

Oh no. I hadn't really hidden them. Who was going to use it other than me. But I had seen her trying. "I won't tell about those either." She grins at me.

She puts her hand on my waist. "They made me feel naughty. And tingly. There were so many. So many pictures of...bad things being done to women." I had a lot of bdsm porn on there. And a lot of rough hentai. Monsters and tentacles and stuff.

Her hand moves lower, brushing against my stiffening cock through the sheet. I can hear her gasp when she realizes what she's touching.

"Do you...do you do those things to women?"

I should kick her out. Tell her no. The pictures are a mistake.

"Only to women who want it." I find myself saying. My hand tentatively moving to her knee.

Maybe unconsciously Abigail spreads her thighs a little. "What type of woman would want that?" She asks. Her hand now delicately rubbing my rock hard dick.

"You would be surprised. Lots of women. And men. It's all ok as long as everyone wants it." I tell her.

"I want it." She whispers.

I pull back my sheet. Then move forward, gently pushing the teen to her back. Her breath coming fast and heavy in her excitement.

I lay on top of her. My hard cock brushing against her inner thighs. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself.

Leaning in I kiss her neck. The teen gasps at the intimate touch. Then she wraps her arms around me.

I kiss my way down her shoulder. Down to her big perky tits. Kissing and sucking on her nipples as she moans beneath me.

Finally I ask, "You want it?"

"Yes father." She whispers.

"Call me daddy." I order. "Naughty girls have to beg for their daddy's cock."

Her body shivers. "I want it daddy. I...I need your...your cock." Her voice trembling at the unfamiliar word.

"What will you do for it, Muffin?"

"Anything daddy wants." She moans.

I reach down and position my tip at her wet cunny. I cover her mouth with my other hand.

A good choice. She practically squeals as I penetrate her. So tight around my big prick. Ruthlessly I push in. Her virgin cunt having no choice but accommodate my invading fuck tool.

When I am fully inside her I take my hand away.

"Ok?" I ask. She nods, though her eyes are clenched shut. She looks to be in pain.

Slowly I start to thrust inside her. Lightly kissing the nape of her neck as I do.

I can feel her body start to shudder as my daughter has her first orgasm. She starts to whimper loudly. I have to cover her mouth again.

I slow down my thrusts until she comes down.


"Y...yes, daddy." She gasps. Grinning.

"Now you're daddy's little whore. Aren't you Muffin?" I ask.

"Oh, yes daddy!" She bites her lower lip and I lean in and kiss her. I can tell she is surprised when I push my tongue in her mouth. But she is quickly excited to explore that too.

I thrust a few more times, then pull my slick cock out of her. She whines at the loss. Then squeals as I flip her onto her tummy.

I grab at her big round asscheeks. Spreading her wet cunt with my thumbs. Then thrust balls deep in her with one thrust. She groans loudly.

Now I'm not so gentle. Thrusting deep and hard. Reaching under her to squeeze one big teen breast.

She starts to shake and I grab her mouth again as she loudly whimpers her second orgasm. When she's done I slide my finger between her lips.

The young redhead instinctively sucking and licking.

"Uunh. Daddy's going to cum inside you, Muffin." I warn her.

"Yes daddy. Cum inside me." She moans around my finger. Though I'm not sure she really even understands what I mean.

I grunt as my orgasm hits. Shooting my jizz deep in the girl. Her pussy throbbing. Squeezing my cock. As if it was milking every last drop from her incestuous father's dick.

Finally I pull out and roll over. The teen snuggling against me. "Mmm. Thank you daddy." She coos.

Abigail had left before I woke up. I was a bit disappointed. I really never got the opportunity to see her in all her naked glory. The room had been dark when I took her virginity.

Plus, it would have been nice to wake next to a soft, loving, woman.

At breakfast, when she was handing me the small plate of butter, I said, "Thank you Muffin."

Abigail looked shocked. She nearly dropped the plate. Then she calmed down.

With a wicked look on her face said, "Oh, you're welcome. Daddy."

If her mother noticed that anything was off, I couldn't tell.

My pretty little Abby starts hanging around me more than her mother after that. I soon found she was an insatiably lusty wench.

Not only does she sneak into my bed every night. She takes every opportunity to reach into my pants, and stroke my dick to fullness. Or rub her round ass against me.

She would pull up her skirts so I could touch her. Or if there was time, so I could fuck her.

We are reckless and sure to be caught.

I can't help myself.

"I'd love a blowjob." We are sitting on the edge of my big bed. I'm combing her long red hair late at night.

I have found I need to take a nap in the afternoon, due to our late night trysts.

"What's that, daddy?" She loved using that word. Almost as much as I loved hearing it. It turned me on greatly.

"Well. That's when a naughty Muffin sucks her daddy's dick. Bringing him to orgasm that way." I tell her.

"Oh! I've seen pictures of that." She says, turning to me excitedly. "Let's do that."

I have her kneel between my knees. Abigail's cute freckled face looks up at me adoringly. Her curly red haired spills down her bare back. "Have you ever had a popsicle?" I ask. She shakes her cute teen head. "Ok, what you should do to start is caress, kiss and lick my penis. Up and down is the best bet." She starts in as I instruct her. Eagerly kissing the tip of my cock.

"Then you can move to taking it in your mouth. Make sure you don't touch it with your teeth. While it's in there suck lightly on it and keep licking."

She puts her mouth obediently over my cock. Licking and sucking.

"If you grab the base of my dick and stroke I'll finish faster. Sometimes that's a good thing." When she starts doing that I cover her fingers with mine to help.

"You should try to take me as deep in your mouth as you can. It feels great if you can take the whole thing. Though that's hard to do without practice."

She did try though. Triggering her gag reflex a couple times before looking up at me disappointed. "Sorry, daddy."

"Don't be. You're doing great. Deep throating takes a lot of practice." I assure her.

"Deep throating." She try's the term on for size. Bobbing back down on my dick before gagging again.

"Mmm, great. Now use your other hand to gently play with my balls. That will help get me over even faster." The little cock sucking teen was pushing me really close.

"I'm going to cum soon, muffin. Keep sucking, and keep stroking until I tell you to stop. I want you to swallow as much as you can. Even if it tastes disgusting." She moans. In agreement? In excitement?

I lay back as I cum. Groaning as I spill what feels like a gallon of jizz in my daughter's mouth. I can hear her gulping it down.

Then her mouth is gone. She is coughing. Coughing up her daddy's cum. My dick still shooting as she obediently pumps it. Shooting pale streams into her hair and onto the side of her beautiful face.

Finally I finish with a sigh.

"Sorry daddy. There was just so much."

"That's ok, Muffin. You did amazing for your first try." She beams at the praise. "Let's get you cleaned up."

She looks around for a towel. I help her stand and lead her to the master bath.

Her eyes widen in surprise when I turn on the shower.

"W...whats..." She starts.

"You've never seen a shower before?" She shakes her head.

When the water is nice and warm I step in, the beautiful teen following close behind. Laughing happily at the hot water raining down on our naked bodies. She spreads her hands out, palms up to catch the hot rain.

Standing without clothes it's a lot easier to see how much younger she is.

I'll be thirty in a few months. She is still a wide eyed teen.

I feel an overpowering need to both protect and corrupt her.

I let her wash for a few minutes, just enjoying the view of her beautiful naked body in the steamy shower.

Then I grab her. Pulling her into an embrace. We kiss under the hot water. I grab her round ass and lift. Easily sticking my dick in her eager twat.

She wraps her legs around my waist as I fuck her.

I push her back against the wall to better position our lovemaking. Our mouths never separating as we fuck.

Cock sucking is enthusiastically added to her repertoire. Taking my dick out and sucking when her mother is doing chores outside. She tries to get me hard, and take me as deep as she can.

I enjoy teaching her about the world I come from. So different from her own. She seems fascinated by everything.

When her mother has errands in the village she is gone for a couple hours at least.

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