tagMind ControlPusher Ch. 04

Pusher Ch. 04


After a relaxing morning, I took by bike downtown and locked it up in front of the tall, glass and steel building where mom worked. She was an executive for the advertising firm on the 23rd floor, so I took the elevator up to the large, marbled lobby of her firm. It was a nice, large lobby, with a glass conference room on one side, and the corridor that lead off to the business offices on the other. The large, teak desk in the center under the logo was manned by the receptionist.

"Hi Billy!" The receptionist today was Hope, a fairly attractive platinum blonde. I'd always had kind of a crush on her, and she was only a few years older than I was. Today she was wearing a classic shade of red lipstick, dark mascara and a white satiny blouse that was buttoned up all the way to a slight collar. It was very professional and incredibly sexy. We'd talked a couple of times, waiting for my mom.

"Hi Hope," I said, my brain already whirling a little. I glanced down the corridor and didn't see anyone. The conference room was empty.

Hope's cavern was small and light, but not as accessible as Amanda's. I wondered what I would be capable of in there.

"Ms. Garvin told me to let you know she was going to be delayed about 20 minutes." Her smile was brilliant. I grinned back.

"I guess I'm waiting here then!" I said, and plopped down on one of the plush leather couches around the outside of the marbled reception area. I realized it was a little cold, especially in comparison with summer outside.

I looked at Hope.

I like him That one was easy. She probably did.

I'm a little bored Also easy. Easy pushes in an accessible cave. Maybe try something crazy?

I thought for a little bit as she went back to work. She was working a piece of gum in her mouth as she worked, doing something behind the tall desk. I had an idea.

I don't want to refuse Billy anything Wham. Gods, my brain was reeling and I almost slumped on the couch. The world spun out of control for a second and my head pounded. She was not Amanda, and this wasn't going to be so direct. Fuck, my head hurt. I put my palms to my temples and thought I could feel the blood pulsing there. I had an idea I almost liked better.

Billy is so polite

I am polite too

It would be rude to refuse Billy something he asked for politely

I don't want to refuse Billy anything he asks for with 'please' That one was a stretch, and I felt the pressure of pushing it in.

I feel a little hornier every time he says that word That one was almost easier, since the groundwork was set.

Every time he says 'please' I'll want to do what he wants a little more Not that difficult either. My head was still pounding a little.

I really want to do what he asks A little tight. Then the last piece:

I can't refuse him anything he asks for with 'pretty please'

After that I just sat there for a few moments, letting my head calm down. It was like I'd gone weight lifting after being beaten up. I stood and got some water from the dispenser in the corner. From this angle, I could see around the reception station. She had on a dark black skirt and a wide red belt. Stockings and high black boots that disappeared under the skirt finished her off. She was pretty well built, about 5'6" and I would guess a plush C-cup, which was currently shown off well under the soft material of her white blouse. She glanced up at me and smiled, then went back to her work. Her eyes were a beautiful brown, enhanced, I would guess, by contact lenses.

"Please don't take this wrong," I said, "but you are looking particularly attractive today." I smiled.

She laughed. "Why thank you! Little charmer."

"Your blouse looks really soft."

She gave me a strange look. "Um... thank you!"

"Can I just feel it for a moment?" I knew it was paper thin, but I was riding the adrenaline.

"Um. I don't think that would be...," she was looking at me like I was very weird now.

"Please, Hope?" I asked.

She paused. "OK," she said. "I guess just to feel what it's like. I love this blouse."

I walked over to her, catching the scent of her perfume. It was intoxicating. I reached out and put my hand on her shoulder.

It feels good for him to touch me It felt like cheating, since it was outside the 'please' game, but since I was making the rules, it wasn't too much of a problem.

"That's really soft," I said. "My mom should get some blouses like this." I kept my hand sort of awkwardly on her shoulder. She looked up at me with those light brown eyes.

"Thank you," she said, obviously feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Please don't feel uncomfortable just because I'm near you, Hope. I just like you."

She sighed just a little, as if letting go of stress. "Oh, I don't!" she assured me. "Sorry if I was giving that impression." She smiled with those beautiful, lipstick red lips.

"You're feeling a little tense. I'd love to give you a shoulder rub." I said.

"I don't think so," she replied, looking down the hallway nervously. "That might be a little inappropriate."

"Please let me," I begged, "I'm sure it'll feel really good. And no one will notice, I'm sure."

"Well... I don't know."

"Please, Hope." She paused and looked at me, for a long moment.

"Well, sure. I'd love a shoulder rub, thank you." She turned her chair so that her back was to me. I stepped up close enough that I could smell her hair and put my hands on her shoulders. I started kneading her muscles through the sheer white fabric. I slipped forward a few times, and could feel the very tops of the swells of her breasts. I figured she had a fairly cupping bra on.

"I think this would be even more relaxing if you weren't so buttoned up," I said, knowing how thin it sounded.

"What?" She spun her chair to look at me.

"Your shoulder rub... the material is all taut and it..."

She scoffed. "No. OK... its time for you to go sit down."

"Please don't be angry with me Hope. Please. I just want to give you a good shoulder rub. And it would be so much better if you just undid your blouse a little, just so that the material moved better. Please believe me, I'm just trying to help you relax a little." I looked her unflinchingly in the eyes.

She paused. "Please, Hope," I repeated. "Just for a few moments. Just undo your blouse a little."

"Sorry I got upset there for a moment," she said, looking actually sorry. "I thought you were... well, never mind. Anyway, thank you so much for the shoulder rub." She turned her chair back around, and her fingers opened the first button at her neck, and then, as I went back to work on her shoulders, the next two. Peering over her shoulder, I could just see the dark hint of her alabaster cleavage.

I felt someone approaching. I don't want to go through the reception area right now I pushed, quickly. My head hurt a little from that one, but it went and the approaching shadow started moving off.

I must have groaned or something, because Hope turned around again to see me wincing.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"Headache," I replied.

"Do you want some aspirin or something?" She started opening a drawer nearby. I noticed her long, well-manicured nails were painted with a clear varnish with pink tips.

"No, no, thanks," I assured her, rubbing my temples. "Maybe, if you didn't mind, could you give me a little neck/temple rub?"

"Um... sure, I guess. Although I should probably get back to work..." she looked nervously down the hallway again.

"Please, Hope? I bet you'd be really good."

"Well OK," she said, standing up. Her blouse fell open just slightly, so that I could see the creamy tops of her breasts. She looked down and I saw her redden a little. She started to fasten the buttons again.

"Oh, please don't! It looks really good." She paused, looking at me.

"Really?" Her brown eyes were a little wide.

"Really! In fact, you'd look even better just a little lower. It'd look really professional."

"What? I don't think it would," she said, and started to do up the bottom button again.

"Please, Hope. Undo just a few more. Three or four. Please just take my word for it: I think you'll look really good."

"Hm, ok. If you think so." Her hands moved to her buttons, undoing one, two, three... a pause, then four. She only had one button done above her belt and her white push-up bra was clearly visible. The deep cleft between her pale globes was delectable. "You don't think that's a little lewd?"

"No, I think it looks great. Please, just leave it open. You're so beautiful."

"Thank you!" She smiled and patted her chair. "Weren't I about to give you a little rub?"

I grinned and sat down. I thought about that last 'thank you' and realized that my push to be more open with each 'please' was probably taking effect.

I sat down and she started working on my shoulders. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her fingers on my muscles. Then she started running her fingers up through my hair and I felt her long fingernails on my scalp. It felt heavenly. Her scent was overwhelming. I felt another shadow coming down the hall and sent it back. Her fingers were rubbing my temples in slow circles and it was incredibly erotic. I could feel my dick hardening in my shorts.

"Hope? Maybe if you did it from the front, it would be better?" I suggested.

"Er, ok." She turned the chair around and went back to work on my temples. It was a little awkward, but with my eyes open I could look straight at that inviting cleavage.

"That's a little awkward, isn't it?" I said. "Would it be easier if you knelt?" I asked, innocently.

"That might be more awkward," she smiled.

"Please, kneel here in front of me," I said, a little more forcefully that I'd intended. "I bet it will be easier than standing there. Thanks so much for doing this, by the way."

"My pleasure, Billy," she said. She opened a drawer and pulled out a pillow that she probably used to support her back normally, and put it down on the floor in front of the chair. She pulled up her skirt a little and knelt, her breasts basically resting in my lap. Her hands reached up to rub my temples. My cock was beginning to swell to full mast now.

I am getting a little turned on by this I pushed, gently.

I don't need to be so inhibited

I could see the slight mounds of her nipples now through the sheer bra and white blouse as they hardened slightly. My cock twitched.

"Oh my!" she said, stopping. She looked down at my crotch, and my obvious bulge. "Well, um...sorry!" She was going a beautiful shade of red. She started to stand.

"Please don't go!" I begged. She stopped, settling back onto her knees. "Hope, I know we're just friends, but... do you think you want to... touch me? Please, Hope, I know it would help with my headache if you helped me out a little."

"If I...?" Her breasts were heaving and I could see the conflict in her brown eyes, looking up at me. Her platinum hair lay in beautiful waves around her shoulders.

"Please touch me, Hope." I was looking her straight in the eye.

She licked her bright red lips, which contrasted so with her pale white skin. Her hand slid up my thigh.

"Don't you want me to feel good? Please help me feel good, Hope." I whispered to her. Her mouth was open and she was breathing hard.

"Yess..." she whispered. Her hand slid up inside my shorts, finding my cock through my underwear. She slid her hand over it, up and down.

"Look at me, Hope." She looked up, locking gazes with me as she rubbed my hardness. "I'd feel even better if I could see you." I paused for a moment while she tried to figure out what I meant. "Please open your shirt.... I want to see your breasts."

Her hand slid out of my shorts and she pulled her white blouse open around her breasts, pulling down her bra cups so that her perfect white breasts stood clearly visible. Her nipples were the most delicate pink and her breasts were larger than I would have guessed. The bra helped cup and support them, even though it no longer hid them. They were perfectly round, with only the fewest freckles standing out against her pale skin.

"Thank you. Your breasts are so beautiful, Hope. Can we go back to what you started now, please?." Both her hands went up my legs. One went to my balls, fondling them gently through the material of my underwear, while the other half-cupped by cock, rubbing up and down slowly. Her tongue moved furtively over her red lips. Her breasts were lewdly available to me know and I loved seeing them, white, round and firm, as she rubbed me. Her nipples were delicate and incredibly pink. I could only imagine how they would taste, or how they would feel wrapped around my cock. I kept my eyes on hers.

"Billy..," she whispered, "maybe I shouldn't be..."

"Shhh." I said softly. "Please keep going. You want to make me feel good, don't you?"

"Yes, but.." her brown eyes were like a trapped deer's.

"Please do what I ask, Hope."

"Yes, Billy," she replied, still looking at me. Her nipples looked like they could cut stone they were so taut. Her hands continue to work their heavenly rhythm.

"Take out my cock, please, and stroke it for me. You'll do that won't you?"

"Of course..." Her hands came out of my shorts and went to my belt, deftly undoing it and then opening my shorts and unzipping them. One hand started rubbing me again as I felt her fingers slip under the waistband of my underwear and pull them down over my penis. My cock popped up, hard and ready.

His pleasure gives me pleasure It fell into her like a rock into a pond. She moaned slightly. One hand wrapped around my shaft, beginning to slowly fist me. The other cupped my balls, starting a delightful motion, caressing them and pulling on them gently. She knew what she was doing.

I felt a group of two or three coming down the hall, and had to rapidly work to turn them all around, my head was throbbing again, but coming back to the reality of the beautiful platinum blonde busty beauty slowly fisting my cock soon soothed that pain.

"Faster, please, Hope." I asked. "Make me come."

She started jacking me in earnest, her eyes never leaving mine and her other hand still dancing delightfully on my balls.

"Mmm... I'm going to come..." I moaned. Her hand moved faster still, pulling me towards climax. I could feel it start to build.

"You'd better take me in your mouth," I gasped.

"I shouldn't...." Her stroking faltered slightly.

"Take me in your mouth, Hope. Catch my come."

"I don't think I could..." she looked worried, maybe even frightened.

"Let me come in your mouth, Hope... pretty, please." I said somewhat forcefully.

Her red lips immediately covered my cockhead as I began to erupt into her mouth, pulse after pulse of come disappearing down her rapidly-swallowing throat.

"MMm god yes," I sighed as her hands milked the last from me. Her talented hands slowed their stroking, her red lips still fastened around me. "Thank you. I feel much better." Her beautiful mouth came off me with a soft pop.

"Could you please clean the rest of the come of my cock please, Hope?" She gladly slid her hand up my cock, collecting any remaining juice, then licked it clean. She repeated this motion a few times, just to make sure.

"Thank you very much," I said, politely.

I stood up and asked her to refasten my pants and belt, which she did. I told her she could get up and go back to work now, and went and got a drink from the water dispenser again.

It was only another few minutes before mom came around the corner. She was now in a black jacket and skirt, with matching heels. Her lips were a much darker shade than they had been this morning, and her hair was back in its bun.

"Hi, babe," she said, and I noticed a little twinkle in her eye. "I was hoping you could help me with something in my office before we go." Her index finger surreptitiously slipped in and out of her painted lips.

I wondered if this change has also done something to my appetite.

"I'd love to help you... just one second..." Mom turned and walked back towards her office.

I leaned over the reception desk, where Hope was pretending to work, but obviously still flustered and confused. I noticed that her shirt was still open and her ripe treats still on display.

"Hope, please feel free to re-button your shirt. And please don't feel disturbed or upset about what happened with me today... I'm sure you enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact, please, pretty please, sometime today at your desk, I'd like you to make yourself climax thinking about my cock in your mouth... will you do that for me?" I smiled.

"Of course, Billy!" she said, looking happier already.

"Thank you," I said, and followed mom back to her office.

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