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Purple Passion


This story is based on an ad at the local Craig's list from a lady who is looking for a man who is willing to have a strap-on used on him. She asked for a proposal on what would happen, and here is what I replied...hopefully it will be successful.


Daddy lay spread-eagle on his Daughter's bed, wrists fastened firmly to the head of the bed with unyielding straps.

"Mmmm, Daddy, you look like you are ready to be ravished by your 21 year old daughter...rode hard and put away wet."

I looked at her eyes and saw a glint that I had not seen before, an evil sparkle that let me know she was in charge and that I WOULD obey and like what she had planned. She slowly stripped off her clothes, glancing over her shoulder as she lay them in a chair, then turned to face me, slowly running her fingers across her turgid nipples and pinching. She was gorgeous, smooth, flawless skin, firm breasts, fine tone and 115 pounds of pure sensuousness. Me, I was slightly overweight for 53 years of age, starting to get that infernal bald spot on the back of my head, and delirious with the thought of what my Daughter was going to do to me.

"Ahh, you have no idea, Daddy, how horny it makes me to feel my nipples being pulled like this. And Daddy, you have no idea what it feels like to be fucked...but you will later."

I craned my neck upwards and looked lower on her body. My eyes flew open when I saw it...a 10 inch purple strap on sticking out of her body where her shaved (yes, I spied on her before) pussy should have been. It looked like the proverbial cudgel being readied for some serious business, and just the thought of it, and what my darling daughter was going to do to me with it both terrified and thrilled me. I couldn't stop it, but my own cock throbbed to the beat of my heart with anticipation.

Slowly she approached the bed, like a tigress stalking her prey, and I felt the pressure of her body stretching out along my body. My Daughter's heat was penetrating, burning along being as she lay beside me, intertwining her legs with mine, and rubbing my side with her nipples as she undulated towards my head. There it was again, that sparkle, now tinged with lust that had me wanting whatever she had in store for me. Daughter smiled when she saw my recognition of her intent, and then slowly started licking me along my chest and nipple, bringing my little buds to a hard point. Slowly, she let her mouth descend over the left one until she had it firmly in her mouth, bathing the nipple with her hot wetness. I felt her teeth slowly close on the tip, and then felt her tongue flick over it like I had dreamed of doing to her countless times before. The pressure increased until I almost cried out in pain, then slacked off as her mouth applied a gentle suction to it and soothed away the pain. I was almost delirious with mixed feelings as my cock continued to throb, my balls tightening in their sack. Daughter did not fail to notice this, and the copious amount of pre-cum that was beginning to flow from the tip. I felt her hand run along my length from base to tip, collecting some of the lubricating juice and spreading it over the head. She leaned in and I felt something else, her hard purple strap on poking me in the balls as she pushed her hips upward into me.

"Ahhh, Daddy, you have no idea what is in store for you...but then maybe you do if you can imagine what a girl feels like when her man makes her a woman. Mmm, just thrusting into you has my clit on fire and my pussy is positively dripping."

I could imagine her pussy leaking its sweet juices all over me, and tasting them for the first time. I wanted her to do this, I wanted her to take charge of her Daddy.

Slowly she lifted her hand from the tip, pulling some of the pre-cum upwards for me to see bridging the gap between my cock and her fingers. She slowly brought the hand to her lips and licked it off with her tongue.

"Mmmm Daddy, you taste sooooo good...here, taste for yourself."

With that she swabbed my cock with her fingers again and brought them to my lips. I resisted initially, until I felt her lips close to my ear as she nipped it and hissed...

"Daddy, I told you that you have to taste it yourself...NOW DO IT!"

My eyes got larger as I felt her fingers drag over my lips, then I felt her fingers jab, almost painfully towards my mouth.

"Damn it, Daddy, you aren't going to make this easy, are you?" she said as she nipped my lower lip with her teeth, drawing pain and blood. My mouth opened reflexively and she grabbed my lower jaw and lip with her covered fingers, forcing me to taste. I licked tentatively, and it didn't taste bad, then I started to suck the juices off her fingers.

"See, Daddy, I told you that you'd like it", and I did. With that Daughter reached across my face and began to lick at my mouth and lips with hers. She took my lower lip in her mouth and playfully bit again, drawing it into her mouth and tickling it with her tongue. Then she moved her face over mine and planted a full bore lip lock on me, taking away my shallow breath. Her tongue fought into my mouth, seeking out mine and stabbing away at my mouth like an inexperienced lover trying to gain entry into a tight pussy. I loosened up, and then felt her tongue change its demeanor, switching from an impatient stabbing to a slow caress of my teeth and gums. My breathing quickened as I felt her mouth on mine and heard her breathing deepen. Her hand moved back to my cock and started to stroke its length again, then brought her own purple cock alongside to stroke them both together.

"Daddy, you have no idea how hot you are making me, laying here, helpless and at my command. Would you like to taste how hot?" I nodded, my voice escaping me for the moment. She dragged her body over mine, straddling me as she moved up towards my head with her purple cock. I felt the wetness as she dragged her pussy slowly over my belly and chest, settling with her ass on my upper chest and the cock at my lips.

"Here, Daddy, taste what you are going to get in a few minutes" she said as she forced the tip into my mouth. I licked and sucked, feeling for the first time what it feels like to have a dick in my mouth...and I was liking it.

"Oh, Daddy, I forgot, I promised you a taste of how hot I was..." and with that she pulled the strap on out of the harness and slowly inserted it into her tight pussy, making a slight squishing sound as it went in. Back and forth she stroked it inside her, and I could see a little froth beginning to form around the opening to her lovely body. She pulled it out then flipped it around and put it back into my mouth again...

"Go ahead and lick it with your tongue, Daddy, then suck it in as deep as you can." I did and tasted the sweet nectar of my Daughter's lust igniting a fire deep inside my belly. She thrust it in and out of my mouth, like a man fucking my mouth, then pushed it deeper until I felt myself gag.

"Breathe through your nose, Daddy, and you won't choke so much" she said as she pushed her purple cock back into my throat. I looked up at her, kneeling over my face, slowly pushing it into my mouth with her hand. I tried to relax my throat and breathe like she told me, and it worked as I felt the tip go past my gag reflex into my throat. I felt her other hand go around my neck and feel the tip as it penetrated, urging me on with light caresses.

"You want to taste me straight from the fountain?" was the next question. I couldn't answer with my mouth filled by 10 inches of purple, so I just nodded yes. Daughter pulled the cock out of my mouth and moved her pussy over my face. I lifted my head a little and made contact with the nether lips with my tongue. I was greeted with a veritable fountain of juice as my tongue licked up and down the lips and penetrated her body for the first time.

"Daddy, I like that...you can do this to me anytime I want" she cooed. I didn't get the innuendo until a few moments later as she shifted her pussy on my face. Her pussy was now directly over my mouth and my tongue had free access to her dripping hole with her clit rubbing on the tip of my nose. I rammed my tongue in as deep as it would go and was rewarded with a steady flow of sweet juices, a veritable flood of arousal going straight down my throat. I swallowed as best as I could, taking in all that she had to offer. In the process of moving to swallow more, my nose hit that special spot on her clit and she started to shake. I looked up over her body and saw tiny ripples starting under her taut belly, followed by a reddish hue spreading over her stomach and heaving chest.

"Oh God, Daddy, I'm cumming for you" she screamed as her entire body started to quake.

"Ohhhh Goooood, OHHH GOOOOD, Ahhhhhhhh..." and I felt her gush copious juices into my mouth. My God, I thought, my Daughter is a squirter and she just came in my mouth. I swallowed again and again as she drenched me in her juices, drinking her all in.

Daughter shifted off my face as she calmed down and laid across my body again, breath coming in shallow gasps as she steeled.

"I loved that, Daddy, and now you need a little reward." I felt her hand drift downward to my cock and stroke its length lightly, almost tickling it as she caressed it. She stopped just under the head, circled it with her thumb and fingers, and then lightly tugged upward at the underside of the head, sending me into orbit, my hips thrusting upward to get more of her feel. She shifted again and started to kiss down my body, nibbling on my chest and nipples as she went. I felt her tongue drag over my belly, and slowly make its way towards my cock. Hot breath bathed the length as she sniffed the shaft, nibbling lightly on the underside of the head where it joins the shaft. Her hand caressed my balls, slowly fingering them and drawing them out into the ever loosening sack. I felt the wetness a few seconds later as her mouth enveloped the head, bathing me in a feeling I hadn't experienced in a long time. My mind was delirious with pleasure as my Daughter made love to my cock. My eyes rolled back into my head and then I felt her fingers move from my balls to my ass, stroking it and prying the crack open. Daughter shifted her position and forced my legs up into the air, opening my ass to her probing fingers. Her mouth was going up and down my cock, continuously bathing me in pleasure that was beyond belief as her fingers probed deeper. Saliva from her oral loving was dripping down the crack and lubricating my ass as I felt a finger penetrate this virginal area. I gasped as it went in a little deeper then pulled back out, then gasped more when I felt a second finger join the first.

"Mmmm Daddy, I can tell you like that...your cock is pulsing with each stroke in your ass...bet you can't wait for the real thing." And I couldn't. I felt Daughter move a little as she reached across the bed to get the purple monster that was going to claim my virginity and bring it towards the center of her being. As it passed my face, I noticed it had another half that I hadn't seen before, a half that fit snugly in Daughter's pussy as she fit it into place. She groaned as she put the purple cock back into its harness and I saw her juices starting to flow again.

"Daddy's gonna feel what I feel right now" she intoned, while humming absentmindedly as she readied the cudgel for its assault. Daughter reached over the top of my body to the side table and pulled a tube of lubricating gel out of the drawer. She continued humming to herself as she squeezed a generous amount onto her fingers and directed them to my ass. It was cold, sort of a socking wake up for what was to come next. I felt her fingers enter me and then spread apart, wiggling around and stretching the ring of my hole. There was a pain, sort of a sharp jolt followed by a dull ache as my ass was invaded. I gritted my teeth during the initial assault, them relaxed a little to let the pain subside. The next thing I felt was the top of the tube being stuffed into my ass and the chilled liquid being dispensed inside me, followed by the ever present fingers working the lube deep into my rectum.

"OK Daddy, turn over on your side and bring the top leg up a little" my Daughter intoned as she worked her way to my back and started to spoon me like I had fantasized doing to her on many occasions. I felt the points of her tits dig into my back as she moved into position and then I felt the tip of the purple monster rub against my ass. Reflexively I tightened the sphincter and squeezed out a little lube. Her finger found my asshole again and worked the lube around the rosebud. Daughter reached over my body once again and retrieved the lube, this time spreading copious amounts on the purple phallus dangling lewdly from her pussy. As she applied it in a stroking motion I heard her groan...

"Oh God, this feels soooo good, fucking myself while stroking off for you, Daddy". She shifted her weight and I felt the head at my forbidden passage.

"Brace yourself Daddy, Daughter is about to claim her man and make him her woman" she whispered into my ear, shifting her hips forward at the same instant. I felt the tip stretch my asshole and a sudden pain wrenched through my ass.

"Hold still and relax", she said, "and act like you are trying to take a shit...open yourself up and act like you are forcing it out." She thrust again and I felt it digging deeper into my ass, so I did like she said and tried to relax my pucker. When I did, Daughter pulled back a little then thrust inward again. I moaned while the dull ache started to go away as I became used to the invader's girth. I felt Daughter move again and push into me some more. She grabbed my hip and I felt hers move forward, slowly, imperceptibly slipping the remainder of the purple passion tool into my rectum until I felt the harness press against my ass. I felt the pain turn to pleasure as the invader filled me completely.

"How does it feel, Daddy...how does it feel to be filled by a hard cock and get fucked like a woman?" I just moaned and pushed my ass back against Daughter's pelvis, forcing the strap-on deeper into my bowels. She shifted again, withdrawing the purple cock about halfway, then thrusting intome again, this time moaning loudly into my ear...'

"Oh God, when I fuck you, I fuck the other end into me...and it feels so decadent, fucking my Daddy over and over again." The thrusting continued and I was rapidly getting into a rhythm synchronized with her thrusting...me thrusting back as she thrust forward and pulling away as she pulled back. The effect was tantalizing, more and more of the 10 inches sawing in and out of my rosebud, ecstatic pleasure building in both of us as she continued to fuck me and herself at the same time. I straightened my leg and rolled into Daughter; the effect was her cock was now rubbing directly onto my prostate and stimulating the sensations deep inside my body. My cock felt like hers was thrusting right through and becoming part of mine, throbbing even more as Daughter thrust deeper into my body. Daughter reached her free hand over my body and wrapped her fingers around my engorged cock. She stroked downward on my cock, pulling the head taught as she thrust into me, then pulled the skin back up over the head as she stroked out of my ass. The feeling was exquisite as she continued her fucking.

"Ahhh, Daddy, you're so hard and so warm to the touch...I've never felt someone's body so hot against mine and the feeling of power, fucking us both at the same time...God Daddy, I love it" Daughter started to nibble on my neck and soon the nibbling turned into a sucking as she approached her climax. I felt the spasm's starting, transmitted to my deepest parts by the purple cock now deeply embedded into her pussy as well. Her body stiffened and trembling started in her lower belly moving up over the rest of her body. Daughter clutched at me tighter, pulling down on my cock and stretching the tip until it felt like the head was being thrust through the skin. She plowed deeper into me and started gasping for breath as spasms wracked her petite body.

"Gooooood, Daaaddddyyyy...this is so fucking fantastic....I'm cummmminnnng". I gasped as I felt her spasm's subside and my voice returned.

"God Daughter, that was awesome...I never thought that being fucked in the ass would feel so satisfying" I said as I clenched my ass and pushed the purple plastic cock back into Daughter. She gasped and started shaking again as a second wave overcame her body and she continued on orgasmic bliss. Daughter lay quiet for a few minutes, then slowly pulled her cock out of my ass, leaving a void that I knew I wanted her to fill again and again in the future.

"Mmmm, Daddy, that was fantastic, fucking the man I love and making him mine, but you didn't cum yet." As her words registered, I remembered the exquisite pleasures I experienced, but the lack of release never crossed my mind, until now. I realized we had been at it for over two hours, my cock continuously hard throughout the whole time, but I hadn't cum....and I wanted to remedy that.

"Come here Daughter, take off your cock and sit on my face for a few minutes while I clean up your juices." Daughter slid up my body, removing the harness as she did, and straddled my chest again, pushing her wet pussy onto my mouth again. I looked into the frothy hole wavering in front of my mouth and tilted my head forward, thrusting my tongue deep into her again. Her fluids flowed like running water out of a faucet, landing in my mouth. I couldn't drink it down fast enough as she worked her pussy back and forth over my face.

"Daddy, I fucked you, now it's your turn to fuck me", Daughter said. "just lay back and enjoy."

Daughter wriggled her body down mine until she was straddling my hips, my upright cock stretching towards her pussy lips. Daughter reached under her body and griped my cock in her hand, then aimed it at the nexus of her being. Slowly she dropped down, taking me into the velvety depths until our pubic regions meshed completely.

"God, Daddy, you are filling me soooooo full. I can feel the tip of your cock pressing my cervix and stretching me sooooo much. It feels so good." I smiled with pride, knowing that my meager 7 and a half inches could make her feel so good. She rocked back and forth on me, alternately pulling up off my cock and slipping down on it again, meshing her bare clit with my pubic hair, setting off a chain reaction of oohs and ahhs as her clit was tickled.

"You're so tight", I replied "it's like being sucked into a velvet vise when you push down on me and squeeze your pussy muscles." As I said that, she did it again, pushing down on the base of my cock and then squeezing me, like a reverse milking action as she pulled up.

The motions were having the expected result on me as I felt the telltale pressure building deep inside me and starting to rhythmically pulse through my cock. The telltale throbbing tipped Daughter off about my impending release.

"I'm gonna cum" I announced through clenched teeth, trying to hold off for as long as I could in order to enjoy the sensations welling up from inside my balls.

"Don't worry Daddy, I can take whatever you have to give me" Daughter blurted out, then suddenly lifted up off my cock and squeezed the base to cut off the flow. I was about to die with pleasure when the squeezing brought me to my senses and I felt the pressure build as the head throbbed in her dainty hand.

I was seeing stars, then I felt her mouth slip over the head of my cock as it pulsed in synchronized motion with her sucking and my cuming, but she kept the pressure on and it just built up inside my prick as I came and came. Gradually, the throbbing ceased and Daughter slowly released my cock, letting the cum pour out into her mouth in a steady flow. She gave it a last suck, draining the whitish sauce, then moved up over my body to hover over my mouth.

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