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Purple Demon


My first time was different very different...

I had just turned twenty-and yes I was still a virgin. I didn't date much and I was scared of sex, dating, and STDs.

I am not your typical twenty-something slut girl that spreads her legs for every guy that notices her. I am not average at all, did I mention I'm psychic?

Psychic gifts aren't easy but I've managed this far. Sometimes I know what will happen the next day or week. I dream bizarre and fantastic things and then, of course, there are the nightmares...those are completely terrifying.

I keep a dream journal and write every dream I have every day. And out of all my dreams, this one stood out the most.

The dream:

"After my nightly run, I went home and took a nice warm shower. I admired my body as I massaged lotion on myself. I worked hard on my body and I was proud of the figure I saw before me in the mirror. I'm 5'6, thin body with plump B size breasts and a flat butt but tight. My milky white skin makes my waist long black hair pop.

I opened my drawer for some PJs and slipped on a black tank top and black panties.

I walked towards my bed when I saw my room change before me. I had been transferred to a cold dark cave. There was a bit of blue moonlight shining down from the only hole above me. There was a large flat rock in the middle of the cave and without hesitation, I laid on it. It felt as though I was under a spell. I spread my legs and moved my arms up and rested them on top of my head.

A purple creature emerged from the darkness of the cave and delicately walked towards me. He was tall and fat; its' blubber moved like ocean waves as he approached me. I wasn't scared or disgusted. I knew he was here for me. His face was blurry-I couldn't make out a face. But he spoke with a deep robotic voice. "I'm a sex demon. And I'm here to take your virginity."

My ears turned red with heat as he spoke. He had a very intense energy and my body couldn't help but feel sexual urges. (Even though I was a virgin and hadn't experienced these sensations before.) As he got closer to me I could see him more clear under the blue light. He glistened with sweat and his purple skin looked sticky. But something enormous stood out from the rest of his body; his purple cock.

His dick was abnormally huge, thick and long it hung like a branch and was hard as one too. I thought about how much this was going to hurt if he could even penetrate me. Fear came over me and I was scared that he would rip me apart.

The purple Demon took off my black panties and slid my tank top up exposing my tits. His hands caressed my inner thighs and my virgin hole became wet. He laid on top of me and his member found its way into my pussy lips.

He didn't talk and I didn't move. His thick rod shrunk into a smaller size and without a word he penetrated my virgin sex. My hymen ripped and the demon's thick stick was deep inside me.

I felt unbelievable pleasure. My head went numb and the only thing I felt was my body being consumed by his power. His hard dick pulsed in and out of my deflowered hole. (I thought it was going to hurt since it was my first time but the demon took the pain away.)

My whole body started to sweat under his huge slimy body. I felt waves of heat and pleasure run up my entire being as his dick swelled inside me, I felt the stretch. (But it didn't hurt, my pussy felt full and good.) His eyes were made up of purple swirls and they focused into my eyes, it made me feel tranced and strange. I felt his magic as he made me his own-it was though I never wanted him to stop. He slammed into my pussy harder and it made me moan but my mouth didn't make any noise.

He put his slimy hand on my chest and extracted a tiny ball of light from me and then he took his other hand and placed a small black ball of energy into me. I felt like we had exchanged each other's bits of light and dark. But I didn't have a choice in this-he just took it from me and left me with something unknown.

He pumped his demon seed inside me and said. "Remember girl, your first time was with me and NOT a human. You are different and I picked you for that reason."

When I woke up I felt sedated and odd. I got out of bed and felt really wet in between my legs. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my panties only to see a handful of white goo on them.

Did I just have sex with an Incubus? What did he take from me? And what did he put inside me? Will he come back...?

All those questions invaded my mind. But as a gifted psychic I knew that I would always attract the supernatural. And the sex was absolutely amazing.

It has been three weeks since I had that dream and I still pleasure myself at night thinking about the demon. I wonder if I'll ever see him again...

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