tagLesbian SexCara : Pursuit of the Hirsute

Cara : Pursuit of the Hirsute


This is the first in a series featuring Cara, a middle aged librarian with a loathing of men and a particular fondness for young women, especially those who choose to keep their bodies natural. Such is her hatred of men that even though she is blessed with an enormous bosom she keeps her breasts strapped down and minimized so she doesn't have to endure the leering of men.

Please note..... This story was originally published here under the title "Pursuit of the Hirsute" and while it has been edited and expanded it's pretty much the same story.

Real people can be even more erotic than fictional ones. These are real people...


Cara watched her new trainee in the next aisle shelving books. The Library Director often did this, peeking through narrow openings to observe her staff in action, but in this case Cara wasn't really checking on the young woman's work, because young Laura was one of the most industrious workers the middle-aged librarian had ever hired.

What Cara was looking at was the young woman herself. This was the first day that Laura had worn anything that didn't have long sleeves, and the sight of the long dark hair that covered her forearms had sent chills down Cara's spine. The fine hairs fluttered with even the slightest movements she made, and now Cara was trying to maneuver into a position so she would be able to look up the baggy short sleeve of the blouse when Laura would reach up to the higher shelves.

Everything about Laura excited Cara, especially the things that most people would find unattractive instead of appealing. While not unattractive, Laura was a rather plain looking woman and she made little effort to make herself more pleasing to the eye, much like her supervisor. Neat, clean and professional.

Laura wore big round glasses with thick lenses that helped hide what might be attractive big brown eyes, and while she had thick, lush looking black hair she wore it in a very dated style reminicent of Cher circa 1965. Her face was in what seemed like a perpetual state of sadness, making her look even more like a bookworm than Cara herself, and that was saying something, mused the older woman.

Those eyebrows were the first thing that Cara had noticed about the young woman when she had interviewed her that day last year, after noting the hair on her wrists when the sleeve of her blouse slid up briefly. Those eyebrows were thick and came rather close to being a uni-brow, obviously never having been shaped or trimmed.

Was the rest of Laura like that, Cara mused as she watched Laura working? Young women today were so obsessive about plucking and waxing and shaving everything from the neck down that it seemed impossible to find a girl who was unabashedly natural these days. Those that were unshorn kept their treasures hidden so as not to make themselves vulnerable to ridicule by cretins, and Cara hoped that young Laura was one of those women.

Then there were the sideburns - not actual sideburns but noticeable down that wrapped around the front of her ears, and just the faintest hint of a moustache as well. All of these traits made young Laura resemble the character that played the lead on that show Ugly Betty, thought Cara, only in Laura's case there was no disguise.

Laura was taller than Cara, at least 6" taller than her supervisor's 5'1", and she had broad shoulders and a slightly full posterior. Cara suspected Laura's breasts weren't very sizable - certainly not proportional to her rear, but she wore such frumpy clothes that it was tough to tell.

Now Laura was shelving a book on the top shelf, and as the baggy sleeve hung down, Cara strained to look down the opening. While it was dark and difficult to see, Cara was an expert at what she was doing. She only caught a glimpse, but that was enough to see that what she had hoped to find was there, and in such abundance that it made the older woman's heart skip a beat.

"Oh!" Laura gasped, startled to see her supervisor looking at her from the opposite aisle, and Cara then realized that she had been spotted.

"I'm sorry, Miss Fredette," Cara said, coming around the corner and meeting her protege on the other side. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"That's okay, ma'am," Laura said quickly. "I'm almost done with this cart."

"I know. You're quite fast. Accurate too, I've noticed. You've been an excellent addition to our staff," Cara said, and enjoyed the young woman blushing from the praise.

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Would you mind coming to my office after you finish that shelving?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Back in her office, Cara went through Laura's personnel file, with the picture of the very somber woman from her ID badge on front. 26, Cara noted after some quick math with her birth date, and from the address of the apartment she lived in, Cara deduced that she wasn't rolling in money.

Nothing much in there of any use, Cara noted. Was Laura living with some one? Most of these young piglets did shack up with guys these days, but Laura never gave any indication that there was somebody in her life, except for the cat whose picture was the only one on her desk.

The meek tap on the door roused Cara out of her fantasizing, and she summoned in her young protege, who took a seat and sat there looking like she was on death row.

"Relax, Laura," Cara said, giving her a rare smile that seemed to ease her tension somewhat. "This isn't a bad meeting. Matter of fact, I hope it will be quite the opposite."

"That's a lovely blouse you have on today," Cara said. "Haven't noticed you wear that before."

I know you haven't worn it here, Cara thought to herself, because I would have remembered that. The blouse was drab, and probably from Target or something, but it was what was under it that Cara liked.

"Been so hot back in the stacks lately," Laura said softly, running her hands up and down her arms nervously, and Cara wished that she was the one touching those downy limbs like that.

"Yes, it has been," Cara agreed. "You should wear more blouses like that, dear. You have such lovely arms."

"I do?" Laura said, looking up at Cara like she thought she was being put on, and went back to running her fingers through those fine dark hairs. "Uh - thank you."

"Well, back to business," Cara said. "As you know, with the recent retirements there's going to be a position opening as my administrative assistant. You're certainly one of the top candidates, as you may or may not know."

"I am?" Laura said, her voice betraying her shock. "I mean, there's a lot of people that have been here a whole lot longer, and they probably know a lot more than me."

"That's no way to sell yourself," Cara said with a wink. "It's an important job, and nobody gets points for just being here longer. I need a go-getter. Somebody with brains and work ethic who handles herself professionally. Somebody I can trust. I think you fill the bill, and frankly there's only 2 women being seriously considered. You're one of them."

"Omigod," Laura said, biting her lip and squeezing her elbows with her opposite hands. "This is unbelievable. Just being considered is an honor."

"Hard work gets rewarded here," Cara said. "I take special pride in helping young women such as yourself get ahead. Now, what I would like to do is to have us get to know each other better. That way, we can find out whether we'll be compatible. Who knows, once you get to know me maybe you won't want the job."

"No. I think you're wonderful," Laura gushed, showing a lot of enthusiasm. "You've really been so helpful since you hired me."

"After some time with me outside of work, maybe you won't feel that way," Cara chuckled. "That's what I have in mind. I'd like you to come to my home and have dinner. What day would be good for you?"

"I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, but outside of that any time is good."

"Don't you have to check with anybody first?" Cara asked. "Significant other or anything like that. I don't want to ruin any plans you might have."

"No," Laura answered. "Nobody - I mean no plans . I'm married but - not really I guess. It's off and on. Right now it's off."

"Oh," the director mumbled, the thought of a grubby man with his hands on her protege appalling.

"Then how about Friday night?" Cara said, the offer making her warm inside. "I'll have a car pick you up. Your address is still the same as on your application?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Splendid," Cara declared. "I'm looking forward to it already. You'll be picked up at 6."


"Smart girl," Cara said as she watched her young protege emerge from the car service vehicle that Cara had splurged for.

Probably in response to her praise regarding the other top she wore that day last week, Laura was wearing another short sleeved blouse, a canary yellow one that was actually quite attractive on her. Not only was it a bit more form fitting, but the color made the dark hair on her arms stand out even more. The girl even had breasts, Cara observed as she came up the stairs. Small ones, but breasts nonetheless.

Laura was wearing slacks again, as usual, and that disappointed Cara a little since she had hoped to get a look at her legs, since she never wore skirts to work. Would that be because she didn't shave her legs either? Now that would be too much to ask for, Cara reasoned.

Oh well, Cara thought. Soon enough I'll see those long legs of yours. If all goes as planned I'll see all of your treasures my dear, she mused, and as every second passed Cara thought of her protege as her prey.

"Laura!" Cara proclaimed as she threw the door open to greet her young protege. "So happy to see you again. You look stunning! What a gorgeous blouse."

"Oh. Thank you," Laura said, smiling and doing a double take when she saw Cara as she was outside of the office.

Cara enjoyed the reaction she would invariably get when people saw her with her breasts "unwrapped" as they were now. The older woman had always loathed when men stared at her breasts, and had years ago taken to binding her bust to minimize their appearance out in public.

Using Ace bandages in the beginning, Cara had gone to wearing compression tops that did a much better job, in addition to being more comfortable. Of course, when your breasts were the size of hers, there was no way to flatten her chest completely, but the difference without the binding top was dramatic.

Cara felt her nipples harden as Laura kept trying not to stare at her supervisor's enormous bosom moving freely under the red blouse, and Cara felt herself getting wet already even though the poor thing had just gotten in the door.


"Thank you Marlena," Cara said to the housekeeper who was serving as chef and server for the evening.

The woman usually just worked a few days for Cara during the week but always jumped at the chance to make some extra money like this. The woman was a good cook, and while Cara knew that Marlena was well aware of what she was up to, Cara paid her enough for the woman to keep her mouth shut. In addition, Marlena had a girlfriend of her own at home.

After Marlena cleared the dishes, Cara thanked her and told her she could go, and take next Tuesday off with pay as a thank you.

"Thank you," the woman said, nodding back at Laura who was looking out the deck window at the back yard. "She's a shy one. Got to watch out for that kind."

Cara smiled as the woman left and then headed back to Laura, who was startled when Cara appeared at her side. Cara put her hand on Laura's forearm, as she had done several times this evening already. The downy hair on Laura's forearms was so soft and silky that Cara felt giddy when her fingers stroked the fur.

"Care to swim?" Cara said, noticing Laura looking at the in-ground pool.

"Me. Oh - uh, no," Laura said. "Don't have a suit anyway."

"Suit? No need for a suit out there, Cara said. "No neighbors around here. It would be just the two of us."

"Uh, no," Laura responded. "Not much of a swimmer, I'm afraid."

"Just as well. It gets buggy back there after dark," Cara said. "This is such fun, getting to know each other like this, isn't it?"

"Yes, ma'am. I can't believe how different you are away from work. When I first started at work I was afraid of you because you seemed mean," Laura said, her eyes drifting back to Cara's chest once again.

"Did I get something on me?" Cara said, looking down at her blouse as if there was a stain there, but fully knowing what she was staring at.

"Oh. No. Sorry, ma'am."

"Don't apologize, and please stop calling me ma'am," she said. "I am different at work, and you would be wise to know the difference and respect that. Away from work however, I'm Cara and you're Laura although I am still the boss. Okay?"

"Yes ma'am, I mean Cara," Laura said as she giggled at her slip-up.

"Not used to drinking, are you?"

"I guess I shouldn't have had that second one," Laura said.

"Nonsense. We're having fun and you don't have to drive. Say, I've got an idea," Cara said, flicking on the back yard light and pointing to the large room of the rear of the house. "You still seem tense. Let's go relax."


"Oh!" Laura gasped when Cara flicked on the light and the room lit up.

The hot tub had been turned on all day in preparation for this, and Cara saw the nervousness on Laura's face as she ushered the young woman inside.

"Don't have to be able to swim in this," Cara said. "Let's get our clothes off and get comfortable."

Cara began to unbutton her blouse as Laura looked like she was trying to find a place to hide.

"Something wrong, Laura?" Cara asked.

"Is - uh - that a bathroom?" Laura asked, pointing to the door over in the corner.

"Yes. Go right ahead." Cara said, and after the terrified girl went inside Cara finished taking off her own clothes.

Her pussy was wet already, she noted as she ran her fingers through the damp hair that lined her opening. A result of feeding off the fear of the young woman, who was probably trying to figure out a way to get out of this.

Cara cupped her pendulous breasts, hefting the huge jugs with their fat nipples already erect and throbbing, as were the enormous pebbled aureoles they rested on. Cara threw on a robe and waited for Laura to emerge. The door finally opened and Laura peeked out.

"Um... could you turn off the light?" Laura asked.

"We would kill ourselves if I did that," Cara said with a laugh, but then went over to the knob and turned in so the light dimmed. "How's that? Better?"

"I guess," Laura said in a wobbly voice.

"No need for modesty," Cara said. "If an old woman like me can get naked in front of somebody, a lovely young lady like you certainly can."

Cara shrugged off the robe and stood there with her hands out while Laura tried not to look at her supervisor naked, but the sight of those enormous breasts, looking even bigger as they hung down to Cara's waist on her short frame, was impossible to ignore. Laura watched Cara climb into the tub and wait for her protege as casually as she could manage.

Laura inched toward the hot tub like she was actually naked instead of wearing her bra and panties she still had on. Cara's heart started racing as she looked at Laura's modestly cut panties, and more specifically, the rich black hair that was peeking out from the elastic sides and pushing out into the cotton.

At the top elastic, a trail of hair grew right up to her navel as well, and the image of what had to be a massively thick bush was visible against the cotton undies. Laura was a jumble of nerves, trying to hide as much of herself while Cara pretended not to care.

"Please don't tell me you plan on getting into the tub like that Laura," Cara said with a raised eyebrow as she reveled in the fear generated by the girl's modesty.

"Sorry. I'm kind of shy - embarrassed," Laura admitted as she made tentative movements towards the back of her harness. "My husband - he used to tell me I have a lot of reasons to be modest."

"Can we not speak of that person?" Cara asked and the girl nodded.

Laura turned and undid her bra, trying and failing to hide the apple-sized breasts that were even smaller than Cara had expected, but had fat crimson nipples attached. Remaining with her back to her boss, Laura pulled her panties down, and as she bent to step out of them Cara saw Laura's ass crack and the hair deep inside the crevice.

The backs of Laura's sturdy thighs also had a growth of hair on them, although the rest of her slightly thick and almost muscular legs were smooth.

It was with a great deal of struggle that Laura turned to face her employer, and Cara had to smile when she saw the terror in her protege's expression as she stood with her arms trying to conceal as much as she could.

"Laura dear," Cara sighed. "Relax. You have less reason to hide than any woman I can think of. Lower your hands for me - please?"

"There. That wasn't so difficult, was it?" Cara asked as she eyes took in the wild and untamed natural woman, and while Cara knew that many if not most would probably not agree, she found Laura an exotic treasure.

Cara's attention was captures by the sight of the jet black hair peeking out of the folds of Laura's arms, which were pinned to her sides, and when Laura's eyes drifted down to what her boss was looking at, her already flushed face turned a deep crimson.

"Sorry," Laura mumbled. "Wasn't expecting to be seen like this."

"Don't be silly. Lift your arms for me," Cara said, and when Laura didn't move, she raised her own arms, putting her hands behind her head. "Like this. See?"

When Laura saw the modest swirls of hair under Cara's arms, she seemed to relax, and eventually mimicked her employer's pose.

"Beautiful," Cara sighed when she saw the tufts of jet black hair that filled Laura's armpits, the unshielded vision of those rich dense jungles sending shivers down her spine. "You're just as nature intended."

"When I went to use the bathroom, I was looking around for a razor," Laura confessed.

"And that would have been disappointing to me, because I was hoping to see you exactly as you are," Cara said, not adding that it would have taken a long time and a lot of blades to make those thick tufts of hair disappear. "Your beauty is intoxicating to me, and besides, you could search the whole house and not find a razor. I do get my legs waxed though - a concession to the job."

"Me too - I mean, I shave mine."

"I know," Cara said. "Now why don't you get in the tub with me?"

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Cara asked as Laura climbed into the tub and sank down to her neck.

"I'm kinda shy," Laura admitted.

"Kinda?" Cara said. "That's an understatement to say the least. Seems like these days women like to flaunt everything they have. You're different. We're different."

Laura's eyes went to Cara's breasts, which were a little buoyant in the water, and nodded. When Cara leaned back and stretched her back, that not only made her breasts jut out further, but also exposed the wisps of hair that were nestled in her unshaven armpits.

The older woman noticed where Laura's attention had wandered and raised her arms as if to pull her hair back over the rim of the tub, making sure that Laura got a good look at her very modest growth of armpit hair which was plastered against her wet skin.

When Cara saw Laura's eyes go there she kept her arms raised, and Laura was startled when she realized that Cara had been watching her staring at her.

"Sorry," Laura mumbled. "I just noticed that you don't shave your underarms either."

"Why on earth would I?" Cara said. "I would never wear sleeveless attire to work - very unprofessional looking, but women should be natural as they can be in our society."

"I - I just didn't mean to stare," Laura said. "It's just that I - well, I used to shave them when I was married, but it grows back so fast..."

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