tagFetishPushing The Boundaries

Pushing The Boundaries


(fict, group, tease, creampie, smoking, light BDSM)

[Author's Note: This story is presented in alternating first-person perspective, switching between his and hers. It's a little harder to read than the average story, but creates an immediacy of what each character is thinking -- the key element to this story.]

"Jill! You're such a fucking slut! How could you do this to me?" I walked into the apartment to find my girlfriend lying nude on the couch, come leaking lazily from her flaming pussy.

She looked up at me with a weary, satisfied smile on her face. "Hi honey," she responded weakly.

"Don't 'hi honey' me," I growled as I crossed the room toward her. "You've been fucking around on me and you don't even have the decency to hide it. You just lie there with some guy's come leaking out of you, waiting for me to get home."

"Actually," she corrected me, idly running a finger through the sticky wetness in her crotch, "There were three of them."

As much as I tried to hide it, Jill would have had to have been blind to miss the erection that had been growing inside of my pants since the second I opened the door. Before that, really -- knowing what lay in store for me. We had been playing this game, I guess, for a couple of months now. It was constantly getting more complex and going ever farther. Jill loved to act and be treated like a slut. It was far from her day-to-day persona as a successful financial manager, but perhaps that was part of the draw. At any rate, she had subtly maneuvered me into providing her sexual outlet, and along the way I had discovered great excitement in "forcing" my girlfriend to act in depraved ways.

I watched, mesmerized, as she lifted her finger to her lips, a string of gooey come stretching from her fingernail to her clit. She looked me in the eye as she sucked the wetness from it, and then reached for my belt buckle.


"I was a bad, bad girl today...so what are you doing to do about it? Are you going to punish me?" I said, looking up at him, daring him to do just that.

'Boy, is he hard tonight,' I thought. Just looking at my gorgeous boyfriend's hard cock growing larger by the second turned me on even further. The come leaking from me was now, once again, mingled with the sweet aroma from my pussy. Just when I thought I had had enough tonight...

I licked my lips, never taking my eyes away from his. "You know you want me David, don't you? Do you want sloppy seconds?" He didn't answer. I slowly pulled down his zipper, and his throbbing cock sprang free.

I touched the base of his cock with my tongue and slowly started licking up the length of it. "Mmmm, that's nice" I purred. His eyes never left mine. I know what he likes, and I began. I continued to lick his shaft, slowly, intently. Then all of a sudden I took all of it deep into my mouth. "Oh God," David groaned, "Please don't stop!"


Jill was such a whore. I had to give her credit, she knew what she liked and she was very skilled at it. I couldn't stop moaning as her tongue lazily crossed my cock in a seemingly random pattern that nonetheless left me short of breath. She looked so sexy, so...used...with the lipstick smeared partly off of her mouth from the other men she had sucked tonight. We both knew what the rules of the game were, and we were both ready to do our parts. I continued with my role.

"You think you can just give me a blowjob and that everything will be all right, don't you?" I laced my fingers in her long, blonde hair and pulled her face into my hips until her lips were on the base of my cock. To her credit, Jill didn't even miss a beat but kept licking gently while using her mouth for suction around me. "You little cunt...If I'm ever going to forgive you, you're going to have to be completely honest with me. I need to hear every detail about it."

She leaned back into the sofa with her legs spread obscenely. I could tell she was getting freshly wet because her cunt was growing even shinier, and a thick stream of come was slowly oozing down her inner thigh like a white arrow pointing to the target. She pursed her lips as if in thought. The silence grew between us, and my cock twitched with my heartbeat while more semen leaked from her. I found myself thinking that the three guys must have really filled her up when Jill broke the silence.

"All right," she began. "I at least owe you that much." I could tell that Jill was taking back the initiative in our game of trading control and felt my loins trembling slightly. As rough as I could try to be, and as much as she liked my dominance, I thought she was probably the more skilled of the two of us at the game. As if to illustrate the point, she reached to the night stand beside her and picked up her cigarettes. Jill knew that smoking a cigarette would both slow things down and give her some control, and also drive me wild since I found it so sexy when she did it.

Jill withdrew a long white cigarette and lit it, slowly inhaling and then exhaling a long stream of smoke. "I'll tell you what you want to know, but we both know you had a hand in this too, so I think you're going to have to kiss me first."

I thought that was a fair compromise, and bent down over her, my cock rubbing against her leg and leaving a smear of precome on her. Jill's arms went around my neck and she pulled me into her hot mouth. Her tongue pressed hard against mine and I could taste the smoke on her breath as she breathed and moaned into me. Her mouth was warm and moist and I was reminded instantly that she had been sucking my cock moments earlier, and who knew how many before I had arrived. Finally I pulled away, weak in the knees.

"That was nice," she commented while taking a drag from her cigarette. "But I meant kiss ME. Not on the mouth." Her hand slid up from my neck to the top of my head and she firmly began pressing me down onto my knees before her creamy gash. I had known it was coming; it always did. But the sheer nastiness of it never failed to excite me. She pulled me into her messy cunt and began telling me about the evening as she slowly smoked.


I knew he would do whatever I want, and I love to get my own way. I know it sounds bad, but it excites me that he will do whatever I please.

"I went into that new bar that opened up around the corner on my way home", I began. "You know I have been wanting to check it out. Well, I didn't realize that the sailors were in town this week". I paused, trying to regain my composure, as David was hungrily flicking my clit with his tongue. I am sure he could feel my increased pressure on his head, pushing him deeper into the center.

"Well, anyway, I thought I would stop in for a drink, since it has been so hectic at work lately, and I knew you were going to the gym tonight. Wait till you see it in there! It's fun, with moody lighting, and classy...MMMMMMMMMMM!" I groaned as he pushed a few fingers deep into my pussy, daring me to come. He knows just what to do to send me over the edge.

"Ahhhh, well, yeah, so the bar. Mmmmmmmm, nice... Well, I ordered the usual, and a deep voice from over my shoulder said 'Let me get that for you'. I turned to see three wonderfully gorgeous young men in full sailor uniforms. The one who had spoken to me was smiling. 'It is the least I can do, a pretty girl like you sitting here all alone'."

My cheeks were starting to flush and I began to forget what I was saying. David was licking my clit like he was on a mission, and I started to spiral out of control. Being incredibly multi-orgasmic, this was what we were used to, but I never seemed ready when it happened -- they are usually so intense. "OHH David, please!!" I sighed. All of a sudden, the feeling was there. I started to shake. I threw my head back, and held one hand still on David's head, with the other gripping the sofa. "Oh YES, YES, YES!!" I shouted. I tend to get loud when I come. Then all was lost, I could barely see, barely tell what was happening, as I filled David's mouth with a mixture of my fun of the day and my new hot juices. My body jerked and started to shake. David steadied me, and licked every last drop out from my swollen lips.

David sat up, and stared at me. "You didn't finish your story young lady, do you know what will happen to you now? You came without getting permission to come...you ARE a bad girl!"


Jill looked up at me with an expression of apprehension. She realized belatedly that she had lost control of the situation while the excitement of emptying her overflowing cunt took over. Now she had come yet again, in fact probably had lost count for the day, and yet my rock hard prick was still twitching for relief for the first time.

Jill tried to backpedal. Desperate, she lit a cigarette and began smoking as sexily as possible while fondling my shaft. "I have so much more to tell you David," she breathed at me. "I can stroke you while I tell you, or suck on you some more, or..."

I leaned down and kissed her once again, squeezing her lips hard against mine so that she could deeply savor the musky wetness that was smeared on and around my mouth. Her whimpering alerted me to the pleasure that gave her, tasting the mixture of boy and girl come that she had deposited in my face. Jill loves the taste of pussy almost as much as I do, and it had been a while since I let her have another woman, so I'm sure that made it even sweeter to her.

But for now, I knew that she wanted and expected to be treated a little differently. Less softly, less gently. More like the slut that she so desperately could be, deep inside of her crisp, professional shell. I gripped her chin forcefully and twisted her jaw away from me. "Bend over the couch Jill," I commanded quietly.

I saw the emotion flash through her eyes even though she tried to hide it. It was a mixture of anticipation, satisfaction, and a bit of fear -- although if she didn't deny it in the first place, she would try to play it all up as fear and pretend that she didn't love what was coming to her.

Jill set down her cigarette in the ashtray and bent over the couch, knees touching the cushion and hands on the back. "Jill," I called softly. She looked over her shoulder at me. "Did I tell you to set down the cigarette?"

"No..." she whispered.

"Then pick it up. And don't try to anticipate anything else that I may want you to do. If I want something, I'll explicitly make you do it." To emphasize the point, I placed a hand on each ass cheek and spread her legs to about a forty-five degree angle with my foot. Then I left her for a minute, with the instruction that she remain silently in that position and not to move, with the exception of smoking.

It only took me a couple of minutes to retrieve the items I needed from our bedside drawer: a very thick dildo shaped like a veiny cock, a medium sized butt plug, and some liquid KY. And the paddle. Jill was as I expected when I returned, in the proper position and quietly exhaling a stream of smoke. I noticed a strand of white come stretching from her pussy towards the floor; evidently, I hadn't gotten quite all of it before, but apparently there was quite a lot. I gave her permission to light another cigarette and then began.

The thick dildo I set aside for later. But I immediately lubed up the butt plug. Jill whimpered when she saw it. "Please David, I'm...I'm a bit sore there. The guys sandwiched me earlier, you know, in both holes, and..."

Smack! I didn't even let her finish, nor did I bother with the paddle. I just slapped her ass barehanded, and hard. "Jill," I continued in my 'quiet voice' -- she finds it sexier if I punish her without actually seeming upset -- "Shut the fuck up. Now. Relax your ass, look at the wall, and make sure I think you're sexy. If my cock softens, I'll be very unhappy and I won't just paddle you. Understand?" She nodded, a bit more fearfully. I wasn't usually so forceful, but she had really turned me on today, and I knew she wanted it.

I put the tip of the butt plug against her asshole and firmly pressed it into her, until the ring of her sphincter sealed up around the narrow portion. Like it or not, it was in for a while now. Then I began to spank her with the paddle. I tried to be erratic with the timing so that she couldn't prepare for it. Once in a while, I timed a stroke right after Jill took a long drag from her cigarette, so that she gasped and inhaled deeply. That was part of our game as well. Gradually, as her ass got bright red from my firm paddling, I reached around her back to twist and pull her nipples roughly. That had the added benefit of wedging my cock into her drooling cunt, which felt pretty good. Eventually, Jill actually had a small orgasm just from the pounding and the nipple twisting, but I didn't hold that one against her. Still, my arm was getting tired and I was ready for her to really work at pleasing me.

Tossing the paddle aside, I turned her around and kissed her smoky mouth aggressively. "OK Jill. It's time for you to start taking care of me," I ordered, putting her hand on my dick. "And you have a long story yet to tell..."


"Well," I began, exhaling a long stream of smoke. "Where was I, oh yeah, so one of them picked up the tab on my drink. You know I can't resist a nice drink with a handsome guy..." I pushed David down on the sofa, never letting go of his hard pulsating cock. I straddled his lap, slowly grazing my wetness against the tip of him. "Then we talked a little. He told me that they were in town for the night and were looking for a little fun. I told them, I am a LOT of fun, not just a little, and did they think they could handle that? I finished the rest of my drink, and told them, if so, follow me."

David just stared at me. His jaw was clenched, but I couldn't tell if he was mad, or trying not to come. I continued to tease him, and then when I thought he looked more relaxed, I slid down the length of his cock, pushing it deep into my sopping pussy. David's breath came out in a rush. I knew this is what he wanted from me, however, the more I moved, the more conscious I was of the plug, still in my ass. I am not a huge fan of things in my ass. I would not give him the satisfaction of knowing that; he would just get off on it, knowing I had to obey, and leave it where it was.

"So on the short walk here, I turned, and there they were, just behind me. I got to the door of the building and waited a second for them to follow. They did, and once we were in the elevator they were all over me, three sets of hands. We reached our door, and once inside, they were ready. Kissing me, touching me, it was so sensual, so hot. I don't even know whose hands were where, who took off my clothes. One was on his knees, licking my pussy. Another was kissing me, kissing my neck. The third was tweaking my nipples, kissing them, biting them."

I continued to rock on his thick, hard cock. He told me sternly, "Tell me the rest you little slut, tell me how you let them have their way with you". I hesitated. Was he ready for this? Did he really want to know? David put his hands on my small waist, raised me up, and slammed me down on him, hard. This pushed the plug deep into my ass and made me yelp. "TELL ME," he demanded.

"The one licking me, pulled me down to the floor so that I was on all fours. The one kissing me put his long dick into my mouth. I gagged -- it hit the back of my throat! The other kept licking me, while the one that had bought me the drink put his dick in my ass. You know I am scared of that! But the tongue was on my clit the whole time, and I couldn't say anything with the cock in my mouth..."


The sweat was starting to run down the side of my face as Jill slowly fucked me. Her story was unbelievable -- except that the evidence was right in front of me, from the slick foam of come that had been leaking out of her since I arrived to the red marks where her breasts had been nipped and bitten. When we started "playing" a few months ago, it had been fantasies for a while...then blindfolds and whispered role-playing. Finally a couple of threesomes with either another woman or another man. And eventually Jill had fucked a couple of guys on different occasions. But to my knowledge she had never gone this crazy, and it was getting me very hot hearing about it.

Jill clenched her cunt muscles around my prick, trying to coax my load into her womb. It was amazing to watch the expression on her face as she struggled to tense her pussy without tightening down on the butt plug I had pushed up her ass. It was clearly impossible for her, and she was too stubborn to give up, even though anal play isn't really that exciting to her. Which is why it was so interesting that she had let this Navy guy sodomize her...

I reached behind Jill's back and pulled her close so that I could suck on her hard brown nipples. "Tell me what happened next," I pressed her.

Jill moaned through clenched teeth. Her breasts are wonderfully sensitive, and after she has had a couple of orgasms, I can usually get her to climax just from playing with her tits. "Well, I was kind of shocked when the one put his dick in my ass. Oh...oh yeah. Umm, but then it started to feel good. And I was sucking his friend off, and you know how much I like that..."

I thrust my dick hard against her as she spoke so that I could feel her pubic bone firmly on my stomach. "Keep going," I grunted.

"So they guy that was eating me kind of slid out from under me. I was really disappointed for a minute, but he just turned around and started rubbing his cock against my pussy. It took me a second to realize that he was going to fuck me at the same time. Both my front and back. Oh god, his dick was really big too. I thought he was going to split me in half." Jill reached down to stroke her clit while she continued. I could tell she was reliving it now; her eyes were closed and she was fucking down on me ever harder.

"Their cocks felt so good inside me. Before I knew it, the guy I was sucking came in my mouth." Jill leaned forward so that her lips were against mine. Kissing me, she whispered, "I swallowed him."

I groaned, and Jill stopped moving for a few seconds, knowing I was on the border of coming. Gradually I subsided a touch and asked her to continue.

"Well, the pressure must have been pretty intense with the double-fucking the guys were giving me, because the guy in my pussy came really quickly. He was the first one to cream inside me today. The guy behind me didn't want to come in my ass though, because he hadn't fucked my cunt yet. I made him wash up first, though... Then he laid me on my back and shoved his cock up me. The other guys cheered him on and he told them my sloppy seconds felt great."

There was no doubt about it now -- I was going to come inside my sexy, slutty girlfriend any minute and no amount of restraint would prevent it. Jill sensed it and rushed forward with her story. "He fucked me for a long time, and had really great control. The other guys were getting antsy, even though I was sucking and jacking them off. Finally, I made him come for me."

"How?!?" I virtually screamed, fucking my hips upwards at her blazing pussy.

"I looked him in the eye and told him I needed him to come inside me so that my boyfriend would have a real mess to clean up when he got home. He shot off right away at that." Jill frigged her clit furiously in time with her story. I felt my balls tensing up in the first moments of orgasm. She gasped out the rest in a hurry. "The second he pulled out, the guy I had blown slid it in me. I could hardly feel him because I was such a mess. I was already blowing the third guy. They both came pretty quickly, one in my cunt and one in my mouth."

And I came too, filling her up once again. Jill came as well, and we deep-kissed and rutted like animals in heat. Our orgasms racked our intertwined bodies for several minutes. Finally, when we settled down, I playfully nipped Jill's ear. "If my count is right, that makes the fourth load in you today then."

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