tagRomancePush Me Ch. 04

Push Me Ch. 04


** Author's note: This is part four of a series. I recommend you read the first three parts first. Special editing thanks to SlySubmissive.


I awoke to find Moira's nude form draped across the bed facedown, that succulent ass pointing right at me. I leaned down and nipped it gently with my teeth. She flinched slightly, but didn't wake, so I did it again, a little harder. She jumped, sat up, spun around wild-eyed, and flung herself against the headboard. Then her eyes focused on me, and she sagged in relief.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"I was dreaming I was a happy, floating ball of cotton candy," she said distantly. She turned a dark look on me, and, in an equally dark voice said, "Then someone bit me." I clamped my lips tight, doing everything I could not to burst out laughing. She slid down the bed, right up against me. "Careful," she said with a smoky, sexy look, "I bite back." I gave her an insolent grin, and she pounced. I enjoyed how strong she was. I had always been a little reserved when it came to aggressive physical contact with women -- concerned that, either they were more delicate, or I was stronger than I realized. Between dancing with Moira, and feeling how her body responded to my touch, I was confident I could be strong with her without hurting her.

For now, I let her win, since there wasn't really an outcome in which I didn't win. She straddled my hips, and my breath caught. She was a flawless sculpture of woman. Her firm, toned thighs gripped my mid-section. They led to full, round hips and a wonderfully, squeezably full butt -- muscular without being hard. Her narrow waist emphasized her high breasts, perfect hand-fulls capped with milk-chocolate nipples. Her lush lips spread in a smile below her dark, almond eyes.

I ran my hands up the silken, olive skin of her thighs to her hips, and then cupped her butt with both hands, kneading it gently. She lowered herself slowly to lie on my chest as she brought her lips to mine. We kissed leisurely, in no hurry to do anything more. She felt so perfect against me.

When Moira sat back, she wore a look of amazed contentment. "Thank you for last night, for knowing how to make me unafraid, for being so gentle." She brought her mouth back to mine for a long, sensual kiss, capped by her pulling away and taking my bottom lip with her. She dragged her nipples up my chest as she kissed her way to my ear.

"Now, fuck me," she whispered, biting my ear lobe.

A hoarse, "Ahhh!" shot from my convulsing chest. The earlobe thing has always driven me wild. My hands clenched on her smooth butt. I rolled us over and attacked her mouth with mine. We desperately tried to devour each other. Lips and tongues fought for dominance as I ground my hips against hers. She whimpered into my mouth as my hardness pressed against her clit, and then she renewed her attack.

I broke free, placed a few kisses on her chest, and then dove straight for a hard nipple. Still with one hand on her ass, I moved the other to her unoccupied breast and cupped it firmly. Moira wrapped her hands around my head and pressed her chest against me. The cutest, "ooh ooh ooh", came from Moira as I worshiped her with my mouth and hands. I sucked and licked at both nipples, drawing them to taut peaks.

I sat back and pulled her with me, settling her into my lap with her legs around me so she could lean against me instead of pushing herself up at me. I slid the hand on her butt down to her pussy and rubbed her lips gently. She pressed herself downward against my hand and sucked in a breath through her teeth. I slipped a finger into her and found that she was soaking wet. I was rock hard, and she was ready for me.

I lifted her up slightly, and then settled her down with the head of my throbbing shaft against her lips. She gasped. I put my hands on her hips and slowly guided her downward. She was unbelievably tight, but so wet I slid in with a deliciously perfect amount of resistance.

Once I was fully embedded, she kissed me and began a slow rise and fall, pushing herself up out my lap with her thighs before relaxing and sliding back down. I recaptured her fantastic ass with both hands, marveling at the feel of her firm musculature flexing and relaxing. Her kiss became more aggressive as she sped up, until she was bouncing too fast to keep up the lip lock. She threw her head back and shuddered with a small orgasm, pressing herself firmly into my lap and grinding her clit against my pelvis.

When her orgasm subsided, she grabbed my face with both hands and locked eyes with me.

"I said, 'fuck me,'" she reminded me.

I let my inner vampire loose, latching onto her neck as I pushed her backwards. Kissing and licking at her neck, shoulders and face, I began thrusting into her with firm deep strokes. Moira dug her nails into my back and began arching her hips up to meet me. Every stroke was a jolt of electricity into each of us. We were a cacophony of "mmm"s, "ohh"s and "ahh"s -- mindless sounds provided by blood-deprived brains and given life by convulsing diaphragms. I sped up, and we both got louder. She wrapped her legs around me, and I pressed her into the mattress with every downward thrust. I crushed her into the bed and buried my cock to the hilt, grinding my pelvic bone into her clit, making small circles with my hips. Moira's nails scored my back with deep furrows as she screamed through another climax. Her clenching muscles gripped me and coaxed out my approaching orgasm. I pressed myself into her as deeply as possible as every muscle in my body locked, and I unloaded inside her with a series of animalistic grunts.

I collapsed on top of her, still holding myself up slightly to keep from crushing her. She pulled me tighter, cooing happily into my shoulder. After a moment of recovery, I moved to roll to the side, but Moira clutched me to her.

"I like the feel of you on top of me," she told me plaintively.

"Well, far be it for me to disappoint you." I kissed her nose then pressed us tightly together, my mind short-circuiting at the feel of her bare skin against mine.

After a short rest, I carried Moira to the shower, where we spent more than enough time to get extremely wrinkly while we leisurely explored each other's bodies. We cleaned each other gently, memorizing every inch. Moira had a small white scar on her hip I'd never noticed before.

"I fell out of a truck bed when I was seven and landed on a piece of glass," she explained. She chuckled at the fish-shaped birthmark high on the outside of my right thigh; it was just an oval and a triangular shape. I'd never thought of it as a fish until she described it that way, but it did look like one. I spent several minutes washing her breasts while standing behind her.

"I think they're clean now," she said.

"Ah, but are they equivalent?"


"I'm just trying to figure out if one is bigger than the other. There's a difference, but it's very small." She immediately palmed both her breasts and weighed them in her hands.

"You're right," she said, surprised at herself. "The right one is bigger, just a bit, but it is."

"Told you so." I stuck out my tongue at her as payback for her previous disbelief.

"If your tongue is bored, I can think of something for it to do," she said, with a mocking tone. It sounded like a good idea to me. I put my hands on her arms and pushed her toward the wall of the shower gently but firmly. She gasped as her nude body, warm from the water, came in contact with cold stone. She jumped away from it, but I immediately pinned her back up against it. I leaned in to tower over her, my face deadly serious, my eyes wide with hunger for her. I held her immobile while I devoured her with my eyes.

"Are you afraid?" I asked in a deep husk.

"A little." Her voice was meek, but her eyes never left mine. "I know if you wanted to completely overpower me, you could, but I know you won't hurt me, and you'd never force me. It freaks me out a little to think that there's not much I could do physically to stop you from doing anything you wanted, but it turns me on to know that you'd listen to me and to know that if I surrender control, I can take it back at any time just by saying so."

"Oh, I don't know about ANY time." Her eyes widened in surprise as my mouth descended on hers. A squeaky moan resonated in the back of her throat as a shudder shot through her. She lifted her hands to put them around me, but I captured her wrists and held them at her sides, never breaking the kiss. I didn't use any force to hold them there, but my hands on her arms kept her from moving them. She whimpered into my mouth, but kissed me harder.

She began to writhe in my grip, rubbing her body against mine however she could. I had my ankles against hers, and my knees against her thighs as well. She couldn't move her legs any more than she could her arms. Still I just kissed her. My rampant erection was stabbing her in the stomach, and she began to twist her hips back and forth to rub her shower-slick skin against the sensitive underside of my cock. A deep rumble issued from my throat, and I felt her shiver in my grasp.

I wanted to do so many things to her, I went into a temporary overload. I didn't function well in most situations without a plan, an agenda, bullet points to check off, or some sort of stated end goal, preferable with clearly defined way-points. Right then, I wanted everything, and I wanted it all at the same time. I wanted my hands to be everywhere. I wanted my mouth to be everywhere. I wanted her in every position. I wanted to be fucking her at every imaginable speed, with every conceivable rhythm. I started to shut down, to totally freeze up. I couldn't decide a next step. I lost any ability to prioritize. So I gave up, and I let the part of my brain that had all these big ideas work out how to get there by itself.

It turns out it was up to the task. Conscious thought left me, and, for the first time in my life, I just...let go.

I spun Moira around, aggressively, but as gently as I could at this point, put her hands against the shower wall at shoulder height, and wrapped my arms around her. I cupped her pussy and pressed my palm against her clit while the other hand went to her breasts. Moira pressed her perfect ass against me. I molded every inch of her to me. I pinched and tugged at her nipples as I slipped a finger into her.

"Oh fuck, fuck yes." Moira whimpered, pressing her butt against me. I grasped my shaft and sunk myself fully into her in one slow push. The feel of her slick walls wrapped around me was delirium. I moved slowly in and out in long strokes for several minutes, just enjoying the sensation of her smooth channel gripping me. I lost myself in that action -- in and out, back and forth. I varied the speed and the depths of my stoke. I held her ass with both hands, then her hips, then her breasts. I think she came twice while I buried myself in her over and over. I put my hands on her shoulders as I began to pump harder and faster and she leaned forward to take me as deeply as possible. With no worries about what I had accomplished, and how things should end, my subsequent orgasm was a glorious release.

Still breathing roughly, we quickly rinsed and toweled off, and then stumbled to the bed. I flopped on my back and she nestled into the crook of my arm.

"That was amazing," Moira said after a few moments. "You just...took everything you wanted, and I could feel it. I could feel how much you wanted me."



"I've... I've never done that before. There was so much I wanted to do to you, so much I wanted to experience, that I couldn't think at all. I had to stop caring about the destination and focus on the journey." I frowned. "I never really understood that expression before, but now it makes perfect sense. I guess maybe I haven't had many pleasant journeys." Moira gave me a sad look. I stroked her cheek, and I smiled. "But this one... Best... trip... ever. It's so amazing, I don't even care about a destination. Every second with you is a mission accomplished, and perfect in its own way. I love you, Moira."

"I love you too, Craig." She dropped her head against my shoulder, and we slept.

After a wonderful nap, we woke famished. I ordered room service, which we enjoyed thoroughly. Then I remembered a forgotten portion of last night's plan.

"I believe you promised to be dessert last night," I reminded Moira.

"Oh? I thought that had already happened."

"Well, while I did enjoy my complete consumption of you, I had something else in mind."

"Really?" Moira asked excitedly. She stood and slowly began to untie the robe she was wearing. "I was hoping you had some plans for the hotel, because, as you can see...," she finished untying the belt to her robe and dropped it to the floor, "I can't go anywhere, since I'm naked."

"Well, I believe the agenda for today mentions copious amount of 'naked time', so that won't be a problem." I went to her and kissed her tenderly, my hands on her hips. "Go lay down on the bed." I watched her sweet, swaying ass as she walked. She laid down on her side, one arm draped over her hip, the other propping up her head. "Nuh uh, no peaking. On your back, eyes closed," I told her. She gave me a cripplingly sexy, pouty look, but complied.

I shed my robe, and then took a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries on long sticks in a vase from the room fridge. Then, making my way to the bed, I cupped a strawberry in my hands, still on the stick, and huffed warm air onto it. I wanted cool, not cold, for now.

"Remember, eyes closed," I told Moira. I caressed her lips with the blunt, chocolate-covered end of a strawberry. After a few passes, I leaned down until my face was right above hers. I pressed my lips flat to hers to spread the chocolate, and then kissed her messily. She "mmm"ed into my mouth, her tongue dancing aggressively against my lips. Once the chocolate taste had abated, I pressed the strawberry slowly between her lips, letting her suck and lick it. Once her lips were coated again, I dove in for another kiss, pressing myself against her as I did. She kissed me back wildly, throwing her arms around my neck.

I basked in the kiss and the feel of her skin against mine for a moment, and then backed away. I slid the strawberry along her parted lips, against her tongue, and she took a bite.

"That's almost as good as sex," she moaned.

"Feeling a little 'disappointing' over here," I said, with mock frustration. She giggled, and I took a bite. Smooth, unctuous, dark chocolate melted in my mouth and mixed with a flood of incredibly sweet, fruity juice. "OK, yeah those are really fucking good." I fed Moira another bite, and then downed the last bite myself. Not only were these strawberries delicious, they were enormous.

"I'm glad I can trust you to keep your eyes closed," I said as I took another strawberry from the vase. A thin layer of condensation covered it. I began to draw slow circles around one of Moira's nipples. She flinched as she gasped, and then shivered as her nipple rapidly tightened. I took a second strawberry and began to give the other nipple the same treatment. Moira sucked in several ragged breaths.

I teased Moira until her milk-chocolate nipples were a much darker shade. She whimpered when I stopped, and then gasped and arched her back off the bed as I took one into my warm mouth. Her hands clamped down on the back of my head and one of my wrists. The wispy, squeaky "oohh"s that I loved crawled from her mouth. I sucked her nipple clean before moving to the other one. Moira began to moan and whimper louder as I flicked my tongue repeatedly through it's chocolate glaze before sucking her entire breast into my mouth and bathing it with my tongue.

With both nipples clean, I pulled free of Moira's insistent grasp. Using one of the half-melted strawberries, I began to draw a line of chocolate from her bottom lip slowly down her body. I crested her chin, traced down her neck, slightly off-center, over her collar bone, between her breasts, right over her cute little belly button, and stopped right above her slit. My work of edible art complete, I fed her half of the strawberry, and then squeezed some juice onto her lips. I planted fluttering kisses all around her mouth, while her lips begged me silently. Content with my ministrations, I kissed her, the earthy, nutty chocolate flavors and berry sweetness enhancing the taste of her.

Then I destroyed some art. I started with sucking kisses on her chin and neck, finishing them with a lick. When I got to her chest, I spun to face down her body, and began to remove the chocolate in long licks. When I began to swirl my tongue in her navel, Moira giggled, and reached up to grasp my erection. She started stroking me slowly. I was glad to feel she wasn't in a hurry; I had plans, and, sometimes, plans are good things.

I finished licking off the chocolate between her belly button and her pubic mound, being careful not to get too close to her slightly-parted lips. Her abs clenched when I dragged my tongue over recently shaved skin, and her delicate fingers tightened their grip on my shaft.

New strawberry in hand, I licked the chocolate to melt it before drawing a long, thin line on each of Moira's inner thighs. They quivered as I removed the sweet lines with a sweeping tongue. With all the chocolate removed, I slowly slid my tongue between her swollen lips. She gasped loudly as I tasted her, mixing her musky, spicy flavor with the chocolate still on my palate. I slid a finger gently into her, and she moaned, urging me deeper. I used my finger to smear her juices on the strawberry. I crawled up her and, with my face right over hers, said, "Open," as I tapped her lips. She slowly parted them and presented her tongue, resting it on her bottom lip. I placed the strawberry on her tongue. When she drew it into her mouth, her eyes shot open in surprise, and then narrowed to a smokey stare. She chewed languidly, never taking her eyes from mine. As soon as she swallowed, I kissed her hungrily.

I backed away from the kiss and said, "There are still six more strawberries. I thought maybe I would let you wield them." No further encouragement was necessary. She shoved me onto my back and leaped off the bed.

"Mwuhaha," she intoned. I barked a laugh. She plucked two strawberry-capped sticks from the foam block in the vase. Her narrowed-eyed gazed locked onto me. "Eyes closed, and keep them that way, mister."

"Yes, ma'am," I replied, laying back and closing my eyes.

I felt the bed sink as she climbed on and straddled one of my thighs. A blossom of cold erupted in the middle of the right side of my chest, and a terse "Oh!" escaped my mouth in surprise. She proceeded to leave cold streaks of chocolate all over my arms, torso and legs in a random pattern -- each one eliciting a gasp or shiver from me as the cool coating of the sweet fruit left unanticipated frigid smears. Cool daubs were quickly replaced by a warm tongue as Moira licked me clean. I fought back the urge to grab her and take her. I felt like a hypocrite after counseling patients last night, but I yearned for her so deeply my head pounded and my chest ached.

"Moira, I want you so badly right now. I don't know how much more I can take."

She froze, and then sat back on her heels, motionless for a moment. She climbed off the bed, and I flinched when her sweet, warm breath caressed my ear and cheek.

"If you want me, you could just ask."

I froze. I knew what I wanted to say, but some stupid quasi-gender role bullshit put the kibosh on it at first. Why did it seem so awkward? It took me a mental moment to realize that, for some reason, it felt like admitting a weakness. It was something she had said just last night -- something that had changed my life -- and it didn't imply any weakness to me then. From her lips, it wielded immense power. So why was it so hard to accept that I could say the same thing without a negative connotation?

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