tagNonConsent/ReluctancePushing the Limit Ch. 02

Pushing the Limit Ch. 02

byLusty Redhead©

Part Two - The Dining Table

The straps securing the spreader bar were removed and I was allowed to walk around with your assistance. Reaching to remove the blindfold, you stopped me. "That is so you don't see the other surprises I have for you." You told me.

"But, but, I just want to have a rest," I stammered in return.

"Look, I'm allowing you up to walk a bit, move around to get the blood circulating again – that is all you need for now." You said, with quite a firm tone.

I decided it was NOT worth arguing about. I took a deep breath and exhaled audibly. Your snicker told me you approved. My thoughts interrupted by you tugging me in a different direction than I was initially going. "What?" I questioned.

"Time to move on to new limits." You stated.

Complaining, "Not already, let me walk this out a little." I whined.

"NO, it's time!" You declared.

Pulling me half backwards I was led to my next position. I felt cold wood against the back of my upper thighs. Mentally accessing the situation, I determined the only wood in the house that high had to be the dining room table. I realized I was facing away from the table. You placed the securing straps just above my knees and then connected the spreader bar in place on the front side of my legs. You pushed me backwards onto the tabletop, causing my legs to come off the floor due to where they were secured. My torso fully on the table, with legs halfway to the floor, I must have been quite a site; it definitely was uncomfortable.

I felt my wrists being grabbed and security straps placed on each forearm. My arms pulled overhead and snapped together, both were secured tightly in place, cradling my head between them. Next you raised my legs and secured them to whatever was holding my arms still. Once again, I was vulnerable and wholly accessible from any venue.

"Because you were so vocal the last time round, I'm going to have to ensure nobody hears you this time." You said as you slipped a ball gag into my mouth. The only fussing I could do was muffled and useless anyways, so I lay silent.

Cool objects were rested atop my nipples, first one then the other had then my nipples were "sucked" into the cup...realizing you had the "cupping sets" out and now in place. When I squirmed in discomfort you determined that the nipples were extended enough for the time being. Your whistling quite distracting as you go about "prepping" me for my next limits test.

The bell once again pressed into the palm of my hand to be used as a signaling device to stop if enough is enough. My mind was already on high alert and anticipating anything.

Your hands were wondering over my uncomfortably positioned body; working towards my exposed nether region. Once you reached my shaven lips I could feel your fingers tracing my lips, nudging them gently open. "Whap" went the stinging strips of the cat-o-nine tail upon my entire bottom region, and a second time. It stung, but grunts were all that was heard. Less power was applied to the next series of precision, guided strikes. I felt my lips beginning to get hotter than ever noticed, with my pussy taking the brunt of the most recent applications.

Fluid began to drool forth and run down my exposed ass crack. I felt you raise my butt so you could place a towel or cloth beneath me so as not to damage the table finish.

"AWWWWW" was all you could hear beneath my gag as you then applied ice to the reddened area. When you slid it across my clit, I nearly rang the bell, but let the process continue, thinking that if you did it again, I'd have to quit. Chilly water mixing with my female fluids ran quickly and pooled where my backside met the table. The liquid was making me deeply uncomfortable, but you had insisted on making me reach my limits and discomfort was NOT a limit, merely a challenge.

"Whap, whap again the lashes fell upon my now wet butt and pussy. I found I could swivel a bit on the table and believe me, I was moving in earnest to escape the stings. Then came the ice again, to cool and soothe the burning flesh.

When you rubbed the ice around working toward the clit, I got edgy, but you brushed on by and slipped it deep into my pussy. That was an odd feeling, but nothing worth ringing a bell over.

With melting ice water flowing freely out of me, I didn't readily notice the other cold until it began pressing into me. As you slowly opened the mouth of the device, instantly I knew you had in me the vaginal speculum that opens sideways instead of vertically. Although it isn't the nicest thing in the world it is far from the cruelest.

"MMMMMMMM, nice and juicy in there," I heard you comment. It was easy to recognize your finger pressing here and there, exploring the area, like you were seeking something in particular. Then it dawned on me that you sought out the hidden "g-spot." When you thought you had located it you pressed on into it...but that only really was uncomfortable and I wiggled, so you would recognize this was not what you sought.

Bit by bit you pressed more and more onward until you hit a spot that made me want to pee. Squirming again, you confidently asked me "that's it, isn't it? Nod your head if it is."

I nodded.

Then the rubbing began, slowly, very slowly, steadily, back, and forth, for what seemed an eternity I had to go to the bathroom and was frightened I would.

Soon, the warmth of your breath was felt and then the delicious feeling of your gentle tongue as it began to work in an opposite direction of the finger rubbing inside.

Once again, my body a bundle of nerve endings all wrapped into one deliciously uncomfortable ball. The intensifying pressure within and without burning a persistent pleasure, working forth toward a now impending orgasm. The feeling was rather indescribable as it was trying to manifest into complete results. My bladder seemed fuller than ever and the pleasure center wasn't as sensitive allowing more tongue pressure and suction that I imagined I could stand.

Somehow the working inside minimized the pleasures outside. Enough juice had escaped to lube up a horse by now and where it pooled made a convenient reservoir for your absent finger. However, that changed about the same time I thought about it.

One steady digit began it's insertion into my previously warn out backside, then a second one joined in. When you drew my clit into your lips and stroked it with your tongue, my body quaked in a rhythmic crescendo of contractions felt from my toes to my nose. I heard you slurping the liquid as it was expelled and there must have been plenty, as you seemed never to stop. Nor did you hesitate to brush my swollen and agonized clit as you lapped it all up. This caused additional jerks and sputters from an already stressed body.

How long you did that I don't know, but each touch to the clit provoked yet another spasm, until it seemed one continued on into the other.

At last, you removed your fingers from my backend and withdrew the one rubbing on the g-spot. Finally you removed the speculum and patted down my soaked nether region.

You released my legs from overhead and from the spreader bar, which were now quite numb and my arms were let go, but remained secured together and lastly you removed the glass cups from my swollen nipples. Once that was done I was allowed to try and stand...again, blindfold and ball gag had to remain in place.

I had to rely on the strength of the table to hold me steady. You took my hand and made me to walk around for a little while. Then I was placed against the wall and told to stand.

There was noise, but what you were doing was unknown completely.

You grabbed my hands and once again I was moved and placed against a cloth object with something solid behind it. From what I could tell I was back against the dining table, but facing it this time. I was pressed forward, arms stretched above my head. My assumptions correct again. The table it was, but the center leaf had been removed.

As I went forward, my tits fell into the recesses between the tabletop, left to just hang. However hanging free isn't what you wanted. You pushed the pieces of the table together trapping both tits between them. Since I still had the bell, I knew I could ring it if you had got too far out of control. When you had the table as tight as you wanted, you reached beneath to check how firm the tits were now. It was obvious you weren't satisfied as you pushed it a bit more together squeezing them more firmly and securely in place.

It was certain I'd be going nowhere soon, even if not tied down. You reached under the table again and pulled a nipple and rotated in your fingers; twisting it and pulling forth and I moaned a most painful groan to no avail. You seemed to milk the nipple in a tight rotating motion. This really hurt and I rang the bell.

"What's the matter, I thought you enjoyed nipple torture?" You tauntingly asked me.

Your footsteps whispered on the carpet as you walked to the other side of the table. You reached beneath it again and grasped nipple number two. Gently you tugged on it and lightly scratched the nipple tip with your calloused finger. Since I wasn't tied, only fastened between the table pieces I could freely wiggle my bottom to sensations that good caused a sweet stir. Softly you milked this nipple. Then you circled the areola with your fingers and again I squirmed in delight. You knew this was driving me into frenzy, quickly.

As I heard you walk away, I knew you were finally happy with the tit placement. First you secured my arms in place with the straps already in place from before. Then my backside was raised and I was forced to pull my knees up onto the table. What a sight this must have been. My tits were squashed and hanging securely below the table, and on my knees on top of it. I was definitely accessible once again.

You picked each knee up and placed each on a pillow giving me some relief. Then you fastened the spreader bar in place, having had to move the securing straps back to my ankles. The bar forced my legs apart further, but I was still wholly on the tabletop and pillows.

"Ah, my sweet, this looks incredibly inviting." Teasing me with your sexiest voice. I felt you pick up my head and face it in the other direction, placing the cum stained cheek to the tabletop.

"You know, you will never fully understand what it is you do to me." I heard you go on. "It's remarkable, I just can't give you enough pleasure and although I can get plenty of satisfaction, I still want more, even when the energy isn't there." You continued.

It hit me again, fresh hot jism right on my face and ear again... A chill ran across my back and I cringed at the feeling of yet another load landing where I wanted it least. Your groan was audible throughout the house.

I don't know how long you relaxed, leaving me strapped down. The position was definitely taxing on my knees. I moaned signaling you it was time for something to happen or let me up – not that I could do anything but moan.

At last I felt your presence at the end of the table. You were digging in something, a box, a container, something that I couldn't determine, but I was certain you were seeking a new "torture/pleasure" device.

It was easy to recognize the sharp needles of the "pinwheel" (wertenberg wheel), as they were moved up and down my backside and the inside of my thighs.

Inhaling sharply, I knew better than to wiggle around. As you worked closer and closer to my oozing pussy, I began to worry. Fortunately, the bell was still in my hand securely. As I felt it graze lightly over the first lip and then the second, I tensed and held my breath.

Your actions were deliberate and cautious as you increased the pressure. The points were now pressing further into my tender flesh. Working carefully toward the inner lips you lightened the intensity a bit. Then what I feared most as you let the points glide across my clit. Your words were not needed as you narrated your obvious actions just to reiterate your movements. No doubt my clit was no longer hidden, but peeking outward to your visual pleasure. The moisture flowing quite freely and ready for more...

It was obvious I was eager for more. My mind reeled as you began a slow and agonizing fingering of my wanting female flesh. I couldn't wait for an orgasm, but knew I had no choice in the matter.

With that, you slipped something else deep into me. Then you opened it up and I realized it was a speculum. Cool air instantly welled inside.

Again, I heard the familiar sound of our lube bottle being squeezed. Instantly, I expected you to lube my rear for some anal pleasures, but that didn't happen.

Confused, I could not imagine your pleasure with lube. Slowly you removed the speculum and began inserting something larger – Oh my goodness, I didn't know what it was then, but came to find out it was a 3" in diameter PVC tube. That thing now had me open larger than the speculum could and you managed to get it secured in place with some sort of fastener. Once satisfied you dug in the box, basket or whatever you had full of toys.

Then I felt you tug swiftly on one of my nipples, extending it, elongating it as you rolled it in your fingers. It was not long before you placed a nipple clip on securely and tightened it to your satisfaction. The process deliberately repeated on the other side. The buzzing caught me totally off guard as you instantly turned on the vibrating attachment.

New noises caught my ear. A different sounding vibrator tested and turned off. Lube once again milked from the bottle sent knowing goose bumps all across my body. There had to be nothing left except the rear entryway. This time my assumption was correct. You carefully inserted one, then two fingers into my used asshole.

I expected the vibrator this time. I felt you begin to ease it in my shrunken butt from the tube deep in my pussy. Yet, as you pushed, it widen – getting thicker as it went. It had to be a butt plug. Then my sphincter muscle collapsed around it, trapping it tightly inside. The buzzer was once again turned on, I was buzzing at two places.

Your fingers stroked over my clit. I jumped as much as I could within my confines. I wondered how much more my aching body could take. It was you that would find out. Another vibrator goes off on a test trial.

My mind too busy with all the other feelings to really understand it's meaning. Then I had to jump as you pressed it onto my wanting clit. The buzzing sent all kinds of mixed messages all over me. I shook in anticipation. As quickly as you pressed it you removed it.

Then I felt pressure deep inside of me, very deep inside my wet pussy. It was obvious you had something pushed against my cervix. I began to get cramps as you continued to press it in further and further. Much more and I'd have to ring the bell. Then you turned on it's vibrations... I couldn't stand it. I rang the bell. "What's the matter, you like pressure on your cervix?" You asked. Not that I could give you an answer. I felt the pressure and vibrations go away.

It wasn't long before I felt a new sensation, cold...very cold. It dawned on me you slipped an ice cube into the tube, it was cold, but felt oddly good. Then you slip another ice cube onto my clit. At first it burns, then freezes. I softly ring the bell again, letting you know the ice is ok, but keep it off the clit. Then I feel something on my vibrating nipples, ice again. It burns and I shake best I can to get away, but can't.

My tits already hurt from being trapped and now from the vibrating clamps – but ice, that was more than I could bear. I rang the bell again.

Next I felt something sharp on the nipples. You had the "pinwheel" out and were running over them as the vibrated. WOW! That was interesting, but it was not long enough.

As you moved on to the next step, I heard you begin the big guy – testing it out. The butt plug was removed and I nervously wondered what you were going to do with the Hitachi wand and an empty butt. More lube was squeezed out of the bottle and my ass covered once again. I knew something was up.

God it was cold as you first pressed the ice cube into my widened anal canal. Pressure again, widening, greater than before and in it slid trapping the melting ice. A larger butt plug was installed, not that there was room for much else. Then you turned that one on to buzz away. Soon I felt the ice inside my pussy. Then the intensity of the nipple clips were increased, faster, tighter.

Pressure against my cervix startled me. I had not expected you to return to something I rang the bell over. The pressure increased, but not quite as much. My cramps began to come again.

All of a sudden I felt it...You placed the Hitachi wand on my clit and turned it on. NOW, I have nipple clips biting my tender nips and buzzing, my ass has a new, larger plug, my pussy has a 3" wide tube tied into it, my cervix has something pressed against it (I had to assume it was my vibrating egg on a stick) and my clit now has the wand against it.

I needed to scream...it was sooooooooooo good, so much, then it tore me apart as I tried to reconcile all the feelings into one.

Impossible! Every part of me vibrated. You pressed further into my cervix, causing major cramping and as I was about to ring the bell, you mashed the wand further against my clit. It was ring the bell or cum.

It was a decision had to make. I needed the cervical pressure to stop, but I needed to cum. As I wrestled with the decision, additional pressure was placed against my aching cervix, and clit. My nipples felt sore, pulled on, but with your hands busy with everything else, you couldn't be pulling them...or could you (after all your feet weren't busy and there was a chain attaching the nipple together). As you pressed harder against my clit with the wand I knew my orgasm was right on the edge.

The clips were pulled off in an agonizing crescendo as I screamed into the gag, threw the bell against the wall and was pushed into a massive gut wrenching orgasm...as tears began to stream forth. My pussy clenched the tube visibly moving it in and out as did my asshole to the butt plug. My cervix throbbing and pulsing into the vibrator that was held still in place and slightly pressed harder. My bottom side danced on the table to a tune unknown.

As I came, you pressed more of the wand against my exploding clit...it lasted longer than anything I can remember, in fact, I truly don't recall it ending. I remember lights going off inside my blindfolded eyes and tears flowing and screaming into the gag.

I remember the clit blasting me into territory never explored before. I remember the horrible pain my sore, vibrating nipples felt. I remember the pressure and cramping of my cervix, as you pressed ever harder against it. I remember the pleasure sweeping over my clit as you applied further and further pressure against it. I remember cumming and cumming and you NOT stopping, even after I threw the bell against the wall. I remember the orgasms going on and on, but I don't remember them stopping.

Next thing I recalled was you lying beside me in the bed... "How did I get here?" I remember asking you. "You liked that, didn't you?" You answered with a smile in your voice.

Weakly, I replied, "Yes, much of it I did."

Waking the next morning, my nipples were too sore to touch, my asshole was still swollen, my pussy was still tingling, but I was more satisfied than ever...

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