This was originally an interactive story on Chyoo, and I want to thank all the other talented writers who submitted parts (although none of their parts will be included here).


I could tell something had changed.

I'm not quite sure how to describe the difference, but it was as obvious as if the sky had changed color, or gravity had gone away. It wasn't an ill feeling, but as I turned off the alarm and pushed aside my covers, I had to shake my head a little, like I was trying to clear away cobwebs that weren't there.

There was an echoing place inside my head now. I can only describe it as feeling like big, hollow cave that was dark and private. Not even the morning sun could touch it.

I swiveled out of bed and started going about my day. Even a long shower couldn't make me feel quite right, but I began to get used to the feeling. By the time I was done getting dressed and got downstairs (all the way downstairs: I live in the attic room) I wasn't nearly as bothered by the feeling anymore.

I was surprised to seem Mom up already. I had early class this morning, and usually didn't see her. She was obviously wasn't expecting to see me, as her bathrobe wasn't exactly cinched all the way. I could see the swells of her breasts and the nearly trimmed hair between her legs.

"Oh god!" She quickly turned away and pulled her robe tight, blushing furiously.

"Morning, mom," I laughed and started getting cereal and milk together.

"I didn't hear you come down," she said. The blush was making her particularly beautiful right now. I have always had some very un-son-like feelings for her. Her eyes are a deep hazel and her hair long and auburn. Her lips are full and very red. I always associated her beautiful lips as perfect cock-sucking lips... tender and full. Her breasts have always been a fantastic asset to her as well. I don't know exactly, but I have always thought she was probably a D cup. I had often fantasized about my cock between them. She is a great dresser, and her cleavage has been tempting me since I was old enough to spell the word.

"Sorry bout that," I replied. "Didn't mean to sneak up on you." The weird echoing place in my head was beginning to ring a little. As I spooned puffed corn into my mouth, I realized that I could sort of see my mother there, in the cave. It wasn't like a visual; it was just that she was there. She walked out of the kitchen, heading for the laundry room, and I realized that her presence in the cave faded as she moved away.

She came with some clothes in hand and I felt her presence strengthen in my mind.

"Wow. That's weird," I said.

"What is?" she asked me, pausing on her way out of the kitchen.


Don't leave. The thought sort of slid, echoing through the cave and into my mother there.

"Don't leave," she said, and turned to walk out.

"What?" I asked.

"Dunno why I said that..." She looked a little confused. "The thought just popped into my head."

What the hell? That was something. That was amazing. The thought had come from me, moved, echoing through the cave and entered her mind. I wondered if the thoughts I could send were just words or actual thoughts. Obviously, I couldn't just send commands... that didn't work. I was sending thoughts. That was... I don't know what that was. Bizarre.

I wanted to try this out.

I want to stay in the kitchen. I moved the thought into her. At the doorway she paused and looked around, then put the clothes down on the table and headed over to the coffee percolator.

"I better have some coffee before I go," she said, pouring herself some.

OK. That could have been coincidence.

I couldn't help myself: I want to open my bathrobe.

My mother put the newly poured cup of coffee on the counter and undid the rope belt that held her bathrobe closed. She slid it open. God she was beautiful! Full, round breasts with largish, pink nipples. Her pubic hair had been neatly trimmed into the perfect exclamation mark. Her belly was flat, but she was over 40, and her body was obviously just a little round. I was immediately hard.

Her face flushed bright red. "What the hell am I doing?" She started to pull the robe closed. "What was I thinking..." I want to leave it open. I don't mind if he sees me. I felt a resistance there, as my words tried to slide into her. The pressure built up in my mind as she resisted. Her hands paused as she started to close her robe, but did not stop. I pushed harder, and the words, one by one, moved through the cave and into her.

Her hands stopped. Then reversed. Her robe remained open. God I wanted to touch her. But maybe now was not the time... Maybe I should learn more before I acted.

What had happened to me?

I couldn't help it. I knew it was getting late, and I would probably miss class, but my lust for her was beginning to drive me crazy.

Fuck your son.

Wham! My mind was reeling. The though slid through the cave and crashed into a wall of resistance harder than rock. It ricocheted through my brain and I felt like me teeth were loose. Balance tipped crazily and I crashed to the floor.

"Are you ok?" Mom ran over to me and was looking over me, her robe still open and her heavy breasts inches from my face. Her beautiful hazel eyes held concern. "What happened?"

"I...," I couldn't really think or speak. I guess I couldn't just do anything I wanted. I shook my head. Her nipple was so close... I could just take it between my lips and... she would probably slap me silly. I tried to collect my thoughts.

"I'm ok... just got a little dizzy," I lied. She helped me up into my chair again. A stinging headache was touring the front of my brain.

I sat there for a little bit, sipping Tang while the pain and ringing subsided.

"Do you need an aspirin or anything," Mom asked.

"No, I'm ok. Thanks". Maybe I could get in a back door. Bit by bit, as it were.

I'm worried about him. I want him to be ok. That slid in really easily.
I will do anything I need to to make him feel better. That one went in pretty easy too. I don't think her subconscious guardian was careful enough about the "anything".
Having my robe open is making me horny. That went in fairly easily too. I felt a slight resistance at first, but it didn't take to much push to make it go. Maybe she had a little exhibitionist in her.
Maybe letting him suck on my breasts will help him feel better. I released that one pretty carefully, and watched it crash into a wall and come slamming back at me. I was prepared for it this time and managed only another swell of headache from it. The room spun for a second but I got it back under control pretty quickly.

Maybe I was taking the wrong tack? I thought I should try some groundwork first.
My son has sure grown up. He's turning into quite a fine man. Easy.
He's pretty attractive. I bet all the women love him.
I bet he's great in bed. Even that one wasn't too tough.
I wonder how good he is? The thought went in, but it took some pushing.
I want to find out how he is in bed. I saw the crash coming, but with the groundwork laid, it didn't really come. The thought sort of stopped, but it didn't ricochet back at me. I increased the pressure. My head was beginning to throb. I felt like I was trying to push a board through a pillow... it would give, but it wouldn't actually penetrate. Then it was like something popped, and the thought began to move slowly, grindingly in.

I saw fire in her eyes. Her mouth was open slightly, and her breathing was just a little shallow. Her fantastic nipples were hard as rocks.

I'm going to seduce him. The thought went in easily. The groundwork was laid. She was mine.

I got up and moved into the living room. "I'm going to go watch some TV," I said.

"OK. I'll come in there with you." One hand trailed down over a breast.

I went and sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. I tossed through a dozen channels looking for something I could pretend to watch, while mother came and sat beside me. He robe was totally open now and her thigh was touching mine. I could feel the heat off of her.

We watched some show for a minute or two in silence... I don't remember what it was, and her hand slowly rubbed her knee. Finally, her hand slid over to my knee, rubbing gently.

"You seem tense," she said, "my poor little boy. Can I help at all?" Her mouth was close enough to my ear that I could feel the warmth of her breath. Her red-coated fingernails scraped over my thigh, bringing my skin to goose bumps.

I was pretty tense. My erection was at full mast and straining against my shorts.

"Maybe I could relax you a little...," she said. "Is there anything I can do?"

"I'd love a backrub," I said.

"Alright," she purred. "Why don't you sit down on the floor and I'll sit behind you on the sofa?"

We re-arranged and her hands were soon working my shoulders. I could feel the warm weight of her enormous breasts against the back of my head as she worked the knots from my shoulders. She smelled amazing.

One of her hands stroked my hair, massaging my scalp as her other slid over my shoulder and down across my chest. I was fantastically hard.

"Mom, that feels so good," I moaned.

"Good. I want my little boy to feel good," she replied. "Why don't you lie down on the couch here, so I can give you a proper rub?"

I stood up and was about to lay face-down on the couch, when her hand touched my arm.

"For a proper rub, you should probably take off your shirt," Her eyes were on mine.

"Ok, mom," I said and took off my shirt. I started to lie down again.

"You should probably take off your shorts, too... so I can get your thighs," she said, demurely. In her mind, I didn't know what was going on.

I took of my shorts and underpants, watching her moist lips part and her tongue dart over them as I exposed my rock-hard member. I lay down on the couch. Soon, I felt her hands on my back, working over my shoulders and down my spine and lats. She had wonderfully strong but delicate hands. She worked down over my butt and eased tension from my thighs. With each rub she was pulling my legs apart bit by bit. Soon I had one leg off the couch. Her hand was on the inside of my thigh, her fingers barely touching my scrotum. I couldn't believe how hard I was.

I have to have his cock in my hand Nothing to it now... the seeds had been planted.

"Baby, why don't you turn over," she asked. There was a breathless anticipation in her voice.

I rolled over and felt my cock pointing straight up.

"Close your eyes, honey," she said soothingly.

I closed my eyes and felt her hands stroke over my chest down my stomach to my thighs. They trailed down to my knees and then back up, pausing at my hip before I felt her hand wrap around my hard cock.

"Oh god, mom..." I whispered.

"Does that feel good?" she whispered back, beginning to move her hand slowly up and down my shaft.

"Oh yes, mom..."

She continued to stroke me, slowly, using just the right amount of pressure, moving up and down. God she was good. I felt her mouth move next to my ear. Her voice was a heady whisper.

I love to talk dirty. It turns me on

"Do you want to cum for mommy? Does her hand feel good on her baby's cock?" Her stroking got a little faster. "I so want you to cum, baby. Cum for your mommy."

"Oh god mom..."

"Does baby want to cum right now?" My hand cupped her heavy, hanging breast and I could feel her hard nipple pushing against my hand. "Do you like mommy's tits?" Her hand moved even faster. I was going to cum, soon.

"Mom, I'm going to cum!"

"Yes baby! Cum for mommy! Cum all over her beautiful titties!" She raised herself up so that her breasts were over my cock as her hand continued to stroke me. With a sudden jerk, I came, hard, spurting my white cum all over her tits and nipples. Her head went back and she shuddered, cumming at the same time.

Her hand continued to stroke me gently as my orgasm faded. Cum dripped from her magnificent breasts.

I looked at her, drinking in her tumbling auburn hair, and her heavy, naked breasts still shining with my cum. I was thinking about all the things we could do together... This was a whole new world.

To Be Continued...

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