tagMind ControlPusher Ch. 02

Pusher Ch. 02


I'd had to tear myself away from the delights that home promised me and get to class. I'd left Samantha sleeping in her bed, midmorning light dancing on her naked body. I think, on some level I needed to get away to clear my head. That didn't end up happening.

I went back upstairs and got my backpack together. The morning was sunny and blue as I started towards the University. The building where my first class was was only about eight blocks from home and I loved the walk. Just before I got to the Thorngren building, a fast, red sportscar blasted past me on the street. It was Adam Johnson, some kind of star jock. I had him in a philosophy class and he was always arranging parties and talking to women... the kind of women I had never had. He had one, Amanda Whitmore, in his car right now. She was a bombshell. Long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was about 5'6" and pretty little, probably only 105 pounds. She had fairly small, pert breasts and that attitude that said "I'm a fantastic fuck, and you'll never have any."

I got into the Thorngren building and started down the hall.

"Hey!" I turned around as Kimberly bounced up to me. She was a friend of mine I'd known for a long time. She grew up here, too, but went to a different high school. Kimberly was pretty round, a little overweight, with long black hair and a big smile. I think she had always been hot for me, but I didn't know. She wasn't really my type. As I said, she was a little fat. Her breasts though, had always been a wonder to me. At least double D's, they looked particularly huge on her 5'0" frame. I had always considered playing around with her just to get some of those tits.

"Hi, Kimberly!" She had the same class I did. "Hows things?"

"Great! Say, I was wondering if you could get together with me tonight... I need some phil help."

"Tonight..." I wondered what tonight might hold for me. "Maybe. I have a couple hours right after this class... how about then?"

"Sure!" Her shirt was a little tight and her tits were straining to get out. I really wanted to help them.

Class was a little boring. It was one of those "everyone has to take this" courses that I could probably pass in my sleep. I couldn't concentrate. The feeling of my mother's lips and fingers stroking and teasing me kept filling my mind. The sight of my come dripping off her nipples, and later, watching her spoon the white cream off her breasts with her fingers, sucking the juice like it was icing. At 11:50 the prof dismissed us and we all poured into the halls. I noticed Amanda Whitmore's fine ass swaying right in front of me in the hall.

I had a few hours until my next class, and I could feel the heat inside me, reawakened by an hour of remembering my mother's soft caress.

We started walking back to Kimberly's house. I thought it would was time to have some fun. She was close enough that her presence in the cave was pretty bright. We were talking about class, and I was having trouble concentrating on building a thought to send. Finally, in a little pause in conversation.

I hope we fool around some when we get back to my place It was a little sophomoric, I guess, but I couldn't think of anything better. The thought slid into her with incredible ease.

I really want him. The thought was almost sucked into her shadow. Maybe I was just re-enforcing thoughts she already had.

Her parent's house was really nice, with three stories above ground and a finished basement. There was a pool out back and the front had a white picket fence and everything. Kim's mom was working on some weeds in the garden as we came in. Her mom looked a little like Kim, with long black hair and medium sized breasts, but Kim's mother was much trimmer. I think she was an aerobics instructor or something. She smiled and we said our hellos before we went in.

Kim's room was pretty big, with long, lacy curtains and shelves full of unicorns and pegasi. The majority of her room was taken up by a huge bed, draped with a pink duvet and covered in pillows. A small private bathroom came off the bedroom near the door.

We dumped our backpacks and pulled out books. We plopped down on the bed and started going through something, I wasn't really paying attention. I was having trouble figuring out what thought to send her. I had this perfect picture in mind, but I couldn't quite put it into the right phrasing for it to be her thought. I wish I could send pictures.

Heck, why couldn't I? I formulated a picture of me standing near the bed and Kim kneeling in front of me with my cock in her mouth. One hand was on my dick and the other she had in her own pussy, rubbing her clit. In the little vision, just as I began to pump cum down her throat she started cumming, her body wracked with little twitching shudders. I tried to slide the picture towards her shadow, and it went, but it was like pushing furniture through a tight corridor. I could practically hear the fingernails-on-chalk sound as the picture slid into her.

"So, what I don't understand is...," her sentence trailed off, and I watched her pupils dilate slightly as the vision enveloped her. Her skin was flushing and her breathing sped up almost imperceptibly.

Her eyes re-focused on mine. I leaned forward and kissed her.

Her lips were incredibly soft and warm. Kim let out a little sigh/moan as our lips met. I slid one hand up over the mound of her breast, feeling the hard nipple poking through the fabric. Her breath caught for a moment before her lips took furiously to mine again.

I felt her hand on my thigh, sliding up towards my crotch. She was so tentative.

I want to feel his cock in my hand

Like she had suddenly made some decision, her hand slipped up, cupping the bulge under my shorts and started fumbling my belt open. My fingers started to undo the buttons on her shirt, exposing her incredible cleavage. I finally opened her shirt, just as her hand unzipped my fly and her warm fingers found their way under the waistband of my underwear. Her fingers began exploring my hardness as I got her shirt off and opened the clasp on her bra.

Her massive breasts were finally freed from the straining fabric, displaying acres of white skin and large, puffy nipples obviously hard and waiting. I moved my lips down from hers to her hard nipples, sucking them in one at a time and working my tongue in slow circles around her areolas. Her hand slipped further down my pants and she gripped my penis, beginning to jack in slowly up and down. I cupped her breasts to my mouth and sucked on her nipples, hearing her moan as I did.

I rolled so that I was on my back.

I want to see it. This girl was so receptive. The thoughts were moving like they were sliding on ice.

She pulled down my shorts and underwear and my cock sprang free, pointing at the ceiling. Her fingers wrapped around it once more and she started jacking me off again.

"Should I...," her question trailed off and her big brown eyes looked so innocent.

"Yes, Kim."

As we lay there, I wondered exactly how receptive Kim was.

I love him. I felt the slightest resistance, and then the though went.

I want him. No resistance.

I want to obey him and please him.

I want to pleasure him... I want to be his. No resistance at all. Either Kim was a closet sub, or she was incredibly receptive.

I am his.

Almost as if in a trance, Kimberly got up and went into the small adjoining bathroom. She was there for a while and I must have dozed off.

I woke up to the feel of her silky, warm mouth working up and down on my hard shaft. Moving her hand in a twirling, stroking motion, her lips and tongue massaged my dick. Her mouth was so warm and wet...it was a wonderful feeling. My hands moved to the back of her head, tangling themselves into her raven-black hair as she bobbed on my cock. She tensed for a moment as I pulled her mouth onto my cock, and began to guide her head with my hand in her hair. Then, like she gave herself over to it, her suction got harder and she began moving up and down faster now, trying to urge the come out of me. Her hand continued to jack up and down.

"Yes, Kimberly, that's right. Good little girl." I whispered. "Good girl. Make me come. Very good. Put me between your tits...:

She moved up slightly and wrapped her enormous tits around my spit soaked cock. She looked up into my eyes, as I slid in and out of her cleavage. I saw now what she'd been doing in the bathroom: Her lips were dark red with lipstick, and I could see some smeared on my spit covered cock. Her eyelashes were darker now, and longer, making her blue eyes look larger than normal. Eyeshadow gave her the final whorish touches. She was holding her tits tightly around me as I pumped them, smearing them with Kimberly's spit. My hands were still in her hair and I urged her head back down towards my cock.

Her warm mouth engulfed me again and her crimson lips moved up on down me with renewed ardor. She pulled at me with the suction of her lips and her tongue twirled around my cockhead as she pumped me again.

"Oh god, Kimberly, yes. You are such a good little cocksucker. Just like that, yes!"

With a heave of my hips I exploded into her mouth. I saw her throat work as she tried to swallow my load, gulp after gulp. She continued to jack me off with her hand as her lips kept a tight seal on my dick.

I was relaxing now, and could feel her tongue and lips gently working my member still, sucking out the last drops and cleaning my shaft. She looked up at me, her mouth and lips glinting wetly with my seed.

Kimberly looked up at me with her blue eyes and long, dark lashes.

"That was so good," she sighed. "God I love your come..." Her lips still glistened with my juices. Her hand was cupping my balls, fondling them gently. "I just wish..."


"Gosh. Just for a moment there I thought you wanted to come on my tits."

"And?" I asked. I stroked her huge breasts idly.

"I really wanted you to. I wanted to feel your hot come on my chest..."

I must have been pushing subconsciously. I couldn't even remember making her want that.

"Get me hard again and I will..."

Her eyes brightened and her tongue stroked some of the remaining jizz off her bottom lip.

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