tagNonHumanPursuit of Happiness 01

Pursuit of Happiness 01


Dear Readers,

Following is the first chapter in the next installment of Lyssa and Emmett's story



Emmett wakes slowly in a now-familiar, comfortable way.

He lays there, eyes closed, taking in his surroundings with his other senses.

He could hear the wind picking up, the dragging of branches against the side of the house. Mmm. That should be taken care of.

Then, on to more pleasant things, the sound of a heartbeat and the deep, steady breathing of the one beside him.

The smells, oh, how good! There was a faint smell of breakfast, certainly, but much more tantalizing scents were stronger.

The smell of his mate, Lyssa, and the results of their lovemaking last night.

Eyes still closed, he turns his head toward her. She is covered in his scent, and he in hers. He smells her hair.

Next, he concentrates on touch. The feel of the sheet beneath him.

Lyssa had complained about the way the others had felt.

Her skin's sensitivity had increased when she was changed to a wolf and she had complained that they were scratchy. They had saved up and bought several sets of sheets. High threadcount Egyptian cotton. Satin. Silk.

While the silk and satin had felt the best both fabrics were much too fragile.

Claws and teeth made short work of such things.

So, they had ended up with a couple sets of silks, for special occasions, and several sets of high quality cotton.

Her clothing had gone through similar changes, and it had taken some time for her to get used to jeans and t-shirts again.

At present, however, she was curled up next to him, her head on his shoulder, without a stitch of clothing.

The top sheet was pulled over her hip, and his hand rested there.

So, he concentrates on the feel of her, nestled against him, and smiles. His mate, warm and soft beside him, in their bed.

She had let her chestnut hair grow out a bit longer but it was still on the short side; it didn't reach her shoulder. He could feel the strands spilling over his chest and shoulder. Her arm was across his chest and the palm of her warm hand lay atop his heart.

In the closeness, her breasts were mashed up against his ribcage. If he wiggled slightly he could probably get the nipples to crinkle up.

She had thrown her right leg over his which meant the curled hairs of her core were pressed up against his hip.

His cock begins filling as he considers the attributes of the warm, soft female beside him. His mate, his Lyssa.

He opens his eyes to look at her, his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

He had no true idea of what he had been missing before he found her. There was only one more thing needed to make his life absolutely perfect, not that it wasn't wonderful now. Pups.

They had been mated a little over a year and a half now. She had come into heat three times but hadn't caught yet. Not that any of the other females caught at every cycle but he was beginning to wonder.

Lyssa shifts in the bed, the light coming in the windows beginning to bring her up from sleep. He gives her a few more seconds and then drags her over his body.

Her brown eyes go wide briefly and then she smiles down at her mate. He quickly brings her lips to his and kisses her deeply.

When he releases her, she props herself up on her elbows and looks at him. "Morning, Em. What's up?"

Chocolate eyes look up into darker brown eyes and his lips hold a quirky smile. "Just showing my mate how much I love her."

"I see. Is that all you have to show her?" She gets a devilish smile on her face and wriggles her hips over his erection.

"Well, now that you mention it..."

She glances at the clock. "Damn. We've got a meeting in 20 minutes. How 'bout a quickie?"

Lyssa climbs over his body on her hands and knees, grabs the headboard, and wiggles her ass temptingly.

Emmett quickly slides downward and, grasping her hips, pulls her down to his face. "Emm..."

He starts licking, probing with his tongue, and the protest stops. And the moaning begins.

He loves the sounds she makes, whimpers, moans, cries. He licks her pussy lips until she begins to seep. The mingled juices from the night before coat her nether lips and upper thighs. He holds her firmly as he concentrates on her clit, running his tongue over it and then sucking it into his mouth.

As she moans and tries to press herself closer to him he switches to biting lightly and her hips begin to buck. "Oh. Oh. Oh." He shifts back to flicking his tongue over it.

Her breath catches and she goes stiff as the orgasm takes her. "OooOooOooEm.."

He continues to hold her there, panting, as he inhales, taking in her scent.

After a minute, she says, "We really need to get some metal around this headboard." Sure enough, she's cracked another piece off.

She sits back on his chest. "Now. If you'd care to sit on the edge of the bed, I can take care of your little," he narrows his eyes at her, "OK, not so little, issue."

She slides down his body so that she can kiss him. Her legs spread as she slides down, the head of his cock manages to breach her opening, and she stops. He wraps his arms around her before she can pull away and he holds her there. "No, no, Em. I've got a meeting. We can't get tied, we'll be late."

With a sigh, he relents. This was an important meeting and she should not be late.

"I'll make it up to you later." She kisses him and slides further down.

His hands go to her hair as she takes his stiff length into her mouth.

Getting as close to the base as she can manage, he groans as she hums around the head of his cock. His hips come up as she bobs up and down on his shaft, licking and sucking, while cradling his balls. She works a little more quickly and feels Emmett's balls tighten up just before he thrusts upward, howls, and spurts into her mouth.

Lyssa swallows convulsively, taking what he has given her. He collapses backward onto the bed.

Lyssa washes up quickly as Emmett recovers and he walks into the bathroom as she towels off.

She looks at him, "What should I wear?" He walks over and wraps his arms around her.

"Other than my scent, sweetheart, I doubt he'll notice."

She rubs against him, then pushes him away. "You're a lot of help. You'd better hurry."

"I'm coming, neither Randall nor Roland has sent out an alert."

The Ross Alpha was arriving this morning, so that Lyssa could meet him, and she was rather nervous about it.

He comes out to her wearing a navy blue silk sheath, smoothing down her hair and sliding into ballet flats. He could see the tension in her body.

"Hey, sweetheart, they just want to see what you can do. There's no reason to be afraid."

"I know, but..."

[Lyssa, Emmett. Alpha Ross is arriving.]

[On our way, Randall.]

Emmett kisses the side of her head and grabs jeans and a t-shirt, pulling them on quickly. "C'mon."

They run down the two flights of stairs to the front door.

Ariel and Randall stand at the doorway with Roland standing nearby. Emmett and Lyssa come to stand behind them, Lyssa clutching Emmett's hand. Roland turns, taking a deep breath.

[Lyssa, try to relax. He isn't going to hurt you.] Ariel stands confidently, almost regally, wearing black pants and an ivory blouse.

[I'm sorry, I can't help it.]

A blue Buick pulls up before the front door and three men step out.

The Alpha is readily recognizable, exiting the passenger side. Just about 6 feet, black hair, greying at the temples. He carries himself confidently, if a little stiffly. No wolf was entirely comfortable in another's den.

The other two were also male, and large. Obviously bodyguards.

Lyssa feels the slightest increase in pressure in the fingers twined in hers.

So. He wasn't unaffected.

"Good day to you, Cal. Thank you for coming."

"You've posited a very interesting theory, Randall. I see usefulness in what you propose." He gestures with his chin. "Is this the female?"

Lyssa stands, head bowed, chest heaving. She knew better than to look him in the eye, as that was considered a challenge. And she certainly didn't intend to challenge an Alpha.

"Indeed. Lyssa is mate to our Beta, Emmett Forester."

"Why is she standing like that?"

Ariel responds. "She has only been one of us a little over a year. In stressful situations she still reverts to human behavior. Her posture indicates respect and submission."

Calvin Ross steps closer to her and Emmett suppresses a growl, struggling to maintain his composure in the presence of another Alpha so close to his mate.

"You needn't be afraid of me, little one." Cal looks to Emmett. "Nor you."

"Perhaps we should move to the meeting room."

"Forgive me, but I would appreciate a brief demonstration before we proceed."

"Such as?"

He gestures one of the men forward. "I want you to send to him. With your full strength."

Lyssa's eyes widen and she looks at Emmett. He looks at her and nods.

Randall turns and puts a hand out to her. "Lyssa, please. Do as he asks."

She bites her lower lip and shoots a query to Emmett. [What do I send?]

[How about 'Hello'?]

She sends a quick question to the indicated wolf. [Ready?]

He gives her a smile, skeptical.


The male groans and drops to his knees. Roland chuckles. Emmett moves to interpose his body between the male and his mate.

Randall turns to her. "Lyssa? Duck?"

"I apologize, Alpha Wyeth. I'm nervous. Is..." She stops. It was not a good idea to ask if the male was OK.

"This is something we've not worked on a lot. Our focus has been to modulate her sending to a normal level. As you can see, when she uses that much power, she leaks."

"Still, impressive. This begs further discussion."

The eight of them proceed to a small meeting room. The three Alphas in front, Lyssa and Emmett in the middle, the three males in the rear.

"Cal, how is Sabine?"

A large exhale. "Not well, Ariel. I fear I will lose her before the year is out. I've brought Michael with me since I'll probably be stepping down in a couple of years."

Randall claps Calvin on the shoulder. "We'll miss your wisdom and voice, my friend."

Lyssa quietly takes in the exchange. Michael, the male he'd asked her to send to, was the Alpha heir. [Emmett, he'll be Alpha!]

[A little quieter, sweetheart. You did as the Alphas asked.]

They all sit in overstuffed chairs in a circle on one end of the meeting room. Drinks and several types of snacks are laid out, rare slices of beef along with slices of ham.

"You remembered."

"Hard to forget a wolf with a fondness for smoked ham."

Calvin picks up a mug of coffee and a ham sandwich. "So, Randall, tell me about Lyssa's?", Randall nods, "abilities."

"When Lyssa was turned and began sending, she was very loud, broadcasting broadly, unfocused."

"We worked much of that first day to get her to reduce the volume of her sendings and to focus on sending only to specific individuals."

"We have since tested her sending abilities and Lyssa's range is far greater than any of the others'."

Roland watches Michael and the other Ross wolf.

Michael first examines Lyssa rather thoroughly, the look on his face showing he was less than happy with her, although interested.

He considered how he would feel, if he were blindsided by a female like that. He'd probably be pretty pissed. After all, he had been sucker punched.

Michael Ross would bear watching.

Emmett lightly squeezes Lyssa's hand. [Feeling a bit more relaxed, Lys?]

[A little better, Em. He seems like a good guy.]

[He is. That's why Randall wanted to start with him.]

[I'm not sure about his son, though.]

[Michael? He's alright.]

"No. We have no idea why there is such a discrepancy between her sending and receiving ranges but the ability appears to be stable."


"Yes, sir."

"What did you experience?"

"It was pressure, almost as if something exploded inside my skull."

"Did you hear the word she spoke?"

"I got the idea of a word but didn't hear it exactly. It was too loud."

Calvin turns back to the Alpha pair, sipping the coffee. "And how long can she maintain it?"

"We've tested her distance sending and gave up after 45 minutes."


Startled out of her conversation with Emmett, "Yes? Um, Alpha Ross."

"Does it tire you, sending like that?"

"No, sir. It hasn't yet."

"I should like you to perform an experiment with me, my dear, if your Alphas and your mate will allow it."

"Sir?" Her fear ratchets up again.

"I would like you to send to me, starting in a normal, conversational tone, and increasing in volume until I ask you to stop."

Lyssa looks at her Alphas. Ariel smiles and Randall says, "I agree." She looks at her mate and he nods.

She sighs and closes her eyes.

Calvin shifts forward in his seat, watching her. [Alpha Ross, are you ready?] Her mindspeak matched her voice, if a little quiet.

[Yes, young one, louder now.]

[alpha ross.]


[alpha ross!]

[Again, little one.]

[Alpha Ross.] Calvin Ross winces slightly but sees no sign of exertion on her.

[Once more.]

[Alpha Ross!] Calvin actually recoils a bit.

[Now, Lyssa, louder again.]

[ALPHA ROSS.] He gasps, then draws in a breath.

"Enough. Thank you, child. Was that the volume you sent to my son?"

Her eyes go wide. "No, sir. I, well, I 'screamed' at him. I was only 'yelling' at you."

"Well, Randall, I have known loud wolves in my day but the distance sending is what you wanted to discuss and is of greater interest."

"Indeed. There may be times, as you know, when we might need to communicate as wolves, but be too far away to do so under normal circumstances. I'd like to have Lyssa send to you, at three or four predetermined times, in your den."

"In this way, we may determine her range more fully as well as the utility of the sending."

"I agree. We should take advantage of all the tools we have at our disposal."

"Pity she can't receive long distance, as well."

The meeting concludes with times scheduled for Lyssa's attempts to contact Calvin in his den.

Lyssa and Emmett are dismissed to their duties and Calvin is invited to visit with some of his former pack members.

As with any limited population, the packs needed to mix to prevent the weaknesses associated with inbreeding. Even though there might be squabbles or competition amongst the various packs, there also needed to be some intermingling and cooperation. While the Wyeth pack made its money by importing and exporting goods, the Ross pack was involved in transport and moving services, primarily by truck. Wolves didn't take particularly well to water, unfortunately. For this reason, the Ross and Wyeth packs had a closer relation than most.

Emmett hugs Lyssa tightly to him as they leave the meeting and kisses the top of her head. "See? Nothing to worry about."

"Then why was I so nervous?" She holds him a bit longer, then pushes him away. "I'd better go. Joanna's probably vibrating by now."

"Alright, then. Go on." He pushes her away with a swat to her behind.

Joanna is sitting at a table, flipping through a binder. She's wearing a short-sleeved white blouse and black capris. One of her knees is bouncing furiously.

Her head whips to the door as Lyssa enters.

"Lyssa. Finally." She looks further, "Where's Mom?"

"Still with the Ross Alpha. We have plenty to do that she doesn't need to be a part of."

"Um. OK. Where do we start?"

"How about the colors?"

Joanna would be 18 in a couple of months. As daughter to the Alphas, she would have an elaborate maturation party. Since members of other packs would be invited, it was also a good excuse to bring together unmated adults, along with those who would reach maturation within the next year.

So, not only would this be a celebration of Joanna reaching adulthood, it would be a matchmaking opportunity for those who had not found mates within their own packs.

There would be two days mingling, various occasions for wolves to meet, talk, run, perhaps other things, culminating in the big party for Joanna.

Lyssa had been put in charge of the entire affair.

She is a bit overwhelmed. Something of this size would normally have an entire team working on it. Although she would get some help, later on, she was expected to get most of the details worked out herself.

"Teal? I don't know, Jo. I would think a softer green, with the fuschia, or a pale blue."

Joanna looks stubborn. "Alright. You know what? I have an idea. If we go to the fabric store, we can probably find something with the colors you'd like, and work from there."


"Yeah. It's a great place for things like that."

"Cool. Should we wait for Mom?"

"Do you think we need to?"

Joanna jumps up, grabbing Lyssa's hand. "C'mon."

Lyssa laughs. "Need a purse, Jo. And permission to use a car. And I really should get a scarf or something, to cover my hair."

Lyssa had gone missing to the human world a couple of years prior. While the furor and intense searching had died down some time ago, it was still possible that someone might recognize her. They would travel a little distance away, to reduce the odds.

They had decided to allow Lyssa to remain dead to the world.

She could have gone to the police, said she was hiding out from Ronnie, but where?

If she said she had been in the den with Emmett the police would probably come in and question everyone. Scrutiny by the authorities was to be avoided.

Ronnie was spending time in prison for burning down her house but was not charged with her disappearance. He was, however, under suspicion.

She really had no family left. At least, none that she really wanted to see.

She had no good reason to reveal herself.

Lyssa Baker was gone. Lyssa Forester now lived with the Wyeths.

Lyssa grabs a hat, her purse, and a pair of sunglasses. Summer was beginning and the glare of the sun hurt sensitive eyes.

She comes back down to Joanna, with her own bag, dangling a set of keys. "Dad said we could take the Mini." Lyssa reaches for the keys and Joanna snatches them away, "I get to drive."

She didn't have a lot of reason to drive a car, sequestered in the den as she was, and would take any opportunity to do it. Lyssa responds, "OK. But I get to drive back."

Joanna pulls out, driving the standard shift as if born to it. As they pass out of the gate, she asks, "Where to?"

Lyssa directs her out and away from the nearest town.

They chat about pack gossip, who liked who, which of the females were likely to have pups next, then on to the other packs.

Lyssa listens closely as she didn't know a lot about the other packs.

"What about the Ross pack? Ariel asked about someone named Sabine. I take it she's ill?"

Joanna goes sad. "Alpha Calvin's mate. She was really beautiful. Tall. Long blond hair. Bright green eyes. She was nice to be around, the times I saw her. But she's got wasting disease. And she's gotten really weak." Her voice gets really small. "She's about Mom's age. And I think she's gonna die soon."

Lyssa sighs. "That's what the Alpha said. He also said that he'd probably step down in a couple years and let Michael take over."

Joanna grimaces. "I don't trust him."

"Why? What has he done?"

"Nothing. At least, nothing I know about. But he makes me feel...I dunno."

Lyssa considers what she had seen of him that morning. "Alpha Ross had me hit him with a full power send."

"Oooh." Joanna looks at her.

"Eyes on the road."

"Did you knock him down?"


"Uh, oh."

"What, uh, oh? His father asked me to do it."

"Was it just the two of them?"

"No. There was another male. I have no idea who it was."

"If he talks... The Alpha heir knocked down by a changed female? Serious loss of macho points. Oh, crap."

Joanna puts on a blinker, slows, and pulls off onto the shoulder.

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