tagLoving WivesPushed Past My Comfort Zone

Pushed Past My Comfort Zone


My name is Steve Moore and I've been happily married to my wife Kate for almost two years; well I was until last month anyway. This was Kate's first marriage but it was my second. My first marriage ended when I found my wife, Ann, screwing around with one of my now ex-friends, Kenny.

My dad always told me, that if you treat your wife like a queen, she would never stray; ya right. I treated Ann like the sun and the moon rose and set in the center of her ass, but she still cheated on me anyway. The worst part about it, I never saw it coming. The girl's night outs, the sexy clothes she purchased, supposedly for me, and the decrease in affection, should have all been eye openers; but I guess I was just too dumb and in love to see what was actually happening. It wasn't until my best friend, Tim, pulled me aside and told me that Ann was cheating on me that I put two and two together.

"Steve, everyone knows about Kenny and Ann but you. Some of your friends think, you all ready know about the two of them, and are too big a wimp to do anything about it. I've told them no, but your reputation is sinking fast good buddy," Tim told me.

I was stunned and didn't believe it at first. "There's no way Ann's cheating on me, she loves me too much," I told him. But after four beers, and recalling some of the events of the past six months, I started to wonder even myself.

I'm a lightweight drinker and after five beers, Tim had to drive me home. "Don't do anything stupid," he cautioned me as he dropped me off. "You're in no condition to get into it with her tonight; wait until tomorrow morning and then tell her you know everything and see what she says," he instructed.

Shit, I was in no shape to even walk, much less ask Ann about why she was screwing around on me.

Tim layed me on the living room couch, and that's where I woke up the following morning, with a splitting headache, thank you very much. After brushing my skuzzy teeth, taking a long, cold, shower; I was ready to confront Ann.

"What do you mean, so what?" I said. "Don't you even feel bad for cheating on me?" I screamed.

"You were working all the time and I got lonely," she replied. "Kenny was always coming over, and one thing led to another one night; that's all."

"What do you mean one thing led to another? Didn't you once say to yourself, I'm a married women and I shouldn't be doing this; especially with one of my husbands best friends?" I shouted.

"You weren't suppose to find out, but then Kenny started coming over all the time and we got careless; I guess that's how the word got out. If you want, I'll stop seeing him and we can go back to the way it was before," she said, like she was talking to a little kid.

"Ann, it'll never be like it was before," I told her. "Hell, I don't even like you right now," I said getting up and walking to our bedroom.

"Look, it was an accident that's all. I still love you, and I sure as hell know you love me," she said smiling. "We can work through this, hell, we'll probably have a stronger marriage because of it," she tried to tell me.

I just sat there looking at her in total amazement; she didn't have a clue what was going on. "Shit Ann, why don't we just have a three way; with you, me and Kenny? This way you could make a complete cuckold out of me," I said mocking her.

"You don't have to get so sarcastic," Ann, said almost annoyed with me.

At this moment, it took all my strength not to strangle her. My marriage was in the toilet and my beloved wife didn't seem to even care; no tears, no begging to change, nothing.

Over the next two hours I packed up my clothes, everything of value, and loaded my van; all the while listening to Ann go on and on about how much she loved me.

"You really are one dumb bitch Ann. Do you really think I'd take you back after what you've done? Do I have stupid tattooed across my forehead," I asked her. "Have a good life, I hope you, Kenny, and his wife are happy;" yes, Kenny was married.

In three months I was single again, but told myself it would be a cold day in hell before I ever got married again; but then I met Kate. It wasn't love at first sight, more like a firm dislike of each other. She was a friend of a friend and I thought she was arrogant as hell.

"The way she struts around, you'd think she was God's gift to men," I told Tim.

"She's my wife's best friend so I put up with her, but you're right; she does thinks her shit doesn't stink," Tim said with a laugh. "I guess you don't want to double date on Saturday night then?" he asked.

"You know I love you and Carol to death, but miss high and mighty and I will never, ever, be a couple; so please tell Carol to stop her match making," I told him. "But, if you want to go some where Saturday, and she just happens to comes along, well then I could probably handle that."

Dinner was ok and the club the girls wanted to go to was new, but in a seedy part of town. The only table that was available was towards the back, and after getting settled, Tim and I went for drinks. Because the place was so packed, it took about twenty minutes for us to get the drinks. When we came back to our table, we saw that Carol and Kate were talking to two, very large, white guys.

"Hey buddy that's my seat," I told the first one as I put our drinks on the table.

"Your name's not on this chair," he said looking at the back of it.

"Look, I'm not looking for trouble, but these ladies are with us, so why don't you just push off," I told them.

"Why don't we let the ladies decide," he replied.

Carol told the guy next to her that Tim was her husband and he gave up his chair willingly. The other smart-ass guy waited for Kate to speak up. Taking her silence as an acceptance, he became a real prick.

"I guess the lady isn't satisfied with you, so why don't you move along and let us get to know each other a lot better," he said now facing Kate.

"Dick head I'm done being nice, move your ass before I move it for you," I said moving up to his face.

He must have out weighed me by thirty pounds, and was at least four inches taller than me, but the one thing I remembered from boot camp was, being in close levels the playing field; especially when the guys bigger than you.

I thought he was just going to push me back but he decided to try and throw a haymaker; what an idiot. I ducked, stomped down on the top of his foot and drove my knee into his groin as hard as I could. He dropped like a rock. His buddy looked at me, like he was going to try something, that's when the bouncer came over.

Within two minutes, all six of us were outside the club.

"Thanks Kate, thank you very fucking much," I said walking out to the parking lot as Tim yelled for me to stop. "Take your wife and the bitch home," I replied. "I've had enough fun for one night."

"Kate's sorry," Tim, said a couple of days later. "She never thought the guy would take it that far," she told Carol. "Believe it or not, Kate was trying to make you jealous," he said with a laugh.

"Jealous, jealous," I fumed. "The bitch almost got my ass kicked," I yelled. "What's she going to do for an on core; get me shot? No thank you, I love my hide and don't need her kind of trouble," I told Tim.

Carol left me alone after that, or should I say, Tim made sure she left me alone. We all went out as a group and even Kate joined us once in a while. I'd simmered down and accepted her apology, and even danced with her once in a while; that's when it started again.

In the last four months I'd probably gone out with over ten women. At thirty- one, I must have been a real catch because I was decent looking and had a steady job; a good combination.

The women I met were either, separated, divorced, professional women that had waited too long and wanted a baby or stuck up bitches that were full of themselves. Whatever the reason, I was getting real tired of the dating scene.

We were at one of the many Atlanta clubs when I spied a hot looking blonde moving towards our table. "Hey honey," I said in my sexiest voice, "You want to dance?"

With the most indigent look I'd ever seen, she replied, "I don't think so."

"Well that's all right, I'd rather take a piss than dance with a stuck up bitch like you anyway," I said in a loud enough voice that could be heard by all the tables around us.

I was smiling and talking to Tim and didn't even see the slap coming; but I sure as hell felt it when it connected. I could feel the heat generating on my cheek, as she was getting ready to haul off and slap me again. The next thing I knew, she was sitting on the floor with Kate standing over her.

"He said you weren't worth it bitch, what about that don't you understand?" Kate spat at her as the tables around us cheered.

Just like before, we found ourselves on the outside looking in; but this time it was worth it. "Nice punch Kate, I'm sorry I missed it," I told her.

"I guess I owed you that, because of the last time," she told me. "Oh well, she was such a bitch and needed to be taken down a notch or two anyway," she told us. "How about breakfast at Denny's?"

Tim and Carol begged off but I told her I was game. That night I got to know Kate a whole lot better.

"Right there, not so rough, just use the tip of your tongue," she instructed me as I ate her shaved pussy. "Oh God, this feels so good," she said as she moved my head around and told me where she wanted my attention. "Oh yes, yes," she screamed as I sucked on her clit and shoved a finger deep into her cunt.

I hung on for dear life as Kate almost bucked me off her, as she climaxed. "Thanks, I needed that, it's been way too long since anyone's done that to me," she said as she pulled my lips to hers. "If I would have known you were that good of a pussy eater, I would have jumped your bones months ago," she said kissing and licking my lips. "Now lay back and get ready for the best blowjob you'll ever have," Kate said pushing me back against the headboard.

As the phrase goes, "there's no such thing as a bad blowjob."

I'd had some marginal ones lately, but Kate took cock sucking to a whole new level. She must have worked on me for over thirty minutes before she would let me cum; and I do mean let me cum.

She licked and sucked my dick until I was about to explode, then giving it a hard squeeze she'd tell me, "oh no, not yet mister," and as she waited for my dick to subside, she licked the precum from the head. "You're going to have to beg me before I'm going to let you cum," Kate said as she licked the underside of my dick from my balls to the tip of my now purple head. She worked it all; my nuts, the shaft, the head and even went so far as to ream me, before I finally exploded into her mouth as she drained and swallowed me.

"I hope you don't think you're done yet," she said with a wicked smile, driving her tongue deep into my throat. "I still want you inside of me tonight," she said throwing a leg over the top me.

Where I got the strength I'll never know, but we screwed all night long. She got me off at least twice more, and from the sounds Kate was making, I know she climaxed at least four more times herself.

So after that night, we became an item, at least for a while anyway.

Nothing was off limits when it came to sex with Kate. I thought I was adventuresome, but I couldn't hold a candle to her. She loved to do it outside and if people could see, all the better. We did it in the park under a blanket, at the beach on a blanket, in a booth at one of the dance clubs and in the hot tub at Tim and Carols; no place was sacred.

The only problem I saw was that she really, I mean really got off, if there was chance of us getting caught.

We were at her companies Christmas party when, after a few drinks, she wanted to do it, in the upstairs bathroom on the counter. Everything was going great until some strange women walked in.

"Shit, Kate had forgotten to lock the door; or did she?" was the first thing that came to mind.

The tall blonde just looked at us, and moved over to the toilet. Pulling up her dress, she dropped her panties and casually took a piss. I had stopped pumping when she walked in, but Kate yelled at me to keep going because she was close to cumming. This was madness, but I was close to, so I just ignored her and kept slamming away.

It was then that I knew it was a setup. The blonde took her panties, shoved them into Kate's mouth and stood next to her with her legs spread. Kate then proceeded to finger fuck her as she leaned over the counter, while I just stood there in amazement. Here I was, banging my girl friend as she got another girl off with her fingers.

I think we all got off pretty much at the same time. Kate pulled the panties out of her mouth, gave the blonde a full lip kiss, with tongue, and then proceeded to clean up my dick with her lips and tongue.

That was the first of four, FFM, three somes we had over the next two months. I never knew when they were going to happen, and I was never allowed to touch the other girl; only Kate.

It was only after one of these sessions, did we have our first of many disagreements, when it came to sex.

"No, no, no," I said out loud as we came out of the shower. "That's pushing me way past my comfort zone," I told her.

"But how do you know you won't like it unless we try," she replied. "I've had a couple of, MMF, three somes, and one got pretty wild," Kate told me.

"Look, I've gone along with your bi side and let you have a girl once in a while, even though I'm not crazy about it, but another guy; no way I'm going to share you like that."

"Well, it's my body, and if I want another guy, I should be able to have one," she said in an indignant tone.

"Babes, you can have two, three or ten guys if you want; it just won't be with me," I said getting dressed. "And besides, why do you want me to share you; don't I satisfy you anymore?" I asked.

"You ring my chimes every time, but I like variety also," she said like she thought nothing of what she was asking.

"I guess, then maybe I'll have to find a girl or two for myself," I said putting on my shoes pushing the issue.

This conversation was going nowhere fast. We were both digging in our heels and pushing the other further and further away with each statement.

"Maybe you should get a few other women to help you out, maybe then I won't have to keep teaching you, what to do anymore," Kate said sarcastically.

That was a kill shot if there ever was one; and Kate knew it. She tried to back track, but Steve was already out the door.

There are two things you don't joke about with your man, the size of his dick and how good he is in bed.

It was two weeks before she could even get Steve to answer his phone.

"I'm sorry, my mouth got ahead of my brain hon, I didn't mean any of it," she told me. Kate wasn't ready for the next salvo though.

"I've been thinking Kate, maybe we need a break from each other, you know, just to see where we want this relationship to go," I told her.

"I don't want a break Steve, I love you." She screamed into the phone.

"What if I told you, that it would be just you and me from now on; no other additional surprises, as you call them, what would you say to that?' I asked.

Kate paused way too long before she started to answer.

"That's what I thought," I told her.

"Let's take a two month break, and then see if and when we want to continue with each other. Take care Kate and maybe I'll see you around," I said before hanging up.

"Shit, shit, double shit," Kate screamed. "I screwed up big time," she thought to herself. "How in the hell do I get him back now?"

"No way, no how," Tim told Carol. "Kate screwed up and now she wants me to bail her ass out; not going to happen. Steve said he needed space, and that's what we're going to give him; understand?" he said looking at his wife. "Kate pushed him too far and when he said no, she got pissed. What would you do Carol, if I told you I wanted a three some, with you and another women?" Tim asked.

"Well you'd never do that," she replied.

"Well what if I did?" Tim asked.

"I'd tell you to take a hike buster, there is only going to be one women in this bedroom," she told me.

"See what I mean?" "Now back off and let the two of them work it out."

The first two weeks were hard for me, but I lived. Work kept me sane and my buddies filled my evenings. Four weeks later I was with Don, Tim and his brother Bob at a downtown club when I watched Kate walk in with another guy. She didn't see me but I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"You see her?" Tim asked.

"Ya, I watched her walk in about five minutes ago," I replied.

"Who's the guy?" I asked.

"Carol says it's someone she works with," Tim said.

"Well, neither one of us said the other couldn't date, we don't own each other, as Kate so eloquently reminded me the last time I saw her," I told Tim. "Maybe I just might dance with a few of the ladies tonight, and see how she likes it," and that's just what I did.

I looked for the hottest and the most slutty ones I could find; and there were a lot of them. I bumped and dirty danced with everyone who accepted my invitation. I was slow dancing with one of the hottest chicks in the place when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

"Mind if I cut in?" Kate said as she slipped in between me and the hot blonde. "Her tits are fake and she's engaged if you're interested," she told me. "How you been Steve?"

"Not bad, you know, just hanging in there," I told her.

"I really miss you," she said pulling me in even tighter.

"I heard you've got a new bed partner," I said motioning over to her date that was now standing up watching us.

"He's just a co-worker, no bed partner; not yet anyway," she told me. "You want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?"

"I've got plans with my parents, so I'm going to have to pass on that Kate," I told her.

"Your loss," she said ending the dance. "By the way, your dancing with other women isn't making me jealous, now if you take them to bed; that might piss me off though," Kate said as she walked away.

At eight weeks I found Kate planted on my doorstep. "Well, what's it going to be?" she asked. "Together or apart?"

"I'd like together, but just the two of us," I replied. "No more three somes and certainly no other guys; can you handle it?"

"I can handle it, if you can handle me," she said with a laugh. "I've got a huge sexual appetite that needs to be fed; let's see if you're up to the task," Kate said to me as she jumped into my arms kissing me.

That day Kate and I became an exclusive couple and she tried her best to kill me with sex.

"Go slow," she cautioned me as I eased into her. "It's been a long time since I've had anyone back there," she said with a laugh.

It took me about five minutes but I finally got my dick totally in her ass. I started moving in and out slowly, all the while reaching around to play with her clit, as Kate started moaning.

"I told you, you'd like it," she said as I increased my tempo. "Don't worry hon, you're not going to hurt me," Kate said as she told me to, "don't play with it, just fuck it."

"This is what it must be like to have a 16 year old virgin," I thought to myself as I was now screwing her for all it was worth. I wanted it to last forever, but I made only four minutes before I filled her bowels with a scream. "Damm that was something else," I told her as I pulled out.

"Lets take a shower and get cleaned up before you take care of me," she said as she dragged me into the bathroom. "I don't mind doing it that way, but I like my pussy being taken care of a lot more," Kate told me as she washed my now limp and tender dick.

That weekend, I asked Kate to marry me; and she accepted before I even got all the words out of my mouth.

"If I'd known, it would take only a little ass play to get you to ask me to marry you, we would have done it months and months ago," she said kissing me.

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